20 Descriptive Paragraphs About The BFG

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As a teacher, you always look for new and exciting ways to help your students expand their knowledge. This is especially true when it comes to writing.

One great way to give them the tools they need is with descriptive paragraph writing assignments, encouraging students to develop their writing skills and hone their creativity.

Today, we’ll look at inspiring descriptive paragraph examples based on Roald Dahl’s classic book The BFG! Get ready as we explore 20 captivating descriptions about The Big Friendly Giant that your students will forget!

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Descriptive Paragraphs About The BFG

Descriptive Paragraphs About The BFG

The BFG, a character from the much-loved Roald Dahl book, is a Big Friendly Giant – an extraordinarily tall and gentle giant who loves to make dreams come true and help people worldwide. He has a thick, curly moustache and ears that look like saucers. His hands are enormous and rough, as if he had been working in the fields for centuries. His clothing includes patched shorts and a billowing shirt with colourful patches.

The BFG is known to be kind, wise, and creative; his favourite things include making up words in his language (such as ‘snozzcumber’) and concocting delightful breakfasts with ingredients in Giant Country. In addition, he’s pretty mischievous – often playing pranks on other giants while they sleep or sneaking off to visit children in the night.

Although he lives alone in Giant Country, away from humans who would no doubt be afraid of him if they ever saw him, he is not lonely or isolated due to his deep friendship with Sophie, the young orphan girl whom he brings with him when visiting England for a royal mission involving capturing and destroying man-eating giants.


Despite being gentle-natured compared to the other giants, of which there are nine altogether (the BFG included), he still has enough strength to fight off giant bullies such as the Fleshlumpeater or do heroic acts such as carrying Sophie in one hand through England’s countryside without disturbing anything around them or getting caught by humans who might hurt them both out of fear or misunderstanding of why they were there.

Most importantly, though, The BFG teaches us valuable lessons about courage; going beyond what we think we can do to help others; being brave enough to speak out against evil even when it means facing off against powerful forces such as royalty or an entire menacing race of giants; and finding joy and beauty in this world despite its many injustices – all important messages that will stay with readers long after they finish reading this classic storybook tale!

When readers first encounter the BFG, they usually imagine a terrifying monster, but soon enough, they realise that he is an outcast who means no harm to anyone. He is a gentle giant, much kinder and more intelligent than all the other giants. His impressive size only emphasises his kindheartedness; he may be big and strong, but he never uses his strength against anyone unless necessary.

One thing that makes the BFG unique is his intricate language and unique way of speaking; he has created his own words and phrases with precise meanings that make it impossible for even the most eloquent humans to understand what he is saying at first listen. This proves how creative and imaginative this character truly is.

Despite being a simple tall creature from Giant Country, he has immense wisdom – often passing on knowledge to Sophie through his stories or advice on life’s greatest lessons – which helps her and any reader lucky enough to come across this book in their lifetime.

Another thing that makes him stand out among other fictional characters is his unwavering loyalty: when it comes to a friend or someone whom he cares deeply about, such as Sophie, there is nothing he won’t do to protect them from danger or hurt – no matter how powerful some of their adversaries might be.

The BFG’s compassion extends beyond human friends into animals: He loves butterflies and snozzcumbers alike, showcasing his lightheartedness and deep appreciation for nature and its wonders. His passionate love for animals can be seen by how lovingly he talks about them in the book, proving that even those different from us can connect in meaningful ways if we choose kindness over fear or scepticism!

Despite being a gentle giant, the BFG possesses supernatural powers that he uses to his advantage. He can make himself invisible, enabling him to go undetected when visiting humans at night; he can also blow powerful dreams into children’s bedrooms which contain inspirational messages of adventure and exploration – making sure to stay far away from any nightmares or scary images.

Another exciting power of the BFG is that he can read people’s thoughts just by looking into their eyes – this comes in handy when trying to understand what Sophie is feeling without her having to say anything out loud. His power to understand people goes beyond just reading minds; his empathy and compassion help him tackle difficult conversations without appearing judgmental or aloof.

Readers might easily imagine The BFG as an emotionless force due to its size and superhuman abilities. Still, nothing could be further from the truth: beneath the big friendly exterior lies a deep-rooted emotional core full of love and kindness, displayed every time he talks about or interacts with Sophie or any other character he meets throughout his journey.

To describe The BFG’s personality in one phrase would be no easy feat; it would have to include his loyalty, bravery, compassion and intelligence all at once – traits that ultimately make him the hero of Roald Dahl’s enchanting novel and a beloved character worldwide!

Despite being a giant among giants, The BFG manages to stand out from the crowd with his creativity and good nature – proving once again that true courage and strength don’t always come in physical size but rather through small acts of kindness towards others as well as oneself!

The BFG’s unique language and manner of speaking make him truly special – he talks whimsically, conveying his feelings of joy, love and serenity in the most beautiful way possible. His words are also carefully crafted to emphasise his ideas without giving too much away; this allows readers to come up with their interpretations of the message beneath his words.

As the story progresses, so does the BFG’s journey of self-discovery – learning valuable lessons about friendship and courage while teaching Sophie simultaneously. He quickly realises that size isn’t everything and that it is essential to believe in oneself despite all the obstacles one might face.

Despite being scared of striking out into unfamiliar territories or facing powerful enemies alone, The BFG never gives up and shows immense courage throughout his adventures – inspiring any reader lucky enough to come across this captivating tale.

Another thing that makes The BFG stand out from other fictional characters is that he is always willing to help those around him – no matter how big or small their problem may be! Whether trying to cheer up a sad friend or creating creative solutions for a difficult task, The BFG has always got something up his sleeve!

Most importantly, though, The BFG exemplifies how anyone can make a difference no matter who they are – proving that kindness can overcome any obstacle, even if it initially seems impossible!


The vivid descriptions found in this classic book provide a rich source of inspiration for students. Can you imagine the thrill they’ll experience as they delve into the magical world of The Big Friendly Giant and bring it to life with their words?

By encouraging students to write descriptive paragraphs based on such captivating examples, aren’t we not only helping them enhance their writing skills but also fostering their imagination and love for literature? And isn’t that an exciting prospect?


1. Why use Roald Dahl’s The BFG for descriptive writing assignments?

Roald Dahl’s The BFG is renowned for its vibrant descriptions and imaginative storytelling. Doesn’t this make it an excellent resource for teaching descriptive writing to students?

2. How can descriptive writing help students improve their writing skills?

Descriptive writing encourages students to pay attention to details, use vivid language, and express their thoughts clearly. Isn’t it amazing how these skills can elevate their overall writing proficiency?

3. What age group is this writing assignment suitable for?

While The BFG is typically recommended for ages 7 and up, the beauty of descriptive writing is that it can be adapted to suit different age groups and skill levels. Isn’t it wonderful how flexible this approach is?

4. Are there any other resources available to aid in teaching descriptive writing?

Absolutely! There are numerous online resources, writing exercises, and books available to assist teachers in imparting descriptive writing skills. Isn’t it reassuring to have a wealth of support at our fingertips?

5. How can I evaluate my students’ descriptive writing assignments?

Evaluating descriptive writing can involve assessing clarity, creativity, use of sensory details, and grammatical accuracy. Doesn’t this comprehensive approach ensure a well-rounded assessment of students’ writing skills?

In the end, isn’t it all about providing our students with engaging and effective learning experiences? And what could be more engaging than exploring the magical world of The BFG through descriptive writing assignments!

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