35 Poems About Loki

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Are you intrigued by the complex character of Loki, the mischievous god from Norse mythology?

Have you ever wondered how his character would translate into the rhythm and rhyme of poetry?

Loki, a figure steeped in mystery, mischief, and magic, has been captivating audiences for centuries. And what better way to explore his multifaceted persona than through the expressive medium of poetry?

This collection offers a rich tapestry of poetic interpretations that delve into the nuances of Loki’s character – his charm, cunning, unpredictability, and undeniable allure.

Each one of these 35 poems is a unique tribute to Loki, painting vivid images and evoking deep emotions with the power of words. They capture the essence of this enigmatic god, from his playful trickery to his profound complexity.

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Five Free Verse Poems About Loki

1. The Trickster Unveiled

In the realm of Asgard, where gods hold sway,

A figure lurks in the shadows, elusive as the day.

His name is whispered, a soft hiss in the wind,

Loki – the trickster, the shapeshifter, steeped in sin.

His laughter rings out, a silver chime in the night,

A melody woven with mischief, delight.

Yet beneath the mirth, lies a depth untold,

A story of a god, daring and bold.

He dances with words, he weaves with lies,

In a world of gods, he alone defies.

A trickster, yes, but more than that,

A character complex, under the trickster’s hat.

2. The Mirthful Mirage

Look closer, peer deeper, what do you see?

A god of mischief or a soul yearning to be free?

Loki, Loki, with your smile so bright,

What secrets do you hide in the dead of night?

You wear your mirth like a cloak of stars,

But beneath it, I see your unseen scars.

A jester in the court of Asgard’s might,

Yet in your heart, eternal night.

Your laughter echoes, a hollow sound,

In your world of tricks, are you truly bound?

A mirage, a phantom, an enigma you remain,

Loki, Loki, the god of delightful disdain.

3. The Shapeshifter’s Soliloquy

In the form of a falcon, in the guise of a mare,

Loki, you shift with an unrivaled flair.

What face will you wear, what role will you play?

In the grand theatre of gods, you hold the sway.

A master of masks, a king of disguise,

In your world of illusions, truth belies.

Yet, who are you, Loki, when the masks fall away?

A god or a man lost in the fray?

Your eyes hold a mystery, your smile a riddle,

In your dance of deception, we’re caught in the middle.

Loki, Loki, you’re more than you seem,

A shapeshifter dancing on the edge of a dream.

4. The Silver-Tongued Serpent

With words as your weapons, with lies as your shield,

You navigate Asgard, its secrets revealed.

Loki, the silver-tongued, Loki, the sly,

What tales do you spin under the northern sky?

You whisper promises, you weave deceit,

In the hearts of gods, you sow defeat.

Yet, in your falsehoods, a truth is born,

A god unmasked, a soul reborn.

Loki, Loki, with your serpentine grace,

You navigate chaos with an effortless pace.

A serpent, a trickster, a god of discord,

In the realm of myths, you alone are lord.

5. The Enigma Endures

Who are you, Loki, what do you seek?

A place among gods, a voice to speak?

In your games and tricks, what do you find?

An escape, a release, or a peace of mind?

You walk in shadows, you dance in light,

In the world of gods, you ignite the fight.

Yet, in the silence, in the quiet despair,

Who are you, Loki, when no one’s there?

An enigma, a riddle, a paradox, it’s true,

Loki, Loki, there’s no one quite like you.

A god, a trickster, a mystery to unfurl,

In the tapestry of myths, you’re a precious pearl.

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Haiku Poem

Five Haiku Poems About Loki

1. The Trickster’s Jest

> Laughter dances wild,

Loki, the trickster, beguiles,

Mirth in chaos styled.

2. Elusive Enigma

> Shadowed mystery,

Loki, a riddle in mist,

Truth’s elusive twist.

3. Master of Disguise

> Masks fall, forms shift,

Loki weaves reality’s rift,

In tales, he is swift.

4. Serpent’s Whisper

> Silver-tongued deceit,

Loki, serpent sows discord,

In falsehood, truth’s seat.

5. The Lonely God

> Silence holds his gaze,

Loki, alone in the maze,

His sorrow ablaze.

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Five Limerick Poems About Loki

1. The Trickster’s Jest

There once was a god named Loki,

Whose tricks were incredibly roguish and spooky.

With a mischievous grin,

And a twinkle within,

He turned Asgard’s order into hookey.

2. Master of Masquerade

In the realm where the Norse gods reside,

Loki, the shapeshifter, took them for a ride.

With a change of his form,

In the thunderstorm,

He gave Thor a hilariously frightful slide.

3. The Silver Tongue

Loki, with his silver tongue so slick,

Could make even the wisest god tick.

With a word and a wink,

And before you could blink,

He’d have you chasing a phantom stick.

4. The Enigma Unveiled

A mystery wrapped in an enigmatic cloak,

Is our dear Loki, the subject of many a joke.

But beneath the guise,

Lies a god who’s wise,

His true depth is only for the woke.

5. The Enduring Trickster

Despite his tricks, despite his jest,

Loki is a god who never rests.

In chaos and fun,

Under Asgard’s sun,

His enduring spirit truly impresses and bests.


Five Tanka Poems About Loki

1. The Trickster’s Dance

Loki, god of jest,

In chaos, you find your rest.

Mirth hidden in guise,

In laughter, wisdom lies,

Your dance, a divine test.

2. Master of Disguise

Shapeshifter supreme,

Reality’s dreamy seam.

Loki, in your play,

Truth and illusion sway,

Life’s not what it may seem.

3. The Silver Tongue’s Song

Words sharp as a spear,

Deception crystal clear.

Loki, serpent’s voice,

In falsehoods, you rejoice,

Yet, truth is always near.

4. The Enigma Unraveled

Riddle cloaked in jest,

Loki, you are truly blessed.

Beneath the facade,

A god complex and awed,

Your depth is manifest.

5. The Eternal Trickster

Loki, enduring flame,

Never twice the same.

In mirth and in strife,

You dance through life,

Your spirit, no one can tame.


Five Enchanting Sonnets About Loki

1. “The Trickster’s Tale”

In realms of Asgard, a tale is spun,
Of Loki, the trickster, Odin's adopted son.
Cloaked in mischief, with a silver tongue,
His tales of chaos have only begun.

A shapeshifter, in many forms he takes,
From cunning fox to venomous snake.
His tricks and pranks, no boundaries know,
In the grand cosmic play, he steals the show.

Yet, beneath the laughter, lies a heart that yearns,
For acceptance, for love, for the tide to turn.
Misunderstood, or just too free?
In Loki's eyes, what do we really see?

So here's to Loki, the mirth and the sorrow,
In his unpredictable path, what lessons can we borrow?

2. “The Silvertongue’s Symphony”

With words as sharp as a double-edged sword,
Lies Loki, the silvertongue, never ignored.
His symphony of chaos, a captivating tune,
Underneath the trickster's moon.

A god, yet not, in shadows he dwells,
Spinning stories, casting spells.
His jests and jibes, a mask so thin,
Hiding the turmoil that roils within.

Yet, in his chaos, a strange order is found,
In the discordant notes, a harmonious sound.
In Loki's riddles, wrapped in jest,
Lie truths that put hearts to test.

So here's to Loki, the enigma, the bard,
His stories, a mirror, if we look hard.

3. “The Serpent’s Dance”

In the dance of the serpent, lies Loki's charm,
A mesmerizing rhythm, causing no harm.
Fluid and graceful, yet full of surprise,
His movements echo under the skies.

A trickster, a jester, a god of change,
In the cosmic dance, he ranges strange.
Yet, in each transformation, in every guise,
Lies a truth that silently ties.

In Loki's dance, a paradox unfolds,
A story of freedom, yet it holds.
A longing for acceptance, a desire to fit,
In his fluid forms, do we see it?

So here's to Loki, the dancer, the dream,
In his serpent's dance, is all as it seems?

4. “The Fox’s Folly”

In the folly of the fox, we find Loki's tale,
A path of trickery, where many fail.
With cunning and guile, he plots and plans,
In the grand scheme, where he stands.

A jester, a trickster, a master of disguise,
Underneath the laughter, what truth lies?
In his mischief, in his jest,
Is there a secret quest?

In Loki's folly, a wisdom hides,
A lesson that in each heart resides.
To question, to challenge, to dare to be,
In his audacious spirit, what do we see?

So here's to Loki, the fox, the lore,
In his folly, who could ask for more?

5. “The Raven’s Riddle”

In the raven's riddle, lies Loki's path,
A journey of laughter, of wrath.
With wings spread wide, he takes to the sky,
A trickster's song, a lullaby.

A god, a jester, a raven in flight,
In the twilight realm, he ignites the night.
Yet, in his riddles, in his play,
Is there a price to pay?

In Loki's riddle, a mystery unfolds,
A tale of the ages, it upholds.
In his laughter, in his tears,
Are there hidden fears?

So here's to Loki, the raven, the night,
In his riddles, do we find the light?

Five Ode Poems About Loki

1. Ode to the Trickster’s Jest

Oh, Loki, god of elusive jest,

In your trickery, you are truly blessed.

With a twinkle in your eye,

And a laughter that flutters by,

You turn chaos into a merry fest.

2. Ode to the Master of Disguise

Loki, master of deceiving guise,

Your true form, the world seldom spies.

A shapeshifter, a chameleon,

In your game, we are all pawns,

Your mystery, our minds’ ultimate prize.

3. Ode to the Silver Tongue

Silver-tongued Loki, oh so sly,

Your words, a melody under the sky.

With each utterance, a riddle,

Our understanding, caught in the middle,

In your enigma, our curiosity lies.

4. Ode to the Enigma Unveiled

Loki, wrapped in an enigmatic cloak,

Your presence, a lingering smoke.

Beneath the laughter and the jest,

Lies a heart that never rests,

Your depth, a truth evoked.

5. Ode to the Eternal Trickster

Enduring Loki, never twice the same,

In your dance, there is no shame.

Through mirth, through strife,

You weave the tapestry of life,

Your spirit, an eternal flame.

Five Villanelle Poems About Loki

1. Villanelle to the Trickster’s Jest

Oh Loki, in mischief you are dressed,

From order, you constantly divest.

In chaos, there’s a jest.

Your laughter rings with zest,

In trickery, you are blessed,

Oh Loki, in mischief you are dressed.

A confusion, self-confessed,

In your game, we are guests,

In chaos, there’s a jest.

Your tricks, an unwelcome pest,

Yet, in chaos, you invest,

Oh Loki, in mischief you are dressed.

With every prank, a test,

Our patience, you arrest,

In chaos, there’s a jest.

Loki, of gods, you are the best,

In your chaos, we find rest,

Oh Loki, in mischief you are dressed,

In chaos, there’s a jest.

2. Villanelle to the Master of Disguise

Loki, master of many a guise,

Your true form, a coveted prize.

In deception, you take pride.

A shapeshifter, taking us for a ride,

Your identity, always a surprise,

Loki, master of many a guise.

In your game, we are but flies,

Your tricks, our demise,

In deception, you take pride.

Your forms, a constant rise,

In your magic, our belief lies,

Loki, master of many a guise.

Your reality, a clever disguise,

In your shadow, the truth hides,

In deception, you take pride.

Loki, your enigma, our eyes,

In your mystery, our curiosity lies,

Loki, master of many a guise,

In deception, you take pride.

3. Villanelle to the Silver Tongue

Silver-tongued Loki, your words fly,

Your speech, as swift as the sky.

In your tales, we confide.

Your stories, a compelling tide,

Your words, a convincing lie,

Silver-tongued Loki, your words fly.

Your voice, a lullaby,

In your charm, we comply,

In your tales, we confide.

Your rhetoric, an endless supply,

Your language, an artful tie,

Silver-tongued Loki, your words fly.

Your narratives, our minds pry,

In your wisdom, we rely,

In your tales, we confide.

Loki, your tongue, our ally,

In your discourse, our interests lie,

Silver-tongued Loki, your words fly,

In your tales, we confide.

4. Villanelle to the Enigma Unveiled

Loki, your enigma, a veiled sky,

Your depth, a truth high and nigh.

In your mystery, we abide.

Your complexity, a constant ply,

Your essence, an eternal sigh,

Loki, your enigma, a veiled sky.

Your identity, a constant try,

In your riddles, our answers lie,

In your mystery, we abide.

Your secrets, a hidden cry,

Your soul, a moonlit night’s tie,

Loki, your enigma, a veiled sky.

Your heart, a silent goodbye,

In your silence, our questions vie,

In your mystery, we abide.

Loki, your spirit, our eye,

In your enigma, our fascination lies,

Loki, your enigma, a veiled sky,

In your mystery, we abide.

5. Villanelle to the Eternal Trickster

Eternal Loki, never the same,

In your dance, there’s no fame.

In your jest, we find delight.

Your tricks, a continuous game,

Your laughter, an enduring flame,

Eternal Loki, never the same.

Your jests, a part of your name,

In your humor, our joy ignites,

In your jest, we find delight.

Your pranks, a recurring frame,

Your spirit, an untamed light,

Eternal Loki, never the same.

Your antics, our hearts claim,

In your mischief, our amusement alights,

In your jest, we find delight.

Loki, your jest, our aim,

In your laughter, our happiness lies,

Eternal Loki, never the same,

In your jest, we find delight.

As we conclude our poems about Loki collection, we hope you’ve enjoyed this poetic journey as much as we have.

Each poem, unique in its structure and style, has attempted to capture the essence of Loki – the trickster god, the master of disguise, the eloquent speaker, the enigma unveiled, and the eternal jester.

Through these poems, we’ve traversed the vast landscape of Loki’s character, delving into the depths of his complex personality.

We’ve danced in his mischief, pondered over his riddles, and revelled in his charm. And in doing so, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of this fascinating deity and appreciated the power and beauty of poetry.

We hope these poems have sparked your curiosity, entertained you, and perhaps even inspired you to explore further the rich tapestry of Norse mythology or the expressive world of poetry.

Remember, each verse is a doorway to a new perspective, a fresh understanding, a different world.

So, whether you’re a dedicated fan of Loki, an avid reader of poetry, or a curious soul seeking new literary experiences, keep exploring, questioning, and reading because the world of words is as boundless as Loki’s mischief.

Thank you for joining us through ’35 Poems About Loki’. Until next time, happy reading!

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