30 Poems About Memorial Day

Written by Dan

As Memorial Day approaches, it’s essential to remember and honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the U.S. military. One of the best ways to do this is through the art of poetry.

Poetry can capture the essence of feelings and emotions. It can even help children deeply understand and appreciate this significant holiday’s meaning.

In this article, we provide a collection of diverse poems about Memorial Day in various poetry forms, including sonnets, haikus, odes, and more.

These poems are designed to help teachers model poetry writing to their students and encourage them to appreciate the sacrifices of those who made our freedom and independence possible.

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Five Free Verse Poems About Memorial Day

free verse poetry

“Remembering the Fallen”

Memorial Day, a time to remember

The ones who gave their lives in service

Their sacrifice we cannot measure

Their memory forever in our hearts preserve

Each name on the monument a story to tell

Of love, courage, and devotion we can see

Their service to our country memorable

A story that brought freedom home to be

On Memorial Day, we honor them with pride

Our heroes who fought, bled, and died

“Echoes of War”

Echoes of war still heard in the air

A haunting and eerie sound that still lingers

Memorial Day is a time to share

The stories that honor those who fought for us, our liberators

The men and women who gave their lives

Fought with bravery beyond words

Their sacrifice the ultimate prize

For the future of this country, to be secured

On this great day of commemoration

Let’s remember their courage and dedication

“Honoring the Brave”

On Memorial Day, we pay respects who lost their lives

The brave soldiers who fought hard and died

We honor their valiant efforts without any guise

For their courage, we hold their memory with pride

Their sacrifice gave us the gift of freedom

The pride and unity we cherish every day

Our nation’s strength comes from our leaders’ wisdom

And the soldiers who risked their lives in every way

We remember the brave on this solemn day

Our heroes who gave their lives for the U.S.A

“The Heroes”

The heroes of our nation, they rest in peace

On this Memorial Day, we honor their memory

Their bravery and selflessness can never cease

They gave us freedom and a future to carry

Their service to our country immortalized

With every name inscribed on the wall of memory

Our gratitude unending for their sacrifice

We honor and respect their legacy in every century

We remember their gift with pride and esteem

The heroes who made our freedom a living dream

“Their Memory”

Their memory lives on in the hearts of all

The brave soldiers who gave themselves to the call

With honor and duty, they fought until the end

Our freedom and happiness their last command

On Memorial Day, we remember our fallen kin

The men and women who died to protect from sin

Their service and sacrifice we cannot tend

But in our hearts, their memory will always blend

So, let us today remember our fallen brothers

Our heroes who fought and died for us like no others.

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Five Haiku Poems About Memorial Day

“Honor the Fallen”

Honoring our brave

Memorial Day echoes on

Sacrifice we save

“Flags at Half-Mast”

Flags at half-mast wave

A solemn Memorial Day

Our heroes we crave

“In Memory”

In memory we keep

The names of those who have died

Eternal we reap

“Their Great Sacrifice”

In fields far from home

Their great sacrifice endures

Our hearts are their dome

“Remembered Forever”

On Memorial Day

We remember forevermore

Those who paved the way

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Five Ode Poems About Memorial Day


“Honoring the Fallen”

On Memorial Day we honor the brave

The ones who fought and died for our cause

Their sacrifice, in peace, we cannot cave

Our respect and admiration have no pause

Through fields of battle and trials of rite

Their courage shone above the darkest night

Their names etched in memory, forever bright

Their legacy, passed down, our truest light

So, on this Memorial Day, an ode we keep

A tribute to the fallen and their endless leap

“Echoes of Heroes”

Echoes of heroes still ring in our heart

Their lasting contribution we can’t forget

Memorial Day a time to set them apart

For they gave their lives, we won’t regret

Their selflessness and bravery, our foundation

Lost on the battlefield, the ultimate persuasion

From every walk of life, they are our inspiration

Our nation’s pride, and soul’s elation

So, let us all stand proud and honor the brave

Who gave their lives to make this land free and save

“The Price of Freedom”

Freedom isn’t free, they say with much emotion

The price of liberty has never come without action

On Memorial Day, we remember without objection

Those who gave their lives for our satisfaction

From valleys deep and mountains high

They fought the fight, they held the line

Their sacrifice, eternal, our nation’s pride

Their memory, unyielding, our endless bind

So, let us today, honor our fallen brothers

And keep their memory dear, with no cover

“Their Courage Endures”

Their courage manifests in every battle cry

The ones who gave their lives, so that we could fly

On Memorial Day, we honor their great and faithful reply

For their sacrifice, we cannot deny

On fields of battle, they fought with strength

And in their last battle, they found peaceful brethren

Their sacrifice, our nation’s truest wealth

Their memory, our constant companion

We honor their courage, their valor, their sacrifice

And their names, forever etched, in our nation’s great device

“The Greatest Sacrifice”

The greatest sacrifice, we remember on this day

Our heroes, who gave their lives, for the nation’s way

In every heart beat and every step they, we convey

Their memory, always with us, never to sway

From Flanders Field, to every far-off land

They fought for freedom, for their country’s stand

And in their sacrifice, they have left behind

A legacy of perseverance, a debt forever bind

So, on this Memorial Day, we pay tribute with our hearts

To the grim heroes, who gave their all, with love and great art.

Five Sonnet Poems About Memorial Day

“The Deepest Sacrifice”

On Memorial Day, we honor those who gave

The deepest sacrifice for freedom’s cause

Their lives they offered, so that we could save

The future of our nation without pause

From soldiers brave to medics strong and true

They gave their all, and never once looked back

In fields of battle, they fought through and through

Their hearts and minds were on their country’s track

So let us pay tribute on this solemn morn

To those who answered the nation’s beckoning call

Their sacrifice, our enduring debt adorned

Their memory, enshrined within us all

For they have given life in freedom’s name

And their sacrifice, forever, shall remain

“Their Legacy”

The nation owes a debt to those who died

On fields of battle, far from home and hearth

Their courage never faltered, instead, inside

They found the strength to fight for all our worth

The ones who gave their all to make us free

Left behind a legacy of strength and might

Their sacrifice, a tribute for history

For all the lives they saved, in soul and sight

So on this Memorial Day, we honor them

The ones who paid the price to make us stand

Our hearts forever grateful to these great men

And women who fought to hold our country’s hand

Their legacy endures with profound love

For they fought to keep our nation strong above

“The Sacred Ground”

On hallowed ground, the fallen heroes lie

Their memory, forever enshrined in stone

The price of freedom, in their sacrifice, why

Our gratitude, and love, forever shown

The ones who left their homes to serve with pride

With valor and courage they gave it their all

On fields of battle, their spirits still abide

With souls of steel, for every nation’s call

So on this Memorial Day, we honor them

Their legacy alive, their sacrifice endures

Our gratitude, forever, will stem

From their great gift of freedom, which, for us, cures

On hallowed ground, their memory forever, will remain

For they gave their lives for a cause greater than refrain

“Freedom’s Gift”

On this Memorial Day, we hold in sight

The memory of those who served and died

Their need to protect freedom’s great might

Their sacrifice, the nation’s heart defied

From fields and forests, oceans and skies

They fought with strength and love, beyond compare

And gave their lives, without forgiveness or lies

For the greater cause of freedom, they were there

So, let us honor their sacrifice this day

In every solemn tone and sincere display

Their gift, the nation’s pride forever to stay

Their memory, preserved in every tribute we pay

On Memorial Day, our hearts remember well

The ones who served and gave us freedom’s gift to tell

“Forever Remembered”

On this day, we remember the ones who served

And gave their lives, in the fight for freedom’s call

Their memory, forever, our hearts preserved

For their sacrifice, greater than any soul

In every heart, their names are forever etched

Their courage and devotion, forever blessed

Their sacrifice, the greatest gift we have fetched

Our gratitude, forever, in their memory dressed

So, let us remember the ones who gave their all

Their spirit, forever, shining like the brightest ray

Their strength, awe-inspiring, beyond any wall

Their memory, forever, engraved in our hearts to stay

On this Memorial Day, their sacrifice we tell

For they gave their lives so that we could live well.

Five Tanka Poems About Memorial Day

“Honor and Remembrance”

Memorial Day,

Honoring the brave fallen,

Lives dedicated,

Remembrance, deep gratitude,

Honored for their sacrifice.

“Silent Tribute”

In silent tribute,

Flags sway amidst somber stones,

Lives given in war,

Our heroes, forever missed,

Beneath echoing hymns and tears.

“Their Legacy Lives On”

Their legacy lives on,

The noble, the brave, the true,

We will not forget,

Sacrifice that knows no bounds,

Their memory shines like the sun.

“Endless Gratitude”

Endless gratitude,

For those who gave it all,

Their noblest deeds done,

Their lives our treasured freedom,

Our hearts, forever moved.

“Echoes of Valor”

Echoes of valor,

Truths that know no defeat here,

Memorial Day,

Honor forever these brave souls,

Whose courage will never fade.

Poetry is a powerful tool for helping children connect with the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Through our collection of diverse poems in various poetry forms, we aim to inspire teachers to engage their students in this annual commemoration of the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Whether you choose to use free verse, sonnets, haikus, or odes, these poems are here to serve as a launchpad for your students to think creatively and reflectively about the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Let us all continue to honor and remember our fallen heroes on this Memorial Day and in the coming days.

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