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As an educator, you know how powerful a poem can be – full of metaphor, imagery, and excitement. North Carolina is rich with poetry that evokes the beauty of its history and culture. From Appalachian to coastal style poems, it’s easy to be inspired by the scenery and stories presented within verses about this great state!

Let’s look at some of the best poems to help your students or yourself appreciate North Carolina in all its glory.

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Five Free Verse Poems About North Carolina

The Old North State

Eternal forests, whispering their secrets,

To the winds that move through ancient branches,

North Carolina, land of pines and dogwoods,

A tapestry of nature’s beauty woven in time.

From the Blue Ridge mountains, wrapped in morning mist,

To the Outer Banks, kissed by ocean waves,

A symphony of life plays across your landscape,

Old North State, you stand proud and tall.

Through your history, you’ve carried the weight,

Of battles fought and lives lost,

Yet, your spirit remains unbroken,

A beacon of hope, a symbol of strength.

In the quiet hush of dusk’s embrace,

Your fireflies dance, lighting the night,

And as dawn breaks, birds sing your praises,

North Carolina, forever in our hearts.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

A sentinel on the shore, steadfast and true,

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, guardian of the sea,

Your beam cuts through darkness, guiding the way,

For sailors adrift, seeking sanctuary.

With each crashing wave, the sands shift and change,

But your foundation remains, anchored and strong,

A symbol of endurance, a testament to time,

Your light, a constant in an ever-changing world.

The sun sets, casting its golden glow,

Upon your black and white spiraled facade,

And as twilight descends, your light shines bright,

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, beacon of hope.

Asheville Serenade

In the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains,

Lies a city, vibrant and alive,

Asheville, a haven for the artistic soul,

Where creativity thrives and dreams take flight.

Nestled among the hills, a treasure trove,

Of culture, history, and natural wonders,

A place where the old and new collide,

In a beautiful harmony of past and present.

From the echoes of buskers in the streets,

To the laughter shared over craft brews,

Asheville, your spirit is contagious,

A serenade to the heart, a song of life.

The Road to Ocracoke

The road to Ocracoke, a journey through time,

Winding past dunes, marshes, and sea oats,

An island of wild beauty, untamed and free,

Where the ocean’s voice speaks to the soul.

At the water’s edge, horses run wild,

Their manes flowing, like waves upon the shore,

A dance of freedom, a celebration of life,

A vision of grace, against a backdrop of sand and sky.

Ocracoke, your shores hold stories untold,

Of pirates and shipwrecks, of love and loss,

A history written in the sands of time,

Waiting to be discovered, by those who seek.

Smoky Mountain Dreams

In the heart of Appalachia, a realm of wonder,

The Great Smoky Mountains, draped in mist and mystery,

A world where nature reigns supreme,

And dreams are born from the whispers of the wind.

With each step, the forest reveals its secrets,

From the rustling leaves, to the babbling brooks,

A symphony of life, a chorus of creation,

Unfolding before our eyes, in breathtaking beauty.

As twilight falls, the mountains cast their spell,

Enveloping the world in a blanket of stars,

The fireflies dance, illuminating the night,

In this land of dreams, our hearts find peace.

Five Haiku Poems About North Carolina

Blue Ridge Mountains

Misty peaks ascend,

Nature’s ancient symphony,

Blue Ridge whispers peace.

Outer Banks Shore

Waves caress the sand,

Wild horses gallop, wind-blown,

Timeless shores endure.

Asheville’s Melody

Artistic haven,

Asheville’s streets pulse with life,

Creative hearts bloom.

Cape Hatteras Light

Spiral guardian,

Cape Hatteras’ steady beam,

Hope on shifting sands.

Smoky Mountain Dreams

Mystic mountains veil,

Fireflies dance in twilight,

Dreams awaken here.

North Carolina

Five Limerick Poems About North Carolina

A Tale of the Outer Banks

There once was a beach in the Banks,

Where wild horses played without thanks,

With a gallop and neigh,

They’d frolic all day,

In this seaside paradise, we give our thanks.

The Asheville Artist

In Asheville, an artist did dwell,

In a quaint little studio, he’d excel,

With a stroke of his brush,

He’d create quite a hush,

As onlookers marveled and fell.

The Wright Brothers’ Flight

Two brothers from old Kitty Hawk,

Took to the sky with a walk,

With wings they did soar,

Above the seashore,

And changed the world with their talk.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker

A hiker in the Smoky Mountains,

Found beauty in water and fountains,

With each step, he’d explore,

Nature’s wonders galore,

And cherish those highland surroundings.

The Queen City

There once was a city so grand,

Where buildings and people did stand,

Charlotte’s charm and allure,

Made hearts feel secure,

In this bustling, vibrant wonderland.

Five Tanka Poems About North Carolina

Blue Ridge Mountains

Whispering secrets,

Blue Ridge Mountains stand tall,

Nature’s majesty,

Forest trails and waterfalls,

Carolina’s heart and soul.

Outer Banks Dreams

Golden sands embrace,

Outer Banks, a wild retreat,

Seagulls call above,

Lighthouses guarding the shore,

Stories of pirates and ghosts.

Queen City’s Charm

Charlotte’s skyline gleams,

Queen City’s bustling streets,

History entwined,

Modern world and southern charm,

A place where dreams come alive.

Asheville’s Artistry

Asheville breathes art,

Bohemian spirit thrives,

Mountains set the stage,

Music, poetry, and dance,

A vibrant tapestry blooms.

The Smoky Mist

Smoky Mountains’ haze,

Mystic fog entwines the peaks,

Nature’s grand design,

Hidden valleys, ancient woods,

North Carolina’s treasure.

Five Sonnet Poems About North Carolina

The Tar Heel State

In Carolina’s tender, verdant land,

Where dogwood blossoms scent the air,

The sun-kissed peaks in splendor stand,

Their beauty, rare and debonair.

Beneath the sky of cobalt blue,

The rivers course with gentle grace,

And forests dense with life renew

The spirit of this cherished place.

From sandy shores to mountains tall,

Her history and strength combined,

North Carolina stands enthralled,

A testament to love and time.

Oh, Tar Heel State, your beauty vast,

Forever in our hearts steadfast.

A Tale of Two Cities

As Raleigh rules with noble might,

And Charlotte shines with city light,

Two cities in the Tar Heel State

Embody strength and innovate.

In Raleigh’s halls, decisions made,

Affect the lives of those who trade,

While Charlotte’s towers, reaching high,

Reflect ambition in the sky.

Yet still, amidst their grand display,

These cities hold a gentler sway,

With quiet streets and parks of green,

A softer side is there, unseen.

In North Carolina’s heart they dwell,

Two cities with their stories to tell.

The Outer Banks’ Embrace

On windswept dunes where sea oats sway,

And waves caress the shifting sands,

The Outer Banks, in wild display,

Stretch out their welcoming hands.

Where lighthouses guard the rocky shore,

And tales of pirates fill the air,

The timeless beauty we adore,

For none can match this jewel rare.

As gulls take flight on ocean breeze,

And dolphins frolic in the spray,

The sun sets low, our hearts at ease,

In this land where nature holds her sway.

In North Carolina’s coastal grace,

The Outer Banks forever embrace.

Blue Ridge Majesty

Upon the crest of Blue Ridge peaks,

As morning’s light begins to break,

A symphony of songbirds speaks,

And stirs the land from slumber’s wake.

The valleys deep in shadows lie,

A tapestry of green and gold,

While sunlight dances in the sky,

And paints the mountaintops so bold.

With every twist and turn revealed,

The Blue Ridge Parkway winds its way,

Through forests dense, o’er rivers stilled,

North Carolina’s heart displayed.

In mountain majesty we find,

The beauty of the Blue Ridge, refined.

The Heart of Asheville

From Biltmore’s halls, where grandeur dwells,

To breweries that scent the air,

Asheville’s charm, its story tells,

A city rich beyond compare.

Her streets alive with music’s beat,

And artists’ hands that shape and mold,

The heart of Asheville, warm and sweet,

A treasure trove of tales untold.

Nestled ‘mongst the mountains high,

This vibrant town of culture thrives,

And lures the wanderer’s eager eye,

With history, nature, and artful lives.

In North Carolina’s bosom fair,

Asheville’s heart beats strong and rare.

Five Ode Poems About North Carolina

Ode to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Majestic peaks and rolling hills,

A testament to time’s slow grind,

Blue Ridge Mountains, you stand still,

As silent witness to the earth’s great bind.

Your slopes are draped in verdant hues,

A tapestry of green and gold,

A sanctuary where life renews,

And countless tales of old unfold.

From ancient rivers at your feet,

To forests thick with life’s embrace,

Your beauty casts a spell complete,

A testament to nature’s grace.

Oh, Blue Ridge Mountains, standing proud,

A monument to God’s own hand,

Your whispered secrets call aloud,

To those who seek to understand.

Ode to the Outer Banks

Oh, Outer Banks, you stretch and bend,

A ribbon of sand that knows no end,

Where wild waves crash upon your shore,

And countless seabirds soar and explore.

Hallowed ground for pirate lore,

Blackbeard’s ghost, forevermore,

A haven for the wild and free,

The Outer Banks, a mystery.

Untamed horses, spirits strong,

Gallop the sands where they belong,

Amidst the dunes and sea oats sway,

This fragile land we must not betray.

Oh, Outer Banks, a paradise found,

Life thrives within your sandy bounds,

May we protect your shores so fair,

And cherish the magic that lingers there.

Ode to Asheville

Nestled in the mountains high,

Asheville, city of the sky,

A vibrant mix of old and new,

Where art and music find their muse.

From Biltmore’s grand and storied halls,

To River Arts, where color calls,

Each corner holds a tale unique,

A city rich with mystique.

Breweries dot the landscape wide,

Crafting libations to imbibe,

A feast for senses, tastes abound,

In Asheville, joy is truly found.

Oh, Asheville, gem of the hills,

Your spirit and charm forever thrills,

A haven for all who seek to be,

A part of your tapestry.

Ode to the Great Smoky Mountains

A veil of mist upon your peaks,

The Great Smoky Mountains, nature speaks,

An ancient land of mystery,

Where Cherokee walked, wild and free.

A refuge for flora and fauna wide,

A kaleidoscope of color resides,

From spring’s wildflowers, sweet embrace,

To autumn’s fiery, vibrant grace.

The winding trails that beckon forth,

Lead deep within your wooded core,

To waterfalls and vistas grand,

Oh, Great Smoky Mountains, how you enchant.

In timeless beauty, you endure,

A call to all who seek a cure,

For weary souls and hearts that yearn,

To the Smokies, may we always return.

Ode to Charlotte

Queen City, shining bright,

A beacon in the southern night,

Charlotte, where the old meets new,

A blend of history and modern hue.

Skyscrapers pierce the azure sky,

While tree-lined streets below belie,

A city built on industry’s might,

Yet holding fast to nature’s sight.

Sports and culture, side by side,

From Panthers’ roar to the arts’ great stride,

A city that welcomes one and all,

In Charlotte’s embrace, we stand tall.

Oh, Charlotte, Queen of the South,

Your growth and spirit we espouse,

May progress and tradition e’er entwine,

As we celebrate your grand design.

Five Villanelle Poems About North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains

In the heart of North Carolina, there they stand,

The Blue Ridge Mountains, a sight so grand,

Their peaks and valleys, a testament to time’s hand.

A canvas painted by nature’s command,

With colors of green, gold, and autumn’s red band,

In the heart of North Carolina, there they stand.

Hikers and dreamers traverse this vast land,

Seeking solace, adventure, or memories unplanned,

Their peaks and valleys, a testament to time’s hand.

Whispers of history echo through trees and sand,

Tales of Cherokee and settlers who found new homeland,

In the heart of North Carolina, there they stand.

Sunrise or sunset, the view is just as planned,

As light dances across the mountains, a performance so grand,

Their peaks and valleys, a testament to time’s hand.

Forever they’ll remain, enduring and grand,

A symbol of strength, a gift to understand,

In the heart of North Carolina, there they stand,

Their peaks and valleys, a testament to time’s hand.

Coastal Dreams

The shorelines of North Carolina call to me,

A place where ocean kisses sand and sets my soul free,

I find my peace among the waves, my heart’s decree.

Sunrise greets the day with hues of gold and sea,

Painting the sky in colors of warmth and tranquility,

The shorelines of North Carolina call to me.

Seagulls’ cries fill the air, a coastal symphony,

As children’s laughter echoes with joy and glee,

I find my peace among the waves, my heart’s decree.

Footprints in the sand, a momentary legacy,

Washed away by tides that flow eternally,

The shorelines of North Carolina call to me.

Lighthouses stand tall, guardians of the sea,

Guiding sailors home through storms and uncertainty,

I find my peace among the waves, my heart’s decree.

As I leave this place, a part of me will always be,

Bound to the shores where dreams are woven endlessly,

The shorelines of North Carolina call to me,

I find my peace among the waves, my heart’s decree.

Queen City’s Heart

Charlotte’s skyline pierces the sky, a sight to see,

A city of modernity, where history and future agree,

In the heart of North Carolina, the Queen City be.

Bustling streets filled with life and opportunity,

Where cultures blend harmoniously,

Charlotte’s skyline pierces the sky, a sight to see.

Green spaces thrive amid urbanity,

Parks and gardens, nature’s sanctuary,

In the heart of North Carolina, the Queen City be.

Sports fans cheer with fervent loyalty,

Panthers and Hornets, their pride and jubilee,

Charlotte’s skyline pierces the sky, a sight to see.

Art and music create vibrant tapestry,

Inspiring minds and hearts to dream endlessly,

In the heart of North Carolina, the Queen City be.

As night falls, the city’s lights shine brilliantly,

A beacon of hope, progress, and unity,

Charlotte’s skyline pierces the sky, a sight to see,

In the heart of North Carolina, the Queen City be.

Asheville’s Charm

Nestled in the mountains, a gem called Asheville lies,

A city of art, culture, and nature’s sweet surprise,

In North Carolina’s embrace, its beauty never dies.

Bohemian spirit fills the air, a creative paradise,

Where music spills from streets, a melodic lullaby,

Nestled in the mountains, a gem called Asheville lies.

The Biltmore Estate stands proud, a symbol of enterprise,

A testament to time, ambition, and Vanderbilt’s ties,

In North Carolina’s embrace, its beauty never dies.

Culinary delights tempt the senses, a gastronomic prize,

With flavors that dance on the tongue, a feast for the eyes,

Nestled in the mountains, a gem called Asheville lies.

Hiking trails and waterfalls, nature’s playground to utilize,

A place for adventure, reflection, and skies of sunrise,

In North Carolina’s embrace, its beauty never dies.

As seasons change, the city’s allure multiplies,

Each moment a memory, a gift to memorize,

Nestled in the mountains, a gem called Asheville lies,

In North Carolina’s embrace, its beauty never dies.

The Tar Heel State

From the mountains to the coast, the Tar Heel State shines,

A land of beauty, history, and stories that combine,

North Carolina’s legacy, an eternal lifeline.

Birthplace of flight, where the Wright brothers’ dream took flight,

Soaring high above the sands of Kitty Hawk, a moment so bright,

From the mountains to the coast, the Tar Heel State shines.

Fields of tobacco, cotton, and sweet potatoes align,

Agriculture thrives, a testament to the farmer’s might,

North Carolina’s legacy, an eternal lifeline.

Civil War battlegrounds, where blue and gray intertwined,

Echoes of strife and hope, a nation’s reunite,

From the mountains to the coast, the Tar Heel State shines.

Universities and colleges, where knowledge is refined,

The seeds of wisdom planted, futures taking flight,

North Carolina’s legacy, an eternal lifeline.

Through time and change, a state that never declines,

A people united, bound by love and pride,

From the mountains to the coast, the Tar Heel State shines,

North Carolina’s legacy, an eternal lifeline.

Teachers now have a collection of poems that reflect the rich heritage and history of North Carolina. Students can use these works to understand their home state better and open up conversations about major points in North Carolina’s past.

These poems provide an exciting and often humorous look at some of our state’s unique features.

While there are numerous other resources teachers can use to discuss essential topics in North Carolina, this poem compilation is a great way to engage pupils and bring poetry into the classroom.

Read our other articles for more ideas on how to teach young people about our state best. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and we hope we could give you some useful tips for teaching your students about North Carolina!


1. Who are some famous poets from North Carolina?

Some of the most notable poets hailing from North Carolina include Maya Angelou, Charles Edward Eaton, Randall Jarrell, and Shelby Stephenson.

2. What is Maya Angelou known for?

Maya Angelou is a celebrated poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, particularly “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” which brought her international acclaim. Angelou’s poetry often explores themes of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit.

3. Who was Charles Edward Eaton?

Charles Edward Eaton (1916-2006) was a prolific poet and writer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He authored over 20 books of poetry and prose, earning numerous awards throughout his career. His work often explores themes of nature, spirituality, and the human experience.

4. Can you tell me more about Randall Jarrell?

Randall Jarrell (1914-1965) was an esteemed poet, literary critic, and novelist from Nashville, Tennessee, who later lived in Greensboro, North Carolina. He served as the Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (a position now known as the U.S. Poet Laureate) from 1956 to 1958. Jarrell’s poetry often reflects on war, childhood, and the complexities of modern life.

5. What is Shelby Stephenson known for?

Shelby Stephenson, born in 1938, is a poet, musician, and professor from Benson, North Carolina. He was named the North Carolina Poet Laureate from 2015 to 2018. His work often highlights rural life, family, and the natural world. Stephenson has written numerous collections of poetry, essays, and a musical drama.

6. Are there any poetry events or festivals in North Carolina?

Yes, North Carolina hosts several poetry events and festivals throughout the year. Some popular ones include the Asheville Poetry Festival, the NC Poetry Society’s Annual Meeting and Awards Day, and various open mic nights and poetry slams at local bookstores and venues.

7. Where can I find more information on North Carolina poets and their works?

You can learn more about North Carolina poets and their works through local libraries, university archives, online literary journals, and websites dedicated to North Carolina’s literary history and culture. Additionally, you can explore the collections of the North Carolina Poetry Society and other regional poetry organizations.

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