30 Poems About November

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November is a month that is often overlooked, sandwiched between the excitement of Halloween and the festive spirit of December. However, there is a certain charm to this month that deserves more attention.

As the leaves turn shades of red and gold and the air grows crisp, November evokes a sense of change and reflection.

In this article, we explore the beauty of November through a collection of poems that teachers can use in their classrooms to inspire their students to create their own works of art.

Join us on this journey as we delve into the emotions and imagery of November through the power of poetry.

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Five Free Verse Poems About November

I. November’s Palette

November brings with it a new palette,

A canvas of orange, brown, and red,

Filling up the empty spaces,

Brushing aside summer’s final thread.

The trees stand proud in their glory,

Bowing down to the coming chill,

Whispering tales of seasons past,

As the wind begins to fill.

November’s palette is a masterpiece,

A work of art that cannot be tamed,

A reminder of nature’s splendor,

As we prepare for winter’s game.

II. November Mornings

November mornings are crisp and cold,

With a stillness that can’t be told,

The frost that coats each blade of grass,

Is like a diamond in the morning’s cast.

The world is hushed and waiting,

For the sun to rise and start the day,

But for now, we all stand still,

Taking in November’s quiet display.

III. November Nights

November nights are long and dark,

Filled with secrets yet to be sparked,

The moon shines bright upon the land,

A guiding light for those who stand.

The stars twinkle in the sky above,

A symphony of light and love,

November nights are a time to dream,

To let your mind wander and scheme.

IV. November Memories

November memories are bittersweet,

A time to reflect, a time to meet,

The ghosts of the past that still remain,

Haunting us with joy and pain.

The smell of pumpkin fills the air,

A reminder of moments we used to share,

November memories are a precious gift,

A reminder of the love that still exists.

V. November Silence

November silence is a solemn thing,

A hush that only nature can bring,

The world is still, caught in between,

A moment frozen, a scene unseen.

The leaves have fallen, the birds have flown,

The world is now a place unknown,

November silence is a time to be still,

To embrace the calm, and let go of the thrill.

Five Haiku Poems About November

I. November Breeze

November breeze blows,

Leaves rustle underfoot, and

Days grow ever short.

II. November Chill

November chill creeps in,

Frosty fingers on the pane,

Winter’s warning call.

III. November Rain

November rain falls,

Puddles ripple with each drop,

Autumn’s final tears.

IV. November Hues

November’s colors,

A palette of golden hues,

Nature’s masterpiece.

V. November’s End

November’s end nears,

Leaving us with sweet goodbye,

Winter’s promise soon

Five Limerick Poems About November

The Month of November

November is a month quite divine,

With days that start to decline,

There’s mist in the air,

And everywhere,

The colors of autumn entwine.

Thanksgiving Time

It’s November, and we all know,

That means it’s time for turkey and dough,

We give thanks for our lot,

And the food that we’ve got,

Then we all fall asleep in a row.

Falling Leaves

In November, the leaves start to fall,

And cover the ground like a shawl,

They rustle and crunch,

As we take a lunch,

And we enjoy the beauty of it all.

The Darkening Days

As November arrives, so do shorter days,

And darkness comes in many ways,

The sun doesn’t stick,

And we can get sick,

But we still love autumn’s orange blaze.

November Rain

It’s November, and the rain starts to pour,

It can be a little bit of a chore,

But with boots on our feet,

And a coat that’s complete,

We’ll stay dry as we explore.

Five Tanka Poems About November

November’s Chill

November’s chill arrives,

Nature prepares for winter,

Leaves fall from the trees,

The air is crisp, cold and clear,

Winter’s presence drawing near.

Autumnal Glow

November’s colors,

Nature’s final hurrah,

A colorful show,

As leaves dance in the breeze,

Autumnal glow on display.

A Season of Change

November’s season,

Marks a time of change and shift,

An end and a start,

New beginnings on the way,

All part of life’s great circle.

Gratitude Abounds

November’s spirit,

A time for gratitude and thanks,

A time to give back,

To count blessings big and small,

And spread joy wherever we can.

The Month of Memories

November brings back,

Memories of days gone by,

Of love and laughter,

Of family and friendship,

Of moments that live forever.

Five Sonnet Poems About November

Ode to November

Oh November, you bring a chill so cold,

And yet your beauty still remains untold,

Your leaves, once green, now turn to shades of gold,

As winter’s grip begins to take its hold.

Your winds bring forth a melancholic sound,

A symphony of rustling leaves astound,

But in your midst, there’s still much to be found,

Of warmth, of love, and joy that does abound.

So let us welcome thee with open arms,

Embrace the change that comes with all thy charms,

For in your season, we find peace and calm,

And memories that time cannot disarm.

The Withering Woods

November’s breeze, it carries on the wind,

The leaves that fall from every tree it finds,

The woods once full of life, now wear a grin,

As winter’s grasp begins to bind and blind.

The colors of the leaves, once bright and bold,

Now fade to shades of brown and yellow gold,

The trees, once proud, now look so old and cold,

Their barren branches reaching to the sky, told.

Yet even in decay, there’s beauty still,

A rugged sort of grace that’s hard to kill,

And in the silence, one can hear the thrill,

Of nature’s song that never seems to still.

November Rain

November rain, it falls upon the earth,

A gentle balm that soothes and brings rebirth,

A cleansing flood that washes free the dirt,

And gives new life to all that once was hurt.

The drops, they fall, like tears that cleanse the soul,

A healing salve that makes us feel whole,

And in the storm, we feel a sense of control,

Of all that we’ve lost and all we’ve stole.

So let the rain pour down, let it wash away,

All the pain and hurt of yesterday,

For in its wake, there’s a brand new day,

Of hope and joy that will forever stay.

The Harvest’s End

November marks the end of harvest time,

When fields lay barren, and the air is sublime,

The fruits of labor, now a bounty so fine,

A feast for all, to celebrate and dine.

The colors of fall, they paint the land,

A canvas of beauty that’s hard to stand,

And in the midst of it all, we understand,

The gift of life, and all that’s grand.

So let us savor all that we’ve been given,

And give thanks for the bounty we’ve been livin’,

For in this season, we’re reminded of heaven,

And all the blessings that we’ve been given.

November Twilight

In November’s twilight, the world stands still,

As darkness creeps in with a sudden chill,

And all around us, the air is filled,

With a sense of magic that’s hard to kill.

The leaves, they rustle, as the wind does blow,

A haunting melody that tells us so,

That change is near, and it’s time to let go,

Of all that’s passed, and all we know.

Yet even in the dark, there’s a light that shines,

A spark of hope that’s hard to define,

And in the stillness, we find peace of mind,

And a sense of joy that’s truly divine.

Five Ode Poems About November

To the Season of Change

Oh, November, season of change,

When Mother Nature starts to rearrange,

You bring forth a beauty that’s hard to gauge,

And colors that even a blind man would engage.

The trees they shed their leaves, one by one,

A dance that’s choreographed by none,

The wind it blows, the skies they darken,

And yet there’s a warmth that can’t be broken.

So here’s to you, November dear,

A month that’s filled with change and cheer,

You remind us that even in decay,

There’s beauty and life that will forever stay.

To the Sounds of November

Oh, November, hear your music play,

The rustling of leaves, the sound of rain,

The howling winds that won’t abate,

And the gentle whispers of love and fate.

Your symphony is one of melancholy,

Of beauty, grace, and rhapsody,

It echoes through the hills and valleys,

And fills the hearts of even the most jolly.

So here’s to you, November dear,

A month of sounds that bring us near,

To nature, life, and all that’s true,

In your melody, we find our cue.

To the Joy of Thanksgiving

Oh, November, you bring joy and thanks,

A time to gather, a time to prank,

You remind us of all that we have,

And the blessings that are ours to grab.

The table’s set, the turkey’s cooked,

The family’s gathered, all are hooked,

On the love that fills the air,

And the memories that we’ll forever share.

So here’s to you, November dear,

A month of gratitude, love, and cheer,

You remind us of life’s true value,

And the importance of being true.

To the Comforts of November

Oh, November, you bring such comfort,

A time to snuggle, a time to consort,

With blankets, books, and cups of tea,

And a fire that’s warm as it can be.

The world outside may be cold and bleak,

But in our hearts, there’s warmth we seek,

In the comfort of our homes, we find,

A solace that’s truly one of a kind.

So here’s to you, November dear,

A month of comfort, love, and cheer,

You remind us that sometimes we need,

To slow down, and just take the lead.

To the Memories of November

Oh, November, you bring back memories,

Of days gone by, of cherished histories,

Of laughter, love, and moments so dear,

That we’ll forever hold them near.

Your colors, your sounds, your scents, all remind,

Of a life that was lived, of passions that shined,

Of a time that was once, and will never again,

But in our hearts, we’ll forever retain.

So here’s to you, November dear,

A month of memories, love, and cheer,

You remind us that life is but a fleeting moment,

And that we should cherish it with pure content.

Five Villanelle Poems About November

1. November Blues

November’s chill brings forth the blues,

As trees shed leaves of amber gold,

The wind whispers a mournful tune.

The days grow short, the nights prolong,

As nature’s beauty starts to fold,

November’s chill brings forth the blues.

The world grows grey, the sky turns dull,

As memories of summer now grow old,

The wind whispers a mournful tune.

The fire flickers, the hearth’s ablaze,

A comfort in the darkness that enfolds,

November’s chill brings forth the blues.

But in this season of transition and change,

We find solace in love and being bold,

The wind whispers a mournful tune.

For though the weather may be cold and strange,

Our hearts beat strong, our spirits never sold,

November’s chill brings forth the blues,

The wind whispers a mournful tune.

2. November’s Grace

November’s grace is in the air,

As autumn’s colors start to fade,

And winter’s chill begins to bare.

The trees shed leaves, and skies turn grey,

A time to rest and contemplate,

November’s grace is in the air.

The harvest’s bounty we prepare,

With gratitude for all we’ve made,

And winter’s chill begins to bare.

We gather close, our loved ones near,

To share our warmth and celebrate,

November’s grace is in the air.

Though darker days may soon appear,

We face the future with heads held high,

And winter’s chill begins to bare.

So let us cherish this fleeting time,

In reverence for all that’s been made,

November’s grace is in the air,

And winter’s chill begins to bare.

3. November Rain

November rain falls like tears,

As melancholy fills the air,

The last goodbye of passing years.

The trees stand barren, stripped and bare,

As winter’s chill begins to wear,

November rain falls like tears.

The clouds hang low, the sky appears

To match our somber, solemn stare,

The last goodbye of passing years.

Yet even in this time of fears,

Our hearts beat strong, our spirits dare,

November rain falls like tears.

For though the future may be unclear,

And challenges may soon ensnare,

The last goodbye of passing years,

Reminds us that we are still here,

And love and hope will always share,

November rain falls like tears,

The last goodbye of passing years.

4. November’s Embrace

November’s embrace is warm and kind,

As nature takes a final bow,

And leaves the autumn days behind.

The world grows quiet, the air feels fine,

As we reflect and ponder now,

November’s embrace is warm and kind.

The harvest’s bounty we now find,

A feast to share with those we love,

And leaves the autumn days behind.

The fire flickers, the hearth’s alight,

As we gather close and give thanks,

November’s embrace is warm and kind.

For though the seasons ebb and bind,

Our hearts beat strong, our souls entwine,

And leaves the autumn days behind.

So let us cherish and remind,

That life is precious and divine,

November’s embrace is warm and kind,

And leaves the autumn days behind.

5. November Dreams

November dreams of days gone by,

As memories of summer fade,

And winter’s chill begins to nigh.

The world grows quiet, time slips by,

As nature’s beauty starts to wade,

November dreams of days gone by.

The colors fade, the earth turns dry,

As life awaits the next parade,

And winter’s chill begins to nigh.

But in this time we can’t deny,

Our hearts still beat and love pervades,

November dreams of days gone by.

For though the future may seem shy,

And challenges may soon invade,

And winter’s chill begins to nigh,

We hold onto hope and try,

To make our dreams a grand crusade,

November dreams of days gone by,

And winter’s chill begins to nigh.

Other Poems About Months of The Year

November is a month of transition and change, as the colors of autumn begin to fade and winter’s chill takes hold. Through the art of poetry, we can capture the essence of this season, and help students to express their own thoughts and feelings about this time of year.

The poems shared in this article are just a few examples of how we can explore the beauty and complexity of November.

May they inspire you and your students to create your own works of art and find new ways to appreciate the wonders of nature and the passage of time.

FAQ Section: Acrostic Poems

What is an acrostic poem?

An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase, typically the subject of the poem.

How do I write an acrostic poem?

To write an acrostic poem, first choose a word or phrase that you want to use as the basis for your poem. Then, write each letter of the word vertically down the left-hand side of the page. Finally, compose a line of poetry that begins with each letter of the word, making sure that the lines flow together and create a cohesive whole.

Can I use any word for an acrostic poem?

You can use any word or phrase for an acrostic poem, but it is best to choose something that is meaningful or interesting to you. The word or phrase should be something that you can write about creatively, and that will lend itself to interesting and engaging poetry.

What are some examples of acrostic poems?

Here is an example of an acrostic poem using the word “LOVE”:
Love is a feeling that fills up my heart
Often it’s gentle, but can tear me apart
Visions of romance dance in my head
Every day dreaming of sharing our bed

Can I use acrostic poems in the classroom?

Yes, acrostic poems can be a great way to introduce poetry to students. They are simple to write and can be used to teach vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Additionally, they can be used as a fun and creative way to explore different topics and themes.

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