30 Poems About Eighth Grade

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Poetry can take us on an imaginative journey, allowing us to explore different moments in time and space. What better way for a young student to experience this than by writing and reading poems about their own lives?

This collection of eighth-grade poems celebrates the joys, triumphs, and struggles of growing up in middle school. Whether it’s friendships and heartbreaks or successes and failures, these poems express the rollercoaster ride of adolescence.

For eighth-grade students looking for something special to engage with in their classrooms, these poems can be an inspiring source of valuable lessons. Alternatively, those outside of school age can look back fondly at their own experiences as they read these timeless verses.

So let’s put aside our worries and explore the captivating world of poetry together!

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Five Free Verse Poems About Eighth Grade

The Last First Day

The halls look the same,

but something’s different, I can feel it.

I hear the familiar chatter of friends,

but something’s missing, I can tell.

The rush to get to class on time,

the anxious patterns of first-day outfits,

the excited jitters of the unknown –

they’re all the same, yet they’re not.

This is the last first day of eighth grade,

the beginning of an end, the end of a beginning.

It’s bittersweet, but it’s time to start.


The mirror shows a stranger, not me.

I don’t recognize the curves, the bumps,

the foreign appendages that sprouted overnight.

My body is a puzzle I still can’t solve.

Acne and odors and a newfound love

for privacy, secrets, and locking doors.

The hormones rage inside like a storm,

and there’s no point in fighting their course.

Puberty, the universal middle school curse –

we endure it together, but alone,

praying we’ll come out whole on the other side

of this unexpected, awkward growth spurt.

The Social Ladder

Whispers and rumors, status and looks,

popularity reigns supreme in eighth grade.

We cluster in groups, divide and conquer,

marking our territory with every move.

The queen bees and the wanna-bes,

the jocks and the geeks and the in-betweens.

Everyone wants to be noticed, hoped to be liked,

but at what cost, we’re sometimes too blind to see.

The social ladder is unforgiving, a trial by fire,

and once you climb, there’s no guarantee you’ll stay.

Eighth grade is a lesson in power and empathy,

a never-ending cycle of who’s up and who’s down the next day.

The Endless Homework

Piles of textbooks, stacks of worksheets,

endless homework that never seems to end.

The teachers pile on more, ignoring our pleas,

igniting stress and chaos, like a ticking time bomb.

We scramble to finish, despite the exhaustion,

longing for a break, for a moment to breathe.

But the workload never ceases, mocking our tears,

reminding us of the never-ending grind of school.

Eighth grade homework, a rigor like no other,

grooming us for high school, but also, misery.

A necessary evil we must endure and conquer,

if we are to succeed and unlock the doors of opportunity.

The Goodbye

The end of eighth grade looms ahead,

a mix of anticipation, bittersweet regret.

We’ll leave behind the people and the place,

the memories, the laughter, and the tears.

The goodbyes are hard, the thought of leaving,

the comfort of familiarity, the known.

We’ll scatter and move on to different paths,

our destinies unknown, the future, unshown.

But even as we say our farewells,

I know we’ll remember the moments that mattered,

the inside jokes, the crazy adventures,

the friends that made this journey, unforgettable.

Eighth grade, the end of an era, the beginning of a new,

let’s celebrate this milestone, and the people we’ve become.

Forever etched in our hearts, our memories,

the laughter, the tears, but most of all, the fun.

Five Haiku Poems About Eighth Grade

Graduation Day

Caps tossed in the air

Memories held deep in our hearts

Eighth grade’s done, onward.


Mornings in the room

A space to work, laugh, and grow

Together we bond.

Winter Formal

Dancing under lights

Spirits high and hearts all aglow

New memories made.

The Last Day

Lockers clear and clean

Echoing halls filled with goodbyes

Eighth grade ends here.

The Bell Rings

The bell rings us in

Another day of learning starts

Growing all the time.

Five Limerick Poems About Eighth Grade

First Day Jitters

On that first day of eighth grade,

I walked in with nerves like a razor blade,

The teacher was nice,

Asking no sacrifice,

A kind welcome from him had been made.

Passing Notes

In the back row we sat, side by side,

While the history teacher did chide,

On the subject at hand,

That’s when we had planned,

To pass notes scribbled with secrets inside.

Homework Blues

Homework, homework, always the same,

Each night a brand new list, what a shame,

How I wish it would stop,

That to-do list on top,

But I do it, for grades and for fame.

Field Trips

Eighth grade trips are Superb,

A day out of class, no book or a verb,

Museums of every can,

Science, history, and art, fan.

The best time, no doubt, my friends say with a twirl.

Graduation Day

Finally, the big day has arrived,

All our efforts seem to have thrived,

Cap on my head, gown on my back,

Looking forward to the new track,

Our eighth-grade diploma, real proof we had strived.

Five Tanka Poems About Eighth Grade


In homeroom we sit

Friends by our side, books in hand

A familiar sight

The day stretching out before us

Growing and learning in sync

The Big Dance

Hear the beat, the sound

Music fills the crowded air

A sea of faces

Bodies swaying in rhythm

Dancing our way through eighth grade

The End is Near

Days grow shorter now

The end of the year draws near

Nostalgia sets in

Memories flashing like film

Eighth grade, almost over

A New Beginning

Eighth grade, check complete

Now off to the wide unknown

High school, a new start

Unfamiliar halls and faces

New opportunities too


Caps thrown to the sky

The culmination of years

Achievement in hand

Eighth grade now just a dream

Ready for life to unfold

Five Sonnet Poems About Eighth Grade

The First Day

The first day of eighth grade dawns too soon

Our childish summer, now a fading dream

The halls familiar, yet not quite the same

We’ll seek our fortunes, under the high noon.

Excitement and dread in equal measure

On teachers and friends, we’ll leave our mark

The past behind us, a future so stark

The eighth-grade journey, a thrill to treasure.

As books open, and pencils start to scratch

Our young minds, filled with promise and hope

A path laid, with guidance from those on watch

We’ll aim for excellence, refusal to mope.

So here we go, new chapter in our book

Onward, eighth grade, our best shall we look.

Inside Homeroom

The morning dawns, and inside homeroom

Excited murmurs, a classroom so bright

Friends by our side, no worry or fright

Our shelter, where we’ll learn and make room.

Laughter and jokes, discussions abound

Homeroom, the start of all our days

Sharing our dreams, swapping news and ways

Hearts and minds, to each other we’re bound.

A break from lessons, a time to reflect

Inside Homeroom, our world comes alive

A place that our memories shall select

As we grow and learn, through each hour we thrive.

Inside Homeroom, a second home indeed,

One where we’re safe, and our fears recede.

Eighth Grade Dance

The big dance of eighth grade, here we come

Eagerly we prepare our suits and gowns

The evening comes, the lights dimmed down

Love and laughter, under the moon and some.

Promises and secrets whispered at night

Music fills the air, and our hearts too

With joyful moments, our dreams take flight

Our friendships built and forever true.

On the dance floor, in each other’s arms

We sway and spin, as if locked on time

The outside world, with all its harms

On this night, we leave behind.

Eighth-grade dance, forever we’ll recall

An evening of magic, one and for all.

The Last Bell

The last bell’s toll, we know it’s almost time

A bittersweet goodbye, and the end of an era

A shared childhood, now a fading chimera

A world where everything had a rhyme.

In these halls, we laughed and sometimes cried

And here we learned, lessons that forever stay

The friends we made, with and beside

Paths we took, on life’s unpredictable highway.

How we long for days we’ll never get back

But we know, they had to come to an end

And we’ll keep memories, in the heart and the rack

Our time in eighth-grade, a forever friend.

The last bell’s toll, with tears and a smile

A final goodbye, with love and a pile.

Graduation Day

The day has come, the day we’ve all craved

We don our caps and gowns, minds all aglow

Eighth grade is through, we’re all set to go

Our futures forever, in our minds engraved.

Our parents’ eyes filled with proud tears

A sense of accomplishment, and eagerness too

Our dreams, our goals, our paths anew

We’ll head to high school, free from all our fears.

A little sad, to leave our old grounds behind

A chapter in life, now a fading past

But how we’ll treasure, what we’ll come to find

Our memories, a forever cast.

Goodbye, eighth grade, we’ll bid you adieu

And all that you meant, forever young and true.

Five Ode Poems About Eighth Grade

Ode to Homeroom

Oh, Homeroom, our sanctuary and light

A place where we share all our dreams and plight

A room where discussions and laughter are rife

A safe space where troubles take flight.

Inside your walls, we make memories so dear

Whether studying or gossiping, we have nothing to fear

Homeroom, our joyful respite from the fray

A place where we’ll hold, eighth grade memories that stay.

Ode to Friendship

Friends we make, through thick and thin

Companions who stick with us, win or sin

The ones who’d always lend a listening ear

The ones who erased all our fear.

In eighth grade, we’re all about growing up

Living our best, striving for success all round the clock

With friends by our side, each step’s revitalized

For in eighth grade, our bonds, ever magnified.

Ode to Graduation Day

Graduation day, a celebration indeed

Of our achievements, of all that we had achieved

Our caps we toss, signaling the dawn of a new era

Our goals, our futures, forever clearer.

We’ll remember eighth grade, with gratitude and love

Our teachers, our friends, each one like a dove

For helping us through the triumphs and the strife

And raising the banner of eighth-grade life.

Ode to Teachers

Our teachers, who gave so much of their grace

Guiding us through our eighth grade race

Lectures, assignments, endless homework every day

Preparing us well for the future’s gateway.

Through thick and thin, they’ve stayed by our side

Teaching us how to face the world with stride

For eighth grade was not just classroom learning

It was also life skills, a discerning.

Ode to the Journey

How can we forget the journey we faced?

Our eighth-grade passions, goals, and hard-earned taste

The ups and downs, the highs and lows we scaled

Our path through eighth grade, a story never failed.

The lessons we learned, the friendships we sowed

The moments of joy, the struggles that slowed

In eighth grade, a season so rich in memory

Our journey, forever etched, in our own inquiry.

Eighth grade, a chapter so dear to our hearts

A journey of growth, of pushing past our parts

A time to explore, to discover our passion

A journey we’ll always recall, with treasured satisfaction.

Five Villanelle Poems About Eighth Grade

The Lockers

The lockers, tall like towers, line the halls

Each one assigned to tether books and coat

But, jammed with paper scraps, their purpose stalls

The numbers and the dents adorning all

Bear wint’ry coats and hang like winter’s coat

The lockers, tall like towers, line the halls

Avail to open with a jerk and haul

The books and looseleaf with a trembling note

But, jammed with paper scraps, their purpose stalls

And often come the moments when one falls

Afoul. And with a rhythmic beat it bloats

The lockers, tall like towers, line the halls

The snow boots stomp and hurry through the stalls

As nervous laughter starts (a novice’s gloat)

But, jammed with paper scraps, their purpose stalls

And as the bell rings in another small

Horde, the last footsteps linger and then it’s note

The lockers, tall like towers, line the halls

But, jammed with paper scraps, their purpose stalls.

The Cafeteria

In the cafeteria, one sits and waits

A cardboard tray with lunch, a plastic fork

The distant sound of peers, the crowded gates

The floor, stained red from melted sundaes’ fates

A place for some to laugh and some to cork

In the cafeteria, one sits and waits

New tables marked for concerts by the plates

All in a row for everyone to gawk

The distant sound of peers, the crowded gates

Some bring their lunches in their plastic crates

Others come for pizza, drinks the store

In the cafeteria, one sits and waits

Some take a seat with their own classroom traits

The smart, the funny, the shy, sassy and more

The distant sound of peers, the crowded gates

And though the food sometimes is up for bait

The space is always humming near the cork

In the cafeteria, one sits and waits

The distant sound of peers, the crowded gates.

The Bell Rings

The bell rings loudly, and there’s no escape

It’s time to head to class, to sit and learn

For lots of students, this is their worst fate

Some clasp their papers, others just berate

As doors fly open, freedom for those yearn

The bell rings loudly, and there’s no escape

The hallways fill with feet, this called the tape

Avoiding pushy waves that jostle and burn

For lots of students, this is their worst fate

Classes in concert halls or small rooms grape

A puzzling sense of time that’s soon adjourned

The bell rings loudly, and there’s no escape

The teachers ready with tests, class debates

Pencils, and paper, for grades to discern

For lots of students, this is their worst fate

And though some sink, and others elevate

The bell’s the music calling first and stern

The bell rings loudly, and there’s no escape

For lots of students, this is their worst fate.

The Prom

There’s a special night we wait for all year

The one that’s glitzy, flashy, all in cheer

Where suits and dresses, matching ties, appear

There’s food, there’s music, converse near

The crown to wear for those who persevere

There’s a special night we wait for all year

Some months before, the planning and the fear

The ways to ask, the friends around to hear

Where suits and dresses, matching ties, appear

The Pre-Prom parties, limos there to steer

Snap a picture, march into a new atmosphere

There’s a special night we wait for all year

The napkins labeled, the tables to revere

A calm before the students disappear

Where suits and dresses, matching ties, appear

And though the night is bound to disappear

The memories, we hope, remain forever dear

There’s a special night we wait for all year

Where suits and dresses, matching ties, appear.

The Memories

In the eighth grade we wearied and we learned

went through a time of growth, and sometimes burned

But looking back, the memories discerned

Adventures, sports, and games we churned

Friendships growing deep, our courage turned

In the eighth grade we wearied and we learned

The moments that we cried and sometimes yearned

The laughter shared till all our sides had turned

But looking back, the memories discerned

The end-of-year, we hoped we’d earned

But knowing soon our paths would all be turned

In the eighth grade we wearied and we learned

The lockers, lunchroom, teachers we spurned

The halls we walked, the poems we’d turned

But looking back, the memories discerned

Though high school will bring a brand new yearn

These eighth grade moments, we’ll forever spurn

In the eighth grade we wearied and we learned

But looking back, the memories discerned.

The collection of eighth-grade poems celebrates the vibrant and tumultuous journey of growing up in middle school. These poems capture the essence of adolescence, with all its joys, triumphs, and struggles.

For students, they offer an exciting opportunity to explore creative writing and express themselves in new ways.

For others, they evoke memories of their own past experiences. Poetry has the unique power to transport and inspire; this collection does just that. So let’s continue to appreciate these timeless verses and explore the captivating world of poetry together!


Q: Why is poetry relevant for eighth-grade students?

A: Poetry is an excellent tool for eighth-grade students to explore their emotions, gain self-awareness, and develop their creativity. It is a versatile medium in which they can express themselves authentically and without fear of judgement. Poetry can also help students to develop critical thinking skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve their writing abilities.

Q: Can poetry be used to teach other subjects?

A: Yes! Poetry can be used to teach many subjects, including history, science, and social studies. It can effectively help students understand complex topics, inspire them to learn more, and encourage critical thinking.

Q: How can teachers support students who are struggling with writing poetry?

A: Teachers can provide students with a variety of prompts and exercises to help overcome writer’s block and inspire creativity. They can also offer feedback and create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable sharing their work. Additionally, teachers can encourage students to read the works of published poets and participate in poetry readings to help generate ideas and build confidence.

Q: How does poetry benefit mental health?

A: Writing or reading poetry can be highly therapeutic for mental health. It can help people to process and understand their emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being. For eighth-grade students, poetry can serve as a healthy outlet for emotional expression during a time when they may be dealing with new and complex feelings.

Q: Do eighth-grade students need to have prior knowledge of poetry to write their own poems?

A: No, prior knowledge of poetry is not necessary for students to write their own poems. While understanding poetry structure and devices can be helpful, the most important aspect of poetry is self-expression. Encouraging personal thoughts, emotions, and experiences can lead to authentic and impactful poems.

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