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Poetry can transport us to a different time and place, capture the essence of a moment, and inspire us with its beauty and eloquence. And what better way to introduce young students to the joys of poetry than by using poems about their own experiences and adventures?

In this collection of seventh-grade poems, we explore the ups and downs, the friendships and the heartbreaks, and the challenges and triumphs of life in middle school. These poems are both charming and relatable and offer young poets a valuable source of inspiration for their writing.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for engaging classroom materials or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of language, we hope you’ll enjoy these seventh-grade poems and find new ways to incorporate poetry into your daily life.

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free verse poems

Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About Seventh Grade

“First Day Jitters”

New school year, new class, new friends,

Heart racing, palms sweating, stomach-churning,

Will they like me? Will I fit in?

The seventh grade starts with first-day jitters.

The bell rings, and we file inside,

Every seat taken, every corner filled.

Names spoken, assigned to our teams,

I pray this isn’t just a dream.

The teacher speaks, outlining the year,

Expectations are high, workload is heavy.

I want to learn, to make new friends,

But these first-day jitters never end.

“Locker Mishap”

The halls are like a warzone,

Students rushing, laughing, shouting,

Trying to make it to class on time,

But then, a dreaded sight – a stuck locker door.

I panic, pulling and tugging in vain,

People are rushing past, offering advice.

Finally, after what feels like an hour,

It opens! But my books are all over the floor.

I gather them up, embarrassed and flustered,

Hoping no one saw, hoping the day ends better.

But in the chaos of the hallway,

Anything can happen in seventh grade.

“First Crush”

A flutter in my heart, a blush on my cheeks,

His smile was so bright my heart skipped a beat.

I’m nervous, don’t know what to say or do,

But class with him is the highlight of my day.

I write his name in bubbly letters,

Dreaming of talking to him soon.

I switch classes hoping to get a glimpse,

And I watch, from afar, as the bell rings at noon.

He talks with other girls, and my heart aches,

Wondering if he even knows I exist.

But a glance, a nod, a friendly gesture,

It is enough to make me feel absolute bliss.

“Field Trip Folly”

A bus ride full of chatter and laughter,

Excitement is building for the field trip ahead.

But then, a sudden stop and a rattle and rumble,

The bus breaks down, and we’re stuck on the side of the road.

Teachers scrambling for a solution,

Students were confused, and some started to cry.

It’s hot; it’s stuffy, it’s altogether unpleasant,

But the camaraderie makes me feel alive.

We take silly photos of the broken bus,

We sing songs and tell stories to chase the fear.

We joke and laugh and truly live,

And in that moment, seventh grade is crystal clear.

“The Last Bell Rings”

At the end of the day, freedom at last,

Papers shuffled, books closed, chairs pushed.

A sigh of relief, a smile of satisfaction,

Seventh grade is challenging, but we made it through.

But there’s a sense of melancholy in the air,

Goodbye to friends we’ve made along the way.

We hug, we laugh, we promise to stay in touch,

But we know too well that life can’t always bend our way.

So we cherish these moments, these memories made,

These bonds that will last a lifetime and beyond.

We smile through tears; we wave one final time,

Until we meet again in the midst of seventh grade’s magic bond.

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what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Seventh Grade

1. The New Chapter

S**tarting a new chapter, so much to learn,
E**very day a challenge, every page we turn.
V**ery soon we'll find our place,
E**ach of us in a unique space.
N**ever forget the journey's worth,
T**hrough all the ups and downs since birth.
H**ere in seventh grade, we stand,
G**rowing, learning, hand in hand.
R**emember this as a time so sweet,
A**s we march to life's steady beat.
D**etermined, brave, we face each day,
E**ager for what may come our way.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Leap of Growth

S**oaring high with newfound wings,
E**mbracing change and all it brings.
V**isions of the future bright,
E**very day filled with light.
N**urturing dreams, standing tall,
T**aking risks, embracing the fall.
H**arboring hopes, we make our move,
G**aining strength, finding our groove.
R**ising above, we conquer fear,
A**dventurous spirits, far and near.
D**reaming big, we set our sight,
E**ndless possibilities taking flight.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Journey Begins

S**tepping into the unknown,
E**xcitement and fear together sown.
V**enturing out, we find our way,
E**ach of us with roles to play.
N**ew experiences, friendships bloom,
T**ransforming us, we assume.
H**opeful hearts, we begin anew,
G**rasping opportunities that ensue.
R**eaching out, we dare to dream,
A**ll of us part of a bigger scheme.
D**iscovering ourselves, we start to see,
E**verything we're meant to be.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Time of Change

S**easons change and so do we,
E**volving constantly like the sea.
V**aried interests, passions flare,
E**ach of us with something to share.
N**avigating through life's maze,
T**ranscending limits in many ways.
H**onest hearts, we strive to be,
G**enuine in our journey, free.
R**adiant with youthful glow,
A**mbition driving us to grow.
D**edicated, we rise above,
E**mbracing change, spreading love.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Age of Discovery

S**tanding on the brink of change,
E**ach day bringing something strange.
V**oyaging through uncharted land,
E**ach step guided by destiny's hand.
N**ew horizons, dreams unfurl,
T**aking us to a different world.
H**eralding an age of discovery,
G**leaming with untold mystery.
R**eveling in the joy of learning,
A**spiring, dreaming, constantly yearning.
D**riven by the thirst to know,
E**ndless growth as we go.

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Five Haiku Poems About Seventh Grade

“First Day Jitters”

Desks filled with chatter,

New faces, new books, new fears,

First-day jitters reign.

“Locker Mishap”

Twist left, spin right, sticks tight,

Hands full of books, mind on class,

Locker mishap, ugh.

“First Crush”

My heart skips a beat fast,

Smile bright, butterflies flight,

First crush blossoms bright.

“Field Trip Folly”

Bus ride full of friends,

Silly songs, laughter abounds,

Broken bus, we thrive.

“The Last Bell Rings”

Papers shuffled, done,

Chairs pushed in, freedom beckons,

The last bell rings, and grades soar.

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Five Limerick Poems About Seventh Grade

“First Day Fun”

The first day of seventh grade began,

And I wished summer wasn’t quite done,

But new friends would be made,

And memories displayed,

So I quickly joined in on the fun.

“Locker Troubles”

I fumble and fuss with my lock,

While the bell rings and crowds start to flock,

But with a turn of my wrist,

My locker’s amiss,

And I’m left with a backpack to stock.

“First Crush Fiasco”

I just couldn’t stop the heart-flutters

And the thrill from the simplest of mutters

But my hopes were in vain,

And I felt all the pain,

Of rejection and love that just alters.

“Field Trip Folly”

We all have a story, I’m sure

Of the time we went on a large tour,

But the bus broke down fast,

And we had to make it last,

But the giggle was worth every tour.

“Last Day Blues”

Oh, how the year whizzed by fast,

And the last days have finally passed,

The memories won’t die,

Neither will the goodbye,

But the friendships are a memory that will last forever.


Five Tanka Poems About Seventh Grade

“First Day of Fall”

Days dawn, bright and clear

The first day of seventh grade

Nerves flurry like leaves

New faces and friends await

Adventures in Autumn air

“Maze of the School Halls”

New school, a strange maze

Navigating the halls unscathed

Picking up the pace

Shrieks, laughter, and books in hand

Miles to go before we’re freed

“First Crush”

Blush of youth, first crush

Mad flutter in one’s stomach

Hand on the heart’s rush

Talking, teasing, and daydreaming

Seventh grade, young love in-bloom

“Field Trip Folly”

Away from school walls

Riding on a swerving bus

In minds and hearts, glee

Excursions, water at play

Field trips are unabridged fun

“Last Bell Rings”

A deep, resonant chime

The last bell tolls, desks empty

The end comes sublime

Laughs, tears, and memories made

Seventh grade, epic chapter


Five Sonnet Poems About Seventh Grade

“First Day of Seventh Grade”

With hurried steps, I walk through the open hall,

My heart is racing like the wind upon the sea.

A new year, new rules, new friends, and all,

A day of wonder, apprehension free.

Who will I meet? And who will be my guide?

And what of them will I come to believe?

What lessons, from the teachers, will abide?

And how will I, amidst this world, achieve?

Yet I step through the doors with an open mind,

The first page of my story to unfold.

Excitement and fear, so tightly entwined,

With restless thoughts, this seventh grade takes hold.

A year ablaze in brilliance and in strife,

May I embrace each challenge in this life?

“A Lesson in Friendship”

Amidst a field of uncut grass, I wait,

For those dear people, I cannot expel,

A group of friends, we share a common fate,

As we wander paths of seventh-grade hell.

These journeys are full of ups and downs and more,

As we learn side by side through clouds of pain,

And comfort wounds from what we felt before,

While reaching out as true friends once again.

The solid ties we make show strength firsthand,

And offer support while we brave the tide,

As we march forward through trials from the land,

Tackling each challenge with nothing to hide.

For when I have my friends beside my side,

There’s nothing in this seventh grade to hide.

“The Lockers”

The wheels of time turned quickly, day by day,

As seventh grade now enters full swing,

And just like that, along the locker way,

I struggle with a lock, harp, and heartstrings.

Behind this padlocked door, a world of peace,

My books and notes and everything I need,

But still, my third number keeps the release,

And creates anxiety within with speed.

When all is said and done, I’m locked away,

My time has passed, and my hopes are just a bust,

My eyes beg for a break from this third day,

As seven-grade rooms, chill and cold with rust.

For in this spinning steel, my days will pass,

While opportunities fade and nothing lasts.

“First Crush”

Oh, how my heart begins to race again,

My shaky fingers tremble as I write,

Euphoria replaces present pain,

For I’ve caught sight of a dazzling sight.

The eighth-grade hall, where she stands out bright,

Entranced am I, in this moment we share,

Surrounded by the wonder of twilight,

Feeling for the first time love, joy, and care.

But should I dare to speak of my desires?

Or would a few words be enough to wilt?

For here my heart quakes still within my fires,

Each love is a scar, a precious object built.

With every class, each session, held in sway,

My crush loses lustre day by day.

“End of the Road”

The year that was will soon come to a close,

With memories to keep, lessons to share,

The bond we shared and now like follows,

I’m grateful for those who’ve always been there.

They’ve stood beside me when in dire need,

Lifted spirits, held my hand and heart,

And through the chaos prodded me to lead,

Through the rain and sun and darkest night.

And here comes this, the end of our journey,

Each step and stride brought us to the light,

Lessons learned for future days, so sturdy,

And friends that made this seventh year bright.

So, let’s pave the way for where we’ll tread,

And for the future, be triumphant instead.


Five Ode Poems About Seventh Grade

“Ode to the First Day”

Oh, how you filled my heart with such delight,

A brand new school year, a fresh start so bright.

Excitement filled the halls as we found our seats,

Learning new things and making new friends to meet.

From the first bell to the last, each moment was grand,

Filled with possibility and dreams in hand.

Oh, the first day of seventh grade, here’s to you,

A day of magic, learning, and something new.

“Ode to My Friends”

In seventh grade, we formed a bond so strong,

A friendship that will last our whole lifelong.

Through laughter and tears, ups and downs galore,

We stood together, always wanting more.

Weekends spent together, playing games and laughing,

Walking to school, talking and sharing what’s happening.

Oh, friends of seventh grade, you light up my life,

You’re the sunshine after every dark night.

“Ode to the Teachers”

From algebra to English and history,

They taught us with care, guidance and grace so worthy.

They instilled knowledge, love and empathy,

And created an environment so supportive in the seventh-grade community.

They cheered us on through all our struggles and trials,

And encouraged us to reach for the skies with all our might.

Oh, teachers of the seventh grade, this ode is for you,

The foundation upon which we all grew.

“Ode to the Bus Rides”

Oh, how the bus rides created a stir,

Filled with music, singing, and even a blur.

From the back of the bus to the very front,

We chatted, laughed, and had a ton of fun.

The thrill of the journey from home to school,

The conversations that made us feel so cool.

Oh, bus rides of seventh grade, a window to the world,

A journey made together with memories to uphold.

“Ode to the End of the Year”

With sadness in my heart but joy in my soul,

I bid adieu to the days that took their toll.

Leaving behind old memories and old tears,

Along with the friends whom the heart holds so dear.

For the end of the year is the beginning of another,

A future so bright, a year like no other.

Oh, seventh grade, this ode is for you,

For helping me grow and making memories so true.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Seventh Grade

1. The Dance of Youth

In seventh grade, the world’s a changing scene,

Where childhood starts to fade like morning dew.

We step into life’s dance, so bright and keen.

Through corridors of learning, brightly seen,

We navigate our way, both old and new.

In seventh grade, the world’s a changing scene.

We laugh, we cry, in states between,

With friendships formed, both false and true.

We step into life’s dance, so bright and keen.

Our hearts are open, minds are clean,

Yet, adolescence brews its potent brew.

In seventh grade, the world’s a changing scene.

With each day passed, we gain a sheen

Of wisdom, experience, and a broader view.

We step into life’s dance, so bright and keen.

Through joys and sorrows, thick and thin,

We grow, we learn, we continue to accrue.

In seventh grade, the world’s a changing scene,

We step into life’s dance, so bright and keen.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. The Echoes of Classroom Walls

The echoes of the classroom walls resound,

In seventh grade, where everything’s profound.

Our voices mix in youthful harmony abound.

Lessons learned, in textbooks they are found,

But life’s real lessons are in the playground.

The echoes of the classroom walls resound.

From the school bell’s everyday sound,

To the friendships that are tightly wound.

Our voices mix in youthful harmony abound.

The pressure to fit in is all around,

In this world where we are battleground.

The echoes of the classroom walls resound.

Yet through it all, we stand our ground,

With courage that is truly unbound.

Our voices mix in youthful harmony abound.

In these moments, our true selves are found,

In this year where growth is truly compound.

The echoes of the classroom walls resound,

Our voices mix in youthful harmony abound.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. The Seventh Grade Symphony

In seventh grade, we write our symphony,

A blend of laughter, tears and mystery.

The music of our lives begins to play.

We find our voice, our unique melody,

In the cacophony of growing up each day.

In seventh grade, we write our symphony.

Through every high note, every tragedy,

We learn to find our rhythm, come what may.

The music of our lives begins to play.

Adolescence’s tune, a sweet reverie,

An anthem for the dreams we dare to lay.

In seventh grade, we write our symphony.

We dance to beats of joy and misery,

In this orchestra of life, we sway.

The music of our lives begins to play.

And so, we write our own history,

In the notes of our seventh-grade ballet.

In seventh grade, we write our symphony,

The music of our lives begins to play.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. The Seventh Grade Journey

Seventh grade, a journey starts anew,

Through the labyrinth of youth, we pursue.

A voyage of discovery, where we grow.

With every test, our strength accrue,

With every failure, resilience we show.

Seventh grade, a journey starts anew.

We navigate the waters, blue,

In the ship of dreams, we row.

A voyage of discovery, where we grow.

Through storms and calm, our course we drew,

Guided by the stars’ eternal glow.

Seventh grade, a journey starts anew.

In every port, a vista to review,

In every heart, a seed to sow.

A voyage of discovery, where we grow.

Through this odyssey, our spirit flew,

In seventh grade, our hearts aglow.

Seventh grade, a journey starts anew,

A voyage of discovery, where we grow.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. The Seventh Grade Canvas

In seventh grade, we paint our canvas bright,

With colors of joy, fear, delight.

On this palette of life, we begin to draw.

Every stroke, a testament of our fight,

Every shade, a symbol of the law.

In seventh grade, we paint our canvas bright.

We sketch our dreams in the moonlight,

In the gallery of youth, we stand in awe.

On this palette of life, we begin to draw.

Through the prism of adolescence, our sight,

Sees a world that’s raw and full of flaw.

In seventh grade, we paint our canvas bright.

With every sunset, a new twilight,

With every dawn, a new folklore.

On this palette of life, we begin to draw.

And so, in seventh grade, with all our might,

We paint our story, like never before.

In seventh grade, we paint our canvas bright,

On this palette of life, we begin to draw.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Seventh Grade

1. The Dawn of Adolescence

Oh, Seventh Grade, your memory lingers still,

In awkward moments and forgotten dreams,

You were the bridge from childhood’s innocent thrill,

To adolescence with its turbulent streams.

The first dance, the first crush, the first taste of fear,

Math problems that seemed like a foreign tongue,

English essays filled with thoughts unclear,

And science experiments that went unsung.

Oh, Seventh Grade, you taught us to endure,

To rise above the challenges and strive,

You were the forge, and we the raw, pure ore,

Transformed by heat, in you we came alive.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Echoes of Innocence

Seventh Grade, you were a strange, new land,

Where childhood ended and youth began.

We navigated your terrain unplanned,

With the uncertain steps of boy and girl to man and woman.

We laughed, we cried, we fought, we grew,

Each day brought challenges anew.

Through joy and sorrow, false and true,

You shaped us, Seventh Grade, in ways we never knew.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Trial of Change

To Seventh Grade, a solemn tribute I pay,

For it was the stage of our budding play.

Between the realms of child and teen,

A turbulent, transformative scene.

First heartbreaks, first failures, first triumphs too,

Each a lesson valuable and true.

Through all the pain, the joy, the strife,

Seventh Grade, you were life.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. A Song for the Lost Years

Seventh Grade, oh how you’ve flown away,

Leaving behind memories of yesterday.

Of friendships formed and bonds that broke,

Of silent tears and laughter spoke.

We were but children stepping into the light,

Blinded, stumbling, holding tight.

Through the maze of growing pains,

You led us, Seventh Grade, through sun and rains.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Dance of Time

Seventh Grade, to you this elegy I write,

For you were the dawn breaking the night.

A time of change, a time of growth,

A time of promises—some kept, some broke.

We danced to the rhythm of passing time,

In a world that was neither yours nor mine.

Oh, Seventh Grade, in our hearts you’ll stay,

A poignant memory of a bygone day.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Seventh Grade

1. The Journey Begins

In Seventh Grade, the world seemed so vast,

We stepped from childhood, leaving the past.

With new hopes and dreams, we took our stand,

On the brink of future, with destiny in hand.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Lessons Learned

Seventh Grade was a time of change,

New experiences, both strange and range.

We learned of life, of love, of pain,

And how to dance in the pouring rain.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Passage of Time

Through the halls of Seventh Grade, we roamed,

A time of growth, where friendships bloomed.

The days were long, but the year flew by,

A fleeting moment under the school sky.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Dance of Youth

In Seventh Grade, we danced our first dance,

A time of laughter, a time of romance.

The music played, we took our chance,

In the grand ballroom of adolescence.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Echoes of Yesterday

Seventh Grade, a memory now,

Yet it shaped us, this we vow.

In every heartache, every joy,

We found ourselves, girl and boy.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Our seventh-grade journey is one to be treasured, filled with lessons in friendship, first crushes, lockers, and bus rides.

From the first day of school to the last, the memories made and knowledge gained are not soon forgotten. Seventh grade reminds us to keep growing and learning no matter what each new year brings us. May we all continue embracing this newfound freedom every day.

FAQ About Seventh Grade and Poetry

Q: What kinds of poetry do students in seventh grade typically write?

A: Students in seventh grade are often tasked with writing a variety of poems, including odes, sonnets, haikus, limericks and more. Each poem type has its own unique structure and content requirements, so it is important for teachers to provide thorough instructions and guidance when assigning projects.

Q: What are the benefits of writing poetry in seventh grade?

A: Writing poetry can be invaluable for helping young people hone their creative writing skills, increase their self-expression, build confidence and enhance their understanding of language. Additionally, writing about topics that are meaningful to them can help students tap into deeper emotions and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness.

Q: Are there resources available to help seventh graders with their poetry projects?

A: Absolutely! Many online resources can help students strengthen their understanding of different poetic forms. Worksheets on rhyme schemes, meter and alliteration can also be useful tools for learning how to write compelling poems. For additional assistance, many students opt to consult with a teacher or mentor who can offer personalized feedback on their work.

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