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Welcome to a world of creativity and self-expression through poetry! Poetry is a beautiful way to explore language, emotions, and experiences, and in this article, we will dive into fourth-grade poetry.

These poems capture the essence of fourth-grade life, from the classroom to the playground to the friendships made along the way.

They serve as excellent examples for teachers who want to inspire their students to write their poems and develop their skills in creative writing. From sonnets to haikus to odes, there’s something for every student to explore and enjoy in this collection of fourth-grade poetry.

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free verse poems

Five Free Verse Poems About Fourth Grade

The First Day of School

The first day of fourth grade,

A new adventure to be made,

Excitement buzzing in the air,

New friends to meet and stories to share.

The classroom was a world of wonder,

Filled with books and learning under,

A new chapter in life to begin,

In fourth grade, knowledge was our win.

Classroom Creativity

The classroom was a special place,

A space to learn and create at its pace,

Filled with art and music every day,

Stoking our creativity in every way.

Writing stories, drawing pictures,

Learning to express ourselves with a fixture,

In fourth grade, our imaginations ran wild,

And in the classroom, we were forever beguiled.

Field Trips

Field trips in fourth grade,

Excitement and wonder all the way,

A journey of discovery and exploration,

Finding new things with boundless elation.

From museums to galleries, we explored it all,

Learning new things, we had a ball,

The world was our classroom, and we absorbed it,

In fourth-grade field trips, memories forever lit.

The Playground

Playing on the playground in fourth grade,

A world of fun and laughter, memories forever made,

Swinging high and playing games with friends,

Bringing joy and happiness until the day ends.

Running, jumping, and climbing up high,

Our energy was endless, reaching for the sky,

On the playground, every day was an adventure,

Filled with friends and stories to forever treasure.

End of the Year

The end of fourth grade came too fast,

Our memories and growth, sure to outlast,

Friends we made and moments we shared,

In fourth grade, a chapter of life forever bared.

Looking back, we see our journey in its trace,

Our learning and growth have left an indelible place,

In the world, we will continue on our path,

And in fourth grade, our foundation will always last.

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Five Haiku Poems About Fourth Grade

First day of fourth grade

Excitement brewing

New friends and knowledge to gain

A fresh start awaits

Classroom learning

Books, paper, pencil

Mathematics, reading, science

Fourth-grade, full of growth

Field trips and nature

A world of wonder

New sights, sounds, and experiences

Fourth-grade adventure

Playground fun

Swinging, sliding high

Climbing up and racing down

Joyful moments found

End of the school year

Another year passed

Friends made, memories everlast

Fourth grade, how divine

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Five Limerick Poems About Fourth Grade

Back to School

In fourth grade, we’re back to school,

New teachers, more knowledge than the swimming pool,

Learning all sorts of things,

From math to art, it’s where success rings,

Fourth grade will be simply cool.

Fun on the Playground

On the playground, fourth grade is a blast,

Swings and seesaws and running so fast,

Monkey bars high up in the air,

On the playground, grin and dare,

The joy of childhood memories to last.

Best Friends Forever

In fourth grade, my best friend I found,

Bonds formed in moments, forever surround,

Field trips, jokes, and giggles rare,

Fourth grade full of love and care,

Life-long friendship planted on common ground.

Math Class

In math class in fourth grade,

Learning addition, subtraction to trade,

Division and multiplication,

Resolving problems with joyful sensation,

Fourth grade, math success rate.

End of the year

At the end of fourth grade,

We’ve grown up and learned in the shade,

Graduating to the next,

Memories of fourth-grade forever flexed,

Growing wiser and brighter as life displayed.


Five Tanka Poems About Fourth Grade

A New Chapter Begins

Fourth-grade, new chapter

Lockers and shiny new books

Excited youthful hearts

A year of growth and friendship

Adventures awaiting us

Creative Classroom

Fourth-grade classroom walls

Vibrant colors, inspiration


Draw, write and create new things

The art comes to life, with wings

Field Trip to New Heights

Field trips to explore

Museums, nature, and wonder

Monuments in sight

Inspiring our young minds higher

Fourth-grade, a world made lighter

Playground Memories

Laughter fills the air

Friends run, jump and climb, feeling free

Swings high in the sky

Memories made on the ground

Fourth-grade playground joy profound


Graduating fourth grade

A sense of pride and victory

Growing up so fast

Memories of those last laughs

Embarking towards our new path


Five Sonnet Poems About Fourth Grade

A New Beginning

Fourth grade, a new chapter in our lives,

A classroom full of hope and inspiration,

Where possibilities grow and thrive,

And knowledge becomes a brand-new sensation.

The teachers guide us towards the light,

With patience, kindness, and a calm demeanor,

They teach us to think, dream, and write,

As we grow up into our new persona.

Excitement is in the air all around,

As we learn, make friends, and laugh with glee,

In fourth grade, a new beginning we’ve found,

A journey of growth and discovery.

So here’s to this new year and its promise,

Fourth grade, a future waiting for us.

The Playground

On the playground, fun times are aplenty,

A place where dreams and friendships intertwine,

Monkey bars, swings, and games so plenty,

A world full of excitement, all on our mind.

We run, we jump, we climb up high and low,

Our laughter soars like birds up in the sky,

With every moment, new memories grow,

And happiness surrounds us like a lullaby.

On the playground, we find ourselves anew,

Our worries fade away like leaves in fall,

With every push and run, we start anew,

And life feels like a carnival.

So here’s to our playground, forever alive,

Fourth grade, a time where our dreams thrive.

Knowledge is Power

In fourth grade, knowledge is our new tool,

The key to the world that opens every door,

From mathematics to literature, we rule,

And we soak up new knowledge even more.

We learn to add and subtract, multiply and divide,

We read the classics, and we write our own story,

We learn about our world, about the ocean’s tide,

In fourth grade, our minds are bright and full of glory.

Our curiosity fuels our learning’s fire,

With every answer, new questions arise,

We learn to think critically and aspire,

And knowledge becomes our greatest prize.

So here’s to fourth grade and its endless power,

Knowledge is our greatest asset, forever ours.

Best Friends Forever

In fourth grade, we find our kindred spirit,

Our best friend with whom we share it all,

Through thick and thin, we’re always near it,

Our bond growing because it’s never small.

We share our glasses, our toys, and our laughter,

We make up games and play side by side,

Our adventures are endless forever after,

Best friends forever, we become world-wise.

On field trips, in class, and on the playground,

Our best friend is our partner in crime,

Their kindness and love, forever gold-bound,

In fourth grade, they make every day sublime.

So here’s to best friends, the ones who understand,

Fourth grade, a time when friendships are in demand.

Graduation Day

Graduation day, a moment to remember,

In fourth grade, we stand proud and tall,

Our knowledge and growth create a forever,

Memories that we forever recall.

We’ve learned so much, and we’ve grown even more,

Fourth grade has made us wiser and braver,

We’re ready to face what life has in store,

Equipped with knowledge and the gift of labor.

We say goodbye to our beloved school,

Filled with memories and gratefulness in our heart,

Our growth will continue, and it will always rule,

In our future path, we’ll play an instrumental part.

So here’s to graduation day, a new beginning,

Fourth grade, forever alive in our understanding.


Five Ode Poems About Fourth Grade

Oh, Fourth Grade

Oh, fourth grade, a year of growth and wonder,

A time when knowledge blooms like a flower,

A year of memories we’ll forever ponder,

And friendships that we’ll always savor.

In fourth grade, we found our voice and passion,

We learned to read, write, and dream big dreams,

We explored the world with endless fascination,

And our young hearts shone like sunbeams.

Oh, fourth grade, a precious year in our life,

A time when we grew and developed our minds,

A year that taught us to work through strife,

And to embrace the world with our hearts intertwined.

The Teacher

Oh, fourth-grade teacher, you’re our guiding light,

A beacon of wisdom and endless knowledge,

You teach us well from morning until night,

And your patience never seems to abolish.

You show us how to think and learn,

How to grow into our fullest potential,

You’re our mentor, our compass, our concern,

And your love for teaching is forever essential.

Oh, fourth-grade teacher, we thank you so,

For believing in us and helping us grow.

The Playground

Oh, playground, where friendships flourish and grow,

A place of laughter, play, and youthful exuberance,

Where joys are deep, and worries shallow,

And every moment is a true experience.

We climb up high, and we slide down low,

We swing with delight and run with glee,

We play hopscotch, tag, and tic-tac-toe,

And our hearts fill with pure jubilance and energy.

Oh, playground, a place where childhood memories stay,

A place of youthful freedom that we’ll forever replay.


Oh, learning, the gift that fourth grade has given,

The endless knowledge that we shall carry,

The lessons that will forever keep us driven,

And our minds deep, never to be wary.

We learned about the world, our history,

The earth, its seasons, and its creatures so rare,

We studied math, art, and gained a greater mystery,

And discovered new worlds that were awaiting there.

Oh, learning, you’re the gift that keeps on giving,

You broaden our horizons and help us thrive,

You make the world our oyster, forever living,

And spark a potential that will forever drive.


Oh, fourth grade, the memories that you bring,

A world of wonder that we’ll always cherish,

Our laughter, joys, and every little thing,

That’ll forever be held and never perish.

In fourth grade, we formed lifelong bonds,

We made lasting memories with every friend,

And those moments shall forever be fond,

As life from here on shall forever transcend.

Oh, fourth grade, we thank you from the depth of our hearts,

For blessings that you have bestowed sweet,

For memories that shall never fall apart,

And for the love and joy that will forever keep.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Fourth Grade

A Fresh Start

A new chapter begins in fourth-grade,

A year of new friends and endless growth,

Excitement and wonder through the halls cascade.

The classroom beckons like a shining jade,

A place where stories and knowledge both,

A new chapter begins in fourth-grade.

With every page turned in life’s parade,

Our youthful hearts roam free without troth,

Excitement and wonder through the halls cascade.

We form bonds that will surely persuade,

Unleashing our spirits with every oath,

A new chapter begins in fourth-grade.

We laugh and play, without any tirade,

On the playground, memories growth both,

Excitement and wonder through the halls cascade.

In fourth grade, we see ourselves played,

A future that we hold dearly to both,

A new chapter begins in fourth-grade,

Excitement and wonder through the halls cascade.

Playground Memories

On the playground memories live,

Swinging and sliding, laughter abide,

Fourth grade, a time to appreciate and give.

Best friends forever with memories to relive,

A time where anything was possible and bright,

On the playground memories live.

From monkey bars to climbing up like a sieve,

Every day a new, joyful delight,

Fourth grade, a time to appreciate and give.

The sky bright, blue, and so massive,

Soaring with happiness and flight,

On the playground memories live.

Life’s joyful moments captured and chive,

In fourth-grade, an adventure, clean site,

Fourth grade, a time to appreciate and give.

An Adventure Awaits

In fourth grade, an adventure awaits,

New teachers and stories to explore,

Learning abundant and nothing it negates.

Mathematics, science, and literature create,

A future where knowledge can galore,

In fourth grade, an adventure awaits.

The classroom beckons with every crate,

Our potential, growing limitless more,

Learning abundant, and nothing it negates.

Every question asked and don’t debate,

The ocean unexplored, a door,

In fourth grade, an adventure awaits.

With every step, success creates,

Our dreams come alive and explore,

Learning abundant, and nothing it negates.

Our growth, forever to celebrate,

Fourth grade, a journey and more,

In fourth grade, an adventure awaits,

Learning abundant, and nothing it negates.

Grand Finale

Graduation day, a grand finale,

Our fourth-grade journey somewhat taut,

Lifelong memories that we shall tally.

Books read and new knowledge valley,

Adventures had and stories sought,

Graduation day, a grand finale.

The future, an adventure, wholly,

Our love for school, never forgot,

Lifelong memories that we shall tally.

Growth and success had simultaneously,

A future with endless potential invent wrought,

Graduation day, a grand finale.

Our time in fourth-grade is holy,

Our youthful hearts, forever caught,

Lifelong memories that we shall tally.

Fourth grade, a year full of passion and ally,

Graduation, success forever fraught,

Graduation day, a grand finale,

Lifelong memories that we shall tally.

The Teacher

The Teacher, our guide and mentor too,

Our fourth-grade life was all anew,

Patient and kind, a powerful brew.

Exploring new opportunities grew,

With every lesson, our hearts anew,

The Teacher, our guide and mentor too.

Success and growth always in lieu,

Our youthful passions never askew,

Patient and kind, a powerful brew.

The guidance of teachers, like a glue,

Our academic achievements drew,

The Teacher, our guide and mentor too.

Fourth grade, a time when the memories flew,

From mathematics to science all through,

Patient and kind, a powerful brew.

We thank you for all that you do,

To guide and inspire us a sentence, a clue,

The Teacher, our guide and mentor too,

Patient and kind, a powerful brew.

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Fourth Grade

1. Friends

Finding new pals in every corner,
Racing on the playground, laughter in the air,
In every class, a new adventure,
Endless stories to share and compare.
Never alone, always a pair,
Discovering the true meaning of care.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Learning

Leaves of books turning, minds yearning,
Each lesson a journey, every question a clue,
A world of knowledge steadily burning,
Riddles and mysteries for us to pursue.
Numbers and letters, in harmony they grew,
Intrigued by the wonders that came into view.
New horizons beckoning, old ones renew,
Gleaming with possibilities, endless and true.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Adventure

Always seeking the next great quest,
Diving into stories, treasure chests, and tests,
Ventures far beyond our desks,
Eager hearts, no time for rests.
Never fearing what comes next,
Thrills found in projects and complex texts,
Unraveling puzzles, becoming detectives,
Ready for challenges, no matter the metrics,
Excitement fills our fourth-grade perspectives.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Growth

Gaining inches, losing teeth,
Rising up, from underneath,
Outgrowing shoes, and childhood fears,
Welcoming changes, drying tears.
Tackling harder, bigger tasks,
Hearts and minds expanding fast.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Exploration

Every day’s a new discovery,
X-ploring all the mystery,
Poking around in science and history,
Learning about the world, its misery and glory,
Observing nature, crafting our story,
Riddles of math, and their satisfactory,
Answers that lead to more inquiry,
Testing theories, in labs notory,
Investigating life’s vast emporium,
Oceans of knowledge, in memory’s auditorium,
Navigating through thoughts, dreamy and auditory.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Fourth Grade

1. The Echoes of Laughter

In the halls of our youth where laughter once reigned,
Fourth grade memories like soft whispers remained.
Desks aligned in rows, where dreams were designed,
A chapter closed, leaving innocence behind.

The blackboard, erased, holds stories untold,
Of lessons learned and friendships that grew bold.
Where once our small hands soared high to answer,
Now, only echoes of our past banter.

We’ve moved on, yet within those walls confined,
Our laughter, our tears, forever intertwined.
A time of pure joy, of discovery’s light,
Now a tender memory, fading into night.

Oh, fourth grade, you were a journey so bright,
A fleeting moment, now lost to the flight.
Yet in our hearts, your sweet essence we store,
A treasure chest of youth, forevermore.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Seasons of Change

Once upon a time, in a world so wide,
Fourth grade brought seasons of change inside.
From the bloom of spring to winter’s cold embrace,
Each day was a step in life’s endless race.

Leaves turned gold, as did our youthful dreams,
Carried by winds of time, or so it seems.
We learned of nature, of history’s pages,
Growing up through various stages.

Summer’s warmth faded into autumn’s chill,
As we prepared for winter’s upcoming thrill.
With each season, a lesson was learned,
In the heart of youth, where curiosity burned.

But as seasons shift, so do we move on,
To new adventures, until youth is gone.
Yet, in the whisper of the changing breeze,
Memories of fourth grade come with ease.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Last Bell

The last bell rings, a sound so profound,
Marking the end of fourth grade’s merry-go-round.
Books closed, bags packed, a silent goodbye,
To the year that taught us to reach for the sky.

Friends hug tightly, promising to write,
Stepping into summer with hearts light.
Teachers smile, their job for now done,
Proud of the battles their students have won.

The empty classroom stands as a testament,
To laughter shared, and tears that came and went.
A safe haven for young minds to explore,
Now quiet, waiting for what next year has in store.

Fourth grade, a chapter in our book of life,
Filled with joy, learning, and occasional strife.
As we move forward, we’ll always remember,
This special time, a glowing ember.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Unseen Paths

In the garden of youth, where paths unfold,
Fourth grade was a story, beautifully told.
A journey of discovery, paths unseen,
Walking through meadows of vibrant green.

Lessons learned not just from books, but life,
Navigating through joy, overcoming strife.
Each day a step towards understanding,
A little more of the world, less demanding.

But as we move on, these paths diverge,
Leaving behind a nostalgic urge.
To return to days filled with simple pleasure,
Fourth grade memories, we’ll always treasure.

Though unseen paths may lead us apart,
The lessons of fourth grade remain in our heart.
A foundation built with care and affection,
Guiding us forward, in the right direction.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. A Farewell to Innocence

Fourth grade, a time when innocence bloomed,
In the classrooms where our knowledge zoomed.
A farewell to simplicity, as we grew,
Learning more about the world, and ourselves too.

Challenges faced with courage and grace,
A year of growth, at an unprecedented pace.
Friendships forged in the fire of shared dreams,
Flowing endlessly like mountain streams.

But as we say goodbye to this chapter so dear,
We embrace the future, without fear.
For fourth grade has taught us to be strong,
To find our place, where we truly belong.

A farewell to innocence, but not to the joy,
Of discovering life, without any ploy.
We carry forth the lessons learned,
Grateful for the pages, we’ve carefully turned.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Fourth Grade

1. The New Chapter

A new year begins, fresh and wide,
In fourth grade, with a curious stride.
Books unopened, desks neatly arrayed,
A world of knowledge, brightly displayed.

Rulers, pencils, and a sense of pride,
Learning fractions and the high tide.
History mysteries, yet to be portrayed,
In fourth grade, our foundations are laid.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Science Fair

Bubbling potions, with colors so bright,
Fourth graders’ eyes gleam with delight.
Volcanoes erupting, stars that guide,
Science fair projects, made with pride.

Questions asked, in the quest to know,
Why does the wind whisper and blow?
Experiments and theories, side by side,
In fourth grade, our minds open wide.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Field Trip

Off we venture, beyond our school gate,
To learn outside, oh, we can hardly wait!
Museums, parks, nature’s vast embrace,
Fourth grade journeys, through time and space.

Old tales retold, history’s deep dive,
In every corner, the past comes alive.
With friends beside us, at every pace,
Fourth grade adventures, we eagerly chase.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Book Report

Pages turn, under the lamp’s soft light,
Imaginations taking flight.
Heroes and villains, in tales spun wide,
In fourth grade, with books as our guide.

Characters whisper, secrets to share,
Adventures found, from here to there.
Each story, a new world to abide,
Fourth grade, where dreams and reality collide.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Final Bell

The year winds down, lessons ingrained,
Friendships forged, and goals attained.
From the first day’s nervous, tentative stride,
To confident steps, taken with pride.

Laughter and learning, hand in hand,
In fourth grade, together we stand.
As the final bell rings, we step outside,
Ready for more, with eyes open wide.

By Dan Higgins 2024

As teachers, you have the amazing opportunity to inspire, guide, and teach your students. One way you can help your students develop their creative writing skills is by studying poems about fourth grade.

The poems we have explored showcase different types of poetry, including Sonnet, Ode, Villanelle, and Tanka. Each poem offers unique ways to explore themes relevant to fourth-grade students and their experiences.

The poems utilize vivid imagery, metaphors, and sensory details to create poignant descriptions of the school experience. By examining these elements and identifying how they contribute to the overall meaning and impact of the poem, students can learn to develop their poetic voice and style.

Moreover, the poems offer various styles and structures, providing excellent examples for your students to explore and experiment with. By allowing your students the freedom to experiment with form, style, and content, you can help them unleash their creativity and encourage them to tell their unique stories.

Incorporating poetry about the fourth grade in your classroom can be an effective way to help your students develop their creative writing skills. The poems provide excellent examples of incorporating language, structure, and imagery to express oneself creatively in writing.

We encourage you to use these poems as a launchpad for your own poetry assignments and to encourage your students to explore their own experiences and perspectives in their writing.

Let them know that each of them has the potential to create something truly beautiful, and that exploring their imagination and creativity is a valuable part of their education.

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