The Best Side Hustles for Teachers



Teachers often have unique skills and a flexible schedule that make them ideal candidates for starting side hustles. With the increasing cost of living, many educators are exploring additional income streams to supplement their earnings from teaching.

Side hustles offer an opportunity to earn extra money and enable teachers to further develop their skills and interests outside of the classroom.

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side hustles for teachers

The best side hustles for teachers build on their professional expertise and passion for learning. This could include tutoring, test preparation coaching, or even content creation in their subject area.

These ventures offer a more direct way for educators to leverage their knowledge and experience outside the traditional school setting. Additionally, they provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, which can lead to a more fulfilling career.

Key Takeaways

  • Teachers can leverage their distinctive skills and knowledge to make extra income.
  • The best side hustles for teachers often build on their educational expertise.
  • Side hustles can lead to personal and professional growth, enhancing teachers’ careers.

The Allure of Side Hustles For Teachers

The appeal of side hustles for teachers lies in the unique combination of factors that teaching professionals possess. Teachers often seek additional income sources to supplement their salaries, and side hustles allow them to use their existing skills and expertise.

One attractive aspect of side hustles for teachers is the ability to capitalise on their knowledge and skills. Teachers have spent years honing their communication, organisation, and subject expertise abilities.

Many side hustles allow them to leverage these strengths, such as tutoring, teaching online, or even selling their lesson plans on platforms like TeachersPayTeachers .

Another benefit of side hustles for teachers is the flexibility they offer. Many options can be pursued during evenings, weekends, or school breaks, allowing teachers to maintain their primary teaching roles without compromising their commitment to their students.

Some side hustles, such as becoming an adjunct professor, even integrate seamlessly into their careers.

Here are some popular side hustles for teachers:

  • Tutoring
  • Teach online
  • Creating and selling lesson plans and printables
  • Starting a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast
  • Freelancing in various fields, such as writing or graphic design

These opportunities not only allow teachers to generate additional income but also enable them to grow personally and professionally. Teachers can gain new insights into their subject areas, network with other professionals, and discover innovative ways to engage students.

Moreover, side hustles for teachers also benefit the wider education community, as they often result in the development of innovative teaching techniques and resources that can be shared and applied in the classroom.

This creates a cycle of improved teaching methods, enhanced learning experiences, and greater job satisfaction for teachers participating in these ventures.

In summary, side hustles for teachers offer a range of benefits, from additional income to professional development, which make these ventures an enticing prospect for educators looking to boost their earnings and expand their skill set.

Most Common Side Hustles

Teachers possess a unique skill set that enables them to pursue numerous side hustles to earn extra income. Below, we explore some of the most common side hustles suitable for teachers, leveraging their expertise and flexibility.

Tutoring is a popular option because of the natural teaching ability of educators. Online platforms like Wyzant connect teachers with students who need help in various subjects.

Similarly, online tutoring and teaching online through websites like Udemy provide ample opportunities to share educational resources beyond the classroom.

Another avenue worth exploring is creating online courses or coaching students in different areas.

This can be done on a one-to-one basis or through group sessions. Teachers may create courses on subjects they are passionate about or provide guidance to individuals needing personalised learning.

The creative prowess of teachers can be applied to ventures such as Etsy shops or graphic design, where one can sell handmade crafts, artwork, or digital designs.

Similarly, freelance writing and blogging allow teachers to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with a broader audience.

Affiliate marketing and producing content on platforms like YouTube allow teachers to monetise their unique skills and interests by recommending products, services, or even earning revenue through ads on their videos.

For those who enjoy more hands-on experience, side hustles such as working as an adjunct professor, becoming a tour guide, or getting involved in event planning can provide additional income.

Teachers may also participate in focus groups or complete online surveys to offer valuable insights.

Educators who love animals can benefit from side hustles such as pet sitting, dog walking, or even house sitting, allowing them to combine their passion for animals with earning extra income.

Teachers with specialised skills can offer services on platforms like Fiverr or even become a notary or real estate agent.

Some may choose to teach English as a second language online or in person, while others may opt for personal training or bartending.

Finally, flexible side jobs that fit around a teacher’s schedule include food delivery via DoorDash, Instacart, or Uber Eats.

Additionally, leading after-school programmes or working as a summer school teacher allows educators to continue doing what they love while supplementing their income.

In conclusion, teachers have many side hustles available to complement their teaching careers. These opportunities provide additional income and a chance to explore new passions and develop new skills.

Leveraging Teaching Skills For Side Hustles

Teachers naturally possess a unique set of skills and expertise that can be valuable in various side hustles. By leveraging their teaching prowess, they can explore numerous options to generate extra income outside the classroom.

A popular choice for educators looking to use their teaching abilities in a side hustle is offering their services as a private tutor.

With their capability to tailor teaching approaches to individual learning styles, they can become sought-after tutors in their chosen subjects.

Other similar opportunities include test prep coaching and teaching English online to non-native speakers, both of which fully use a teacher’s expertise in customising learning experiences for different learners.

Another way for teachers to leverage their skills is by getting involved in curriculum development.

As educational consultants, they can use their insights into effective teaching methodologies, personal development, and the needs of kids to design comprehensive and engaging resources for students.

Additionally, they can work as curriculum developers for online courses, creating content that caters to various learning styles and educational platforms.

With the growing demand for digital resources, teachers can also consider becoming developers of educational apps, using their understanding of children’s learning processes to create engaging and useful tools for young learners.

They can explore platforms like TeacherPayTeachers to sell their lesson plans or other educational resources online, reaching an extensive network of fellow educators searching for quality materials.

In summary, teachers can capitalise on their teaching superpowers to develop and excel in various side hustles.

By getting involved in tutoring, curriculum development, and educational resource creation, they can extend their impact and share their knowledge beyond the classroom with a broader community of learners and educators.

Starting A Side Hustle: A Guide

Entering the world of side hustles can be a great opportunity for teachers looking to monetise their skills outside the classroom. This guide will briefly overview some popular side hustle ideas for teachers and how to get started.

Tutoring and Online Teaching: Teachers can leverage their expertise in a particular subject by offering private tutoring services, either in-person or online.

This is a natural fit for many educators, as they can apply their teaching skills and knowledge to help students outside the classroom. Explore platforms like Tutorful to find tutoring gigs.

Virtual Assistant: Teachers with strong organisational skills can become virtual assistants, providing administrative support to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tasks may include managing schedules, booking appointments, and email management. Websites such as PeoplePerHour can connect you with potential clients.

Proofreading and Editing: A solid command of grammar and a keen eye for detail can make teachers successful as proofreaders and editors.

By offering such services, they can assist clients in perfecting their written work. Platforms like Upwork are excellent for finding proofreading and editing jobs.

Pet Sitting: Teachers who love animals can provide pet sitting services in their free time. This can include walking dogs, providing love and care for pets when owners are away, or even starting a home-based pet daycare.

Websites like Tailster can help connect pet sitters with pet owners.

Writing and Selling eBooks: Educators can utilise their subject matter expertise to create and sell eBooks that cover educational topics or even children’s stories.

Publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing can help distribute and monetise your written work.

Mobile Notary and Real Estate Agent: With an appropriate certification, teachers can offer notary services or even work as real estate agents during their free time.

Check local regulations and training requirements to get started in these professions.

Graphic Design: Teachers with a flair for design can dive into the world of graphic design, creating logos, print materials, or web designs for businesses or individuals.

Charging clients per project is a common practice. Platforms like Fiverr can help generate potential leads.

Photography: If you are passionate about taking pictures, offering photography services is a viable side hustle.

Specialising in family portraits, event photography, or even real estate photography can generate substantial income. Setting up a personal website can showcase your work and attract clients.

By exploring these side hustle ideas, teachers can supplement their income while pursuing their passions outside the classroom.

Remember to diligently research the requirements and potential compensation for each side hustle, and always approach each opportunity with a clear objective and plan.

Increasing Side Hustle Revenue

For teachers looking to increase their side hustle revenue, exploring various options and leveraging existing skills is important. Here are some popular and profitable side hustles that can help boost income outside the classroom.

Teaching Online: Platforms like VIPKid and Outschool allow teachers to offer online classes on various subjects to students of different age groups. These platforms typically pay on a per-class basis and offer flexible scheduling.

Selling Digital Resources: Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers provide an opportunity to create and sell educational resources, such as lesson plans, printables, and digital files. Teachers can set their own resource prices and earn a commission on each sale.

Delivery and Shopping Services: Teachers can earn extra money as drivers or shoppers for companies like DoorDash and Instacart.

These on-demand services offer flexible working hours and pay based on the number of completed deliveries or shopping tasks.

Freelance Services: Platforms like Fiverr allow teachers to offer freelance services, such as content writing, proofreading, graphic design, and social media management.

Individuals can set their rates, and specific expertise in education can help secure projects tailored to their skills.

Self-Publishing and YouTube: Creating and selling books or starting a YouTube channel can help teachers leverage their expertise while generating passive income. Revenue can come from book sales, ad revenue, and sponsored content.

Affiliate Marketing: Teachers can also promote products and services they love and earn sales commissions. Setting up a blog or social media account is a great way to engage in affiliate marketing. Partnering with companies relevant to education and the teacher community can be particularly effective.

Babysitting: Given their experience in managing children, teachers might consider offering babysitting or tutoring services. This can be an excellent source of extra income and be adapted to fit their schedule.

Teachers can significantly increase their revenue outside their main teaching job by exploring various side hustles and using their teaching expertise effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some online side jobs for educators?

Online side jobs for educators include tutoring, test preparation coaching, and providing educational content development services. Teachers can use their subject matter expertise to create online courses and digital materials for students.

Additionally, educators with strong writing skills may explore opportunities in proofreading and editing, acting as a content consultant for educational publications.

How can teachers earn extra money during summer?

Summer is an excellent time for teachers to earn extra income with temporary jobs or side hustles. Options include teaching summer camps for children, offering specialized workshops and courses, and providing private tuition.

Online tutoring and content creation are opportunites that can also be pursued to maintain flexibility.

Which side hustles are most suitable for UK teachers?

Many side hustles are universally suitable for teachers, regardless of location. UK teachers might find success in offering test preparation services for UK-specific exams like the GCSE and A-Levels, leveraging their expertise in the British curriculum.

Additionally, private tutoring and teaching at summer programmes may provide a more localised approach.

What tips are there for teachers to make 6 figures?

To achieve a six-figure income, teachers need to diversify their skill set and maximise their earning potential.

Consider establishing a top-notch private tutoring business, creating and marketing online courses, or taking on speaking engagements and consulting work. Networking and promoting one’s services online via professional platforms and social media can also be beneficial in increasing visibility.

Where can I find teacher side hustles on Reddit?

Reddit is a useful platform for discovering side hustle ideas and connecting with fellow teachers in a similar situation. Subreddits such as r/Teachers, r/WorkOnline, and r/SideHustle are popular places where individuals can ask questions, share resources, and discuss opportunities.

Remember, though, to always verify the legitimacy of opportunities found on Reddit before committing to any activity.

How to make an extra £1,000 a month as a teacher?

Making an additional £1,000 per month requires dedication and efficient time management. Some practical suggestions include offering private tuition in a high-demand subject, creating and selling online courses, and undertaking freelance writing or editing work in the education sector.

Be prepared to invest time and effort in building a client base, marketing oneself and consistently providing high-quality services.






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