Teachers Appreciation Day: What To Do?

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With teacher’s appreciation day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of creative and meaningful ways to show appreciation for the outstanding educators in our child’s life. After all, teachers don’t just help shape children physically but mentally too! They’re responsible for helping all their students develop critical-thinking skills, learn new things daily, and become problem solvers. So why not use this special occasion to recognize and reward them with a gift that will make them feel appreciated? Here are some fun ideas to help make your teacher appreciate your day extra special.

Teachers appreciation

1. Why Teachers Deserve Appreciation

Teachers provide an invaluable service to society, educating and shaping the next generation. Their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice often go unnoticed or underappreciated, but they deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. Here’s why:

The Impact of Teachers on Individual Lives

Teachers play a significant role in their student’s lives. They are not only educators but also role models, helping children develop compassion, confidence, and critical thinking skills . These abilities are essential for personal growth and success in life.

Teachers as Pillars of Society

Teachers are the backbone of any society. They instil knowledge and inspire creativity, laying the foundation for societal development and progress. A well-educated population contributes significantly to social and economic advancement.

Teachers: Overworked and Underpaid

Despite the immense value they bring, teachers are often overworked and underpaid. They juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, often under challenging circumstances. Yet, their commitment to their profession never wavers.

The Need for Greater Recognition and Support

Teachers deserve more than just appreciation; they need better support and resources. This includes fair pay, respect, and the tools necessary to do their jobs effectively.

So, as we approach Teachers Appreciation Day, let’s remember to show our gratitude with words and actions that truly reflect the value of their work.

2. Ideas for Showing Appreciation to Teachers in Person

Showing appreciation to teachers in person can be a heartfelt gesture. Here are some thoughtful ways to express your gratitude:

Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift can show how much you appreciate a teacher’s hard work and dedication. Consider items that they can use in their classroom, like a custom nameplate or a personalized mug.

A Handwritten Thank You Note

In this digital age, a handwritten note can have a huge impact. Encourage your child to write a thank you note expressing their gratitude for the teacher’s guidance and support.

Decorate Their Classroom

With the school’s permission, consider decorating the teacher’s classroom as a surprise. You could use banners, balloons, and signs that say “Thank You” or “We Appreciate You”.

Surprise Luncheon

Organize a surprise luncheon for your child’s teacher. It can be as simple as ordering their favorite meal or as elaborate as a potluck with other parents.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a practical and appreciated gift. Consider gift cards for local restaurants, bookstores, or online retailers.

Remember, it’s not about the cost of the gift, but the thought that counts. Even a simple gesture can make a big difference in showing your appreciation.

3. Ideas for Celebrating Teachers Virtually 

Celebrating Teacher’s Appreciation Day virtually can be just as meaningful as we adapt to new ways of interaction. Here are some creative ideas:

Virtual Backgrounds for Meetings

Encourage students to use themed virtual backgrounds during online classes. This can help create a festive atmosphere and make the teacher feel special.

Dress Up Like Your Teacher Day

A fun idea could be to organize a ‘Dress Up Like Your Teacher’ day. Students can show their admiration by emulating their teacher’s style during a Zoom or Google Meet session.

Sharing Favorite Classroom Memories

Organize a session where students can share their favourite classroom memories. This can be a touching way to show appreciation for the teacher’s efforts.

Virtual Events and Games

Organize virtual events or games that include teachers and students. This can be a great way to foster community and celebrate together.

Virtual Lunch Meet

Schedule a virtual lunch meeting where students and teachers can enjoy a meal together. This can be a casual and relaxing way to celebrate.

Sending Virtual Gifts

Consider sending virtual gifts like e-cards, digital scrapbooks, or even booking an online guitarist to perform a particular song for the teacher.

Virtual Happy Hour

Host a virtual happy hour for teachers. This can be a fun way to let loose and appreciate their hard work.

Remember, showing appreciation doesn’t always require physical presence. A few thoughtful gestures can go a long way in making a teacher’s day special.

4. Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers 

  1. Handwritten Love: Encourage your child to write a thank-you note in their own words, expressing what they specifically appreciate about their teacher.
  2. Personal Messages: “Thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself and never give up on my dreams!” or “Thank you for teaching me how to be the best version of me” can be meaningful and deeply appreciated.
  3. Community Support: Communities can show their appreciation by offering teachers free or discounted books, retail rewards, and deals.
  4. Artistic Expressions: A hand-drawn picture or a creatively crafted thank-you note can make a teacher feel special.
  5. Gifts and Treats: Giving teachers a gift card or treating them with sweets can also be a way of saying thank you.

Remember, the most crucial part is to make the appreciation genuine and personal. Even simple words can mean a lot if they come from the heart.

5. How To Make Teacher Appreciation Day Last All Year Long 

While Teacher Appreciation Day is a special occasion to celebrate educators, it’s important to show gratitude throughout the year. Here are some ways to make teacher appreciation last all year long:

  1. Regular Words of Thanks: Don’t wait for a special day to thank you. A simple note of thanks or kind words can make a teacher’s day anytime.
  2. Involve Parents: Encourage parents to regularly communicate with teachers about their child’s progress and express gratitude for the teacher’s hard work.
  3. Student Involvement: Have students take turns throughout the year to do something special for their teacher, like creating artwork or writing a poem.
  4. Support Teachers’ Needs: Find out what resources teachers need in their classrooms and try to provide them. This could be books, supplies, or even volunteering time.
  5. Respect Their Time: Teachers often work beyond school hours. Respecting their time and acknowledging their dedication can go a long way in showing appreciation.
  6. Community Recognition: Promote teacher appreciation in your local community. Highlight the incredible work of teachers in community newsletters, local newspapers, or social media.

Remember, teacher appreciation shouldn’t be limited to a single day. It’s about fostering an environment of respect and gratitude all year long.

6. Tips on Supporting Teachers and Students during Challenging Times

During challenging times, it’s crucial to provide support to both teachers and students. Here are some tips:

For Teachers:

  1. Encourage Self-Care: Remind teachers of the importance of caring for their physical and mental health. This can help them manage stress and maintain their teaching performance.
  2. Provide Resources: Ensure teachers have access to the necessary resources, whether it’s teaching materials for remote learning or personal protective equipment for in-person teaching.
  3. Open Communication Channels: Maintain open lines of communication. Encourage teachers to share their concerns and provide feedback.
  4. Professional Development: Offer opportunities for professional development that can help teachers adapt to new teaching methods or technologies.
  5. Show Appreciation: Regularly express gratitude for their hard work and dedication. A simple thank you can go a long way.

For Students:

  1. Maintain Routine: Despite changes, try to keep a routine. This can provide a sense of normalcy and stability.
  2. Emotional Support: Acknowledge their feelings and fears. Provide counselling services if needed.
  3. Flexible Learning: Be flexible with learning expectations. Understand that students may face numerous challenges outside of school.
  4. Encourage Social Interaction: Foster opportunities for social interaction, such as virtual group projects or online discussion forums.
  5. Provide Resources: Make sure students have access to the necessary resources for learning, such as books, internet access, and a quiet place to study.

Supporting teachers and students during challenging times requires empathy, understanding, and patience.


As we wrap up, remember that the goal of Teacher’s Appreciation Day is to show gratitude to the educators who have dedicated their lives to shaping young minds. Whether it’s a heartfelt note, a handmade gift, or organizing a virtual event, your appreciation can take many forms. The key is sincerity and thoughtfulness.

Teachers play an integral role in nurturing our children’s potential and fostering a lifelong love of learning. So, let’s use this opportunity to say a big thank you, not just on Teacher’s Appreciation Day, but all year round. After all, a teacher’s influence extends beyond the classroom boundaries and lasts a lifetime.

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