30 Poems About Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most iconic figures in American history. His extraordinary life, from his humble beginnings in a log cabin to his tragic assassination, has long captivated poets and writers.

This article collects several original poems about Abraham Lincoln, written to inspire students to explore Lincoln’s remarkable story through poetry.

Students can learn how to bring historical figures to life through vivid imagery, emotional language, and sensory details by reading and analyzing these poems.

The poems also demonstrate how to convey the themes of Lincoln’s life, from loss and struggle to hope and resilience. Teachers can use these poems as models for students to emulate as they craft their poems honouring Lincoln’s enduring legacy.

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Abraham Lincoln: Five Free Verse Poems

The Rail-Splitter

His axe bites the wood,

Splitting logs under the hot Illinois sun.

Each crack echoes the frontier’s call

To a gangly youth who would be

Savior and reunifier.

The Orator

Words flow from his lips,

A river of reason sculpting the crowd.

With cadences born in the forest and field,

He elevates countrymen to common purpose,

Liberty and Union bound as one.

The Emancipator

With a stroke of the pen,

Millions unshackled, a people freed.

Justice writ large on the blood-stained page,

While victory’s end still obscured in the fog,

Courage lights the way.

The Fallen Leader

A crack of thunder on Good Friday eve,

The shepherd slain, his work now passed

To frail mortal hands. Grief’s black shroud

Envelops a nation saved but mourning

The gift now gone.


The marble gleams, timeless and austere.

Yet within, the vibrant heart

Of sacrifice and hope still beats.

His weathered face and haunted eyes

Gaze forever to horizons of promise.

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Abraham Lincoln: Five Haiku Poems

The Frontiersman

Log cabin born

Axe in hand, words on his lips

Destiny awaits

The Statesman

Union unravels

Holding fast to liberty

Fate of nation weighed

The Emancipator

Shackles broken

Justice writ for millions bound

Freedom’s trumpet call

Grief’s Heavy Burden

A crack of thunder

The shepherd slain, a nation mourns

Black crepe on white hope

Everlasting Flame

Marble and memory

Honest Abe still lights the way

From history’s heart

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Abraham Lincoln: Five Limericks

There once was a man from Kentucky

Who as President was quite lucky

He saved the Union

And freed each plantation

This man we call Honest Abe, plucky!

In Springfield a lawyer did dwell

Who had a great tale to tell

He rose to high office

Fulfilled his life’s purpose

This statesman who served his land well

The South was seceding with haste

The Union was coming unchased

But Lincoln stayed steady

And in actions already

The nation’s sad conflict outfaced

At Ford’s Theater a shot rang out

And grief then did spread throughout

The land Lincoln saved

In death now was laid

Lamenting the loss of its stout

Though gone for a century and half

In memory Lincoln still laughs

And leads by example

His virtues a temple

To freedom and unity’s staff


Five Tanka Poems About Abraham Lincoln

The Great Emancipator

Honor to Lincoln

Five score years since Gettysburg

Freedom’s hope held fast

Abe, the tall and true, who saved

The Union, and set men free

The Railsplitter

Splitting logs by hand

Honing a heart, a mind keen

For justice, moving

To mend a nation’s divide

Born in a humble cabin

The Wordsmith

Careful with his words

They were his tools, tempered steel

To keep a nation

Whole and strong, to end all wars

With malice toward none, with grace

The Lost Son

The gnawing pain of loss

Set deeper in a sapling’s soul

Early hollowed out

Bereft of his mother, sister

He grew wise and bent on justice

The President

Tall and thin with grace

Abe, the farmer president

Led with a steady hand

Through a civil war’s fierce flames

And joined the ranks of martyrs

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe

Honest Abe, so tall and true

With patient wit and steady hand

Faced down a rebel horde and slew

He split the rails, and put them through

His honest mind and heart so grand

Honest Abe, so tall and true

His words rang out like morning dew

On battlefields across the land

Faced down a rebel horde and slew

He held the Union fast in lieu

Of short-term gain, of quick demand

Honest Abe, so tall and true

The Emancipator, who knew

That freedom must be won, not planned

Faced down a rebel horde and slew

So let us sing his praise anew

Our hero, martyr, saintly man

Honest Abe, so tall and true

Faced down a rebel horde and slew

The Marble Man

The Marble Man in solemn grace

Looks out upon the Mall below

And guards the sacred burial space

He bears no hint of scorn or face

Of anger, rage, or afterglow

The Marble Man in solemn grace

He bears the scars of war’s dark trace

And holds the Union fast, you know

And guards the sacred burial space

His words echo within this place

Of liberty and justice, so

The Marble Man in solemn grace

We honor him with pride, and trace

His patient trail, his steady flow

And guard the sacred burial space

Let us remember him with grace

And pledge anew to live and grow

The Marble Man in solemn grace

And guard the sacred burial space

The Emancipator

Abe, the Emancipator true

Who split the chains of slavery

And made a bold new way for you

His patient, steady march pursued

A lofty goal, a bright decree

Abe, the Emancipator true

Through death and war, he bore us through

With wit and wisdom, grand and free

And made a bold new way for you

He spoke of freedom, and imbued

His words with grace and clarity

Abe, the Emancipator true

He honored all God’s children who

Had long been held in slavery

And made a bold new way for you

So let us sing his praises due

Our hero, martyr, bold and free

Abe, the Emancipator true

And make a bold new way for you

Gettysburg Address

Four score and seven years ago

Our Fathers’ bequeathed to us a home

Their land, our birthright to bestow

And here, so far from sun and glow

We gather now, no more to roam

Four score and seven years ago

In hallowed ground, we stand aglow

Midst fallen heroes’ sacred dome

Whose land, our birthright to bestow

Their blood and sacrifice bestow

A vision of a land to own

Four score and seven years ago

We honor them, with hearts a-throw

To renew the land where they have flown

Their land, our birthright to bestow

So let us pledge, to keep the flow

Of liberty and justice known

Four score and seven years ago

Their land, our birthright to bestow

The Assassination

The shot rang out upon the land

And echoed through the ages there

Abe, the Great, had fallen, unmanned

We could not understand the bland

Assassin or his motive clear

The shot rang out upon the land

The man who labored, planned, and scanned

The white-hot furnace of despair

Abe, the Great, had fallen, unmanned

His words rang true, and we had fanned

Our hope in him so grand and rare

The shot rang out upon the land

No more would he walk, talk, or stand

His mortal frame was now laid bare

Abe, the Great, had fallen, unmanned

So let us hold to his command

To keep the Union, brave and fair

The shot rang out upon the land

Abe, the Great, had fallen, unmanned.


Five Sonnet Poems About Abraham Lincoln

The Great Emancipator

The land of liberty, a nation bright,

Held tight in slavery’s odious grip.

True freedom was but a far-off sight,

The flag of justice was beginning to dip.

But into the fray stepped a man of action,

A figure tall, with a heart so grand.

He fought the South with a great passion,

And gave slaves the rights to take a stand.

He rose above the rabble and hate,

And vowed to be the champion of the poor.

He fought until it was no longer late,

And ended the reign of slavery for sure.

He shall always be remembered and praised,

For being a hero of the highest grade.

The Gettysburg Address

Four score and seven years ago,

Our fathers brought forth a nation so new.

A land of liberty they hoped to sow,

And a place where freedom would always be true.

But war had come and left its mark,

A great divide within the land.

It was time for those who could make a start,

To make the people come back hand in hand.

It was here at Gettysburg where he stood,

And with his words, he showed the way.

He talked of freedom, and brotherhood,

Of how we shall never forget the price we pay.

We honor his words, till the end of our days,

And remember the man who saved our ways.

The Martyr President

The sea of people gathered so dense,

Each face was full of tears and remorse.

The nation had lost its greatest prince,

And its hopes and dreams had taken a course.

He had fought for freedom for all,

And of the Union he was the defender.

But fate had called him to take the fall,

And his life was ended with a shot so tender.

The country mourned, the world stood still,

For he was more than just a man.

He was the leader who fought with will,

And made us understand the true values of human.

With heavy hearts, we lay him to rest,

And pray that his ideals will continue to bless.

The Commander-in-Chief

The dark clouds of war threatened the land,

And the only way was to stand and fight.

The enemy was strong and very planned,

But he led us through with his might.

He marshaled the men and the artillery too,

With a smile and a handshake, he won their hearts.

The battles were won, he always knew,

How to make his country play her part.

He was the commander, but also our friend,

For he cared for the soldiers with all his might.

And when the war finally came to its end,

The nation knew who had fought the good fight.

He was our Lincoln, so kind and true,

And the history of this nation is his glory too.

The Great Man of Hope

In times of trouble and despair,

We looked to him, our beacon of light.

With words so encouraging and full of care,

He gave us hope during the nation’s darkest nights.

His heart was pure and his will so brave,

He never gave up and never gave in.

The country he saved from a terrible grave,

And made us dream of the future so new and bright.

He shall forever be our great man of hope,

For he showed us what we could be.

With his courage and his endless scope,

He changed the course of history.

We shall never forget, our hero so grand,

Our Abraham Lincoln, with his loving hand.

Abraham Lincoln’s story continues to captivate and inspire generations. Through poetry, we are able to bring to life his remarkable journey and legacy. The poems in this article are just a small collection of works that honour the life and accomplishments of Lincoln.

By studying them, students can learn how to craft their pieces and convey emotions, themes, and imagery through poetry. Lincoln’s story belongs to us all, and through poetry, we can keep his memory alive.

Poetry and Abraham Lincoln FAQ

Did Abraham Lincoln write any poetry?

There is no record of Abraham Lincoln writing poetry. However, he was known to be a lover of poetry and enjoyed reciting poems to friends and family, such as “The Last Leaf” by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

What themes are typically explored in poems about Abraham Lincoln?

Poems about Abraham Lincoln often explore themes of freedom, justice, resilience, hope, and perseverance. They may also explore his legacy and his impact on the nation.

What are some famous poems about Abraham Lincoln?

Some famous poems about Abraham Lincoln include “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman, “Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight” by Vachel Lindsay, and “Lincoln” by John Gould Fletcher.

How can poetry be used to teach about Abraham Lincoln?

Poetry can be an effective teaching tool for exploring Abraham Lincoln’s life and legacy. Students can explore themes and emotions related to Lincoln and his impact through poetry. Teachers can encourage students to write their poems or analyze and interpret existing works of poetry to deepen their understanding of Lincoln’s life and legacy.

What poetic devices are commonly used in poems about Abraham Lincoln?

Poems about Abraham Lincoln often use poetic devices such as imagery, metaphor, and allusion to convey emotions and themes associated with his life and legacy. Depending on the poem’s tone, they may also use rhythm and rhyme to create a sense of harmony or discordance.

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