The 50 Best Descriptive Poems About Hawaii

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Are you looking for a way to bring some new life and culture into your classroom? Exploring the language of Hawaiian poetry can be an exciting way to engage with new cultures and spark creativity in your students.

This post will explore different types of poetry found on the islands and discuss how each poem captures the unique beauty of Hawaii’s stunning natural landscape – from active volcanoes to shimmering waterfalls, lush jungles, golden sandy beaches, and majestic mountain peaks!

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Poems About Hawaii

Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About Hawaii

The Dance of the Waves

Beneath the moonlit sky,

Waves crashing, whispering secrets

Of ancient voyagers and fiery gods.

The ocean, a rhythmic dance,

Swaying to the beat of the island’s heart.

Golden sands embrace the shore,

A tender touch shared between lovers.

The palm trees sway, bearing witness

To the eternal exchange of land and sea.

In the distance, a beacon of strength,

A volcanic goddess slumbers,

Her dreams shaping the paradise below.

A Symphony of Colors

A canvas painted with a celestial palette,

Sunrise over Haleakalā,

A symphony of colors, awakening the island.

Crimson, tangerine, and golden hues,

Nature’s masterpiece unfolds,

Breathing life into the land below.

The winds whisper stories of old,

As the sun ascends, bestowing warmth,

Upon the lush, emerald valleys.

A new day begins in paradise,

The vibrant hues of creation,

Celebrating the beauty of Hawaii.

The Language of Flowers

In the sacred gardens of Kauai,

A language spoken without words,

The flowers share their secrets,

With those who listen closely.

Plumerias, hibiscus, orchids,

Their vibrant hues, a visual symphony,

Dancing to an unseen rhythm,

Guided by the gentle winds.

Each petal, a verse,

Each fragrance, a chorus,

A story waiting to be discovered,

By those who seek to understand,

The language of flowers.

The Breath of Pele

A heartbeat echoes from within,

The fiery breath of Pele,

Her passion shaping the earth below.

Molten rivers carve their path,

Transforming the landscape,

Creation and destruction entwined,

In a passionate embrace.

From the ashes, a paradise reborn,

Fertile lands, teeming with life,

A testament to the power,

Of the goddess of fire.

In the quiet moments,

One can hear her whispers,

A reminder of the ever-changing,

Cycle of life.

The Island’s Song

A melody, carried by the winds,

The island’s song, a serenade,

To the beauty of Hawaii.

Each note, a gentle touch,

Caressing the verdant valleys,

And sun-kissed shores.

The ocean’s chorus joins the symphony,

As waves crash upon the sands,

A never-ending rhythm,

The heartbeat of paradise.

In the harmony of nature,

The island’s song resounds,

An ode to the enchanting,

Spirit of Hawaii.

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Five Haiku Poems About Hawaii

Whispering Palms

Gentle island breeze,

Whispering palms share secrets,

Aloha spirit.

Ocean’s Embrace

Waves crash on the shore,

Salty kisses, warm embrace,

Hawaii’s sweet touch.

Fiery Creation

Volcano’s fierce heart,

Molten rivers shape the land,

Pele’s masterpiece.

Tropical Blossoms

Vibrant petals bloom,

Nature’s fragrant poetry,

Island life flourishes.

Celestial Dance

Stars adorn the sky,

Celestial dance above,

Hawaii dreams.

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Five Limerick Poems About Hawaii

The Surfer’s Delight

There once was a surfer from Kauai

Who rode on the waves way up high

He’d twist and he’d turn

With each wave he would learn

And dance with the sea and the sky

The Hula Dance

A hula dancer swayed in Lahaina

Her moves like a tropical zephyr

She shook her hips fast

As tourists walked past

And left them all feeling much finer

Poems About Hawaii

The Volcano’s Roar

On Big Island, a volcano did rumble

As lava flowed, making earth crumble

Tourists stood near

With both awe and fear

Watching Pele’s great power, so humble

The Pineapple Paradise

In Lanai, where pineapples grow

A farmer did tend to his show

He sang to his plants

And did hula dance

So sweet fruit would sprout row by row

The Aloha Spirit

There once was a lei-maker on Maui

Whose smile made the whole world feel happy

She strung flowers with care

Aloha spirit to share

And brought joy to all those who passed by

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Five Tanka Poems About Hawaii

The Island Breeze

Gentle island breeze

Whispers secrets through palm trees

Salt air fills my lungs

Aloha spirit takes hold

Embraced by Hawaii’s warmth

Lush Green Valleys

Lush green valleys hide

Waterfalls that sing sweet songs

Nature’s symphony

Echoes through the heart of land

Hawaii’s beauty revealed

Fiery Mountains

Molten earth erupts

Fiery mountains paint landscapes

Creation unfolds

Pele’s power, fierce and wild

A testament to nature

Sunset Serenade

Sunset serenades

The horizon, colors blend

Crimson skies embrace

The ocean whispers goodnight

Hawaii’s lullaby shared

Ocean’s Embrace

Turquoise waters call

Waves caress the golden sands

Ocean’s embrace heals

Hawaii’s soulful rhythm

Serenity found in tides


Five Sonnet Poems About Hawaii

Ode to the Aloha Spirit

Upon these islands, love and grace reside,

Aloha spirit flows through sea and land.

With open arms, all visitors we guide,

In harmony, together hand in hand.

Where palm trees sway and gentle breezes blow,

The laughter of the ocean fills the air.

Each island holds a treasure trove to show,

For those who seek, they’ll find enchantment there.

The fiery dance of Pele lights the night,

As molten earth gives birth to mountains grand.

And verdant valleys, bathed in golden light,

Reveal the beauty of this blessed land.

So let us cherish, hold this place so dear,

And share the love that we’ve discovered here.

The Dance of the Hula

A dance of ancient stories told with grace,

The hula speaks of love, of life, of lore.

With every step, each motion interlaced,

A tale unfolds, inviting to explore.

The dancers’ hands like poetry in flight,

Their hips, a rhythm swaying to and fro.

In sync with songs that echo through the night,

They captivate the hearts of all who know.

From sacred chants to sounds of steel guitar,

The hula has evolved throughout the years.

Yet still remains a guiding northern star,

Preserving culture, joy, and even tears.

Embrace the dance, let hula’s spirit flow,

Through every movement, let your spirit grow.

The Surfer’s Symphony

A surfer’s symphony of wind and wave,

Each note composed by nature’s boundless hand.

A dance upon the ocean, fierce and brave,

A challenge met, a passion few understand.

To ride atop the cresting swell, so free,

And harness power from the depths below.

To carve a path where sky and water meet,

And feel alive as heart and spirit grow.

For surfing is not just a sport, but art,

A way to find oneself within the sea.

To listen to the rhythm of the heart,

And share a bond with nature’s mystery.

So let the waves compose their endless song,

In harmony with surfers all along.

The Beauty of the Islands

In paradise, where beauty knows no bounds,

Each island holds a wonder to be found.

From sandy shores to rugged cliffs that rise,

The colors of Hawaii mesmerize.

The sun ascends and paints the sky with light,

As dawn unveils the landscapes far and wide.

And as it sets, a canvas comes to life,

With hues of pink and orange amplified.

Yet beauty lies not just in sights we see,

But in the hearts of those who call this home.

With warmth and love, they live in unity,

Embodying the spirit they have known.

In every smile, in every kind embrace,

The beauty of Hawaii finds its place.

The Majesty of Rainbows

From misty peaks, a fleeting gift appears,

A bridge of colors spanning earth and sky.

The majesty of rainbows, bold and clear,

A moment’s grace, a blessing to the eye.

In hues of red and orange, blue and green,

Each color tells a story of its own.

And in their blending, secrets lie between,

A tapestry of mysteries unknown.

For in this land, where rain and sun collide,

The rainbows are a symbol of the whole.

They represent the beauty found inside,

The very essence of Hawaii’s soul.

So let us treasure every vibrant arc,

And let their beauty leave a lasting mark.


Five Ode Poems About Hawaii

Ode to the Aloha Spirit

Oh, gentle breeze of the Pacific,

Whispering secrets of ancient lore,

Beneath the verdant palms and azure skies,

Lies the spirit that we adore.

The Aloha Spirit, a gift divine,

A warm embrace, a tender smile,

A melody sung by crashing waves,

That lingers with us all the while.

It binds us all in unity,

To cherish love and share our joys,

For in this paradise on Earth,

The Aloha Spirit softly employs.

So let us celebrate this treasure,

And spread its message far and wide,

For in the heart of every soul,

The Aloha Spirit shall reside.

Ode to the Volcanoes

Majestic guardians of fire and stone,

Your mighty presence stands alone,

In the land of fragrant plumeria blooms,

You cast your shadows, weaving looms.

From fiery depths, you rise with might,

Painting the sky with hues of night,

And as the lava flows and glows,

A testament to nature’s throes.

With every rumble, hiss, and roar,

You shape the land forevermore,

And in your wake, a tale unfolds,

Of time and change, and stories untold.

We stand in awe of your display,

A force of nature, here to stay,

For in the heart of Hawaii’s land,

The volcanoes reign, grand and grand.

Ode to the Hula

Graceful dancers, swaying free,

Telling tales of land and sea,

Through your movements, fluid as air,

The spirit of Hawaii, we declare.

With every gesture, every sway,

You paint a picture, rich as day,

The rhythmic beats of the ipu,

Echoing the ocean’s tune.

In vibrant skirts and flowered crowns,

You weave the stories of ancient grounds,

Preserving culture, passing down,

The knowledge held in dance and sound.

Oh, hula dancers, cherished art,

Your beauty speaks to every heart,

For in your steps, we find a way,

To honor Hawaii, come what may.

Ode to the Rainbows

Arcing high above the land,

A bridge of colors, bright and grand,

In the misty air, you appear,

A symbol of hope, drawing near.

From mountaintop to ocean’s edge,

You grace us with your vibrant pledge,

A promise made by nature’s hand,

To bless this fertile, wondrous land.

In every hue, a story told,

Of legends, myths, and love untold,

A tapestry of dreams and light,

That fills our hearts with pure delight.

Oh, rainbows of the Hawaiian sky,

Your beauty makes us soar up high,

For in your presence, we believe,

In magic, hope, and reprieve.

Ode to the Surf

Rolling waves of azure blue,

Crashing on the shores anew,

A dance of power, grace, and might,

A spectacle of nature’s flight.

The surfers brave the ocean’s call,

Riding crests, both big and small,

In harmony with water’s flow,

They conquer fear, and let it go.

In every swell, a challenge faced,

A test of skill, a thrilling race,

For in the surf, we find our place,

Connected to the sea’s embrace.

Oh, mighty waves of Hawaii’s shore,

Your spirit roars, forevermore,

And as we ride upon your crest,

We find our purpose, and life’s zest.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Hawaii

Island Dreams

In dreams I wander, lost in paradise,

A land of beauty, lush and evergreen,

Where ocean waves sing lullabies so nice.

The palm trees sway in rhythm, tall and wise,

Their leaves a dance, a sight that’s seldom seen,

In dreams I wander, lost in paradise.

Volcanoes slumber, fire concealed by ice,

Majestic giants, nature’s own cuisine,

Where ocean waves sing lullabies so nice.

A rainbow arcs, the sky a painter’s prize,

Each hue displayed like jewels on a queen,

In dreams I wander, lost in paradise.

A gentle breeze whispers sweet advice,

To let go of fears and live serene,

Where ocean waves sing lullabies so nice.

So let me stay, entwined in this sweet vice,

To live my days in this enchanting scene,

In dreams I wander, lost in paradise,

Where ocean waves sing lullabies so nice.

The Dance of Fire and Sea

In ancient times, the gods would play,

With fire and sea, a dance of grace,

Hawaii born, where legends lay.

Pele’s touch ignites the day,

Her fiery breath, a warm embrace,

In ancient times, the gods would play.

The ocean’s waves would rise and sway,

As Na Maka danced with flowing pace,

Hawaii born, where legends lay.

With every step, the earth gave way,

To mountains, valleys carved in place,

In ancient times, the gods would play.

And in the night, the skies displayed,

Stars aligned, a cosmic trace,

Hawaii born, where legends lay.

Now mortals walk, their hearts bewrayed,

By beauty found within this space,

In ancient times, the gods would play,

Hawaii born, where legends lay.

Aloha Spirit

Embrace the warmth, the Aloha spirit,

A gentle touch upon the island breeze,

Within the hearts of those who come near it.

The sun arises, painting skies so lit,

A golden brush adorns the hills and seas,

Embrace the warmth, the Aloha spirit.

In every smile, a kindness is transmit,

A simple gesture, gracious as you please,

Within the hearts of those who come near it.

The ukulele strums a joyful skit,

A serenade beneath the palm trees,

Embrace the warmth, the Aloha spirit.

With open arms, they welcome and commit,

To share their love, a bond that never flees,

Within the hearts of those who come near it.

So let us learn from this Hawaiian wit,

To live with love and spread it like a breeze,

Embrace the warmth, the Aloha spirit,

Within the hearts of those who come near it.

Ode to the Black Sand Beach

Upon the shore of blackened sand I stand,

Where fire and sea have met in harmony,

A wondrous sight, a contrast rich and grand.

The ocean’s edge, a line drawn by hand,

Caresses softly the earth’s ebony,

Upon the shore of blackened sand I stand.

Here, colors blend, a palette nature planned,

In vibrant hues and shades of mystery,

A wondrous sight, a contrast rich and grand.

A sea turtle rests, a creature wise and bland,

Its ancient eyes reflect eternity,

Upon the shore of blackened sand I stand.

Against the sky, the palms in silhouette expand,

Their leaves a dance of shadows, wild and free,

A wondrous sight, a contrast rich and grand.

No other place can hold such beauty, and

Capture my heart, a treasure by the sea,

Upon the shore of blackened sand I stand,

A wondrous sight, a contrast rich and grand.

asphalt road beside trees

The Call of the Islands

The call of the islands, a siren’s sweet song,

Draws me toward shores where I long to belong,

With sand beneath my feet and sun on my face.

In fragrant air, plumeria’s scent lingers strong,

A melody played by the wind all day long,

The call of the islands, a siren’s sweet song.

Surrounded by mountains, both ancient and young,

Their peaks reach for heaven, where gods sing along,

With sand beneath my feet and sun on my face.

The waves crash and tumble, a dance that prolongs,

An endless ballet, where each move is prolonged,

The call of the islands, a siren’s sweet song.

The laughter of children, like chimes in a throng,

Their joy unabated, a feeling lifelong,

With sand beneath my feet and sun on my face.

Forever I’ll cherish, no matter how long,

This paradise found, where my heart will be strong,

The call of the islands, a siren’s sweet song,

With sand beneath my feet and sun on my face.

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Hawaii

1. Heavenly Hawaii

Heavenly beaches, sun-kissed and golden
Aloha spirit, warm and embolden
Waves crashing, surfing’s delight
Adventures await, day into night
Island beauty, a sight to behold
In the heart, stories of old

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. Aloha State

Aloha state, where love abounds
Lush landscapes, nature surrounds
Ocean breeze, salty and sweet
Hula dancers move to the beat
An island paradise, so complete

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. Wonderful Waikiki

Waikiki, where palm trees sway
Azure waters, where dolphins play
Intriguing culture, rich and deep
Kaleidoscopic sunsets, promises to keep
Infinite beauty, enough to weep

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. Island Intrigue

Island intrigue, mystery and lore
Sandy beaches, forevermore
Luau feasts, a cultural treat
Ancient volcanoes, powerfully neat
Nature’s playground, truly elite
Dreams come true, in Hawaii’s heat

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. Paradise Found

Paradise found, in the Pacific blue
An island gem, breathtaking view
Rainbows arching, color anew
Atolls of beauty, a stunning hue
Dolphins leaping, a joyful crew
In Hawaii, life feels true
Sun-drenched days, through and through
Endless pleasure, for me and you

By Dan Higgins, 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Hawaii

1. Elegy to the Hawaiian Sunrise

The sun arises, a fiery sphere, Kissing the horizon of the deep Pacific. Aloha to the morning so near, In Hawaii, each dawn is terrific.

Crimson and gold, colors so bold, Reflections dancing on the ocean’s skin. A story of a paradise told, Where the day’s first light begins.

Oh, Hawaii with your sunrise so bright, Your beauty captures every sight. But as the day breaks into light, We mourn the loss of the night.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Elegy to the Hawaiian Volcano

Majestic mountain spewing fire, A spectacle that never tires. But beneath the beauty, a dire pyre, Life consumed in your ire.

Lava flowing, land reshaping, Creation and destruction interlacing. Oh, volcano, your power unswaying, In your presence, we’re silently praying.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Elegy to the Hawaiian Palm

Tall and slender, reaching for the sky, Underneath your shade, we lie. Your fronds whispering a lullaby, In your absence, we can but sigh.

Your coconuts, a bountiful gift, In our hearts, you lift, A symbol of Hawaii, causing a shift, In your loss, there is a rift.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Elegy to the Hawaiian Turtle

In the ocean’s depths, you gracefully glide, A silent observer, the sea’s quiet pride. In your shell, secrets hide, At your loss, the oceans cried.

Honu, symbol of wisdom and age, Your disappearance, a tragic stage. In our hearts, you engage, Your absence, a missing page.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Elegy to the Hawaiian Sunset

As the day ends, the sun dips low, Casting an ethereal, golden glow. A final performance, a spectacular show, At its passing, our hearts feel woe.

The night descends, stars take the stage, But the sunset’s beauty, they can’t upstage. Oh, Hawaiian sunset, you enrage, For your loss, we cannot assuage.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Hawaii

1. Aloha to the Island

Hawaii, oh Hawaii, island of the sun, Where the sands are golden and the waves run. A paradise where the palm trees sway, And the skies are blue every day.

In your waters, the dolphins play, Under the warm sun’s ray. Your beauty takes my breath away, In my heart, you’ll always stay.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Hawaiian Volcano’s Roar

The volcano roars, a fearsome sight, Bathing the island in fiery light. Lava flows in the dead of night, A testament to nature’s might.

Yet from this destruction, life springs forth, From the south to the north. Oh Hawaii, you’re of immeasurable worth, A paradise on this Earth.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Whisper of the Palm Trees

The palm trees whisper in the breeze, Sharing secrets with the seas. Their leaves rustle with such ease, In this land of endless peace.

Under their shade, we find relief, Their presence brings us sweet belief. Oh Hawaii, you’re beyond brief, Your beauty brings no grief.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Dance of the Hawaiian Waves

The waves dance on the Hawaiian shore, A ballet we can’t ignore. Their rhythm touches the core, Leaving us yearning for more.

They retreat, then rush with might, In the moon’s soft light. Oh Hawaii, you’re a delight, A vision so very bright.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Farewell to the Hawaiian Sunset

The sun sets, a ball of fire, The day ends, as per our desire. The sky painted with colors so dire, A sight that will never tire.

Goodbye to the day, hello to the night, Under the stars’ twinkling light. Oh Hawaii, you’re out of sight, A memory that’s so right.

By Dan Higgins 2024

The beauty of Hawaii can truly be celebrated in poetry. Its diverse landscapes, lively culture, and strong sense of island identity are all translated through poets’ words.

From classic Hawaiian chants to modern haiku, poems provide an invaluable insight into this lush state and its many wonders. Poetry serves as a powerful tool for connecting us emotionally to this beautiful place, and provides us with the opportunity to share our connection to Hawaii with others.

You can find a wide variety of poems about Hawaii, whether you’re looking for something written by an old local master or a hot new artist from around the world.

So take some time to explore the range of poetic expressions that capture the vibrant spirit of these beautiful islands! Also seeking inspiration? Don’t forget to check out some of our other articles for more!

Famous Poets from Hawaii

Hawaii, a land of immense natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, has been home to many talented poets. These poets have drawn inspiration from the islands’ breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and deep-rooted traditions. Here are some of the most famous poets from Hawaii:

W.S. Merwin

W.S. Merwin (1927-2019) was an American poet, translator, and environmental activist who lived in Hawaii for much of his life. He is best known for his deeply evocative poems that often explore the themes of nature, spirituality, and the human experience.

Merwin received numerous accolades, including two Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry, the National Book Award, and the Tanning Prize.

Haunani-Kay Trask

Haunani-Kay Trask (1949-2021) was a Native Hawaiian poet, academic, and political activist whose work focused on indigenous rights and the Hawaiian sovereignty movement.

Her poetry often addressed themes such as colonialism, racism, and the desecration of the environment. Trask’s influential collections include “Light in the Crevice Never Seen” and “Night is a Sharkskin Drum.”

Bamboo Ridge Press Poets

Founded in 1978 by Eric Chock and Darrell H.Y. Lum, Bamboo Ridge Press is a literary press dedicated to publishing works by writers from Hawaii. The press has nurtured the careers of many talented poets, including Cathy Song, Juliet S. Kono, Joe Balaz, and Wing Tek Lum.

The Bamboo Ridge Press poets often explore themes related to Hawaii’s unique culture, history, and natural beauty.

Cathy Song

Cathy Song is an award-winning poet born and raised in Hawaii. She gained national recognition with her first collection, “Picture Bride,” which won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Award in 1983.

Song’s work often explores themes of family, identity, and the intersection of cultures in Hawaii. Her other notable collections include “Frameless Windows, Squares of Light” and “The Land of Bliss.”

Brandy Nālani McDougall

Brandy Nālani McDougall is a contemporary Native Hawaiian poet and scholar whose work often delves into the history and politics of Hawaii. Her debut poetry collection, “The Salt-Wind, Ka Makani Pa‘akai,” examines the complexities of American colonialism, indigenous identity, and the struggle for Hawaiian sovereignty.

McDougall’s poetry is deeply rooted in the Hawaiian culture and landscape, reflecting the beauty and pain of her homeland.

These poets represent just a small sample of the immense talent and diverse voices that have emerged from Hawaii.

Through their words, they have captured the essence of the islands, sharing their unique perspectives on life, love, and the human experience.

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