What is a DBS Check?

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Are you a teacher looking to take your career to the next level? Applying for DBS checks is essential in this process, but it can leave many people feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do.

Fortunately, resources are available to answer your questions and ensure you understand precisely how the DBS procedure works. This blog post will answer common questions about this topic so teachers can better understand the application process. Keep reading to learn more!

What does DBS stand for? It is an abbreviation of Disclosure and Barring Service, a relatively new agency established by joining CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority).

These days, a DBS check—formerly known as a CRB check—is performed through a licensed CRB Check Agency.

DBS Certificate

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application requires individuals to provide a criminal record check. Employers, representatives or individuals can initiate an online DBS application process with varying levels of disclosure based on the field they are entering.

With this convenient platform for completing checks, employers and personnel can quickly access crucial background information to make informed decisions about their workforce.

  • Basic DBS Check is the most widely used disclosure that details unspent criminal convictions. Although anyone can request this type of check for personal use or employer vetting purposes, a Basic Disclosure is primarily required when someone isn’t working with children, adults at risk or performing a role that requires individual disclosure.
  • A Standard DBS Check is a certificate awarded to those entering specific professions as outlined by the Exceptions Order of 1974, granting disclosure of any unspent convictions, reprimands, cautions or warnings. This check is required for anyone that intends to work with children or at-risk individuals.
  • If you are involved with the care, training and supervision of children or vulnerable adults, an Enhanced DBS Check is a must. This sort of check exposes all spent and unspent convictions, reprimands, cautions and warnings, and any other pertinent information necessary for your role. Taking part in this kind of verification can give employers peace of mind when it comes to their people working with those who require extra protection.

How Long Will A Person Wait For A DBS Check Take?

Generally, applicants receive their DBS check results within 5-10 working days; however, certain factors can cause delays in the application process. With thousands of applications processed each year for various industries and unique recruitment processes to consider, it is understandable why some people may need clarification or clarification about what’s going on during the Enhanced DBS check processing time. Standard and Basic checks are no exception either!

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that DBS checks are essential for any teacher looking to take their career to the next level. As long as you understand what each review entails and how long they will typically take, you should be able to apply for and receive your results promptly.

We hope this brief breakdown of the process clears up any doubts or apprehensions you may have:

After the employer saves and approves the application, OnlineDBSChecks.co.uk signs off for further validation. This process is queued to be sent through to the DBS with two or three daily transfers, depending on the check type requested.

Once they receive it, they send it to a database used by police forces across England – commonly known as PNC (Police National Computer).

From there, checks are conducted against several barred lists and List 99 registers to verify if an applicant appears in any of those databases.

Although the application is left in the hands of law enforcement, it takes a lot of work to provide an exact time frame for a response. Different parts of the process, such as verifying addresses or criminal records, can complicate things and delay processing times.

In addition to this issue, many police departments experience backlogs that further prolong the wait. Once they successfully verify all details presented on your application form, they will print and deliver it directly to you!

What Do They Look At For A DBS Check?

The level of your DBS check determines the quantity and quality of information revealed. Unspent convictions will be listed without fail. However, details concerning cautions are subject to specific eligibility criteria before disclosure.

Eligible cautions and convictions can then be filtered out from pertinent documents when data protection regulations file an application. 

It is unlawful for employers to consider old convictions and cautions when deciding whether or not to hire a prospective staff member or volunteer. The timeframe that must pass before these offences are disregarded in the application process depends on the applicant’s age:

  • Under 18s – 2.5 years for reprimands, 5.5 years for convictions
  • Over 18s – 6 years for cautions, 11 years for convictions
  • Many crimes, including petty theft without violence, vehicular offences (depending on severity) and drunkenness-related charges, can be filtered from an individual’s record after their respective timeframes have passed.
  • Its failed attempts to protect sexual or violent crimes and drug-related offences with the intent to supply are not exempt from filtering.

What Documents do They Require for a DBS Check?

Several requirements must be met no matter which type of online DBS application you seek. These include an entire UK address history for the past five years, any legal name or surname changes and associated dates, valid proof of identification and evidence to confirm current addresses.

Additional evidence may be needed for a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate and will require confirmation.

What Does A DBS Check Cost?

Enhance your business by running background checks; Basic DBS Checks are just £35.40, Standard DBS Checks cost only £49.20 and Enhanced DBS Checks come in at a bargain price of £69.80 for each application!

Running a DBS check is an essential step for employers to ensure the safety of their staff and the public. Understanding the process, what they look at and what documents are required makes it easier for employers to handle this responsibly. With OnlineDBSChecks.co.uk, employers can easily access professional DBS checks at an affordable cost.

The process is hassle-free and secure, with fast processing and a dedicated customer service team. Ultimately, running a DBS check is essential to ensure everyone remains protected.

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