50 Descriptive Poems About Third Grade

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Are you looking for something special to share with your third graders? Why not take a look at poems about third grade?

Poetry is an excellent way to help children express their emotions, reflect on the exciting moments of school life, and even gain perspective from humor.

From funny little couplets about missing recess time to touching tributes to students transitioning out of elementary school – these poetic verses can provoke reflection and laughter in your classroom.

Read below for some special examples of poems perfect for celebrating or teaching those memorable third-grade lessons.

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free verse poems

Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About Third Grade

The Playground

At recess we run and laugh

Friends playing games near and far

Sliding, swinging, giggling, having a blast

Time flies by so fast


Learning the letters from A to Z

Exploring new words like butterflies in the breeze

Writing our names, spelling with ease

Thrilled to read books, we feel such glee

The Teacher

With her kind smile and gentle voice

She helps us learn and grow

Class is never boring, there’s always a choice

Her wisdom helps us know

A New Year

Excitement fills the air

New school year, we’re ready to share

Our minds and hearts, without a care

Finding our way, with teachers who care

The End of Third Grade

Saying goodbye, but not too long

We’ve grown up a lot, singing a new song

Thankful for friends and new things we’ve learned

Memories cherished, for our hearts unconcerned

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what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Third Grade

1. Thriving Minds


Third grade, where minds start to grow,

Happily we learn what we didn’t know.

In every lesson, a new idea takes seed,

Reading and writing are skills we feed.

Diligently, we work on each task,

Grasping new concepts, no need to ask.

Reading, math, science in our sight,

All under the guidance of a teacher’s light.

Delving into the mysteries of the world,

Each day, a new understanding unfurled.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Growing Together


Great friends we meet, as we begin,

Row by row, learning to fit in.

On our desks, books stacked high,

With eager minds, we reach for the sky.

In third grade, we learn to share,

Not just things, but how to care.

Growing together, day by day,

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Reading Adventures


Reading opens doors to new worlds,

Each book, a treasure to be unfurled.

Adventures waiting on every page,

Daring heroes, wisdom of the sage.

In third grade, we dive into the tale,

Never knowing where we’ll sail.

Going on journeys, without leaving our seat,

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Discovery Journey


Discovering new things, that’s third grade’s charm,

In every subject, there’s no cause for alarm.

Solving math problems, learning to write,

Covering history, taking flight.

Over the course of the school year long,

Very much we learn, becoming strong.

Every lesson, a step in our journey,

Reaching for knowledge, with no attorney.

Yearning to learn, that’s third grade’s song.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Enriching Experiences


Every day in third grade is a gift,

New friends to meet, spirits to lift.

Rich with experiences, lessons learned,

In every corner, knowledge yearned.

Chasing dreams, reaching for the stars,

Harnessing our skills, no holds barred.

In third grade, we begin to see,

New possibilities, of what we can be.

Growing confident, step by step,

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Haiku Poem

Five Haiku Poems About Third Grade

First Day

New desks and bright smiles

Excitement and anticipation

Third grade begins now

Science Class

Bursting with questions

Exploring earth, sky, and more

Tiny scientists


Running free outside

Friends playing tag, hide and seek

Fun under blue skies


Turning every page

Traveling through time and space

New worlds to explore


Proudly we stand tall

Third grade is now complete

Ready for the next

Five Limerick Poems About Third Grade

The Teacher

There once was a third-grade teacher,

Whose kindness was an out-of-reach treasure,

But when we got to know her,

Our learning became a bluer,

And we looked forward to seeing her in the future with pleasure!

Reading Time

There was a time for reading,

Our imaginations speeding,

Adventures were so real,

As we started to feel,

That books provide those things worth needing!

Field Trips

When we left for a field trip,

We imagined all on this ship,

New and different surroundings,

Smoothies, fruits, and some writings,

We learned so much, shared laughter and quips!

Positive Energy

Our classroom had so much energy,

At times, it seemed like a synergy,

We laughed and played,

Our teacher never dismayed,

During our times of wonder and discovery.

Final Day

The year went by so fast,

Time always has its way and cast,

We looked forward to each class,

It’s sad the year had to pass,

But boisterously we celebrated the last!

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Five Tanka Poems About Third Grade

A New Year

A new school year starts

Friends together once again

Excitement abounds

Learning and growing with grace

Third grade smiles all around

Learning to Read

Letters, words, and sounds

Books open new worlds to us

Reading takes us far

A love for stories unfolds

Third grade adventures begin

Playground Fun

Recess time has come

Swings, slides, and monkey bars too

Friends play and laugh loud

Third grade memories in tow

Childhood joy, free and true

Farewell to Third Grade

Another year ends

We say goodbye, fondly recall

Adventures we’ve had

Third grade stays in our hearts, always

New beginnings, always bright

The Teacher’s Heart

Compassionate heart

Our teacher guides with such care

Nurturing young lives

Third grade blossoms with grace

Empowered to soar and thrive

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Five Sonnet Poems About Third Grade

Third Grade Classroom

A classroom filled with eager minds and hearts

Beginning a journey that’s wondrous and new

Learning the ABCs and laying the parts

Of knowledge that will make our dreams come true

The teacher is the guide on this quest

Her wisdom shines through challenges and fun

Helping us strive to be our very best

And turning moments into victories won

The chalk and blackboard scenes behind us now

These desks of learning have become our space

Until we are ready to take the vow

And stand before a new journey to face

Third grade has truly been a wonderful year

Teaching us to be bold with no fear

Best Friends

We met in third grade, who would have imagined

That our friendship would be forever more

Laughing, sharing stories, all we imagined

Growing up and dreams we admire and adore

Playground adventures, bringing in the cheer

Learning and writing, such precious time

Together the future, nothing to fear

Our bond forever unbreakable and prime

Best friends in third grade forever

Each memory so special and clever

Field Trip

Into the bus, and off we go,

Exciting field trip with friends in tow,

Leaving behind the desks of learning,

In search of adventure, discoveries yearning,

Miles ahead, through the highway,

Talking, laughing, having a fair play,

Exploring, discovering and munching,

Field trip moments, forever remembered and glancing,

New people, new places, and so much to do,

Our third-grade field trip, a story to be true.

The Playground

Swinging high in the sunny breeze,

Playing Tag and Hide and Seek with ease,

The playground was where we found our glee,

Enjoying the freedom, happy, and free,

Bouncing the ball, running around,

Swinging on the swings, jumping up and down,

Third-grade friendships, lively in the air,

The playground was a place, where we didn’t have a care.

Graduation From Third Grade

Third-grade memories stay with us in our hearts,

Years of learning, developing a new start,

Celebrating our accomplishments today,

Graduation from third grade, in every possible way.

Looking back, we shared experiences sweet,

Growing up, learning, and becoming complete,

In the future, we will forever shine,

Graduation from third grade, our destiny in line.

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Five Ode Poems About Third Grade

Oh, Third Grade Teacher

Oh, third-grade teacher,

Whose kindness and patience knows no measure,

You teach us to learn and explore,

So that our minds and hearts can soar.

You guide us through each lesson,

And make every day feel like a blessing,

Through stories and songs, we learn,

And into us, you pour your heart and concern.

Thank you, oh, third-grade teacher,

For making the world brighter and richer.

Third Grade

Oh, Third Grade, how special you’ve been,

Filled with laughter, joy, and endless grinning,

Discovering new things every day,

As we learn and play, come what may.

New friends to meet and memories to make,

Each moment giving us goosebumps, and awake,

From reading to science and more,

Our love for learning, you have restored.

Oh, Third Grade, the treasure of our childhood,

A time of joy, friendship, and discovering what’s good.


Oh, playground of third grade,

A place where memories never fade,

Swings that took us high in the sky,

Slides where we let out a sigh.

Hide and seek games we played,

Little adventures every day,

Building resilience and love,

Oh, playground gave us wings to fly above.

Thank you, playground of third grade,

For making us happy with every day.

Our Library

Oh, dear library of third grade,

A place where we found our shade,

We read books and let our imagination flow,

Gaining knowledge, and letting our curiosity glow.

From adventure to fiction and geography,

Our love for reading took a new degree,

In your corners and spaces, we found,

A love for stories and books that abound.

Thank you, oh, library of third grade,

For nurturing our love for reading and be able to grade.

Third Grade Graduation

Oh, third-grade graduation,

A time for celebration,

Memories of growth and learning,

In our hearts, forever burning.

We made friends and new connections,

Explored our interests and passion,

Found out who we truly are,

And gained confidence to reach for the stars.

Thank you, third-grade graduation,

For preparing us for the next education.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Third Grade

Playground Fun

In third grade, we had lots of fun,

Playing games on the playground every day,

Swinging, sliding, and laughing in the sun.

We ran around and had lots of run,

Making new friends along the way,

In third grade, we had lots of fun.

Happy memories we always spun,

Discovering life in every way,

Swinging, sliding, and laughing in the sun.

From sunrise to the setting sun,

Our playground stories will forever stay,

In third grade, we had lots of fun.

As the year came to be done,

Our joy and laughter continued to sway,

Swinging, sliding, and laughing in the sun.

Thank you, playground, for the fun,

Oh, third grade, you will forever hold a special display.

Third-Grade Adventure

In third grade, we went on an adventure,

Open-minded and ready to explore,

New things to learn and new things to be sure.

From science and math till literature,

Our mind opened up and wanted more,

In third grade, we went on an adventure.

We grew up and discovered pleasure,

Solving problems and breaking down the score,

New things to learn and new things to be sure.

Our teachers guided us with treasure,

To achieve our goals and an open door,

In third grade, we went on an adventure.

As the year went by and became mature,

The world felt like an endless shore,

New things to learn and new things to be sure.

Thank you, third-grade adventure,

Oh, what a fantastic journey and what a great lure.

Our Learning Journey

In third grade, our learning journey began,

Filled with curiosity, and questions to ask,

We learned to read and write, it was a fascinating plan.

Our minds were sharpened, and we took a stand,

Discovering the world’s secrets, a fantastic task,

In third grade, our learning journey began.

We explored new subjects and a brand new span,

Every day felt like a discovery, and it was no mask,

We learned to read and write, it was a fascinating plan.

With our teachers, we had a helping hand,

Our knowledge grew like a fantastic flask,

In third grade, our learning journey began.

As the year ended, we felt like we ran,

A marathon that felt like a fantastic mask,

We learned to read and write, it was a fascinating plan.

Thank you, our learning journey in third grade,

Oh, what precious memories to be made.

Field Trip

In third grade, we went on a field trip,

To explore the world and all its wonders,

Feeling free, like we could take a giant skip.

We rode buses and sang, feeling hip,

Learning new things and quenching our hunger,

In third grade, we went on a field trip.

With each new place, we took a hip,

Exploring museums and going under,

Feeling free, like we could take a giant skip.

From hands-on learning to Manned Space Ship,

The field trip became a fantastic thunder,

In third grade, we went on a field trip.

As the day came to an end’s dip,

All we had left were the memories to ponder,

Feeling free, like we could take a giant skip.

Thank you, field trip of third grade,

Oh, what adventures we had made.

Memories of Third Grade

In third grade, the memories reside,

New friends, laughter, and joy all around,

Exploring the world with nothing to hide.

Learning new things made us glide,

Our minds opened, and knowledge was unbound,

In third grade, the memories reside.

Every day felt like a fantastic ride,

Reading and writing with no judgement found,

Exploring the world with nothing to hide.

We laughed and played alongside,

The colorful stories we each had laid,

In third grade, the memories reside.

As the year went by and became a stride,

Our love for learning began to compound,

Exploring the world with nothing to hide.

Thank you, memories of third grade,

Oh, what fun and joy that our hearts have stayed.

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Third Grade

1. The Journey Begins


T ime to learn, stretch and grow

H ere in third grade, knowledge will flow

I nterested in many a thing

R eading, writing, math, and the joy they bring

D etermined to reach for the sky

G radually, we’ll learn why

R eal life needs these lessons too

A nd with each day, our minds accrue

D edication to learning, our guide

E very step on this exciting ride


By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Rising Scholars


R eady to embark on a new journey

I n our hearts, a burning curiosity

S tudies becoming more challenging

I n third grade, our minds are managing

N ever backing down from a hard task

G rowing acadically is our mask

S o much to learn, so much to know

C an’t wait to let our knowledge show

H ard work and effort, the key

O nward we march, as happy as can be

L earning in third grade, we’re free

A mazing things await, you’ll see

R eady to shine, like a star

S oaring high, both near and far


By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Learning Adventure


T hird grade, a year of exploration

H appy faces filled with concentration

E ach day brings a new revelation

L earning becomes an adventure

E very subject, a treasure to venture

A lways striving to nurture

R eading, writing, arithmetic are the nature

N ever giving up, showing our stature

I nside every third grader, a future lecturer

N avigating through lessons like a creature

G rowing in knowledge, it’s our feature


By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Third Grade Wonders


T ime to explore and understand

H aving the world in our hand

I n third grade, we expand

R ealizing life is grand

D reams taking off, just as planned

G aining knowledge, day by day

R eading stories, learning to play

A dventures in math, science and clay

D iscovering wonders along the way

E xcited for what comes next, come what may


By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Third Grade Voyage


T reasure awaits in third grade

H opes high, fears start to fade

E ach day, a new escapade

T hrough lessons, our skills upgrade

H ard work, the foundation laid

I n every subject, we’ve made the grade

R eady for the future, unafraid

D etermined to shine, not just to fade

G rowing in wisdom and age

R eaching for the stars, turning the page

A long the journey, becoming sage

D reams taking flight, off the cage

E xploring life’s vast stage


By Dan Higgins 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Third Grade

1. Farewell to Third Grade


Oh, the sweet innocence of third grade,

A year of growth and learning, a solid foundation laid.

We bid you farewell with a heavy heart,

For it’s always sad when good things must part.

From reading and writing to science and math,

You’ve guided us gently along life’s path.

But now it’s time for us to go,

To face new challenges, to continue to grow.

So here’s to you, dear third grade, our guide,

In our hearts, your lessons will forever reside.

Though we must leave, we won’t forget,

The memories made, the friends we met.


By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Elegy to the Year That Was


Third grade, oh how swiftly you have passed,

A year of learning, growing, fun amassed.

From multiplication tables to tales of yore,

Each day was an adventure, never a bore.

But now we must bid you adieu,

Move forward, embrace the new.

Fourth grade awaits with open arms,

Promising its own unique charms.

So here’s to you, third grade, our friend,

Your influence on us will never end.

Though we move on, we’ll always remember,

The lessons learned, the embers of our third grade ember.


By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Goodbye to Third Grade


Goodbye, third grade, our trusted guide,

With you, we’ve enjoyed a wonderful ride.

From September’s start to June’s farewell,

Every moment a story to tell.

We’ve learned so much under your care,

From fractions to the importance of fair share.

You’ve shaped us in ways words can’t express,

Leaving a mark on us, nonetheless.

So here’s to you, third grade, our mentor,

In our hearts, you’ll forever be an anchor.

As we step into fourth grade, we’ll carry your light,

Guiding us forward, shining bright.


By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Elegy for Third Grade


Third grade, we bid you a fond farewell,

Your lessons in our hearts will always dwell.

From cursive writing to historical facts,

You’ve filled our minds with invaluable acts.

Now it’s time to say goodbye,

With heavy hearts and a sigh.

Fourth grade beckons us forth,

Promising to reveal our worth.

So here’s to you, third grade, our teacher,

In our journey of life, a remarkable preacher.

Though we move on, your influence stays,

Guiding us through life’s maze.


By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Departure from Third Grade


Departure from third grade, a bitter-sweet end,

A year of growth, on you we could depend.

From reading novels to mastering sums,

Oh, how far we’ve come!

But now it’s time to part ways,

To step into fourth grade’s maze.

Yet, as we leave, we take along,

The memories made, the learning song.

So here’s to you, third grade, our guide,

In our hearts, your essence will reside.

As we step into the future, we’ll keep in mind,

The lessons learned, the ties that bind.


By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Third Grade

1. The Adventure Begins

In third grade, we’re brave and bold,

Learning stories, new and old.

Math and science, reading too,

There’s so much that we get to do!

We’re growing fast, we’re standing tall,

In third grade, we have a ball.

We’re making friends, we’re having fun,

Our adventure has just begun.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Magic of Books

In third grade, we discover the magic,

Of books that are funny, sad, and tragic.

We journey through pages, far and wide,

With every new book, we open wide.

We learn to imagine, to explore,

In third grade, who could ask for more?

We’re diving into worlds unseen,

In every book, we’re living the dream.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Math Wizards

Third grade math is quite a thrill,

We’re adding, subtracting, and sitting still.

Multiplication tables, we learn by heart,

In the world of numbers, we’re making our start.

We’re becoming wizards, with our math wand,

Of fractions and decimals, we’re growing fond.

In third grade, we’re learning to see,

The magic in numbers, as easy as one, two, three.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Science Explorers

In third grade, we’re explorers, it’s true,

Studying the sky, from red to blue.

Learning about plants, animals, and weather,

In science class, we’re clever and clever.

We’re investigating, asking why,

Looking for answers, high in the sky.

In third grade, we’re learning to be,

The best little scientists, curious and free.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Growing Together

Third grade is a year to grow,

To learn new things, to go with the flow.

We’re working hard, we’re playing fair,

We’re showing the world, how much we care.

We’re growing together, side by side,

In third grade, we take it all in stride.

We’re shaping our future, day by day,

In third grade, we’re on our way.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Poetry is a way to capture the essence of life, and in this case, the essence of third grade.

These poems show that the experiences in third grade can be both fun and educational, but most importantly, they can inspire young writers to find their voice through poetry.

These examples of haiku, limerick, sonnet, villanelle, and ode can help teachers inspire their students to write poems and creatively express their thoughts and feelings.

Using these examples, teachers can encourage their students to explore their creativity and imagination and, hopefully, create a lifelong love for poetry.


1. Why is teaching poetry important in the third grade?

Great question! Poetry plays a crucial role in language development. It enhances vocabulary, encourages creative expression, and introduces students to literary devices like rhyme, rhythm, and metaphor. Moreover, poetry can foster emotional awareness and appreciation for different cultures and perspectives.

2. What are some effective ways to introduce poetry to third graders?

There are many engaging ways to introduce poetry to your class. You might start by reading aloud a variety of poems and discussing how they make students feel. You could also create a ‘poetry corner’ in your classroom, filled with poetry books and colorful verses. Interactive activities like poetry writing workshops or ‘poem of the week’ can also spark interest and creativity.

3. How can I make poetry lessons more interactive and fun?

Making poetry fun is key to engaging third graders. Consider incorporating activities such as ‘Poetry Slam’ where students recite their original poems, or ‘Mix and Match’ where they arrange lines of poetry to make their own. You can also use online resources like animated poetry videos or interactive poetry apps to bring verses to life.

4. Can poetry be integrated into other subjects?

Absolutely! Poetry can be seamlessly woven into other subjects. For instance, in science, students could write haikus about the water cycle. In social studies, they might pen acrostic poems about historical figures. This cross-curricular approach reinforces learning and shows students the versatility of poetry.

5. How can I assess my students’ understanding of poetry?

Assessment can take many forms. You might ask students to identify rhyming words, metaphors, or similes in a poem. Alternatively, you could have students write their own poems demonstrating understanding of a particular poetic device. Remember, the goal is not just to evaluate knowledge but to encourage a lasting love for poetry.

Teaching poetry in third grade offers an exciting opportunity to nurture creativity, empathy, and language skills. With an approachable, interactive and inclusive teaching style, you can turn every student into a budding poet!

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