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As teachers, we understand the importance of teaching our students about the environment and how to care for it.

It’s so crucial for everyone to be aware of what is happening with our planet, and incorporating poetry can be a great way to both engage your students in learning and inspire them to think more deeply about environmental issues.

In this blog post series, I will provide examples of poems on environmental themes that you can use in your classes as part of a lesson plan or show your class an inspiring poem if they’re feeling unmotivated.

Whether you prefer traditional tanka, haikus or even rap battle-inspired rhymes – there is plenty of variety here for any teacher looking for creative ways to discuss sustainability in their classroom!

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Five Free Verse Poems About The Environment

1. Whispering Winds

The wind whispers in the trees,
Don’t you hear it?
It tells tales of the earth’s shift,
How we’ve marred her beauty with our indifference.
Can we, denizens of this once-verdant globe,
Not feel her pain as we tread heavy-footed upon her?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. Ocean’s Lament

Oh, the ocean’s lament, a siren’s song,
Echoes through the depths of its azure heart.
We’ve tainted her waters, yet she endures,
Her resilience a testament to life’s tenacity.
Will we heed her call, or continue our destructive dance?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

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3. The Forest’s Heartbeat

In the forest’s silence, a heartbeat echoes.
Each leaf, each twig, pulsating with life.
Yet, we strip her bare, oblivious to her cries,
Are we not the guardians of this magnificent tapestry?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. The Sky’s Tears

The sky weeps, tears cascading down,
A plea for mercy from the heavens above.
We’ve clouded her visage with our carelessness,
Can we restore her to her former glory?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. Earth’s Symphony

Listen to the symphony of the Earth,
A melody composed of wind, water, and wildlife.
Yet, discordant notes invade, our discordant acts disrupting the harmony.
Can we retune our actions, to once again play in concert with nature?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

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Five Example Haiku Poems About The Environment

Nature’s Beauty

Glistening dewdrops

Reflecting morning sunlight

Nature’s pure beauty

Air Pollution

Haze covers the sky

Smog chokes every living breath

Air pollution wins

Climate Change

Rising tides engulf

As the Earth’s temperatures soar

Climate change takes hold

Plastic Pollution

Oceans filled with waste

Plastic islands now form

Pollution kills life

Nature’s Call

Forests whispering

To protect our mother Earth

Answer nature’s call

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Five Acrostic Poems About The Environment

1. Earth’s Elegy

Every sunrise, a new day begins
All around us, life spins
Rivers flow, forests grow
Taking time, moving slow
Honor her, for she is our kin

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Nature’s Narrative

New day dawns, bright and clear
As the trees stand tall, without fear
The birds sing, flowers bloom
Under the sun and the moon
Remember to hold these moments dear
Each one a memory to endear

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Wilderness Whispers

Winds whisper through the leaves
In the forest, where we believe
Life is wild, free, and pure
Dreams take flight, and endure
Echoing the songs of the seas
Reminding us to live with ease
Nature’s beauty, our only cure
Environment’s call, we must not ignore
So let’s protect, preserve, and ensure
So that its magic continues to lure

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Sustainability’s Song

Sunrise paints the sky in hues
Underneath, the earth renews
Stewardship is our role
To nurture, love, and console
As we walk in nature’s shoes
Inspired by her myriad views
Now it’s time to pay our dues
And ensure her survival ensues
Before we lose
Infinite beauty, that we misuse
Let’s make a choice we won’t refuse
In our hands, the future ensues
Together, we must diffuse
Yesterday’s harm, with today’s news

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Conservation’s Call

Can you hear the call of the wild?
On the wind, soft and mild
Nature beckons us to care
So that her beauty we can share
Every creature, big and small
Respect them, for they enthral
Vows we make, to protect them all
As we answer conservation’s call
Together, we can prevent their fall
It’s in our hands, after all
On us, their survival does befall
Now is the time, to stand tall

By Dan Higgins 2024

Five Example Limerick Poems About The Environment

Blue Beauty

The ocean is a wondrous place,

A peaceful sight to embrace,

But pollution does spoil,

The seas precious soil,

And we are the ones to embrace.

Clear Skies

The sky is an amazing sight,

It’s beauty stuns us with light,

But with warming air,

We’re losing our fair,

It’s time for us to make things right.


Landfills that we do treasure,

Are filled with trinkets of pleasure,

But with chemicals and waste,

We add to a world’s taste,

It’s time that we take measures.

Plastic Seas

The ocean’s a plastic scene,

Filled with trash and debris obscene,

With animals dying,

And our waste multiplying,

It’s time to make the ocean clean.

Alternative Power

The Earth has renewable might,

With windmills and solar in sight,

To curb carbon’s pains,

And lessen Earth’s strains,

Alternative power is just right.

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Five Rhyming Poems About The Environment

1. Embrace of the Earth

The sun ascends the morning’s birth,
In the grand embrace of the Earth.
Rivers flow, forests stand tall,
In nature’s majestic hall.
Let’s preserve for all it’s worth,
This beautiful planet, our hearth.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Symphony of Seasons

Spring’s bloom and summer’s delight,
Autumn’s hues and winter’s white,
A symphony of seasons in sight,
Nature’s magic in pure light.
Let’s ensure it remains bright,
Preserve the day, conserve the night.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Wilderness Wonders

Through the whispering trees, the wind wanders,
In awe of the wilderness and its wonders.
Life in the wild, free and pure,
A beauty we must secure.
Lest we make blunders,
Let’s not plunder, instead be the world’s menders.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Sustainability’s Serenade

The sunrise paints the sky in shades,
As the day in twilight fades.
Our role is clear as the morning dew,
To the Earth we must be true.
In her beauty, no facade,
Let’s sing the serenade of sustainability’s ballad.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Echoes of Conservation

Can you hear the echoes of conservation?
A plea, an urgent invocation.
Each creature, each tree, each stone,
Speaks a language of its own.
Let’s respond with dedication,
And protect our home, without hesitation.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Five Sonnets About The Environment

A Call to Nature

Nature’s beauty, let us not neglect,

A call to action, we cannot reject,

Beneath the clear skies and cloud’s embrace,

A world full of life, let us not deface.

Every bird that flies amidst the air,

And every creature that we hold dear,

We must realize, it’s now or never,

And our place on Earth has to be better.

Let us start with recycling today,

And hold industry accountable, let’s say,

Forget the greed, and make a change,

Before the earth’s beauty, we fully estrange.

And let it be said for generations to come,

That we took care of this planet, our only home.

A World Without Nature

A world without nature, we cannot afford,

And yet, we take it all for granted, so bored,

Deforestation, pollution and climate change,

And yet we continue, so calloused, so strange.

Rivers running dry, skies turning black,

Is it too much to ask, to give nature its slack?

Overconsumption, convenience and ease,

But what is the price, for our minds to appease?

We need to reduce, reuse and recycle,

And make sure, we leave the future stable,

Bring back the trees, protect the bees,

Let’s make sure, we plant the right seeds.

For a world without nature, is no world we want,

Let’s protect it, cherish it, and let our hearts vaunt.

The Call to Action

The call to action, is what we desperately need,

To heal the world, regardless of religion or creed,

Reduce waste, and help reduce pollution,

Change habits, to find the solution.

A world free of plastic waste and debris,

Is one where our children will fiercely agree, So let’s decrease our carbon footprint,

And inspire others to help heal the earth’s dint.

For every animal, every creature we admire,

Needs us to act, if we don’t want them to expire,

So let us change our ways, and make a move,

For it’s up to us to show mother nature, some love.

The call to action, let it be heard,

From every heart and every word.

Nature’s Fury

Nature’s fury, is an event to shiver,

A reminder of her power, like a sliver,

For every storm, every hurricane,

A world without nature, will forever maim.

Let’s see her beauty for what it is,

And not as a means to an end or a quiz,

Instead, let’s respect her every whim,

And cherish her with love, from within.

For every breath we take, every sight we see,

Is made possible by nature’s magnificence, its majesty,

So let us not forget, to let our soul take flight,

And protect her beauty, with all our might.

Nature’s fury, may come and go,

But her beauty will always endure and glow.

A New Dawn

A new dawn, a new hope, a better day,

Is what we need, to reduce the decay,

Of our planet, our home, our only stay,

Let’s move away, from the gloom and the grey.

Reducing our waste, and controlling our greed,

With a mindset to change, and to take heed,

Of nature’s balance, before it feeds,

On our neglect, and our moral misdeed.

A world with clean air, and fresh flowing streams,

Is possible, if we follow our dreams,

So let’s take charge, and make a stand,

And protect our planet, with love and with hand.

For a new dawn, is within our sights,

If we protect nature, with all our might.

Five Elegy Poems About The Environment

1. Lament for the Lost Forests

Once stood a forest, vast and green,
Now only stumps are to be seen.
A symphony of life it used to be,
Now silence reigns, where there used to be glee.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Eulogy for the Endangered

Creatures great and creatures small,
Answered nature’s every call.
Now their voices fade away,
In the face of mankind’s disarray.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Dirge for the Disappearing Coral

Beneath the waves, a garden grew,
Of coral in every vibrant hue.
Now bleached and barren, it lies in ruin,
A ghostly shadow of the beauty it once knew.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Requiem for the Melting Glaciers

Majestic glaciers, white and pure,
Their timeless presence, we thought secure.
But now they weep, their tears flow fast,
A mournful testament to a warming past.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Mourning the Polluted Skies

Once upon a time, the skies so blue,
Held clouds of white, and rainbows too.
Now grey and heavy, they hang with sorrow,
A grim reflection of our tomorrow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Five Villanelle Poems about the Environment

The Price We Pay

The price we pay for wasted land,

Is one that we cannot afford,

It’s time for us to stop close at hand.

We need to heal nature’s grief,

And work to protect and restore,

The price we pay for wasted land.

Our oceans suffer from human hand,

Pollution, waste, is what they hoard,

It’s time for us to stop close at hand.

For every creature, every strand,

Of nature’s balance, should not be ignored,

The price we pay for wasted land.

Let’s work to heal, and take a stand,

And protect the earth, our only Lord,

It’s time for us to stop close at hand.

For every choice, every demand,

Nature’s beauty we can’t disregard,

The price we pay for wasted land,

It’s time for us to stop close at hand.

Human Nature

Human nature, we must understand,

Is something we cannot ignore,

And work together, hand in hand.

For when it comes to our motherland,

It’s time now, to do what we swore,

Human nature, we must understand.

And take responsibility to expand,

The efforts to protect, and to restore,

And work together, hand in hand.

For the path that we’re on, is not so grand,

And nature’s hope, it cannot endure,

Human nature, we must understand.

We need to heal, restore and plan,

And make sure, nature’s wounds don’t roar,

And work together, hand in hand.

For nature’s balance, is nature’s demand,

And we must never forget, to explore,

Human nature, we must understand,

And work together, hand in hand.

A World Without Nature

A world without nature, we can’t abide,

A world filled with emptiness inside,

Our planet, our home, our only ride.

Let’s take a stand, and turn back the tide,

Restore and heal, what has been denied,

A world without nature, we can’t abide.

We must protect, every creature with pride,

And work together, side by side,

Our planet, our home, our only ride.

For every leaf, and every stride,

Nature’s balance, it cannot hide,

A world without nature, we can’t abide.

So let’s protect, from every slide,

And make sure, that we provide,

Our planet, our home, our only ride.

For nature’s beauty, deep inside,

Is nature’s love, and nature’s guide,

A world without nature, we can’t abide,

Our planet, our home, our only ride.

Restore and Heal

Restore and heal, the Earth we call,

For every mountain, every waterfall,

And every creature, both big and small.

For nature’s beauty, so close and tall,

Is something we cannot recluse to stall,

Restore and heal, the Earth we call.

Let’s take the lead, and stand up tall,

And work together to cure it all,

For every mountain, every waterfall.

Every voice, every hand must sprawl,

And ensure that we never befall,

Restore and heal, the Earth we call.

For every creature, it is our call,

To protect it, and to take the haul,

For nature’s beauty, so close and tall.

Restore and heal, we won’t appall,

For our love of Earth, we will enthrall,

For every mountain, every waterfall,

And every creature, both big and small.

The Natural World

The natural world, a world so grand,

A peaceful beauty, so close at hand,

Let’s take the lead, and protect it as planned.

For every tree, and every strand,

Is part of nature’s balance, and demand,

The natural world, a world so grand.

Let’s take a stand, and work to mend,

The wounds of progress, that never end,

Let’s take the lead, and protect it as planned.

For every animal that we defend,

Is Mother Nature’s way, to extend,

The natural world, a world so grand.

So let’s respect, every move and bend,

Of nature’s laws, our future to trend,

Let’s take the lead, and protect it as planned.

For every heart, to nature’s command,

Let’s work together, and never offend,

The natural world, a world so grand,

Let’s take the lead, and protect it as planned.


Five Ode Poems About the Environment

Tree of Life

Oh, tree of life, your beauty knows no bounds,

Your shelter holds, from sun to rain’s sounds,

Every leaf, every branch, every twig and root,

Sustains every creature, with nature’s hoot.

Through the seasons, your changing charm,

From your blossom to your colored leaf calm,

You stand tall, and with air you cleanse,

Mother nature’s treasure, always immense.

From the smallest insect, to the largest predator,

Your bounty of fruits, to all you offer,

Your place in the cycle, is central in life,

Oh, tree of life, we cannot endure strife.

Let us protect, and cherish your every strand,

Treating you with respect, and with service in hand,

For you are the keystone, of mother nature’s plan,

Oh, tree of life, we will not forget your stand.

The Ocean’s Symphony

Oh, ocean’s symphony, your song so bright,

Your waves crashing loud, in the midday light,

Every tide, every current, every ebb and flow,

So much beauty, in every water’s show.

The coral reefs, and their countless hues,

The sea creatures, and their oceanic muse,

Your power lies, in every crest and trough,

An ecosystem, that we can’t rebuff.

From the smallest plankton, to the blue whale’s call,

Your depths have secrets, we cannot enthrall,

Majestic and calm, and often rough,

Oh, ocean’s symphony, your beauty we love.

Let us protect, and heal you from harm,

Stop the plastic, and prevent the alarm,

Ensuring your future, with every calm,

Oh, ocean’s symphony, let us sing your balm.

Mother Nature’s Garden

Oh, mother nature’s garden, your scope so wide,

A world of wonder, a place to reside,

Every flower, every shrub, every blade,

A canvas so vivid, your beauty never fade.

From the forest giants, to the delicate ferns,

Your balance and harmony, every creature learns,

Bees and butterflies, and many a bird,

Find haven in you, with all their heard.

Your fruits and your vegetables, such great bounties,

And to all the creatures, shelter without confines,

From the smallest bug, to the largest herd,

Oh, mother nature’s garden, let your beauty be heard.

Let us protect, every creature and seed,

And ensure your balance, we take heed,

For your future, we need to build with speed,

Oh, mother nature’s garden, with love we will feed.

The Sky’s Embrace

Oh, the sky’s embrace, what a view to admire,

From the sun’s rise, to the day’s fire,

Every cloud, every hue, every sunrise and set,

A spectacle so vibrant, so hard to forget.

The stars above, and their countless light,

A never-ending canvas, that’s so much bright,

The moon and its glow, every summer and fall,

So much beauty, its hard not to enthrall.

From every bird in its flight, to the climber’s feat,

Your beauty knows no bounds, a sight so neat,

From the plateau’s high, to the valley’s crease,

Oh, the sky’s embrace, we pray for your peace.

Let us protect, every ozone layer and cloud,

And promote clear skies, that we can be proud,

For every creature, so delicate and loud,

Oh, the sky’s embrace, let your beauty abound.

Renewed Earth

Oh, renewed earth, what a sight to behold,

From the mountains high, to the valleys bold,

Every river, every waterfall, every stream,

A harmony so vivid, in nature’s dream.

From the desert dunes, to the Arctic freeze,

Your ecosystem flourishes, and so do the bees,

The plants and the flowers, springing forth,

A world renewed, so full of worth.

From every animal, to every creature small,

Your bounties are cherished, from every call,

The sun and the wind, and every breeze,

Oh, renewed earth, your beauty unleashes.

Let us protect, every germ, every speck,

And ensure your balance, that’s not a wreck,

For your future, we’ll take the necessary trek,

Oh, renewed earth, we’ll protect with much respect.


Five Tanka Poems About The Environment

1. Nature’s Plea

In whispers of wind,
A plea from the verdant Earth,
Tread lightly, she sighs.
Marred beauty seeks our kindness,
Will we answer her soft cry?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. Siren of the Sea

Ocean’s lament rings,
Azure heart tainted by man.
Endurance echoes,
Her call for care resonates,
Can we halt our harmful dance?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. Forest’s Pulse

Silent forest hums,
A heartbeat in every leaf.
Stripped bare, yet she thrives,
Her cries for care resounding,
Are we not her guardians?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. Heavenly Appeal

Sky’s tears tumble down,
A plea from the heavens high.
Clouded by our acts,
She yearns for her former glow,
Can we restore her radiance?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. Symphony of Life

Earth’s symphony plays,
Wind and water, wildlife’s tune.
Discord disrupts peace,
Harmony seeks our respect,
Can we retune our actions?

By Dan Higgins, 2024

These poems about the environment are a great way for teachers to help students learn and appreciate the power of nature.

They offer an opportunity to explore topics such as conservation, protection, and sustainability in a creative way.

By encouraging conversations around these themes in the classroom, teachers can empower their students to be the change-makers our planet needs for a better future.


Q1: Why should teachers incorporate environmental poetry into their lessons?

Environmental poetry merges the beauty of language with the importance of environmental awareness. By incorporating such poetry into lessons, teachers can inspire students to appreciate nature, understand environmental issues, and express their thoughts and feelings about the world around them. This fusion of art and science can make learning both enjoyable and meaningful.

Q2: How can environmental poetry be introduced to students of different ages?

The introduction of environmental poetry can be tailored to suit students of varying ages and abilities. For younger learners, simple rhymes and poems about nature can be a good start. Students can explore more complex poems that delve into environmental themes and issues as they progress. The key is to match the complexity of the poems with the students’ comprehension levels.

Q3: What are some engaging activities for teaching environmental poetry?

Ready to bring environmental poetry to life? Consider activities like poetry readings, writing workshops, and even outdoor sessions where students can draw inspiration from nature. You could also host a ‘green’ poetry slam or create a class anthology of environmental poems. Remember, the goal is to engage, educate, and inspire.

Q4: Can environmental poetry enhance learning in other subject areas?

Absolutely! Environmental poetry can serve as a bridge between various subjects. It can enhance learning in science by providing a creative perspective on environmental topics. It can also enrich language arts through the study of poetic devices and structures. Moreover, it can foster critical thinking and empathy as students reflect on environmental issues.

Q5: Where can teachers find resources for environmental poetry?

There’s a wealth of resources out there for environmental poetry. Look out for anthologies, books, and websites dedicated to this genre. Many educational platforms also offer lesson plans and activities specifically designed for teaching environmental poetry.

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