What Is The Sports Premium Budget For Schools?

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No one-size-fits-all answer regarding how schools should spend their sports premium budget. However, key factors should be considered to make the most impactful investment in school athletics.

In this blog post, we’ll explore four key elements and offer insights into how schools can best allocate their sports premium budget to achieve their desired outcomes. Read on to learn more!

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What is the Sports Premium Budget?

What Is The PE and Sport Premium?

Schools are in a pivotal position to support every child and young adult to prioritize their health through active living. This is especially pertinent to primary school, as the roots of enjoyable physical activity need to be planted in formative years.

To promote physical activity among pupils, it is necessary to provide them with at least 30 minutes of exercise during the school day, high-quality PE instruction from knowledgeable teachers and opportunities for students to participate in various sports and activities.

To help schools meet these goals, funding should be allocated through the PE and sport premium grant.

How To Use The Sport Premium

Schools must utilize the allocated funds to sustainably enhance the quality of physical education, sport and activity they offer. Ultimately, these investments bolster school capacity, ensuring improvements are maintained over time for students entering future years. This could include developing or expanding PE, sports and physical activities available at your institution.

Sustainable improvements

To ensure long-lasting improvement, we prioritize developing and investing knowledge and skills among teaching staff members and other professionals who can help promote lasting changes in physical activity curriculum, PE, or school sports. Doing so will make sure that schools can provide quality education for their students on a sustainable basis.

Invest In Quality Sports Equipment

Investing in better-quality sports equipment will benefit students in the long run. Good quality sporting goods provide a safer and more encouraging experience for their playing.

Not only would this ensure athletes remain comfortable, but it will also boost their performance with uniformity in their equipment. Furthermore, good quality sports gear can last longer and withstand more fatigue, reducing the costs associated with continuously replacing them over time.

Therefore, investing in better quality sports equipment for students is sure to pay dividends in the years to come.

Hire Qualified and Experienced Sports Coaches

Having highly qualified and experienced sports coaches working with students can be a great advantage. Not only will they know the best teaching methods and drills that will help the students perform better, but they also will have an understanding of the psychological aspects of sports that can help to further improve their performance.

Professional sports coaches have been proven to be very effective in helping athletes reach peak performance, so why not extend this knowledge to the classroom?

Having professional sports coaches in your school to teach is a great way to motivate and engage the students. They can give input into how the classroom setting could be tailored specifically for success in sports, as well as provide comprehensive training that educates each student on their capabilities and encourages them to work hard towards achieving their goals.

Transportation And Fees

Competitive events and sports can be enriching experiences, but they often come with a cost. The price of transportation and entry fees is often more than what most people are willing to pay out of pocket.

More athletes, dancers, performers, and students can enjoy participating in meaningful competitions by using money to pay for transport and entry fees. Not only will this open up numerous opportunities they would otherwise miss out on, but it will also allow them to realize their potential and increase their confidence as they reach success.

Lunchtime and Playtime Games

Fun and entertaining games that can be played during lunchtime or playtime can be a great way to help children stay active during their free time. Spending money on these types of interactive games, such as footballs, frisbees and darts, will mean the younger generations are more likely to engage in healthy physical activities; it’s an investment in the health of the future!

Furthermore, it also gives children a creative outlet for self-expression and encourages essential social skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork and problem-solving.

Overall, investing in lunchtime and playtime games is an excellent opportunity to have fun and helps develop essential physical, mental and emotional skills.

Primary PE Sports Premium

Coaches From Professional Clubs.

The students at our school recently had the opportunity to be taught Rugby by professional coaches from Saracens, one of the most successful rugby teams in the country.

The semester-long project saw them come in to teach the children practical and energetic lessons implementing the team’s ethos, guiding strategies, and exercises for all ages, on top of teaching them about their illustrious history.

Not only did this provide our students with a unique interactive experience that cannot be replicated outside of professional grounds – but it also allowed them to feel inspired by even gazing upon some real sports heroes!

During break times between lessons or during lunch periods, many children could be found talking about how amazing it was to learn from them – it was indeed a memorable experience that our students would never forget.

This is why some of our sports premium budgets should go towards hiring experienced coaches to give students something tangible and impactful to look forward to during PE sessions.

Teacher CPD

Investing in the growth and development of teachers within an educational institution should be a priority for any school wanting to improve outcomes for its pupils.

An effective way to achieve this is by allocating some of the sport premium budgets to CPD courses. This vital resource can help boost the skillset and confidence of staff, particularly when it comes to delivering lessons around physical activity.

Not only can well-trained teachers ensure students get the best possible start in physical education, but investing in CPD may also have broader implications, such as triggering motivation and enthusiasm amongst staff and boosting morale.

Ultimately, focusing spending on teacher development will ensure schools are giving their pupils an education they can thrive in.

Investing in the future of our youth can bring numerous benefits. Whether it involves hiring professional coaches from sports clubs, investing in lunchtime and playtime games or allocating funds towards CPD courses for teachers, it positively impacts PE.

We must continue to prioritize physical education and ensure that we make the most of every penny spent to create a generation full of well-rounded, healthy and confident individuals.


What is the sport premium budget?

The sport premium budget is a government funding pot that can be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision in schools. The money can help to hire specialist coaches, buy new equipment, support professional development for teachers, enhance extra-curricular activities and more.

Is investing in lunchtime and playtime games beneficial?

Yes! Not only do lunchtime and playtime games provide children with a fun activity to enjoy during school hours, but they also help develop essential physical, mental and emotional skills. These activities can also give students a creative outlet for self-expression, encourage critical social skills such as cooperation and problem-solving, and improve well-being.

What can other initiatives be done with the sport premium budget?

The possibilities are endless! Some of the most popular initiatives include offering more sports clubs, entering school teams into local competitions, introducing innovative technology such as virtual reality games and interactive activities, providing additional funding for PE lessons, hiring specialist coaches and investing in teacher CPD courses.

Will sports premium funding continue?

Yes – the government is committed to providing schools with continued funding for PE and sports. Schools are expected to continue to use this money to ensure that all pupils benefit from high-quality physical education and have the opportunity to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

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