50 Poems About Toddlers

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Welcome to our collection of poems about toddlers! As teachers, we know that inspiring young minds to express themselves through poetry can be a powerful tool for their development.

That’s why we’ve compiled a variety of poems in different styles, each one celebrating the unique qualities and quirks of toddlers.

Whether you’re looking for rhyming couplets or free verse, silly or sentimental, we hope you’ll find something here to share with your students and spark their creativity. So come along on this poetic journey, and let’s explore the wonderful world of toddlers together!

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Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About Toddlers

1. The Toddler’s Dance

Little feet, pitter-patter,

Tiny hands reach and scatter,

Toys and books and blocks galore,

Toddler’s dance across the floor.

Bouncing, twirling, and spinning,

A joyous, playful beginning.

Each step an exploration,

Of movement, sound, and sensation.

And as they move with abandon,

Their spirit grows, their heart expands on.

For in their dance, they find release,

A freedom that brings them such peace.

So let them dance, these little ones,

For in their movement, true beauty comes.

May we all learn from their carefree glee,

And feel the joy of dancing free.

2. The Wonder of Toddlerhood

Curious eyes and open hearts,

Toddlerhood is where it starts.

Exploring all the world can be,

With laughter, joy, and energy.

From the first tentative steps they take,

To the endless questions they ask each day,

Toddlers show us how to see the world anew,

And find wonder in all that we once knew.

For them, the simplest things are treasures,

A leaf, a rock, a feather.

And in their eyes, we see the magic,

Of a world that’s full of wonder and mystic.

So let us join them on their journey,

And find the beauty in the ordinary.

For in their innocence and trust,

We rediscover what we thought we’d lost.

3. Naptime

After playtime, comes a rest,

Toddler’s head upon my chest.

Breathing soft and slow and deep,

Dreaming safe in peaceful sleep.

The room is hushed, the air is still,

As we snuggle close and share this thrill.

Of quiet time, of gentle rest,

A moment’s pause, a peaceful nest.

And as I watch their sleeping face,

I feel my heart fill with grace.

For in this calm, this moment still,

I’m reminded of love’s gentle thrill.

So let them sleep, these little ones,

May they dream of rainbows and suns.

For in their slumber, I find such peace,

And feel my own worries start to cease.

4. Inquisitive Minds

Endless questions, always new,

Toddler’s mind in constant view.

“Why?” and “How?” and “What is that?

Learning never falls quite flat.

With each new day, a world unfurled,

A universe of knowledge to be hurled.

Into their minds, expanding fast,

As they learn about the world that lasts.

And though it can be tiring,

To answer questions so inspiring,

I know that each inquiry,

Is a step towards their destiny.

So let them question, these little ones,

May they never stop until their work’s done.

For in their learning, I see such hope,

And know that with knowledge, we all can cope.

5. The Toddler’s Love

Little arms wrap tight around,

Toddler’s love, like treasure found.

Kisses sweet and hugs so dear,

Love that lasts throughout the year.

Their love is pure, their hearts so true,

A gift from them to me and you.

For in their love, we find such bliss,

A feeling that we cannot miss.

So let them love, these little ones,

May they always bask in the warmth of the suns.

For in their embrace, we find such joy,

And know that with their love, we can never be coy.

Five Haiku Poems About Toddlers

1. Playtime

Blocks, dolls, cars and trains,

Toddler’s world of endless fun,

Minds and hearts in play.

2. First Steps

Wobbly legs so small,

One step, two steps, more to come,

Proud smiles all around.

3. Mealtime

Sippy cups and spoons,

Toddlers learning how to eat,

Messy faces, big hearts.

4. Naptime

Little ones asleep,

Dreams of wonder fill their minds,

Peaceful rest, sweet slumber.

5. Goodnight

Storytime is done,

Toddler’s eyes begin to close,

Love and warmth surround.

Five Limerick Poems About Toddlers

1. The Toddler’s Tantrum

A toddler once threw a big fit,

Kicking, screaming, a hissy fit.

But with patience and love,

And a hug from above,

The tantrum soon ended, that’s it!

2. Little Mess-Makers

Toddlers are such little mess-makers,

Crumbs and toys and spills, oh, the takers!

But with a smile and a kiss,

And a little bit of bliss,

We clean up the mess like undertakers.

3. A Toddler’s First Word

One day, a toddler said “mama”,

A word that brought tears like a comma.

For in that sweet sound,

A whole world was found,

Of love, hope, and joy, like a drama.

4. The Toddler’s Tea Party

A toddler once hosted a tea,

Inviting her toys for some glee.

With cookies and milk,

And a smile like silk,

She showed how to share so lovely.

5. Naptime Woes

A toddler once fought sleep with might,

Refusing to rest, oh, the plight!

But with a lullaby,

And a soft “goodbye”,

The naptime began, what a sight!


Five Tanka Poems About Toddlers

1. Toddler’s Laughter

Giggles fill the air,

As toddlers play and explore,

Pure joy in their hearts.

Their laughter like music sweet,

A symphony of love’s beat.

2. Inquisitive Minds

Curious and bright,

Toddlers ask endless questions,

Seeking to understand.

Their minds like sponges, soaking,

Learning with each new token.

3. Naptime Serenity

Eyes closed, breaths so soft,

Toddlers sleep in peaceful rest,

Dreaming of wonder.

Their innocent faces calm,

In sleep, they find a healing balm.

4. Little Explorers

Tiny hands reach out,

To touch, feel, and discover,

The world around them.

Toddlers, brave and bold,

Exploring with hearts untold.

5. The Toddler’s Love

Little arms embrace,

Toddlers show love so pure,

A gift from above.

Their love like a gentle breeze,

Bringing joy, ease, and peace.


Five Sonnet Poems About Toddlers

1. A Toddler’s Playful Heart

Oh, toddler’s heart, so playful and bright,

Full of wonder, joy, and pure delight.

With every step, a dance is found,

A playful hop, a twirl around.

The world is theirs, to explore and see,

To touch, to feel, to simply be.

A playground of discovery awaits,

Their curious minds to fascinate.

Oh, toddler’s heart, so full of grace,

May your playful spirit never fade.

For in your laughter, we find such glee,

And are reminded of how life should be.

2. The Toddler’s First Smile

A toddler’s smile, a precious sight,

A joyous beam of pure delight.

A grin that spreads from ear to ear,

A glint of happiness oh so clear.

It is the first sign of their love,

A gift from them, like wings of a dove.

Their love so pure, so true, so bright,

A shining beacon in the night.

Oh, toddler’s smile, how it can heal,

A reminder of what’s truly real.

May your joyous grin forever stay,

And brighten up our every day.

3. Naptime Dreams

The gentle breathing of a sleeping child,

A lullaby of rest so sweet and mild.

In slumber’s arms, they find release,

A peaceful rest, a dreamy peace.

Their minds take flight, on wings of thought,

A journey to lands yet to be sought.

They float on clouds, they swim in seas,

And all the while, they’re filled with ease.

Oh, toddler’s dreams, so pure and bright,

May they bring you comfort through the night.

For in your rest, we see your soul,

A gentle spirit, pure and whole.

4. Toddler’s Questions

“Why?” and “How?” the questions come,

Like rays of light from a shining sun.

A toddler’s mind, a curious place,

Full of wonder, full of grace.

Their questions lead them on a quest,

To seek the answers, to find what’s best.

With each new day, a world unfolds,

A universe of knowledge untold.

Oh, toddler’s questions, never cease,

For in them, you will find your peace.

May your curious spirit forever stay,

And guide you on your journey each day.

5. The Toddler’s Love

A toddler’s love, so pure and true,

A gift from them, like morning dew.

Their little arms reach out so wide,

A love that cannot be denied.

Their laughter like music, filling the air,

A symphony of joy beyond compare.

Their hearts so open, full of trust,

A love that’s boundless, pure, and just.

Oh, toddler’s love, how it can heal,

A reminder of what’s truly real.

May your love forever shine so bright,

And bring us joy, with each new sight.


Five Ode Poems About Toddlers

1. Ode to the Toddler’s Laughter

Oh, toddler’s laughter, how it fills my heart,

A symphony of joy, a work of art.

Your giggles like music, sweet and pure,

A melody of happiness, that will endure.

With each little chuckle, the world is bright,

And all my worries take their flight.

For in your laughter, I find such glee,

A reminder of how life should be.

So keep on laughing, little one so dear,

For your joyous spirit is what we need to hear.

May you always find reasons to smile,

And fill our hearts with happiness that’s worthwhile.

2. Ode to the Toddler’s Curiosity

Oh, toddler’s curiosity, how it inspires,

A thirst for knowledge, a burning desire.

Your endless questions, oh so wise,

A reflection of how much you want to prize.

With each new discovery, you light up with glee,

Eager to learn, to explore, to simply be.

For in your curiosity, I see such hope,

A reminder of how life is full of scope.

So keep on asking, little one so brave,

For your curious mind is what we need to save.

May you always seek answers to what’s unclear,

And inspire us all to push past the fear.

3. Ode to the Toddler’s Imagination

Oh, toddler’s imagination, how it flies,

A world of wonder, a place to realize.

Your little mind, full of magic and dreams,

A universe of possibilities, it seems.

With each new adventure, you soar so high,

Exploring new lands, under starry sky.

For in your imagination, I see such beauty,

A reminder of how life is full of duty.

So keep on dreaming, little one so free,

For your imagination is what we need to see.

May you always believe in the power of your mind,

And inspire us all to leave our worries behind.

4. Ode to the Toddler’s Energy

Oh, toddler’s energy, how it amazes,

A spirit so alive, it never ceases.

Your little body, full of strength and might,

A bundle of energy, that’s always right.

With each new game, you run and play,

Full of vigor, with no delay.

For in your energy, I see such power,

A reminder of how life is full of flower.

So keep on moving, little one so strong,

For your energy is what we need to belong.

May you always find reasons to run and jump,

And inspire us all to be full of plump.

5. Ode to the Toddler’s Love

Oh, toddler’s love, how it shines so bright,

A gift from you, like a ray of light.

Your little arms, reaching out so wide,

A love that cannot be denied.

With each little kiss, my heart is filled,

A feeling of warmth, that’s never chilled.

For in your love, I see such grace,

A reminder of how life is full of place.

So keep on loving, little one so dear,

For your love is what we need to hear.

May you always spread love with every breath,

And inspire us all to embrace life with depth.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Toddlers

1. The World of Toddlers

The world of toddlers is bright and new

Each day brings a fresh surprise

Their innocent hearts, pure and true

With sparkling eyes, they see through

The wonders of the world arise

The world of toddlers is bright and new

They run and play, without a clue

Of life’s complexities and lies

Their innocent hearts, pure and true

Their laughter and joy, they imbue

With love that never dies

The world of toddlers is bright and new

Their tiny hands, they extend to you

And their arms are open wide

Their innocent hearts, pure and true

In their world, there’s no need to pursue

The things that cause us to compromise

The world of toddlers is bright and new

Their innocent hearts, pure and true

2. The Terrible Twos

The terrible twos have arrived

Tantrums and tears are a daily thing

Their independence, they’ve contrived

They’re learning fast, and they’ve survived

Their curious minds want everything

The terrible twos have arrived

Their stubbornness, they will not hide

And they’ll argue just about anything

Their independence, they’ve contrived

Even when they’re wrong, they’ll decide

To do it their way, and bring

The terrible twos have arrived

They make demands, and they won’t abide

By any rules you try to bring

Their independence, they’ve contrived

But even with all the chaos they’ve derived

Their smiles and giggles can make your heart sing

The terrible twos have arrived

Their independence, they’ve contrived

3. A Toddler’s Imagination

A toddler’s imagination is vast

Their minds are full of wonder and awe

Their dreams are free, and they’ll last

They’ll create adventures, and have a blast

With their toys, they’ll conquer all

A toddler’s imagination is vast

They’ll imagine dragons, and the past

And they’ll ask you to play along

Their dreams are free, and they’ll last

They’ll build castles out of clay and grass

And go on treasure hunts, heedless of a fall

A toddler’s imagination is vast

Their make-believe world is unsurpassed

And their stories will leave you enthralled

Their dreams are free, and they’ll last

In their minds, anything can be amassed

And their creativity will leave you awed

A toddler’s imagination is vast

Their dreams are free, and they’ll last

4. The Joy of Toddlers

The joy of toddlers is contagious

Their laughter can light up a room

Their happiness, it’s outrageous

Their energy, it’s never ageless

And they’ll keep going until they zoom

The joy of toddlers is contagious

They’ll dance and sing, and be outrageous

And they’ll never let you feel gloom

Their happiness, it’s outrageous

Even their tantrums are courageous

And their love, it’ll constantly bloom

The joy of toddlers is contagious

They’ll make you smile, and be courageous

And their hugs will make your heart boom

Their happiness, it’s outrageous

For even in chaos, they’re advantageous

And they’ll never let you feel doom

The joy of toddlers is contagious

Their happiness, it’s outrageous

5. The Sweetness of Toddlers

The sweetness of toddlers is divine

Their innocence, it radiates out

Their love, it’s pure and full of shine

They’ll hug you tight, and intertwine

Their tiny hands, without a doubt

The sweetness of toddlers is divine

Their smiles, they’re like sunshine

And they’ll never let you down

Their love, it’s pure and full of shine

Even their tears, they’ll make you pine

And their laughter will astound

The sweetness of toddlers is divine

They’ll make you happy, and refine

Your outlook on life, without a clout

Their love, it’s pure and full of shine

For in their hearts, there’s no malign

And their innocence, it’s devout

The sweetness of toddlers is divine

Their love, it’s pure and full of shine.

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Toddlers

1. In the Quiet of the Playroom

In the quiet of the playroom, where laughter used to dance,
Lies a silence thick and heavy, like a fog that’s settled in.
Tiny shoes by the door, untouched, give a mournful glance,
And the air holds tight the echoes of a giggle, now grown thin.

Toy soldiers stand at ease, their battles paused for now,
The dollhouse doors all closed, no tiny feet to tread within.
A crayon lies forgotten, beneath a solemn vow,
To remember vibrant colors, where a child’s dreams begin.

In this space where joy once reigned, now sorrow takes its seat,
A reminder of a presence, whose absence cuts so deep.
Yet in the quiet of the playroom, if you listen, you can meet,
The gentle spirit of a toddler, in the memories we keep.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Beneath the Willow’s Shade

Beneath the willow’s shade, where secrets are softly spoken,
Lay a garden of tender dreams, now withered and awoken.
Tiny hands that clapped in glee, under sunlit skies so wide,
Now rest beneath the earth’s embrace, where shadows coincide.

The breeze whispers tales of a laughter that filled the air,
Of a child who danced with abandon, without a single care.
But now the leaves rustle with a sorrow that’s hard to bear,
For beneath the willow’s shade, there’s a silence of despair.

Yet even as the seasons change, and years may come and go,
The willow stands as guardian, over the soul it’s come to know.
And beneath its boughs, a memory, like a seed, begins to grow,
Of a toddler’s joy and laughter, in the heart’s eternal glow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Echoes Through the Hall

Once, echoes of laughter bounced through the hall,
A symphony of joy at the heart of our home.
Tiny feet pattered, chasing dreams so tall,
In a world where imaginations freely roam.

Now, silence sprawls across each empty room,
A stark reminder of a light dimmed too soon.
The echoes have faded, replaced by gloom,
Under the watchful gaze of a sorrowful moon.

Yet, in the quiet, if you close your eyes and feel,
The echoes return, soft and surreal.
A whisper of the love that continues to reel,
Binding us to a toddler, whose spirit is steel.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Unfinished Story

On a shelf, an unfinished storybook lies,
Its pages once turned by eager, tiny hands.
Each illustration, a universe of whys,
A journey through magical, uncharted lands.

But the story remains incomplete, a tale untold,
The laughter and wonder abruptly ceased.
A narrative of dreams, forever on hold,
Leaving behind a pain, newly released.

Yet in every word, a hint of hope is found,
A promise that love endures beyond the end.
For in our hearts, their spirit is bound,
Guiding us around each unseen bend.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Footprints on the Shore

Footprints on the shore, small and fleeting,
Washed away by waves, tender and beating.
A symbol of existence, brief but so profound,
In the sands of time, where memories are crowned.

Each step, a story of innocence and grace,
A journey through life, a fleeting embrace.
Though the tides may erase what was once there,
The imprint remains in the heart, ever fair.

For though the footprints fade from view,
The love they symbolize forever holds true.
A toddler’s journey, short yet bright,
Leaves a mark on our souls, a lasting light.

By Dan Higgins 2024

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Toddlers

1. Tiny Explorer

Tiptoeing around,
Observing everything,
Determined to discover,
Daring in each endeavor,
Laughs that light up the room,
Eager for every new tune,
Radiant with innocence,
So full of significance.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Boundless Energy

Bouncing off the walls,
Overflowing with giggles,
Undeterred by falls,
Never tiring, always wiggles,
Dashing here and there,
Limitless curiosity to share,
Energy that’s ever rare,
Sprinting to each new affair.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Little Learner

Loving eyes wide open,
Intent on understanding,
Tiny hands, treasures trodden,
Tales in each toy, so demanding,
Learning life’s rhythms,
Eagerly embracing systems,
Adventures in every turn,
Raising questions at every churn,
Never ending quest for knowledge.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Wonder Filled

Waking to a world anew,
Observations that astound,
Nurturing growth, through and through,
Delights in every sound,
Eyes sparkling with every discovery,
Reveling in the simplest recovery,
Fascinated by the mundane,
Inspired by the rain,
Living life as a magical game,
Loving without any aim,
Discovering day by day.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Dreamer

Droopy eyelids at day’s end,
Riding on dreams, they ascend,
Every slumber, a journey anew,
Ambling through fantasies, not a few,
Marveling at the moon and stars,
Eager for morning, to resume their mars,
Reaching for tomorrow with open arms.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Toddlers

1. Little Feet, Big Adventures

In a world so vast and wide,
Little feet go out to stride.
With each step, they learn and grow,
Finding wonders high and low.

Mud pies under the sun’s glow,
Laughter in the rain’s soft flow.
Every puddle, a sea deep,
In their dreams, these memories keep.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Toddler’s Day Out

Sunrise peeks, the day begins,
With a stretch and sleepy grins.
Blocks and dolls, a scattered sight,
In their world, everything’s just right.

Chasing butterflies, gentle breeze,
Falling leaves, scraped knees.
Giggles fill the air around,
In their joy, pure love is found.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Magic of First Words

A babble here, a giggle there,
Suddenly, words fill the air.
“Mama”, “Papa”, music sweet,
First words, a feat none can beat.

Each new word, a treasure found,
In their voice, love does abound.
With every sound, hearts they mend,
In toddler talk, love they send.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Bedtime Wonders

When the moon takes the sky’s stage,
It’s time for books, turn the page.
Stories of lands far and near,
Whispered softly for little ears to hear.

Eyes flutter, dreams take flight,
In their slumber, stars shine bright.
Dreamland awaits, off they go,
Embraced by night’s gentle glow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Art of Play

With crayons and paint, they create,
Masterpieces that simply amaze.
A splash of color here and there,
In their art, you feel their care.

Castles built from blocks so tall,
Imaginations that enthrall.
In their play, life’s joy they find,
Leaving no moment behind.

By Dan Higgins 2024

These poems about toddlers are excellent models for children to learn from and draw inspiration from as they create their poems. They’re perfect to use in the classroom to help students develop their writing skills while having fun.

These poems capture the essence of toddlers and their unique world, joy, imagination, and sweetness; it’s a world full of surprises, laughter, and love.

Teachers can use these poems as a starting point, encouraging their students to use their own experiences, observations, and feelings to create their poems about toddlers.

Teachers can inspire students to become creative and confident writers with these poems as models.


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What are some common themes found in famous poetry?

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