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Are you a teacher looking for ways to inspire your students with creative writing? Do you want to explore the topic of family and relationships in a fun and engaging way?

Look no further than this article filled with poems about uncles! Uncles are essential figures in many children’s lives, and these poems capture the unique and special bond between nieces, nephews, and uncles.

We’ve got everything from haikus to sonnets, free verse to limericks. We hope these poems will spark your students’ imaginations and inspire them to write their heartfelt tributes to their beloved uncles.

So grab a cup of tea, settle in, and explore the wonderful world of poems about uncles together.

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free verse poems

Five Free Verse Poems About Uncles

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe, my mother’s brother

With stories that never seemed to end

Of travels and adventures far and wide

And all the lessons that he’d learned

He’d laugh at all the right moments

And pause for effect when he needed

His voice was deep and resonant

But his heart was always light and free

He taught me how to fish and hunt

And how to skip a rock across a stream

He taught me to be curious and brave

And never let life pass you by like a dream

Now that he’s gone I miss him dearly

But I hold on to all the memories we made

Because when I tell his stories to my children

I can still hear his laughter in my mind’s parade

I Miss You, Uncle

I miss you Uncle, more than you’ll ever know

Even though it’s been years since you passed

But you live on in my memories

And in the way I tell your jokes

Your smile was infectious

And your joy was so contagious

You always made us feel welcome

No matter what our ages

I remember the times we spent together

Playing catch or telling silly jokes

And how you’d always make time for us

Even when life was busy with other folks

Although you’re no longer with us

You live on in the stories we tell

And even though I miss you terribly

I know that you’re at peace and doing well

Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack, the life of the party

The one who always had a joke or two

And when he told his stories

You knew they were all true

He’d make us all laugh with his antics

And never take himself too seriously

But he was always there for us

When things got tough or too dreary

He’d play his guitar and sing us songs

That he’d written in his travels abroad

And we’d all sit around him and listen

As he’d play and tell us tales untold

He was a man who lived life to the fullest

And he never took anything for granted

And when he passed away we cried

But knew that his spirit would forever be planted

Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob, the quiet one

But with a heart so full of love

He’d always listen when we talked

And give us bear hugs so tight

He’d take us out to the movies

And buy us all the popcorn we could eat

And then we’d go back to his house

And he’d show us pictures from his last retreat

He’d teach us how to cook and bake

And make the best apple pie in town

And when we’d visit for the holidays

His house was where we’d all gather around

Although he’s been gone for many years

His memory still lives on in our hearts

And every time I make an apple pie

I know that he’s playing his part

Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike, my favorite uncle

Always up for a game or two

We’d play for hours and never tire

Until the sun would set anew

He’d challenge us to a game of chess

Or checkers or cards or Monopoly

And every time we’d play with him

We’d learn something new and crafty

He’d take us on adventures too

To the zoo or the park or the beach

And he’d always make it so much fun

That we’d forget to eat or even sleep

Now that he’s moved far away

It’s hard to keep in touch as much

But every time we talk on the phone

It’s like we’re back to being kids and such

So here’s to you Uncle Mike

For all the memories we’ve made

And even though you’re far away

You’re still in our hearts and never fade.

Five Haiku Poems About Uncles

Wise Uncle

Wise uncle listens

Guides us with his gentle voice

Compassion in heart

Uncle’s Smile

Uncle’s smile so warm

Brightens up the darkest days

Love in every grin

Uncle’s Advice

Uncle’s wise advice

Always on point, never wrong

Helps me find my way

Uncle’s Strength

Uncle’s strength so great

Yet he carries us with ease

Pillar of support

Missing You, Uncle

Missing you, uncle

Memories bring you close to us

Love that never fades


Five Limerick Poems About Uncles

Uncle John

There once was an uncle named John

Whose humor was never gone

He’d make us all laugh

And forget our bad days’ aftermath

Uncle John, we love you from dusk till dawn

Uncle Bill

There was an uncle, we called him Bill

Whose love for sports was never still

He’d play with us all day

And teach us how to play

Uncle Bill, you’re the best uncle still

Uncle Tom

There was an uncle, his name was Tom

Who’d always take us out for a fun prom

We’d dance and we’d sing

And we’d do our thing

Uncle Tom, you’re the coolest uncle aplomb

Uncle Pete

There once was an uncle named Pete

Whose skills on the grill couldn’t be beat

He’d cook us up some steaks

And we’d eat till our bellies ached

Uncle Pete, you’re the master of meat

Uncle Dan

There was an uncle, we called him Dan

Whose music was never bland

He’d play his guitar

And we’d sing from afar

Uncle Dan, you’re music grand


Five Sonnet Poems About Uncles

The Uncle I Admire

The uncle I admire is kind and wise

His words are gentle, yet they carry weight

He’s always there to help and sympathize

And never lets me feel I’m second-rate

He taught me how to fish and play guitar

And showed me how to be a better man

He gave me strength when life seemed like a war

And held me tightly when my world began to spin

I look up to him as a role model

A figure of grace and strength and charm

And even though he’s only one uncle

He’s left an impact on me that will last beyond

So here’s to you, Uncle, the one I cherish

The man whose love and guidance will never perish

The Uncle Who Enjoys Life

The uncle who enjoys life is quite a sight

He lives each day as if it were his last

He dances to his own beat and feels so right

And never lets a moment slip past

He loves to travel and explore new lands

And takes us with him on his many trips

He shows us all the beauty in life’s strands

And teaches us to see the world through a different lens

He’s filled with laughter and unbridled mirth

And always knows how to make us smile

And even though he’s been around since my birth

He’s still the one who makes life worth its while

So here’s to you, Uncle, the one who shows

That life’s meant to be lived, not just to pose

The Uncle Who Stands By Me

The uncle who stands by me is a true friend

He’s there for me through thick and thin

He’s got my back until the very end

And helps me face life’s challenges with a grin

He’s always there to listen and to care

And never judges me for my mistakes

He lifts me up when life seems so unfair

And gives me hope and strength to stay awake

He’s taught me how to be a loyal friend

And how to love with all my heart and soul

And even though I know that life will end

I’ll cherish every moment until I’m old

So here’s to you, Uncle, the one who stands

By me no matter what, through all life’s demands

The Uncle Who Inspires Me

The uncle who inspires me is a true gem

He’s the one who’s always been ahead of his time

He’s filled with ideas and creative vim

And never lets anyone tell him what’s not worth a dime

He’s an artist in every sense of the word

A painter, a poet, a musician too

He’s never satisfied with being just a bird

And always seeks to find something new

He’s taught me how to see the world in a different light

And how to express myself with passion and flair

And even though he’s been around since my sight

He still has the power to surprise and ensnare

So here’s to you, Uncle, the one who inspires

Me to be the best version of myself till I expire

The Uncle Who’s My Hero

The uncle who’s my hero is a man of strength

He’s faced adversity with courage and might

He’s never given up, no matter the length

And always kept his faith in life shining bright

He’s been my rock through all my ups and downs

And helped me face my fears with bravery

He’s shown me how to turn my frowns

And find the good in any situation, no matter its gravity

He’s taught me how to be resilient and true

And how to never let life get me down

And even though he’s been through his own slew

He’s never let his spirit be trampled to the ground

So here’s to you, Uncle, the one who’s my hero

The man whose strength and love will forever glow


Five Ode Poems About Uncles

Oh Uncle, My Mentor

Oh Uncle, my mentor, how I admire thee

You’ve shown me right from wrong and how to be

A person of noble character and grace

And how to navigate life’s twists and race

You’ve taught me how to fish and hunt

And how to find joy in the things that count

You’ve shown me how to be selfless and kind

And how to always keep an open mind

You’ve been there for me through thick and thin

And never once did you let me cave in

You’ve encouraged me to dream and follow my heart

And never let anyone tear me apart

So here’s to you, Uncle, my mentor and guide

The one whose wisdom and love can never subside

Ode To My Uncle’s Smile

Oh, my uncle’s smile, how it brightens up my day

It brings joy and laughter in every single way

It’s like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

And makes everything feel okay

His smile is contagious and so infectious

It spreads like wildfire, and it’s so relentless

It’s a beacon of hope, so inspiring and true

And it makes everyone feel brand new

So here’s to you, uncle, and your smile so bright

The one that fills our hearts with pure delight

Oh Uncle, My Protector

Oh Uncle, my protector, how you keep me safe

You’re the one who always stands up to face

The world’s harshness and its sharp edges

And never lets me fall off the ledges

You’re my shield against the wind and storm

And you keep me warm when the nights are long

You’re my confidant, my friend, my guide

And you help me navigate life’s ebbs and tide

Your strength is mighty, your spirit unbreakable

And your love for me is so unshakable

So here’s to you, Uncle, my protector and ally

The one who stands by me until the day I die

Ode To My Uncle’s Wisdom

Oh, my uncle’s wisdom, how it astounds me

It’s like a wellspring of knowledge that surrounds me

He’s the one who always knows what to say

And how to help me when life goes astray

His words of counsel are like pearls of great price

And they guide me in every decision and slice

He’s a well of experience, so deep and true

And his advice is worth more than a billion clue

So here’s to you, uncle, and your wisdom so divine

The one that guides me through the storms and brine

Oh Uncle, My Friend

Oh Uncle, my friend, how you fill my heart with glee

You’re the one who always makes time for me

With your jokes and stories, you never cease to amuse

And your laughter is like music, so pure and so loose

You’re my partner in crime, my fellow adventurer

And you never judge me for being an amateur

You’re my confidant, my pal, my comrade

And you’re always there for me, no matter the grade

So here’s to you, Uncle, my friend so dear

The one who fills my life with so much cheer

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Uncles

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe, my mom’s brother, is a hoot

He tells the best jokes and makes us all laugh

With him around, life’s never dull or moot

He takes us on adventures, just like a scout

And buys us ice cream, tons of it, in fact

Uncle Joe, my mom’s brother, is a hoot

He taught me how to fish and cook trout

And showed me how to fix a bike’s flat

With him around, life’s never dull or moot

Though he’s getting old, his spirit stays stout

And he still drives his vintage Cadillac

Uncle Joe, my mom’s brother, is a hoot

I hope he’ll be around for years, no doubt

To share his wisdom and his witty craft

With him around, life’s never dull or moot

Uncle Fred

Uncle Fred is quite the eccentric bloke

He wears a top hat and a polka dot tie

And talks with an accent that’s English folk

He’s traveled to Europe, Africa, and woke

Our curiosity with stories that defy

Uncle Fred is quite the eccentric bloke

He loves to play chess and crack lame jokes

And always has a twinkle in his eyes

And talks with an accent that’s English folk

He’s the life of the party, that’s no joke

And even sings karaoke when he’s high

Uncle Fred is quite the eccentric bloke

He’s a sentimental man who loves oak

Furniture and knickknacks from days gone by

And talks with an accent that’s English folk

Though his quirks can be weird, he’s worth the poke

For he’s got a heart of gold, that I’ll certify

Uncle Fred is quite the eccentric bloke

Uncle Max

Uncle Max, my dad’s brother, is a gem

He’s always there to lend a helping hand

And never complains, always gives an amen

He’s got a knack for fixing things, like a stem

On a rose bush or a rusty garden stand

Uncle Max, my dad’s brother, is a gem

He’s got a heart of gold, and never condemns

Or judges others, he’s the peace-making strand

And never complains, always gives an amen

He’s taught me how to drive and change the lens

On a camera, and be a man of command

Uncle Max, my dad’s brother, is a gem

I hope I’ll be half the man he is, then

I’ll be proud to say I’m his kin, second-hand

And never complain, always give an amen

Uncle Max, my hero, you’re a ten

In my book, and the best uncle in this land

Uncle Max, my dad’s brother, is a gem

And never complains, always gives an amen

Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben, my mom’s sister’s husband, is suave

He’s got a style that’s cool and debonair

And a charm that makes all the ladies crave

He knows how to dance, sing, and behave

Like a gentleman, and make you feel fair

Uncle Ben, my mom’s sister’s husband, is suave

He’s got a collection of ties that’s brave

And wears them with panache and some flair

And a charm that makes all the ladies crave

He’s a bon vivant who loves to engrave

His memories on the walls and the air

Uncle Ben, my mom’s sister’s husband, is suave

He’s got a taste for wine and meals that save

The palate from mediocrity and despair

And a charm that makes all the ladies crave

Though he’s a bit vain, he’s never a knave

Or a snob, just a man who likes to share

Uncle Ben, my mom’s sister’s husband, is suave

And a charm that makes all the ladies crave

Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom, my dad’s brother-in-law, is wise

He’s seen the world and lived to tell the tale

And has a heart that’s big and filled with surprise

He’s a philosopher who loves to analyze

The meaning of life and the human travail

Uncle Tom, my dad’s brother-in-law, is wise

He’s got a knack for gardening, that applies

To fruits, vegetables, and flowers that don’t pale

And has a heart that’s big and filled with surprise

He’s the family historian, who supplies

Us with facts and anecdotes that trail

Uncle Tom, my dad’s brother-in-law, is wise

He’s the one who taught me how to improvise

And be comfortable with making mistakes and fail

And has a heart that’s big and filled with surprise

He’s a source of encouragement, who never denies

That no matter what the outcome, it won’t flail

Uncle Tom, my dad’s brother-in-law, is wise

And has a heart that’s big and filled with surprise.

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Uncles

1. Guiding Light

Understanding beyond years,
Never faltering, always here.
Caring in every single way,
Laughing together, come what may.
Eternal guide, shining bright.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Jokes and Smiles

Jovial moments spent in glee,
Offering laughs for free.
Kind eyes twinkling with mirth,
Easing the weight of the earth.
Spirited, bringing joy to our miles.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Adventure Calls

Always ready for a quest,
Daring in every test.
Ventures far and wide,
Excitement we find by his side.
Nurturing dreams, big and small,
Teaching us to rise after a fall.
Uncle, the hero of our calls.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Wisdom’s Whisper

Wise words spoken soft and low,
Insights that help us grow.
Sharing tales of old and new,
Delivering advice that’s true.
Offering guidance, never imposing,
Making us better, our minds composing.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Unconditional Love

Unwavering in his support,
Never judging, always a sport.
Conversations deep into the night,
Listening, understanding, holding tight.
Eternal love, without measure.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Uncles

1. The Quiet Strength

In the garden of memory, where whispers dwell,
There stood an oak, under whose shade I’d tell
Tales of dreams, while he listened, a silent bell.
Uncle, the silent warrior, in whom strength did swell.

His words were few, but his actions bold,
A guiding star, in the darkest cold.
Now, the oak has fallen, its stories old,
Yet, in my heart, his legacy I hold.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Keeper of Secrets

In the library of my life, on a shelf discreet,
Lies a book of secrets, with tales bittersweet.
Uncle, the keeper, with a smile so fleet,
In his eyes, a thousand stories meet.

He knew every whisper, every hidden tear,
With a nod and a joke, he’d dispel any fear.
Now the pages are silent, the keeper not near,
But in each word, his laughter I hear.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Unseen Anchor

Beneath the storms of life, where shadows play,
There was an anchor, steadfast come what may.
Uncle, the unseen, who in quiet lay,
His strength unseen, guided me day by day.

He wasn’t the hero in the tales of yore,
But in his quiet strength, he was so much more.
Now the sea is calm, the anchor ashore,
In his absence, his silence I adore.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Eternal Gardener

In the meadow of souls, where light does dance,
There gardened a soul, in every glance.
Uncle, the gardener, with nature’s trance,
In his gardens, he found life’s romance.

He taught me to see the beauty in bloom,
In every life, in every tomb.
Now the gardens weep, in silent gloom,
For the gardener sleeps, in earth’s womb.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Last Goodbye

On the river of time, where moments flow,
There was a goodbye, soft and slow.
Uncle, the voyager, ready to go,
Leaving behind the light’s warm glow.

With a final smile, he sailed away,
Into the sunset, at the end of the day.
His journey complete, in the heart he’ll stay,
A beacon of love, in his own unique way.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Uncles

1. Uncle’s Whimsical Tales

In a world where stories weave and sails,
Lives an uncle with whimsical tales.
With a laugh that echoes through the halls,
He makes adventures out of trips to the malls.

His tales are filled with dragons and knights,
In lands where wrongs turn into rights.
Under his spell, we listen and yearn,
For in his stories, there’s always a turn.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Handyman Uncle

There’s an uncle with tools always in hand,
Fixing and building, quite grand.
No task too big, no project small,
He’s on his way at every call.

Leaky faucets or a squeaky door,
He leaves them better than before.
With a smile and a nod, he completes each task,
For no reward does he ever ask.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Uncle’s Kitchen Magic

In the heart of the home, where magic is spun,
An uncle cooks under the setting sun.
Flavors and spices mix in the air,
Creating dishes with extra care.

Pots and pans, a symphony of sounds,
In his kitchen, love abounds.
He serves up joy in every meal,
With each bite, his affection you’ll feel.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Uncle, The Storyteller of Time

An uncle sits by the fireplace bright,
Telling tales into the night.
Of times long past and heroes bold,
Stories of valor and quests untold.

With each word, he paints a scene,
Of places we’ve never been.
Through his eyes, we travel far,
Guided by his storytelling star.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Uncle With A Heart Of Gold

There’s an uncle whose heart is pure and bold,
Generous and caring, a sight to behold.
He listens with patience, understands with ease,
In his presence, the soul finds peace.

He gives without wanting, loves without end,
To every nephew and niece, he’s a friend.
In his embrace, we find our strength renewed,
For his heart of gold, we’re forever imbued.

By Dan Higgins 2024

These poems about uncles could be excellent models for classroom teachers to inspire students to write their own.

These poems highlight the many nuances and personalities of uncles, from the hilarious jokester to the wise philosopher.

By reading and analyzing these poems, children can learn the structure and style of different poems while appreciating the unique role that uncles play in our lives.

So why not introduce these poems into your lesson plans and see where your students’ creativity takes them? One day they’ll be writing their poems about their beloved uncles.

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