The Top 35 Poems About Parents

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Parents are the ones who bring us into this world, raise us and support us throughout our lives. They are our guiding light and pillars of strength.

As teachers, it’s essential to help students appreciate their parents’ role in their lives.

One way to do that is through poetry. This article has compiled several poems about parents that can inspire students to write their own.

These poems use a variety of styles and techniques, and we hope they can be a valuable resource for educators looking to engage their students in creative writing exercises.

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30 Poems About Parents

Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About Parents

1. A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is a force to be reckoned with

Unconditional and unwavering

It’s the kind of love that never quits

Even when life’s struggles are devastating

She stands tall through the storm

And lifts us up when we’re down

Her heart is our shelter from harm

Her love, our safe haven, profound

2. My Father’s Hands

My father’s hands were always rough

But they held me with such tenderness

His strong embrace was more than enough

To make all my fears disappear, no less

He worked tirelessly day and night

Just to give us everything we need

To see him strive with all his might

Was a testament to his love indeed

3. The Lessons They Teach

Our parents teach us the lessons of life

Not just through the words they say

But also through their resilient strife

To lead by example every day

They show us what it means to work hard

And how to persevere through any pain

They instill in us values to discard

And help us grow into who we are today

4. The Bond We Share

The bond between parent and child

Is one that cannot be broken or torn

It’s a love that’s both gentle and wild

A bond that keeps us grounded and reborn

No matter where life takes us each day

Or how far we may seem to wander off track

We know that our parents will always stay

Loving us deeply, no matter what we lack

5. Thank You

Thank you, dear parents, for all you’ve done

For being our shining stars and guiding light

Your love has shone brighter than the sun

And helped us through even the darkest of nights

We may not always show it, but please know

That your sacrifices and hard work don’t go unseen

Your love has helped us to flourish and grow

Into strong, capable adults, confident and keen.

Five Acrostic Poems About Parents

1. Pillars of Strength

Patience in your eyes, love in your heart,

Always there for us, right from the start.

Radiating warmth, wisdom, and grace,

Ever present, whatever we face.

Nurturing dreams, big and small,

Teaching us to stand tall.

Steadfast pillars, our parents so dear.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Guiding Lights

Guiding us through life with love and care,

Understanding our dreams, always there.

Inspiring courage, instilling hope,

Displaying strength, helping us cope.

Imprinting values, shaping our soul,

Never letting go of their role.

Guiding lights, our parents, our stars.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Nurturers

Nurturing us with love pure and true,

Uplifting us when we’re feeling blue.

Ready to protect, ready to guide,

Teaching us to take life in stride.

Unbending support, love without measure,

Rich in wisdom, a treasure.

Endless patience, a heart so kind,

Reminding us, love is what we find.

Such are parents, our nurturers, our friends.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Heroes

Holding our hands, leading the way,

Encouraging us, come what may.

Resilient in trials, strong in strife,

Offering lessons valuable in life.

Endless love, selfless and pure,

Such are parents, our heroes for sure.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Anchors

Always there to listen and understand,

Never failing to lend a helping hand.

Comforting us with a gentle smile,

Helping us cross every difficult mile.

Our stronghold during stormy weather,

Resilient, enduring, they falter never.

Such are our parents, our anchors so strong.

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Haiku Poem

Five Haiku Poems About Parents

1. A Mother’s Love

Soft, gentle whispers,

A mother’s love surrounds me,

Everlasting bond.

2. Father’s Wisdom

Father’s gentle voice,

Guiding me with wise counsel,

Forever grateful.

3. Their Tender Care

Parents’ tender care,

Nurturing and protecting us,

Our hearts overflow.

4. A Parent’s Strength

A parent’s strong will,

Gives courage to face life’s storms,

Unwavering support.

5. Endless Love

Endless love they give,

Our guiding lights in the dark,

Parents’ precious gift.

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Five Limerick Poems About Parents

1. Mom’s Secret Stash

There once was a mother so sweet

Who kept all her candy to eat

But when her kids came around

There wasn’t a treat to be found

Mom’s secret stash was hers to keep

2. Dad’s Bad Jokes

There once was a dad with bad jokes

Whose puns made his children go broke

They’d say “Dad, stop it please”

But he’d tell jokes with ease

And make them all laugh until they choked

3. Parental Love

There once was a pair, mom and dad

Whose love for their kids made them glad

They’d hug and they’d hold

And never let go, we’re told

Their love for their children: ironclad

4. The Parenting Struggle

There once was a couple with strife

Whose parenting caused them much life

They tried their best each day

To raise their kids in a good way

And hoped they’d turn out alright in life

5. A Parent’s Sacrifice

There once was a parent so true

Whose sacrifice knew no bounds, it’s true

They gave up all their dreams

So their kids could reach new extremes

A parent’s love, like theirs, is rare and few

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Five Tanka Poems About Parents

1. A Mother’s Grace

Soft, gentle whispers

A mother’s love surrounds us

Her grace ever-present

Guiding us through life’s journey

Her love unyielding and true

2. Father’s Steadfast Love

Father’s loving gaze

A lighthouse in darkened seas

His strength never fades

A steadfast beacon of hope

Guiding us through life’s tempest

3. A Parent’s Devotion

Unwavering love

Parents’ hearts filled with fierce devotion

Their sacrifice great

Guiding us through the unknown

Their love forever endures

4. The Lessons They Teach

Parents’ wise counsel

Their words echoing through time

Lessons to cherish

Their teachings we hold so dear

Guiding us through life’s journey

5. Enduring Love

A parent’s embrace

A shelter from life’s harsh storms

Their love knows no end

A bond that endures through time

Guiding us to brighter days

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Five Sonnet Poems About Parents

1. A Mother’s Heart

A mother’s heart is like a garden fair

Where love grows wild and free in every part

Her gentle touch and tender loving care

Is like a balm that soothes the wounded heart

From childhood days to when we are grown

Her loving gaze, a constant guiding light

Through thick and thin she never left us alone

Her love endures, forever shining bright

Her laughter echoes through the halls of time

Her wisdom, a beacon for the lost and found

Her love, a comfort to the anguished mind

A mother’s heart, forever spinning round

It’s hard to put in words her priceless worth

But we’ll always be grateful for her unyielding mirth

2. A Father’s Strength

A father’s strength is like a mighty rock

In whom we find our refuge from the storm

His unwavering spirit, never to be knocked

Is like a beacon that keeps us safe and warm

He toiled tirelessly for our every need

To give us all the best that life could give

His precious words of wisdom, like a seed

Planted in our hearts, forever to live

His gruff exterior belies a heart so kind

A heart that beats for us, his children dear

With him beside us, we know we’ll always find

The strength we need to face each challenge here

We’re ever grateful for his steadfast love

A father’s strength, like an eagle’s soaring dove

3. Parental Love

Parental love, like a candle’s warming glow

A flickering flame that lights up the dark night

Its gentle warmth, a soothing balm to show

That all will be okay, no matter the sight

Through every phase of life, they were there

Guiding our first steps, holding our hands tight

Giving us hope, no matter how despair

Parental love, a beacon of shining light

Their guiding voice, a constant guiding star

Their endless patience, like the ocean’s tide

Their sacrifice, like the moon, near and far

Their love, like the sun, forever to abide

We’ll always cherish their parental love

A gift so rare, like an eagle’s soaring dove

4. The Lessons They Teach

The lessons they teach, like a river’s flow

A constant stream that feeds our thirsty soul

Their words of wisdom, a balm that eases woe

With every step we take, we feel more whole

Their gentle guidance, like a steady breeze

That keeps us on course, through life’s tumultuous ride

Their unwavering faith, like light between the trees

Guiding us through dark forests, never to hide

We’re ever grateful for the lessons they teach

For the values they instill, for the moral code they preach

They’ve been our pillars of strength, our shelter in the storm

The lessons they teach, forever to transform

We’ll carry their teachings with us all our days

And pass them on to others, in countless ways

5. Their Unconditional Love

Their love is like a rose, in full bloom

Its gentle fragrance, a soothing balm indeed

Their unwavering presence, a constant room

Where we find solace, no matter the need

Through thick and thin, they were always there

Supporting us through every trial and strife

Their love, like an anchor, was always aware

Of everything that shaped our very life

Their unconditional love, like sun and rain

Is what nourished us, gave us our very start

Their warmth, like a hearth, kept us free from pain

And gave us the courage to launch every heart

We’ll always cherish their unwavering love

And pray it reaches us from heaven above.

Five Elegys About Parents

1. Guiding Lights

Parents, the stars that twinkle in our night, Guiding us with their wisdom and their light. Through childhood’s maze, they lead us right, Their love, a beacon burning bright.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Roots and Wings

Parents give us roots and also wings, Teaching us to dream, inspiring great things. In their embrace, true comfort clings, In their words, the truth always sings.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Silent Sacrifices

Parents make sacrifices silent and deep, For their children’s happiness, they often weep. Their love, a treasure we’re meant to keep, A bond so strong, it makes hearts leap.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Lifelong Teachers

Parents, our first and lifelong teachers, With lessons more profound than any preachers. Their wisdom, the most valuable of features, Molding us into well-rounded creatures.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. An Unbreakable Bond

The bond between parents and child, Is as wild as the wind, as mild as the mild. Through every storm, they’ve smiled, Their love, an anthem forever styled.

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Five Ode Poems About Parents

1. Ode to a Mother’s Love

Oh, mother’s love, how sweet and pure

Like honey from the comb, it’s ever secure

A love that knows no bounds, no end

It’s like a warm embrace, a faithful friend

Your gentle touch, your soothing voice

Fills us up, with peace and poise

From childhood days till we’re grown

Your love, like a fortress, is forever known

Your love is like a rose in bloom

So fragrant, so sweet, its perfume

Guiding us through life’s tumultuous ride

In every step we take, you’re by our side

Oh, mother’s love, how deep and true

We’ll always hold this close to heart, just like you

2. Ode to a Father’s Strength

Oh, father’s strength, how fierce and bold

A mighty force to be reckoned, we’re told

Your unwavering spirit, like a lion’s roar

Is what keeps us grounded, forevermore

Your guiding hand, your solid stance

Is what gave us all the confidence to dance

Through life’s obstacles and trials, we faced

With you by our side, we were never misplaced

Your strength is like a mountain’s might

So unyielding, so strong, it’s out of sight

Guiding us through every path that life may face

Your wisdom, like a beacon, forever we’ll embrace

Oh, father’s strength, how bold and true

We’ll always cherish this, just like you

3. Ode to Parental Love

Oh, parental love, how pure and sweet

A bond so strong, it’s hard to beat

Through every joy, every sorrow, it’s there

A love that’s beyond measure, a love so rare

Your love, like a river, always flows

Guiding us through life’s highs and lows

A love that’s unconditional, ever true

It’s what gives us all the courage to pursue

Your love is like a beacon in the dark

A flame that shines bright, like a spark

Guiding us through every trial and strife

Your love, like a shelter, is what gave us life

Oh, parental love, how pure and true

We’ll always cherish this, just like you

4. Ode to Their Sacrifice

Oh, their sacrifice, so great and grand

A gift so rare, impossible to withstand

Their endless toil, their sleepless nights

Is what gave us all the strength to fight

Their sacrifice, like a diamond’s shine

Is what made us all, like a fine wine

Their love, like the sun, forever shines

Guiding us through life’s winding lines

Their sacrifice, like the moon, so round

Is what gave us all the solid ground

To stand on, to hold dear, to cherish

Their love, like a balm, it’ll never perish

Oh, their sacrifice, so great and true

We’ll always be grateful, for everything they do

5. Ode to Their Legacy

Oh, their legacy, how great and vast

A treasure trove of memories, we can outlast

Their wisdom, like a book, forever read

Their love, like a song, forever bled

Their legacy, like a tree, forever tall

Is what gave us all, the courage to stand tall

Their love, like a river, forever flows

Guiding us through life’s highs and lows

Their legacy, like a painting, so fine

Is what gave us all, the heart to shine

Their love, like a fire, is what gave us heat

Guiding us through life’s winding street

Oh, their legacy, how great and true

We’ll always cherish this, just like you.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Parents

“A Mother’s Love”

A mother’s love is pure and true,

A bond that lasts a lifetime through.

Her heart beats strong, just for you.

She’ll wipe away your tears when you’re feeling blue,

And hold you close until you’re all brand new.

A mother’s love is pure and true.

She’ll guide you through life with wisdom too,

And teach you all the things you never knew.

Her heart beats strong, just for you.

When you stumble and fall, she’ll help you get through,

And lift you up until you feel anew.

A mother’s love is pure and true.

No matter what life puts you both into,

Her love will always see you through.

Her heart beats strong, just for you.

“A Father’s Strength”

A father’s strength is like no other,

His will to protect, his love like a cover.

His heart beats strong, just for mother.

With his guidance, we learn to discover,

The world around us, he’s always our lover.

A father’s strength is like no other.

He teaches us right from wrong, like a brother,

And helps shape us into who we’ll become further.

His heart beats strong, just for mother.

Through his actions, we learn to be tougher,

And face the world with true grit and vigor.

A father’s strength is like no other.

Though he may seem stern, he’s truly a lover,

Whose love can be felt, even from afar.

His heart beats strong, just for mother.

“A Parent’s Sacrifice”

A parent’s sacrifice is often unseen,

Their love and dedication, a constant routine.

Their heart beats strong, even when they’re in between.

From the late nights to early mornings, they’ll glean,

And work long hours to provide for the team.

A parent’s sacrifice is often unseen.

They’ll put their own dreams aside, it may seem,

But it’s all for their children’s future gleam.

Their heart beats strong, even when they’re in between.

They’ll give up everything, live like a machine,

But never once complain or ever demean.

A parent’s sacrifice is often unseen.

Their love for their child is like a laser beam,

Focused on what’s best, always supreme.

Their heart beats strong, even when they’re in between.

“A Parent’s Pride”

A parent’s pride in their child can’t be measured,

It’s a feeling that can’t be easily tethered.

Their heart beats strong, with pride to be treasured.

From the first steps taken, to goals together endeavored,

Every milestone celebrated, forever remembered.

A parent’s pride in their child can’t be measured.

Their joy is overflowing, their love forever enfevered,

Their hearts full of happiness, forever weathered.

Their heart beats strong, with pride to be treasured.

Even through hard times, their pride is never severed,

They’ll always be there for their child, forever tethered.

A parent’s pride in their child can’t be measured.

Their love for their child, never to be tempered,

Their pride for them, to be forever remembered.

Their heart beats strong, with pride to be treasured.

“A Parent’s Wisdom”

A parent’s wisdom is like a guiding light,

Shining the way, through darkness and fright.

Their heart beats strong, with knowledge so bright.

From life lessons to making things right,

Their advice is invaluable, always in sight.

A parent’s wisdom is like a guiding light.

Through ups and downs, and all of life’s might,

Their words are like gold, ever so slight.

Their heart beats strong, with knowledge so bright.

With every word spoken, it’s like a new insight,

And a way to make sense of the world’s plight.

A parent’s wisdom is like a guiding light.

Their guidance through life, forever in sight,

Their love for their child, ever so right.

Their heart beats strong, with knowledge so bright.

Five Elegy Poems About Parents

1. The Cradle of My Existence

In the womb of your love, I was nurtured, In the arms of your strength, I was secured. Now, the cradle is empty, the arms are still, Yet in my heart, your essence lingers still.

Your whispers are now the wind’s soft sigh, Your laughter, the sun’s radiant smile high. In every pulse of life, in every beat, I feel your love, gentle and sweet.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Unseen Hand

A hand that guided, now unseen, A voice that comforted, now a distant dream. In the echoes of time, you remain, An enduring love, my eternal flame.

The stars in the night sky, your twinkling eyes, The morning dew, your silent goodbyes. You are not gone, just transformed, In nature’s beauty, you are reborn.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Silent Echo

In the silence, I hear your echo, In the void, I feel your presence glow. You have departed, yet you stay, In memories, in love, in every way.

The rustling leaves, your gentle caress, The moon’s glow, your tenderness. In every heartbeat, in every breath, You live on, beyond death.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Invisible Embrace

You held me close, now I grasp the air, You spoke to me, now silence is everywhere. Yet, in the quiet, I feel your embrace, In the solitude, I see your face.

The warmth of the sun, your loving touch, The rain’s rhythm, your soothing clutch. In the song of life, in the dance of time, You continue to exist, sublime.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Eternal Love

You loved me unconditionally, without a pause, You guided me, without a cause. Now you’re absent, yet ever-present, In my heart, in my essence, you’re still resident.

The blooming flower, your vibrant spirit, The flowing river, your perpetual merit. In the cycle of life, in the rhythm of love, You continue to guide me, from above.

By Dan Higgins 2024

These poems about parents serve as excellent models for teachers to use in the classroom.

By exposing students to different styles of poetry and showcasing the many facets of a parent-child relationship, these poems can inspire young writers to express their feelings and experiences about their parents through creative writing.

Whether it’s exploring a mother’s love, a father’s strength, a parent’s sacrifice, pride, or wisdom, these poems offer a rich source of inspiration for students to explore and write about this critical topic.

So get creative, and let these poems inspire you to write your odes to your parents!


What is poetry metre?

Poetry metre, also spelled meter, refers to the rhythmic structure of a poem, determined by the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in each line. It is what gives a poem its distinctive rhythm and musical quality.

How is poetry metre measured?

The meter of poetry is measured in feet, units of sound made up of one stressed syllable and one or more unstressed syllables. For example, an iambic foot consists of one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable, while a trochaic foot is the opposite, with one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed syllable.

What are some common types of poetry metre?

Some common types of poetry metre include iambic pentameter (five iambs per line), trochaic tetrameter (four trochees per line), and anapestic trimeter (three anapests per line). There are many other types of metre, and poets often combine different metres to create unique rhythms within a poem.

What effect does poetry metre have on a poem?

Poetry metre can affect the mood and tone of a poem, as well as its pace and flow. A poem with a regular metre can create a sense of stability and order, while one with irregular metre can create tension or a feeling of unease. The choice of metre can also help to reinforce the meaning of the poem’s words and themes.

Can poetry metre be used in free verse?

Yes, although free verse does not have a strict metre, poets may use varying rhythms and patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables to create a sense of flow and musicality within the poem. These rhythms can also help to create emphasis and contrast, much like traditional metre.

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