30 Poems About Vermont

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Vermont is home to lush forests, craggy mountains, and pristine lakes – the perfect spot for a peaceful vacation. But what many don’t realize is that Vermont can also be an inspiring source of poetry.

This state has plenty of sights to spark your creativity, from rolling hills dotted with wildflowers to quaint lighthouses on the coast.

Whether you’re looking for ways to introduce verse into your classroom or need some new ideas yourself, these poems about Vermont provide just the right blend of wonder and whimsy. Read on and let yourself be transported by the beauty within these lines!

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Five Free Verse Poems About Vermont

The Green Mountains’ Embrace

In the heart of New England,

Vermont stretches, yawns and whispers

with a voice like maple syrup,

slow and sweet, golden and thick.

The Green Mountains rise, proud and ancient,

their peaks dusted with snow,

forests draped in emerald velvet,

a sentinel watching over the land.

Here, where the leaves change,

a symphony of color erupts,

a cacophony of reds, oranges, yellows,

the Earth’s paintbrush at work.

A Winter’s Caress

Snowflakes dance upon the wind,

their delicate ballet gracing

the landscape of Vermont,

a world wrapped in white.

The icy tendrils of winter

reach through the air,

kissing the cheeks of those who wander,

embracing them in a cold, yet tender hug.

The stillness of the season

hangs heavy, a blanket of silence,

broken only by the crunch of snow

underfoot, as life marches on.

The Farmer’s Hymn

In the verdant fields of Vermont,

where the sun rises and sets,

a farmer tills the soil,

a silent hymn whispered to the earth.

He plants the seeds of tomorrow,

the promise of growth and life,

the bounty of the land,

a testament to his toil.

With calloused hands, he nurtures,

tending to the fragile sprouts,

as they reach for the sky,

a chorus of green reaching for the heavens.

The River’s Melody

Through the valleys of Vermont,

a river meanders,

its voice a soothing melody,

the song of the land.

It sings tales of history,

of battles won and lost,

of the people who have come and gone,

leaving their mark upon the banks.

Each stone it caresses,

a note in its symphony,

a story told in the ripples and currents,

the eternal ballad of the river.

The Maple’s Gift

In the quiet forests of Vermont,

a secret treasure lies,

hidden within the bark of trees,

a gift from the heart of the land.

The maple, tall and proud,

offers a taste of its essence,

sweet sap flowing like liquid gold,

a nectar to be savored and celebrated.

As the seasons change,

this gift is harvested, transformed,

into a treasure shared by many,

the sweet legacy of Vermont’s maples.

Five Haiku Poems About Vermont

Autumn Brilliance

Crimson leaves falling,

Vermont’s autumn breathes vibrant,

Nature’s masterpiece.

The Green Mountains

Majestic mountains,

Green guardians of Vermont,

Whispering ancient tales.

Winter’s Serenade

Snowflakes gently dance,

Vermont’s winter serenade,

Silent beauty reigns.

Maple Syrup Gold

Liquid amber flows,

Nature’s sweet gift from the trees,

Vermont’s treasure shared.

Lakeside Reflections

Still waters mirror,

Vermont’s lakeside reflections,

Nature’s art displayed.

Five Limerick Poems About Vermont

The Maple State’s Charm

There once was a state named Vermont

With beauty and charm it would flaunt

Maple syrup so sweet

And cheese such a treat

Its allure, forever to haunt

The Green Mountain Quest

A hiker from far, far away

Came to Vermont for a stay

He climbed the green peaks

And wandered for weeks

In awe of its splendor each day

The Autumn Leaves Dance

In Vermont, the leaves brightly dance

Their colors, they put in a trance

Red, orange, and gold

Their beauty, so bold

In autumn, they give us romance

The Snowy Delight

In winter, Vermont’s snowflakes fall

Each one unique, like nature’s call

They blanket the ground

With silence profound

A snowy delight for us all

The Lake Champlain Tale

On the shores of Lake Champlain there stood

A monster that no one understood

But with every tale told

The legend grew bold

Vermont’s mystery, forever unspooled

Five Tanka Poems About Vermont

The Green Mountain State

Vermont’s green mountains

Rise above the valleys wide

Nature’s vast playground

A serene, peaceful landscape

Whispers of life’s simple joys

Autumn’s Embrace

Golden leaves flutter

Autumn in Vermont arrives

Bursts of vibrant hues

Nature’s tapestry unfolds

Crisp air, warm hearts, souls renewed

Winter Wonderland

Snowflakes gently fall

Vermont’s winter wonderland

Transforms the landscape

Skiing, snowshoeing delight

Cold air, warm fires, hearts unite

Maple Syrup’s Song

Sweet amber nectar

Vermont’s maple syrup flows

From trees to our homes

A timeless tradition shared

Nature’s gift, a taste of love

Lake Champlain’s Depths

Majestic lake shines

Champlain’s waters reflect skies

Vermont’s pride and joy

Mysteries lie deep beneath

Nature’s secrets held within

Five Sonnet Poems About Vermont

The Green Mountain State

In verdant hills where maple trees abound,

A land of beauty, nature’s sweet embrace,

Vermont, thy splendor leaves my heart unbound,

A realm of wonder, blessings to retrace.

Thy seasons change, and with them comes delight,

From winter’s snowy peaks to autumn’s glow,

In summer days, thy lakes reflect the light,

And springtime blooms, as rivers gently flow.

The farmer tills the soil, his labor’s love,

While artists find their muse within thy grace,

And families gather, laughter from above,

In every small town, a warm, welcoming space.

Vermont, thy beauty calls my soul to rest,

Within thy green embrace, forever blessed.

A Symphony of Seasons

Upon the canvas of the Vermont sky,

A symphony of seasons plays its song,

Each note a color, vibrant and alive,

A melody to which we all belong.

In autumn’s harmony, the leaves transform,

To hues of red and gold, a fiery dance,

And winter’s white descends in quiet form,

A gentle touch, a cold and frosty trance.

As spring awakes, the earth begins to sing,

With budding trees and flowers’ sweet perfume,

And summertime, a chorus welcoming,

The sun’s warm rays, the joy of life in bloom.

In every season’s cadence, we rejoice,

For Vermont’s beauty speaks with Nature’s voice.

Beneath the Moonlit Sky

Beneath the moonlit sky, in Vermont’s night,

A thousand stars illuminate the dark,

A quilt of constellations, shining bright,

As whispers of the wind tell tales to hark.

The fireflies dance, a twinkling display,

Their tiny lanterns flicker through the air,

And shadows cast by ancient trees convey,

The secrets of the forest, if we dare.

In quiet moments, as the night enfolds,

The gentle sounds of nature’s lullaby,

The rustling leaves, the river’s tale untold,

A serenade to still the heart’s outcry.

In Vermont’s moonlit nights, we find reprieve,

A solace only darkness can achieve.

The Heart of New England

Within the heart of New England, there lies,

A treasure trove of beauty, unexplored,

Vermont, thy charm and grace, a sweet surprise,

A realm of serenity, to be adored.

Thy covered bridges whisper tales of old,

Of lovers’ trysts and horse-drawn carriages,

And steepled churches, elegant and bold,

Stand tall, a testament to heritage.

The rolling hills and valleys paint the scene,

A tapestry of life, both rich and rare,

From quaint and cozy towns, a dream serene,

To rugged peaks, where eagles soar through air.

Vermont, thou art a jewel in this land,

With timeless grace and beauty, ever grand.

The Spirit of Vermont

In every nook and cranny, there resides,

The spirit of Vermont, a force unseen,

A presence felt, a warmth that never hides,

A love for all things simple, pure, and green.

From maple syrup, sweet upon the tongue,

To artisanal crafts, made by skilled hands,

The essence of this land, forever young,

A testament to Nature’s own commands.

In laughter shared, and friendships forged anew,

We find the strength and solace that we seek,

And as the seasons change, our hearts renew,

Embracing all the wonders, wild and meek.

The spirit of Vermont, a beacon bright,

A guiding light, to lead us through the night.

Five Ode Poems About Vermont

Ode to the Green Mountains

Oh, Green Mountains of Vermont,

How your peaks do rise and taunt,

With verdant hues of emerald grace,

And snow-capped crowns that touch the face

Of the heavens so high above,

I sing to you with boundless love.

Your forests deep and rivers wide,

The secrets that within them hide,

A refuge for the ones who seek,

The solace found in nature’s keep.

Oh, Green Mountains of Vermont,

Forever shall your beauty haunt.

Ode to the Autumnal Splendor

With every breath of autumn air,

Vermont’s foliage does declare,

A symphony of colors bright,

A spectacle of pure delight.

The fiery maples, birch of gold,

Their beauty cannot be untold,

For in this season’s grand parade,

An artist’s dream is surely made.

Oh, autumn in Vermont, how fine,

Your splendor is forever mine.

Ode to Lake Champlain

Majestic Lake Champlain, so vast,

A mirror of the sky’s repast,

Your waves they dance upon the shore,

As if to call us to explore.

From north to south, your waters span,

A testament to nature’s plan,

Upon your shores, we find respite,

As sunsets paint the sky each night.

Oh, Lake Champlain, with depths unknown,

Your beauty leaves us all dethroned.

Ode to the Covered Bridges

In Vermont’s countryside, they stand,

Covered bridges, strong and grand,

A testament to days gone by,

When horse and carriage passed them nigh.

These wooden sanctuaries rare,

Each one a jewel beyond compare,

Linking roads and hearts alike,

A portal to a time now trite.

Oh, covered bridges, hold us near,

For in your embrace, we know no fear.

Ode to the Maple Syrup

Golden nectar of the trees,

Vermont’s maple syrup, if you please,

A treasure that from nature flows,

The sweetness of your essence knows

No bounds, as on our pancakes lie,

Or in our coffee, we do try.

From tapping trees to boiling sap,

Your creation is a loving act.

Oh, maple syrup, gift divine,

Forever shall you taste sublime.

Five Villanelle Poems About Vermont

The Green Mountain State

In the heart of New England lies Vermont,

A land of beauty, where green mountains reign.

Amidst the foliage, a peaceful jaunt.

Forests, valleys, and rivers we flaunt,

A vibrant canvas, nature’s own domain.

In the heart of New England lies Vermont.

Maple trees stand tall, a graceful font,

Their sweet sap flows, a nectar to sustain.

Amidst the foliage, a peaceful jaunt.

In winter months, the snows enchant,

Skiing and sledding, joys we entertain.

In the heart of New England lies Vermont.

Lake Champlain shimmers, a gem we vaunt,

Its shores adorned with memories arcane.

Amidst the foliage, a peaceful jaunt.

An idyllic haven that does not taunt,

Vermont’s embrace, a solace to obtain.

In the heart of New England lies Vermont,

Amidst the foliage, a peaceful jaunt.

Autumn’s Embrace

The leaves of autumn paint Vermont anew,

A fiery dance of red, orange, and gold.

The air is crisp, the sky a vivid blue.

Each hill and valley comes into view,

A stunning panorama to behold.

The leaves of autumn paint Vermont anew.

Farms and orchards offer harvests true,

Apples and pumpkins, treasures to enfold.

The air is crisp, the sky a vivid blue.

In small towns, the charm of days gone through,

Historic buildings, stories yet untold.

The leaves of autumn paint Vermont anew.

Along the roads, the covered bridges strew,

A rustic symbol of times wise and old.

The air is crisp, the sky a vivid blue.

Within this land, the heart feels born anew,

A refuge from the world’s unyielding hold.

The leaves of autumn paint Vermont anew,

The air is crisp, the sky a vivid blue.

Nature’s Symphony

A chorus of birdsong fills Vermont’s air,

The melody of nature’s harmony.

The forests and meadows, a love affair.

Deer and foxes wander without care,

In this verdant land, they roam wild and free.

A chorus of birdsong fills Vermont’s air.

The rivers and streams, a solace rare,

Their gentle murmur, a soothing decree.

The forests and meadows, a love affair.

Flowers bloom, their colors bright and fair,

A vibrant display, a sight to see.

A chorus of birdsong fills Vermont’s air.

Majestic mountains, a beauty to share,

Their peaks and slopes, an endless bounty.

The forests and meadows, a love affair.

In this land, a serenity we wear,

A haven where life exists peacefully.

A chorus of birdsong fills Vermont’s air,

The forests and meadows, a love affair.

A Winter’s Tale

Vermont’s winters, a world draped in white,

A wonderland where snowflakes gently fall.

Beneath the moon, a landscape pure and bright.

The fireside’s glow, a beacon in the night,

A warmth that beckons, an inviting call.

Vermont’s winters, a world draped in white.

On frozen ponds, skaters take their flight,

In graceful arcs, a dance to enthrall.

Beneath the moon, a landscape pure and bright.

Snow-capped mountains, a skier’s delight,

Down powdery slopes, they answer the call.

Vermont’s winters, a world draped in white.

Through snowy woods, a horse-drawn sleigh alights,

A journey back in time, a dream enthralled.

Beneath the moon, a landscape pure and bright.

In these cold months, a magic takes its flight,

Vermont’s embrace, a love that does enthrall.

Vermont’s winters, a world draped in white,

Beneath the moon, a landscape pure and bright.

The Maple’s Gift

In Vermont’s woods, the maple trees stand tall,

Their branches reaching toward the heavens high.

A gift of sweetness, nature’s sweet enthral.

The sap begins to flow, a silent call,

As winter’s grip releases, spring draws nigh.

In Vermont’s woods, the maple trees stand tall.

With taps and buckets, we collect the haul,

A precious liquid, gold beneath the sky.

A gift of sweetness, nature’s sweet enthral.

In sugarhouses, the fires do sprawl,

The boiling sap, a dance of steam and sigh.

In Vermont’s woods, the maple trees stand tall.

From this elixir, syrup does befall,

A taste of earth and sun, a joyous prize.

A gift of sweetness, nature’s sweet enthral.

A treasure from the land, a love enthrall,

The essence of Vermont, a bond we tie.

In Vermont’s woods, the maple trees stand tall,

A gift of sweetness, nature’s sweet enthral.

Poetry about Vermont has an energy all of its own. Whether you are teaching your students about local flora and fauna, regional history or even just for fun, these poems provide a unique way to engage them in learning.

Introducing poems about Vermont into your lessons can teach your students to appreciate our state’s beauty while gaining greater insight into classic and modern poetry.

We hope this blog article has provided some valuable source material for lesson planning and that you will be inspired to use these resources as you continue to inspire your students each day.

To learn more about inspiring and education content, check out our other articles!


Who are some famous poets from Vermont?

Some famous poets from Vermont include Robert Frost, Galway Kinnell, Ruth Stone, Major Jackson, and Ellen Bryant Voigt. These poets have made significant contributions to the world of literature and have been recognized with numerous awards and honors.

What is Robert Frost known for?

Robert Frost is perhaps the most well-known poet from Vermont. He is renowned for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech. Some of his most famous works include “The Road Not Taken,” “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” and “Mending Wall.”

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