30 Poems About March

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March is a month of change, rebirth and a suitable period to stimulate your students’ creativity in poetry writing. As an educator, you can introduce your students to various types of literature, including poetry.

Poetry can captivate students with its language, promote empathy, and encourage originality. In this article, we will browse some charming poems inspired by March that you can use as a stepping stone for your next poetry lesson.

From transition to growth, these poems capture the month’s essence and can help your students articulate their sentiments using the power of poetic language.

Whether you’re initiating poetry for your students for the first time or looking for fresh content, these poems are perfect for any educational setting.

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Five Free Verse Poems About March

March Arrives

March arrives on the wind of change,

As winter’s chill begins to fade,

The creatures stir and sounds feel strange,

As Mother Nature’s at play again.

With each day, a new wonder finds,

As blooms that never slept now awake,

To the sunrise, they all turn blind,

In anticipation that life takes.

March arrives, the time of change so bold,

As spring’s song awakens the cold.

The Awakening

An awakening stirs within the earth,

As March embraces the winter’s dearth,

A time to renew and to embrace,

As spring flowers begin to take their place.

With each new blossom, inspiration blooms,

A time of rebirth in nature’s infinite rooms,

And the wildlife too, awakens from sleep,

To a new fertile world they welcome and keep.

March, the dawn of a new season to behold,

As the earth awakens to its own bold.

The Blink of March

In the blink of an eye, March has arrived,

Gently nudging the earth to come alive,

With winter’s white now fading grace,

The earth now warms its frigid face.

Robins chirp in sweet patterning sound,

Buds now swell and break their Earthy mound,

Marching forward to their own rhythm in step,

With spring to come, a chance to forget.

Oh, March, we welcome your sweet new savor,

A reminder that life’s beauty never will waver.

The Dance of March

The dance of March, a lively show,

As the winter winds begin to slow,

A time of reawakening in its sight,

And the birth of spring’s first light.

The grass, now green, finds a new tune,

With each passing day, a new life resumes,

Birds that rested, take flight again,

And skies lit up by the sun’s warm gleam.

A sweet reminder that life is good,

And nature remains a faithful ally in all we should.

A New Dawn

March marks a new dawn for the earth and all,

A time of discovery and renewal’s sweet call,

As winter lays to rest its icy embrace,

A new beginning takes the stage with grace.

Birds now chirp with their sweet melody,

As blooming flowers rekindle life’s harmony,

A gentle breeze welcomes all who sing,

As sunlight hits the earth in spring.

March, a time to start afresh,

A new journey towards life’s nest.

Five Haiku Poems About March

Spring’s Arrival

Warm sunshine embrace,

Snowy ground breaks with green speck,

Spring’s arrival, sweet.

Renewal’s Scent

The soil wakes with glee,

As renewal’s sweet scent blooms,

Nature’s pulse alive.

Heralds of Spring

Chirping, Robins come,

Sounds heard on distant roads,

Heralds of sweet spring.

March’s Sweet Blossom

As March breaks for breath,

A sweet blossom now takes shape,

Nature’s change now stirs.

The Joy of March

March’s new light arrives,

Bringing joy to earth and sky,

Life’s rebirth so bright.

Five Limerick Poems About March

Spring Fever

In March, I feel so dandy,

As winter takes its last standee,

With trees set to bloom,

And grass without gloom,

Spring fever hits us outlandee.

March Winds

March winds howling hard and pert,

A thrilling rise in weather’s concert,

Kites on the wing,

Robins that sing,

Leaps of faith we take to avert.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March come with a twist,

A time when many fates get kissed,

Beware the day’s dead,

From where they bled,

The will to keep fate tight and missed.

Shake Things Up

March comes to shake things up,

And shakes away winter’s rough,

With lilies and daffodils,

And tulips that thrill,

March spins the world in its bluff.

Marching Forward

Marching forward to spring with March,

With each new day, we’re a new arch,

Snow crumbles and drips,

A new season’s sweet sip,

And nature’s reborn with new starch.

Five Tanka Poems About March

A New Awakening

March brings life anew,

As flowers begin to sprout,

Whisking away snow,

Birds perched upon branches shout,

A new awakening sprouts.

The March Snow

March snow falls swiftly,

A beauty to see and hold,

As earth waits for spring,

Winter’s last gasp now so cold,

Nature changes in March’s hold.

The Spring Winds

Spring winds start to blow,

Nature’s chorus begins to sing,

Blue skies fill our days,

With each passing moment’s flow,

March brings changes and a glow.

March’s Vitality

March introduces,

New energy from the earth,

Bringing vitality,

To the soul and to our birth,

Refreshing all that has worth.

March’s New Start

March comes with new start,

A season that’s fresh and new,

Showing life’s true art,

With each moment bright and true,

March fills our hearts with virtues.

Five Sonnet Poems About March

The March Wind

The wind of March blows hard and clear,

A harbinger of the season’s change,

The world awakens with a gentle cheer,

As plants and animals spring forth, arranged.

The snow now melts, and the bird takes flight,

Resplendent colors now fill the skies,

The plants unfurl, a symphony so bright,

And life’s now blessed in beauty left behind.

Oh, March, you season of change so bold,

A fresh awakening to all that spark,

A brand new start that never gets old,

And winter’s hold now no more than a mark.

The March wind blows and nature takes its turn,

A rebirth of life to honor and discern.

March’s Beauty

In March’s charm, the world begins anew,

As flowers burst forth after winter’s hold,

The earth awakens with a golden hue,

And life’s revived with a grace untold.

From once-thawed ground, sprouts begin to bloom,

As patches of color now light the way,

Birds chirp and sing, resounding a sweet tune,

March’s arrival, oh, what a grand display!

And so, we welcome March with open arms,

A season of renewal for us all,

With colors, sounds, and scents, it brings no harm,

And life’s sweet beauty never will appall.

Oh, March, you season of such great delight,

A burst of beauty, ever so bright.

March’s Magic

March’s magic is a wonderland to see,

As barren earth begins to stir and grow,

New life unfolds in nature’s sweet decree,

And beauty starts to show with earthly glow.

Sharp winds that blow bring life’s awakening,

From roots long buried to the spreading trees,

The birds renew their sweet song with singing,

As nature’s concert takes the season’s breeze.

March brings magic that only nature knows,

When winter’s grip gives way to gentler spring,

And life resumes from its deep winter’s doze,

Rejuv’nating all is a wondrous thing.

March’s resurrection is a joy to keep,

A time when nature sings life’s soothing sweep.

The Promise of March

The promise of March lies deep within,

As sun brightens with its warming glow,

Days of winter’s cold just about to begin,

As flakes of white continue to blow.

But soon, the earth will awaken in hue,

As birds sing and dance to Mother’s sweet call,

From winter’s frost, new life will ensue,

And their wings will rise to answer life’s call.

March’s promise is a gentle reminder,

That nature has a plan and a purpose in store,

As life’s reborn, the earth’s beauty so kinder,

And production’s fruits will bloom and restore.

So, March on, March, with promise and light,

In you, the earth’s renewal takes its might.

March Opens Up

As March meanders across the landscape,

It brings a softness to the wintertime,

The wind is calmer as the days take shape,

And animals start stirring towards their prime.

The frosty ground begins to open up,

Showing off what the winter had concealed,

The flower beds will soon begin to sup,

Revealing all that spring had now revealed.

The sky seems bluer as the sun grows strong,

And cotton buds start to deck the trees,

The snow now turns to mud and fades along,

In the splashy puddles that everybody sees.

Oh, March, you bring the sunshine and mirth,

As the world transforms itself with rebirth.

Five Ode Poems About March

Ode to March

Oh, March, season of change so grand,

Your arrival is a welcome command,

Your wind that howls through the trees,

Stirs life from slumber with a gentle breeze.

From beneath the soil, new life will rise,

Birds chirp their gentle, sweet serenades,

In gardens, buds unfurl to new skies,

As winter’s hold withers and fades.

Cherry blossoms bloom, a sweet scent in the air,

Nature renews, life is everywhere,

Oh, March, your beauty is hard to compare,

A season that’s bright, vibrant, and so rare.

March’s Colors

In March, a new world bursts into hues,

The snow melts, and every color ensues,

Green buds peak out, flowers show their heads,

Spring brings new life, the world is now fed.

Garden creatures yawn, and they stretch,

March’s colors paint the world like a sketch,

Reds, pinks, blues, and every shade more,

The earth awakens from a long, winter bore.

Greens of grass, and a bluer sky,

Brown of earth, as life multiplies,

Oh, March, your colors are sweet like a pie,

Nature’s rainbow spreading life and sighs.

March’s Melodies

March’s melodies tickle ears with delight,

Birdsongs and winds and streams in-sight,

Nature’s song, a soundtrack on display,

A symphony of life cradling our day.

The robin’s chirps, a sweet serenade,

The melody of peace on nature’s parade,

The wind that blows, a gentle tune,

Nature’s harmony, in full bloom.

Oh, March, the world’s music never gets old,

A season of life with an endless hold.

March’s Aromas

March ushers in scents so fresh,

The world smells new, no longer a mess,

Daffodils, blooming, a sweet fragrance fills,

The smell of green grass, like the rolling hills.

The aroma of wet earth, and twigs that snap,

A whiff of chimney smoke, an owl’s gentle rap,

Hints of spring rain, gently tap dance,

Oh, March, a new aroma for each entrance.

March’s Tempo

March’s tempo quickens the pulse,

The world’s rhythm changing with a new impulse,

Cold and slow winter relinquishes hold of the land,

As the tempo quickens and takes the band.

Nature’s energy now taken to a new height,

In frog’s chirps, bird’s songs, and every life,

From the dormant like, sprouts break with a fight,

With March’s tempo, all is set for the right.

Oh, March, your tempo sets life’s rhythm anew,

A season of change, for all to come through.

Five Villanelle Poems About March

March Winds

March winds howling through the trees,

Bursting buds and tossing leaves,

Nature awakens with the breeze.

Crocuses blooming with fresh ease,

Birds singing songs of spring that please,

March winds howling through the trees.

Despite the icy winter freeze,

The wind brings growth, not a freeze,

Nature awakens with the breeze.

March, no season can you tease,

For month of promise you truly seize,

March winds howling through the trees.

With nature’s magic, the air you seize,

Bringing hope and life with ease,

Nature awakens with the breeze.

The Promise of March

Oh, March, you herald the beginnings of spring,

Promise of life that winter cannot bring,

Nature’s palette awakens with a gleam.

The sun shines bright, and patches of green beam,

The snow melts away, all is now a dream,

Oh, March, you herald the beginnings of spring.

The thawing soil breaks for the first time,

As tiny buds break through the warming climb,

Nature’s palette awakens with a gleam.

The robin’s chirp and the butterfly’s fling,

Rejoice the promise of life’s new zing,

Oh, March, you herald the beginnings of spring.

And as summer’s warmth begins to sing,

March’s promise, a joyful new thing,

Nature’s palette awakens with a gleam.

March Melodies

From the budding tree to the forest’s glade,

Melodies of hope and life are lyrics made,

Nature’s symphony thrives as the land awakes.

Snow now gone, and spring takes center stage,

For when March shines, life’s awakened rage,

From the budding tree to the forest’s glade.

Birds sing and dance, living outstage,

As the world evolves from winter’s cage,

Nature’s symphony thrives as the land awakens.

Sweet scents come from the world’s sweetest sage,

And warmth fills the air where life engages,

From the budding tree to the forest’s glade.

March’s breeze tells a story with every page,

Nature’s melody that will forever engage,

Nature’s symphony thrives as the land awakens.

March’s Transformative Nature

How March transforms with a subtle ease,

The snow recedes, and the plants now seize,

Nature comes alive to put the world at ease.

The buds, the birds, and the flowers’ pleas,

March’s transformative nature knows no freeze,

How March transforms with a subtle ease.

The trees now bloom with every warm breeze,

And earth is reborn with every seed that frees,

Nature comes alive to put the world at ease.

March’s change is not only for the bees,

It’s a time of renewal and life’s sweet keys,

How March transforms with a subtle ease.

As winter fades, and nature thaws with glee,

Nothing stands in the way of the spring that will be,

Nature comes alive to put the world at ease.

March’s Renewal

March heralds renewal to each new day,

A sight to behold, a colorful display,

Nature’s renewal that all must obey.

Bulbs in bloom, with spring on the way,

Each dawn, the light fills the sky with gray,

March heralds renewal to each new day.

Birds chirp and dance to the warming sway,

A new beginning for every soul’s array,

Nature’s renewal that all must obey.

March’s winds gently carry winter away,

A reminder life’s beauty remains to stay,

March heralds renewal to each new day.

And as the world awakens in a new relay,

March’s renewal paves the way,

Nature’s renewal that all must obey.


February may be a short month, but it offers a wealth of inspiration for poets and poetry enthusiasts alike. The deep winter season may be trying, but February shows fleeting moments of beauty and joy within it.

From Valentine’s Day to Presidents’ Day, February’s hallmark observances create moments of contemplation, introspection, and reflection for poets to muse on.

This month offers opportunities to explore themes of love, history, and nature through poetry forms as varied as sonnets, haikus, and odes. February may be cold, but it has warmth and depth in its poetic inspirations.


Q: What is free verse poetry?

A: Free verse poetry is a type of poetry that’s not bound by any formal structure or rhyme scheme. It is characterized by its lack of prescribed meter and form, and it instead focuses on the natural rhythms of everyday language.

Q: What’s the difference between free verse and blank verse?

A: Free verse poetry is free from the restrictions of prescribed meter and rhyme schemes, while the blank verse is unrhymed iambic pentameter.

Q: Who are some famous free verse poets?

A: Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, Langston Hughes, and Ezra Pound are some of the most famous free verse poets.

Q: How do you write free verse poetry?

A: There is no set method for writing free verse poetry. You can start by choosing a theme or inspiration, and then allowing your thoughts and words to flow naturally. Write down whatever comes to mind, then revise and edit your work until it feels true to your meaning.

Q: Can free verse poetry be rhythmic?

A: Yes, free verse poetry can often have a rhythmic flow based on the natural cadence of the language. While it doesn’t have a metered structure or set rhyme scheme, poets can utilize repetition, poetic devices, and other techniques to create a rhythmic effect.

Q: Does free verse poetry have to make sense?

A: Yes, free verse poetry should have a coherent message or meaning that’s clear to the reader. Though free from formal structure, it should effectively convey the poet’s intended emotions or ideas.

Q: Is free verse poetry more accessible to write than traditional structured poetry?

A: While free verse poetry doesn’t have strict rules, it still requires a high level of creativity, imagination, and language skills to convey meaning through the poem effectively. As with any form of poetry, writing can be challenging and may take practice and revision to fine-tune a piece

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