30 Poems About Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving approaches, it presents an ideal opportunity to explore the wonderful gift of poetry. Perfect for classrooms and homeschooling activities, engaging with poems about this pleasant holiday can bring out gratitude and nourish an appreciation for poetic language.

Whether you’re looking to use poetry as a fun writing assignment or share some memorable verses during your seasonal lesson planning, plenty of classic and contemporary poetry options are available for exploring all aspects of this lovely occasion. Let’s jump into some delightful Thanksgiving poems that will capture every student’s imagination!

“Five Free Verse Poems About Thanksgiving”

“Grateful Hearts”

Thanksgiving, a time of grateful hearts,

When family and friends all come together

To give thanks for all the many parts

Of our lives that make us happy forever

On this day of unity, we gather

Sharing laughs, stories, and love anew

With gratitude overflowing in our lather

For all the blessings we’ve received, it is true

So let’s remember on this special occasion

To hold close our loved ones and cherish each day’s passion

“A Time to Share”

Thanksgiving brings a time of feasting

A time to share with those we love

For gratitude in abundance, we’re expressing

And blessings from the heavens above

From turkey to pie and all the sweet treats

We gather around the table laughing and chatting

Sharing stories, memories, and mirthful tweets

With cups overflowing and bellies relaxing

So let the Thanksgiving spirit prevail

As we come together to break bread and tell tales

“Bountiful Harvest”

From farms and gardens, fields and trees

Comes a bountiful harvest gathered with ease

On Thanksgiving, our table groans with delight

As we feast on the best of the season’s delights

From pumpkins and squash to corn and peas

And all the delicious autumnal cheeses

We celebrate our blessings and family ties

With gratefulness and love, overflowing in our eyes

So let’s savor our plates of nourishing food

And embrace the bounty of our harvest, so good

“Pause and Reflect”

At Thanksgiving, we pause and reflect

On the many blessings life has to project

Our families, friends, and good health

The simple things that give us wealth

We remember those who’ve gone before

Whose presence today we would adore

We celebrate the memories they left

And cherish their memory in every heart felt

So on this day, let us embrace,

The joy of life and its loving grace.

“Celebration of Love”

Thanksgiving, a celebration of love

A day to cherish all those we’re fond of

A time to let our gratitude be expressed

In every word, action, and loving caress

We gather together, united by blood and friendship

Putting our differences aside, with no resistance

Our hearts and minds aligned in harmony

As we celebrate in each other’s company

Let’s take the time to count our blessings, do it slow

And embrace our loved ones, letting our hearts overflow.

“Five Haiku Poems About Thanksgiving”

“Grateful Hearts”

Grateful hearts, we give

Thanks and blessings for this life

On Thanksgiving Day

“Harvest Gathered”

Harvest gathered in

Glorious feast of giving thanks

Thanksgiving delight

“Family Gathered”

Family gathered round

Sharing love, laughter and light

On Thanksgiving Day

“Bounty of the Land”

Bounty of the land

Thanksgiving fills the table

Nature’s rich harvest

“Thankful Hearts Aglow”

Thankful hearts aglow

Blessings come in many forms

Thanksgiving we know

“Five Limerick Poems About Thanksgiving”

“A Time of Feasting”

Thanksgiving’s a time of feasting,

Of turkey, potatoes, and pie.

We gather with friends and with family,

And express our thanks ’til we’re nigh.

“Gathering Together”

Gathering together we sit,

With stuffing and gravy and wit.

The aroma’s supreme,

Like a wonderful dream,

For a feast we are truly unfit.

“The Joy of Thanksgiving”

Oh the joy of Thanksgiving Day,

As we gobble our dinner away.

We savor each bite,

With great appetite,

And dream of leftovers all day.

“From Harvest to Table”

From harvest to table we praise,

All the fruits that we gather and graze.

And in our great feast,

We’re reminded at least,

To be grateful for all of our days.

“Thanksgiving Delight”

Thanksgiving’s a yearly delight,

A time we look forward with might.

From cranberry sauce,

To roasted bird’s pause,

All our cravings are met in a sight.

Five Villanelle Poems About Thanksgiving

“Gather ‘Round the Table”

Gather ’round the table with loved ones near

To give thanks and share in the season’s cheer

The time has come for the meal to commence

With gratitude and love, it’s crystal clear

As we pass the food, the aroma engulfs us dear

The holiday spirit in the air, we revere

With turkey and stuffing that perfectly sense

Gather ’round the table with loved ones near

We carve the bird and raise a glass, no fear

As we laugh and talk while toasting to the year

The feast before us, an act of reverence

With gratitude and love, it’s crystal clear

The desserts, oh sweet desserts without any peer

Pumpkin pie, apple crisp, with feelings sincere

The meal a moment of such magnificence

Gather ’round the table with loved ones near

Thanksgiving a time to cherish, no mere

Event of joy, but a day to hold so dear

As we express our gratitude, with no pretense

With gratitude and love, it’s crystal clear

“The Meaning of Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving, a time to pause and view

The blessings in our life, old and new

To give thanks, and let our hearts embrace

The grace and mercy we find with this place

The simple joys that capture our gaze

A time with loved one and family embrace

The moments that give us boundless peace

Gratitude, that makes every heart at ease

With ham or turkey, pumpkin or pecan pie

We celebrate with a feast that makes us sigh

The smells and sounds, on this day so fine

A moment of calm that comes once in a while

And so, with gratitude, we close the day

Thanksgiving, with memories that shall always stay.

“Thanksgiving Grace”

Today we pause, and we take the time

To give thanks for blessings divine

A holiday of gathering and grace

With loved ones all around, giving us a lighted face.

On this day, we cherish the ones we hold dear

As we share the bread and the wine so clear

The moments preserved for life, in our trace

With loved ones all around, giving us a lighted face.

The joys of Thanksgiving cannot be replaced

Memories made, in every step we take with pace

The love, and the joy, on this day we embrace

With loved ones all around, giving us a lighted face.

So let us all be grateful, and let us give thanks

For the blessings that abound, even in the tiny ranks

For the loving bonds that shall never erase

With loved ones all around, giving us a lighted face.

“Thanksgiving Memories”

Thanksgiving, the memories we cherish

The moments preserved, in our minds shall always flourish

The smells, the sights, the touch, and the taste

The emotions behind, we shall forever uphold with grace

The family gathered, the feast full of light

A day to cherish and hold on tight

The moments of joy, and those of sadness

And the ones we shall miss, with overwhelming kindness

The stories, the laughter, the tears, the fun

The moments worth remembering, when the day is done

The memories that shall forever remain

Thanksgiving, a reminder, amid the sun and rain

The memories that paint the day, in our mind

A moment of gratitude, with endless kindness behind.

“A Joyful Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving a moment of pure delight

When loved ones gather, and happiness takes height

With gratefulness in our hearts, and love within

We cherish every moment, that makes our hearts spin.

We share the meal, with gratitude in our mind

A time to thank, and laughter to unwind

A moment to cherish, with every step we take

For the moments captured, make our soul alive and awake

The moments of comfort, shared through the feast

With the ones we hold dear, with everything at peace

The memories that will last, forever in our soul

The joy of Thanksgiving, as we devour every plate and bowl

With gratefulness and love, we cherish as we pray

And know in our hearts, that love shall guide us every day.

Five Sonnet Poems About Thanksgiving

“Praises Offered High”

Thanksgiving, a day to offer our praise

To God, whose graciousness blesses our days

For family, friends, and all he does provide

We gather around tables, truly gratified

We pause in thankfulness to share with all,

A feast to remind us to be grateful for it all,

The simple pleasures that bring us cheer,

And the cherished memories we hold dear.

Our hearts overflowing with heartfelt thanks

As we celebrate with delicious turkey and franks

Surrounded by joyous love from those we adore,

We’re reminded of things we should be thankful for.

So, let’s gather ’round the table, and raise our voices high

To offer God our praises, in gratitude and joy.

“The Bounty of Our Days”

On Thanksgiving, we offer our grateful praise

For the bounties bestowed on our ways

For family, friends, and blessings found

And happiness that always surrounds.

We pause to reflect, with love, and joy and peace,

On the wonders we’ve found, and moments to seize,

On the memories cherished, timelessly on display,

And the simple pleasures of every day.

We light our hearts, with gratitude, a spark,

And with heartfelt thanks, we embark,

On the feast of life that lay before our eyes,

The bounty of our days, and harvest’s surprise.

So let us gather’ round and share, our love, joys and fears

And celebrate the blessings, of all that makes us dear.

“Thanksgiving Prayer”

Thanksgiving, a day to offer our prayer

A day to be grateful, a moment to share

For the bounties we’ve received, with full delight

For the cherished memories, beyond sight.

We pause to reflect, to let our thanks be heard

And offer our praises, in every word

For the family, friends, and warming grace

For the love that surrounds, and cannot be replaced.

We lift our hearts, to the heavens above

With the deepest love, and purest of love,

Grateful for blessings, that leaves our souls alight,

In humble gratitude, we bow in sight.

So let’s gather ’round, with hearts full of love

And offer our prayers, to the heavens above.

“In Remembrance of the Good”

On Thanksgiving, we offer our gratitude,

To God, for providing us life with fortitude,

For the family, friends and those we’ve lost,

Who have guided us through, and never seen us tossed.

We pause to reflect, To offer our heartfelt love,

And in remembrance, of those now watching from above,

The memories cherished, and never forgotten,

Are the stories of goodness, that’ll forever be emboldened.

We light our hearts, with love, hope and grace,

And hold on tight, to every love and embrace,

For life is precious, and so are holding dear,

The cherished memories we’ve gathered, here and there.

So let’s gather ’round, offering a prayer and love,

In remembrance of the good, that came from above.

“The Joys of Giving Thanks”

On Thanksgiving, the joy of giving thanks

For the blessings we receive, year in, year out without ranks

For the moments cherished, and the bonds of love,

For the family, friends and blessings, that surround us from above.

We pause to reflect, To let our hearts embrace,

The spirit of giving and love, that’s never out of place,

For the joys of life, and the cherished moments that make,

The smile on our faces, and the warmth that doesn’t break.

We lift our hearts, in heartfelt and pure gratitude,

Reminding ourselves of our fortitude,

To hold out hope, and stand tall with every stride,

For the joys of giving thanks that cannot hide.

So let’s gather ’round, in a feast of love and light,

And offer our thanks, with every fibre bright.

Thanksgiving offers us much to be thankful for. The holiday is filled with nostalgia and gratitude, from the relationships we cultivate to the food that warms our hearts. Poetry brings thoughtfulness to the table, allowing us to reflect on why we celebrate this day of thanks.

From playful rhymes that captivate children’s minds to more philosophical poems suitable for adults—the works offer an ode to the holiday season in a way that only art forms can achieve. As we move forward, let us continue to explore poems about Thanksgiving as they bring honor and recognition to all the things there is to be grateful for during this time of year.

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