30 Poems About Theodore Roosevelt

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Teaching your students about Theodore Roosevelt can be a rewarding and educational experience. His inspiring persona, incredible accomplishments and dedication to the American public have made him one of our most beloved presidents in history.

But what better way to introduce your class to ‘Teddy’ than with an introduction through poetry? Poems are great for engaging students and allowing them creative freedom as they explore history by personalizing it into something meaningful to them.

This blog post will look at some exciting poems about Theodore Roosevelt – perfect for school projects or light reading!

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Five Free Verse Poems About Theodore Roosevelt

The Rough Rider

A president unlike any other

Strong, determined, and fierce

A cowboy hat and a mustache

His courage, his greatest feature

From police commissioner to president

He led with passion and pride

On horseback, he charged into battle

A Rough Rider, he never shied


His love for nature, unsurpassed

His devotion, unending

He championed for conservation

His legacy, forever extending

National parks and monuments

Wildlife reserves, protected with care

He knew their worth, their importance

For future generations to share

The Trust Buster

Big business, once the norm

By monopolies, controlled

But Teddy, he stood up to them

Their power, he aimed to withhold

The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890

His tool to break up the big guys

Competition, his ultimate goal

A fair economy to arise

Nobel Peace Prize

For his efforts in peace

A Nobel Prize, he earned

The Russo-Japanese War, he helped to end

His mediation skills, confirmed

From Bully Pulpit to diplomacy

He strove for peaceful resolution

His love for humanity, evident

His dedication, the perfect solution

The 26th President

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President

Forever a symbol of strength and spirit

A man of many talents and passions

His legacy, forever merit

From hero to legend, he remains

His achievements, etched in history

A man for the people, a leader above all

Teddy Roosevelt, our pride and victory.

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Five Haiku Poems About Theodore Roosevelt

Haiku Poem

Cowboy Passion

Stetson on his head,

Mustache resting on his lip,

Riding into war.

Nature Lover

Nature’s grandeur calls,

The wilds of America,

Roosevelt answers.

Trust Buster

Monopolies fall,

The people’s champion arises,

Trusts now kept in check.

Nobel Peacemaker

Speak softly but firm,

A mediator of wars,

Nobel Prize secured.

Legacy Eternal

From hero to legend,

Historical icon still,

Roosevelt’s spirit lives.

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Five Limerick Poems About Theodore Roosevelt


The Cowboy President

A cowboy named Teddy we had,

Became the President, a tad,

With his mustache so big,

And his hat like a gig,

He won battles, good and bad.

The Trust Buster

Roosevelt was a trust-buster,

Monopolies, he would fluster,

He’d use his big stick,

Make companies quick,

And break them up, never to muster.


Teddy Roosevelt loved wildlife,

Protecting it was his strong life,

From forests to streams,

He held to his dreams,

And helped keep nature alive.

Health Enthusiast

The President loved all things fit,

To be strong and healthy, he’d commit,

From boxing to hiking,

His endurance, not striking,

A healthy life, he did transmit.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Teddy Roosevelt was a peace-maker,

A Nobel Prize for peace, he would take here,

He’d broker peace talks,

Stop violent door knocks,

With diplomacy, he was no faker.

Five Tanka Poems About Theodore Roosevelt

The Legacy Lives On

An American king,

His legacy forever strong,

Roosevelt the name,

His spirit echoes through time,

Freedom, justice, he proclaimed.

Rough Rider

He charged with power,

Mustache and cowboy hat on,

A true shining star,

He rode into battle for us,

Teddy, the Rough Rider, thus.

Nature’s Advocate

A mighty nature love,

The environment, his passion

To uphold and keep,

Protected wilderness’s call

Roosevelt’s life’s awesome haul.

Progressive Visionary

A progressive force,

Reforms, he unapologetic

Labor, women’s stance,

Regulation, breaking trusts too

Equality, demanded through.

A President for All

Hero, leader, friend,

Lives he touched, hearts he won too,

A heart, big indeed,

People’s President, and how,

Roosevelt, forever avowed.

Five Sonnet Poems About Theodore Roosevelt


A stalwart warrior, a true statesman,

Theodore Roosevelt, a man to admire,

His words and deeds, his boldness, all inspire,

His wisdom, and courage a perfect plan.

Roosevelt, the trust-busting leader, he,

Famous for fighting for the common good,

Loved nature and protected it as he should,

Preserved wildlands, for all to touch and see.

He worked toward social justice for the weak,

Campaigned for workers’ safety and children’s care,

And fair business dealings through laws to speak,

Peace, he secured, for all nations to share.

A great American leader, indeed,

Roosevelt, a hero, forever we heed.

The Rough Rider

A vision of grit, beheld on horseback,

An indomitable spirit, unlike any,

A cavalry of cowboys, on the attack,

Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, an epic symphony.

A man of action, with a stout heart,

The trails of war, he rode with satisfaction,

A hero, he came, right from the start,

An American icon, attracting great attraction.

A fearless leader, he was, through and through,

Unwavering, resolute, with grit unbound,

Roosevelt, the cowboy, his skill so true,

A renegade, of cavalry and renown.

He led his troops, through fire and fight,

Roosevelt, the Rough Rider, a beacon of light.

The Conservationist

The wilderness, his true element,

Roosevelt, a conservationist so fine,

Wildlife, landmarks, and lands, he preserved with intent,

Their beauty and wonder, he saw as divine.

A steward of nature, beyond compare,

Roosevelt’s heart beat, with the world around,

He loved what we have, and never did spare,

In preserving it, he stood his ground.

He established national parks, at an exponential rate,

Forever enshrined, the wildlife of this land,

Preserved and protected, through his will and fate,

Roosevelt’s legacy, still makes a stand.

A protector of wildlife, of nature, of land,

Roosevelt, the conservationist, made his stand.

Nobel Peace Prize

A master of diplomacy, with words secured,

Teddy Roosevelt, earned the Nobel Prize,

For Russia, peace he made, firmly assured,

A conflict averted, through his wise.

He made the Russo-Japanese War cease,

With skill and tact, he used his might,

He bridged the gap, in a world of peace,

A diplomat, hey, and of rare might.

From Bully Pulpit, to Nobel Prize acclaim,

Roosevelt’s path of leadership, of peace,

Aiming for diplomacy, he earned the acclaim,

His legacy, forever immortalized, no thief could steal his lease.

With words at his disposal, he made one win,

Teddy Roosevelt, Nobel Prize winner, his peace, his greatest twin.

The Man Who Would Be King

Man, with exceptional vigor, he’d engage,

Elected President at a youthful age,

He fought for the everyday people,

His spirit, alive, like a cathedral.

His passion, justice, equality for all,

He believed it was a genuine call,

His reforms, change each life for the good,

Like waves of hope, transcending each hood.

His heart beat, to the pulse of the nation,

The voice of all is his true conversation,

The welfare of humanity, his greatest goal,

Roosevelt, a leader, never sold his soul.

His greatness, for the history book to sing,

Teddy Roosevelt, a man who would be king.

Five Ode Poems About Theodore Roosevelt

To the Man of Action

Oh, Roosevelt, man of action,

A spirit with guts beyond fraction,

A cowboy, a soldier, President too,

Fearless, brave, and loyal too.

Your Rough Riders charge, your endless fight,

Your policies, so just and right,

Your love for nature, wild and free,

Forever enshrined, eternally.

Your words of wisdom, an endless stream,

Your policies, a shining beam,

Your legacy, still so revered,

Your greatness, to be ever cleared.

Oh, Roosevelt, man of action,

A beacon of hope, a true attraction.

To the Conservationist

Oh, Roosevelt, conservationist,

Your love, for nature, so persistent,

From parks to monuments, and all in between,

Touched by your love, so serene.

Your legacy, so endlessly vast,

Protected and preserved, for all to last,

Wildlife, forests, and oceans too,

A world, preserved, for me and you.

Your passion, so genuine and rare,

Conservation, your endless affair,

Forever enshrined, your impact, pure,

Your love for nature, forever sure.

Oh, Roosevelt, conservationist,

A legacy, so profound, forever missed.

To the Trust Buster

Oh, Roosevelt, trust buster,

Your actions, a rallying cluster,

Protecting the people, your constant goal,

Breaking monopolies, you took control.

Your legacy, so intertwined,

With businesses, now, redefined,

Competition restored, balance gained,

Your trust-busting, courage sustained.

Your policies, so just and fair,

For the people, you truly did care,

Your spirit strong, your will so tough,

Your trust-busting, never too rough.

Oh, Roosevelt, trust buster,

A giant among American muster.

To the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Oh, Roosevelt, Nobel Peace Prize laureate,

Your peace-making, a priceless weight,

Your diplomacy, a ray of light,

Averting wars, from morning to night.

Your tenacity, your endless zeal,

Your spirit, true, with a depth to feel,

Your mediation, a cosmic feat,

Your Nobel Prize, your greatest treat.

Your love for humanity, unequivocal,

Your efforts, so noble, no second fiddle,

Your legacy, forever enshrined,

Your peace-diplomacy, forever defined.

Oh, Roosevelt, Nobel Peace Prize laureate,

A true peacemaker, forever great.

To the Progressive Visionary

Oh, Roosevelt, progressive visionary,

Your policies, a path so necessary,

From labor reforms to women’s suffrage,

Your impact, still felt, with courage.

Your legacy, so endlessly vast,

Social justice, your die-cast,

Your policies, a beacon bright,

Equality, your greatest delight.

Your leadership, so exemplary,

Your vision, so necessary,

Your reforms, still felt today,

Your progressivism, forever to stay.

Oh, Roosevelt, progressive visionary,

An epic leader, forever legendary.

Five Villanelle Poems About Theodore Roosevelt

The Cowboy’s Crusade

A cowboy’s hat, a mustache too,

A leader, strong, determined, and wild,

Teddy Roosevelt, his spirit true.

He led the charge, with courage anew,

In Cuba, the Rough Riders, his child,

A cowboy’s hat, a mustache too.

He fought for trust, and broke them in two,

A people’s champion, dignified,

Teddy Roosevelt, his spirit true.

He fought for nature, and sought to renew,

Protected parks, for all to behold,

A cowboy’s hat, a mustache too.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize, too,

His diplomacy, a skill refined,

Teddy Roosevelt, his spirit true.

A legacy, so vast, forever anew,

A hero, cowboy, and President combined,

A cowboy’s hat, a mustache too,

Teddy Roosevelt, his spirit true.

The Trust Buster

A crisis, monopolies, so few,

A business empire, that swelled too wide,

Teddy Roosevelt’s reelection, he slew.

Breaking trusts, and monopolies too,

A policy that crushed and implied,

A crisis, monopolies, so few.

He championed for the common crew,

Regulated, and made monopolies subside,

Teddy Roosevelt’s reelection, he slew.

For the common man, he continually flew,

A champion described, that made us shake with pride,

A crisis, monopolies, so few.

Regulations enforced, for a people so true,

Teddy Roosevelt, the trust busters guide,

Teddy Roosevelt’s reelection, he slew.

A policy so memorable, forever anew,

Roosevelt, a hero of the people, guide,

A crisis, monopolies, so few,

Teddy Roosevelt’s reelection, he slew.

The Conservationist

A love for nature, so pure and true,

Roosevelt’s passion, forever imbued,

The conservation champion we knew.

From forests to parks, it grew and grew,

A legacy, forever pursued,

A love for nature, so pure and true.

Wildlife, forever, safe and secure too,

Preserved and protected, for all to view,

The conservation champion we knew.

A wilderness, preserved, for me and you,

Preserved natural wonders, forever ensconced,

A love for nature, so pure and true.

A steward of the outdoors, that’s for you,

Roosevelt, the protector, never once confused,

The conservation champion we knew.

His love for nature, forever renewed,

Preserving the outdoors, his vow never diffused,

A love for nature, so pure and true,

The conservation champion we knew.

The Nobel Peacemaker

Bully pulpit, to diplomacy pursued,

Teddy’s legacy, the Nobel at his side,

His peacemaking skills, forever viewed.

From war between Russia and Japan renewed,

Mediating the discord, with calmness described,

Bully pulpit, to diplomacy pursued.

Peace talks, with a voice renewed,

His efforts, forever described,

His peacemaking skills, forever viewed.

A world at peace, a dream pursued,

Roosevelt’s spirit, forever, applied,

Bully pulpit, to diplomacy pursued.

Diplomacy, his forte, and his attitude subdued,

A president, a world leader, that we can’t forget if we tried,

His peacemaking skills, forever viewed,

Bully pulpit, to diplomacy pursued.

The 26th President

From hero, to leader, to friend renewed,

Roosevelt’s heart, beat ever so both loud and true,

A spirit of people, forever imbued.

A love for history, forever pursued,

Preserving our past, for all, to endue,

From hero, to leader, to friend renewed.

Through battles, he charged, with honor pursued,

Leading his troops, with courage ensued,

A spirit of people, forever imbued.

A great American leader, forever renewed,

Our pride, and heritage, forever to construe,

From hero, to leader, to friend renewed.

Roosevelt’s heart, beat ever so both loud and true.

Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy is remembered through his accomplishments and courageous acts in American history. But he also left behind a remarkable record of his private thoughts and feelings that have been captured in beautiful poetry.

It is an intimate look into the inner workings of this beloved President and serves as a lasting tribute to his brilliant mind and inspiring character.

As we have explored, there are brilliant works of art out there written about him that showcase the breadth of emotions he could evoke in just few lines.

Whether you are looking to feel inspired or discover more about this unforgettable president, these poetic works are sure to provide a great experience. So explore with us today! Check out our other articles for different looks into President Roosevelt’s life and legacy!

FAQ: Theodore Roosevelt and Poetry

Who was Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States and served from 1901 to 1909. He was a writer, naturalist, conservationist, and a strong advocate for American imperialism.

Was Theodore Roosevelt interested in poetry?

Yes, Theodore Roosevelt was an avid reader and writer of poetry. He had a personal passion for poetry throughout his life. He wrote poems as a boy and continued writing throughout his adulthood.

Did Theodore Roosevelt’s interest in poetry have any impact on his presidency?

Although not directly related to his presidency, the appreciation of poetry played a significant role in Theodore Roosevelt’s life. He often used poetry to connect with people and express his emotions. He also used it as a way to promote patriotism and national pride, which was particularly relevant during the time of his presidency.

What were some of Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite poets?

Theodore Roosevelt particularly liked Robert Browning, William Wordsworth, Rudyard Kipling, and Dante Alighieri. He even had a portrait of Dante, one of his favorite poets, displayed in the White House.

Did Theodore Roosevelt’s interest in poetry have any impact on American literature?

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most prominent advocates for American literature and was known for encouraging American writers to find their own unique voice. Although he was more passionate about non-fiction, he still influenced American literature through his literary criticism and support of aspiring writers.

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