50 Poems About First Grade

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First Grade is a time of wonder and excitement as children take their first steps into formal education. As teachers, we have the unique opportunity to foster their creativity and help guide them toward a lifelong love of learning.

Creative writing, such as poetry, can be a powerful tool for first-grade students to express their thoughts and ideas while developing important language and literacy skills.

In this article, we will explore a collection of poems about first Grade, aiming to provide teachers with examples for their classes to use as inspiration when encouraging their students to pen down their thoughts and emotions.

Through poetry, we can help our students reflect on their experiences positively and become more self-aware individuals.

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free verse poems

Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About First Grade

“The First Day”

A room full of children,

Bright-eyed and new,

Anticipating the adventures

Of the first-grade crew.

Hand in hand, we walked,

Into a world unknown,

With cultures to explore,

And new friends to be sown.

And as the first day ended

And we all went home,

We knew we had embarked

On a journey to be grown.

“My Friend”

My friend, my confidant,

In first Grade we grew,

Together we shared,

All the fun things we do.

We explored the playground,

Scribbled with crayons,

And giggled at lunchtime,

Sharing stories and songs.

My friend, my forever,

We’ll never grow apart,

For the bond we forged in first Grade,

Will forever in our hearts.

“Learning to Read”

First Grade, where we learned

To read with all our heart,

With every word we read,

A new world did impart.

We flipped the pages,

Of our favorite books,

And with each literary adventure,

Our minds took new looks.

Oh, the magic of reading,

In first Grade, we discovered,

And as we read and read,

Our future path’s uncovered.

“Math Time”

First Grade, a time when math

Was adding and subtracting,

With crayons and small toys,

Our young minds did the equations charting.

We counted every penny,

And practiced simple math,

And with every new lesson,

We found our mathematical path.

Oh, first-grade math, how it shaped us,

Prepared us for the years ahead,

With diligence and hard work,

We learned to tackle problems with no dread.

“Goodbye, First Grade”

Goodbye first Grade, we bid adieu,

With hearts so full, our sentiments on a stew,

For as we say goodbye, to these precious years,

We carry with us, memories that forever appear.

From story time to math and English,

From friendships and laughs and the playground swing,

We’ve grown and learned and loved,

And with pride and love, in our hearts, we’ve now hungrily salved.

Goodbye, first Grade, we’re grateful for this,

And as we move on to the future, we’ll never forget.

For in these first-grade years, we’ve learned how to learn,

And as we grow in the future, we’ll forever give back, with fervor and a heart that will always burn.

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Five Haiku Poems About First Grade

“First Day of School”

Excitement galore,

First Grade, full of wonderment,

Memories in store.

“Nap Time”

Resting in silence,

Nap time, a cherished moment,

Preparing for more.


Buddies from day one,

First Grade, forever in heart,

Friends never undone.

“Learning to Write”

Curved lines and straight lines,

Pencils diligently used,

Writing takes some time.

“Goodbye First Grade”

A year flies so fast,

Goodbye first Grade, it’s the end,

Memories will last.

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Five Limerick Poems About First Grade

“Learning to Read”

There once was a first-grader named Kay,

Learning to read books every day.

With diligence and care,

Words became a sweet affair,

Oh, how reading forever will stay.

“Math Class”

In first Grade, there was a young lad,

Who used to find math really bad.

But with practice and time,

He started to shine,

Now he loves math, isn’t that rad?

“Art Time”

At first-grade art, we’d create,

With pencil and brush, we’d decorate.

Our pictures with colorful hues,

Our work made us feel enthused,

Oh, what first grade joy art did initiate!


In first Grade, we made a new friend,

Our bond we thought would never end.

Together we’d play,

We’d talk, laugh, and say,

“Good friends, our friendship we shall defend.”

“Goodbye First Grade”

As first Grade came to a close,

All the children felt a bit morose.

But oh, the memories we’ve made,

With friends, we’ve so often played,

Goodbye for now, first Grade, adios.

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Five Sonnet Poems About First Grade

“The First Day”

The sun shone bright on the first morning’s day

As students gathered for first-grade class.

New faces, thoughts, and lessons, fill the way

As tiny feet crossed the threshold with a pass.

Each child eager to explore and learn;

The world is wide, but they’re prepared to fly.

With each new puzzle, word, or turn

Their little eyes brighten with a new-found joy.

Oh, first Grade, where the stories begin

Where young minds flourish and bloom,

Where every adventure leads to a win

And hope sparkles, and fears go zoom.

Oh, the joy and possibilities of the first Grade,

For new students, learning under the teacher’s Grade.

“Reading Fun”

The teacher held up a book, in hand

And beckoned the students to the front.

Each child leaned in, to hear the tale expand,

And listen to the story’s every stunt.

Then they picked up a book one by one

To read by themselves, with courage and might.

They turned each page under the bright sun,

And lost themselves in stories that took flight.

For in first Grade, it’s where reading takes hold,

And tales sprout roots in curious minds.

It’s where stories weave magic as they unfold,

With each sentence creating ties that bind.

Oh, the wonders of reading, with this Grade,

For young minds, it’s an adventure, and they’re not afraid.

“Mathematical Minds”

Problems and numbers, lessons unknown,

The classroom come alive with numeracy in first Grade.

Add, subtract, multiply, division not left alone,

Counting on fingers, young minds begin to fade.

From sum to difference, to 1-2-3,

Mental math turns into a wondrous toy.

With each new challenge, minds unfree,

They calculate with care, like a student in joy.

For in first Grade, it’s where math takes hold,

And the numerical world is opened wide.

With skill and enthusiasm unchecked and bold,

New concepts take root in minds so tied.

Oh, the joy of mathematics that this Grade brings,

In a world filled with numbers, they’ll soon spread their wings.


Making friends, in first Grade anew,

Shy at first, but then like bees in a hive together they grew.

A new skill set, shared stories, and joy,

That bonds the heart, like a precious toy.

In moments shared in the playground,

Or over tales of interest profound,

Friends discover fun and laughter

Making memories that forever thereafter.

For in first Grade, it’s where friendship takes hold,

With every shared experience, a connection to unfold.

Through days that turn into weeks and many years,

Forever one another’s happiness that endears.

Oh, the joy of friendship in this first-grade,

For future friendships this a foundation that’s laid.

“Goodbye, First Grade”

How did it fly by, we wonder and awe?

Goodbye, first Grade, we say with some pauses,

Our journey with you was like a wondrous applause,

Leaving us with ever-lasting memories that cause.

The first-grade classroom will echo for a while,

With giggles and cheers and many goodbyes.

Teachers will smile with a heart full of style,

And students will recall with fondness in their lives.

Oh, first Grade, how you’ve made us grow,

In ways expected, and in ways we didn’t know.

Your lessons and friendships will forever be told,

As life’s adventures unfold.

Goodbye, first Grade, a journey we’ve taken,

But our memories forever shall never be shaken.


Five Ode Poems About First Grade

“Oh, First Grade!”

Oh, first Grade, with your colorful sights,

Your curious minds and your joyful nights,

Your laughter, your play, and your wondrous ways,

With memories that forever shall amaze.

Your exploration of the world unknown,

With explorations that lead from home,

With every step, your knowledge grows,

In your hearts, it forever glows.

Oh, first Grade, where learning takes hold,

Where young minds flourish and soon unfold.

For in each of you, the world has much to find

And like curious minds, it leaves behind.

“A Poem for My Teacher”

Oh, my dear teacher, in first Grade,

You opened worlds that would forever be made,

You taught us words and sentences as we read,

And we’ve come to love this language that we spread.

You helped us all with numbers and count

And with your lessons, we conquered any amount.

You taught us to play with brushes and crayons,

Inventing, imagining like little dragons.

Your kindness and support know no bounds,

And with every challenge, you helped us lift off the ground.

For in our hearts, we’ll treasure you more,

As years go on, your teachings will always stand the test of time and more.

“The Playground”

Oh, first-grade playground, where adventures take hold,

Where all my childhood memories are forever told.

The jungle gym, the swings, and the slide,

With every challenge, we grew much more tight.

We played games, hide and seek, and tag,

Making memories that forever shall lag,

For in each of us, there’s an adventurer to find,

And with every game, new friendships are lined.

Oh, playground of first Grade, you will always be,

Where we took the first steps toward being free,

As we transition to another stage,

Forever we’ll cherish, the memories of the first-grade page.


In first Grade, we made our friends,

From the first hello to the very end.

Together we played, and together we learned,

Enjoying each moment with joy that turned.

We drew, we shared, and we laughed aloud,

Each memory cherished like it was unbound,

For we’ll forever remember these memories so bright,

In our hearts, forever shall they shine with delight.

Oh, dear first grade friends, our memories we’ll keep,

Of the joy we had in the class and on the streets,

As life goes on, and we drift away,

Together we’ll fondly remember the memories of the first-grade day.

“Goodbye, First Grade”

Goodbye, first Grade, with tears held tight,

Our memories of you are forever in flight.

You taught us much, and you helped us grow,

And anxiously awaiting for the future flow.

As we move onto a new adventure in life,

We carry with us strength gained from strife,

For in first Grade, we’ve learned so much,

With knowledge and friendship, forever in touch.

Goodbye, first Grade, we say with love,

And with every step, we’ll always think of

Our first-grade memories, forever so bright,

Cherished in our hearts, even into the darkest of the night.

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About First Grade

“First-Day Jitters”

The first day of first Grade, I felt afraid

New faces and places and rules to learn

My heart pounded with nervousness displayed

But my teacher smiled and gently swayed

Encouraged me with words, kind and stern

The first day of first Grade, I felt afraid

Soon enough, with new friends, games we played

And endless imagination, we’d learn

My heart pounded with nervousness displayed

As the days turned to weeks, the classroom made

A home for us, with much to discern

The first day of first Grade, I felt afraid

Now, with pride, words and numbers we’ve made

And in our hearts, a passion for knowledge will forever burn

My heart pounded with nervousness displayed

Oh, first Grade, where we learn, laugh, and oftentimes wade

Through challenges, but with each step, growth we earn

The first day of first Grade, I felt afraid

My heart pounded with nervousness displayed

“Friends Forever”

In first Grade, we met and became friends

With laughter, shared stories and the playground too

Our bond is strong and will never come to an end

Through classwork and learning, we’d understand

Together, we explored, never feeling blue

In first Grade, we met and became friends

Our friendship grew, as each story did extend

An unbreakable bond, a bond forever true

Our bond is strong and will never come to an end

With shared interests, we’d make memories to defend

As the years went on, our friendship grew and grew

In first Grade, we met and became friends

Now we’ve grown, our experiences to comprehend

But our first-grade friendship, forever in view

Our bond is strong and will never come to an end

Oh, first Grade, where friendships never bend

Where lessons beyond the books we drew

In first Grade, we met and became friends

Our bond is strong and will never come to an end

“Learning to Read”

In first Grade, we learned to read and write

The alphabet, the sentences, the books on the shelf

We read about dragons, princes, and knights

The lessons we learned opened our minds to sight

A world of questions we’d be discovering oneself

In first Grade, we learned to read and write

We’d imagine the scenes that would take flight

With every new story we’d create within ourselves

We read about dragons, princes, and knights

These words and lessons, our future would ignite

The language of knowledge, wealth beyond wealth

In first Grade, we learned to read and write

With every word, with every page, we’d alight

Our reading passions forever in strength

We read about dragons, princes, and knights

The foundation of reading, oh what foresight

From first Grade, our journey would length

In first Grade, we learned to read and write

We read about dragons, princes, and knights

“Math Class”

In first Grade, we learned the numbers to add

Counting pennies, blocks, and toys without end

And as the lessons continued, we felt glad

With every problem, we felt no dread

The solutions multiplied, we’d comprehend

In first Grade, we learned the numbers to add

Subtraction, multiplication, we’d soon have it categorized

With every challenge, we’d learn how to contend

And as the lessons continued, we felt glad

For in each formula, we’d find the hidden fad

Our minds expanded, the knowledge did extend

In first Grade, we learned the numbers to add

With each new concept, our confidence wouldn’t be swayed

For this knowledge would last even when we transcend

And as the lessons continued, we felt glad

Oh, first Grade, where math formulas are made

A world of numbers and knowledge we’d comprehend

In first Grade, we learned the numbers to add

And as the lessons continued, we felt glad

“Goodbye, First Grade”

The school bell rings; it’s time to say goodbye

The first-grade memories that are about to end

Tears and smiles, as we wave the school goodbye

We’ve grown, we’ve learned, and watched life pass by

With each challenge, with each new trend

The school bell rings; it’s time to say goodbye

But in our hearts, the memories never die

From story times, laughs, and the myriad of friends

Tears and smiles, as we wave the school goodbye

From learning to read, paint, and multiply

Math, science, and recess until we’d ascend

The school bell rings; it’s time to say goodbye.

But we’ll take with us the memories and try

To keep them close until the end


Five Tanka Poems About First Grade

1. The School Bell Rings

In the morning light,
the school bell rings out its song-
first grade has begun.
With a backpack full of dreams,
a child takes their first step in.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. A World of Letters

A world of letters,
unfolded in the first grade,
each one a new friend.
Words weave into stories told,
imagination’s seeds sowed.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. The Playground’s Call

Laughter echoes loud,
the playground’s call to freedom,
under a blue sky.
First grade recess, pure joy found,
in games where no bounds are bound.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. The Magic of Math

Numbers dance and twirl,
the magic of math unfurls,
in first grade lessons.
Counting, adding, less or more,
a key to many a door.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. The End of a Chapter

The last day draws near,
first grade almost left behind,
bittersweet goodbyes.
But with every ending comes,
a new chapter to be sung.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About First Grade

1. The First Day

On the first day of grade one,
Filled with excitement and fun.
New faces and places to explore,
Oh, the adventures that are in store!

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. A World of Words

In first grade, we learn to read,
A skill as essential as a seed.
Words become our new-found friends,
The learning journey never ends.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. The Playground’s Song

The playground sings a joyful tune,
Under the bright afternoon moon.
First grade is more than just a class,
It’s where friendships come to pass.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. The Magic of Numbers

Numbers, oh, they dance and twirl,
In the minds of boys and girls.
First grade math, a magic spell,
Unlocking stories numbers tell.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. Goodbye, First Grade

Goodbye, first grade, it’s been a delight,
Filled with learning from morning till night.
As this chapter comes to an end,
Another is around the bend.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About First Grade

1. Fostering Curiosity

Forward strides in learning,
Inquisitive minds yearning,
Reading, writing, discerning,
Spelling words and terms concerning.
Teachers patiently affirming.

Guiding young minds on their way,
Remarkable progress each day,
Adventures in work and play,
Discovering the world’s array,
Enthusiasm on display.
By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Growing Minds

Finding joy in every book,
Intrigued by every nook,
Ready to take a look,
Starting to learn how to cook.

Gaining knowledge, gaining height,
Reading under the soft night light,
As they grow, their future bright,
Dreaming dreams both big and slight,
Every day a new delight.
By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Learning to Fly

Fluttering like a butterfly,
In the classroom, reaching for the sky,
Reading, writing, learning why,
Soaring high, not feeling shy.

Growing in knowledge and in grace,
Running in the educational race,
Aspiring to find their place,
Determined looks on every face,
Each day is a new embrace.
By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Journey of Discovery

First steps into a wider world,
In every lesson, a new pearl,
Reading about a flag unfurled,
Stories of heroes, boys and girls.

Grasping the lessons of the day,
Running, jumping, time for play,
All the while, learning the way,
Discovering life in a whole new array,
Eager for each new day.
By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Adventure Begins

Finding their feet in a brand new grade,
In every moment, memories made,
Reading stories in the shade,
So many games to be played.

Growing up, it’s quite a ride,
Ready now, with eyes open wide,
Adventures waiting, side by side,
Dreams taking flight on the morning tide,
Embracing life, with arms open wide.
By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About First Grade

1. Journey Begins

In first grade, we learn and play,

Discover new things every day.

We read, we write, in our own way,

In first grade, where we begin our way.

Reading books both big and small,

Learning numbers, counting them all.

With crayons and paper, we have a ball,

In first grade, we stand tall.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. The Magic of Learning

First grade is magic, it’s clear to see,

With letters and numbers as easy as one, two, three.

We use our minds, as busy as a bee,

In first grade, we’re as happy as can be.

We learn about the world, wide and vast,

We’re building our future, connecting to the past.

In first grade, we’re having a blast,

Learning skills that will forever last.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. First Grade Adventures

First grade is an adventure, wild and free,

We explore, we discover, like brave ones at sea.

With our teacher guiding us, like a wise old tree,

In first grade, we become what we want to be.

We paint, we draw, expressing our art,

We learn about science, making us smart.

In first grade, we make a start,

Growing, learning, playing our part.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. A World of Wonder

In first grade, we enter a world of wonder,

With stories and tales that make our hearts thunder.

We learn to spell, no room for blunder,

In first grade, we break the encumber.

We learn about nature, plants, and critters,

We share our thoughts, not being quitters.

In first grade, we’re all little hitters,

Shining bright, like glittering glitters.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. The First Grade Song

First grade is a song, sweet and clear,

With melodies of learning ringing in our ear.

We dance to the rhythm, with nothing to fear,

In first grade, we cheer.

We learn about history, tales so old,

We learn about the brave, the bold.

In first grade, we take hold,

Of knowledge, more precious than gold.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About First Grade

1. The End of Innocence

In the heart of the schoolyard, where laughter was born,
First grade, my dear friend, you are now forever gone.
Once filled with colors, numbers, and shapes so new,
Now only memories remain, fading in hue.

By the chalkboard we stood, hands held up high,
Your lessons were tough, but we aimed for the sky.
In your embrace, we learned to read and write,
In our dreams, you held us tight.

Goodbye first grade, your chapter is closed,
The seeds of knowledge, in us you’ve sowed.
Though we move on, we’ll always remember,
Your warmth, your love, your tender ember.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Farewell to the Sandbox

To the sandbox, where imagination took flight,
First grade, we bid you a heartfelt goodnight.
With toy shovels and buckets, castles we made,
In the realm of first grade, where no memories fade.

We learned of friendship, sharing and play,
Lessons that will guide us every single day.
Though we leave behind the sand and its comfort,
Your teachings, dear first grade, we’ll never distort.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Echoes of First Grade

In the silence of the classroom, echoes persist,
First grade, it’s your presence we’ll truly miss.
The scent of crayons, the sight of our art,
In our journey of life, you had the start.

From A-B-C’s to one-two-three’s,
Your guidance was like a gentle breeze.
Though we part ways, in our hearts you’ll stay,
First grade, we honor you in our own way.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. A Toast to First Grade

Here’s to first grade, our early mentor,
Your wisdom and patience, we’ll always honor.
In your confines, we discovered a world so vast,
Though you’re in the past, your influence will last.

From morning assemblies to the final bell,
In our hearts, your lessons dwell.
First grade, your memories are etched deep,
In our minds, your wisdom we’ll keep.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Parting with First Grade

As we part with first grade, tears may fall,
But it’s not an end, it’s a beckoning call.
With tiny backpacks and hearts full of glee,
You prepared us for life, set our spirits free.

We bid farewell, but carry your light,
Guiding us through life, day and night.
First grade, in our hearts you’ll forever reside,
A beacon of knowledge, our trusted guide.

By Dan Higgins 2024

These poems capture the essence of first Grade in unique and creative ways.

Teachers can use these poems as examples when teaching poetry to their students, providing a fun and engaging way to explore language and creative expression.

Whether reading, writing, math, or friendship, First Grade is a vast world waiting to be explored.

These poems can inspire students to explore their experiences in First Grade and express them through poetry, providing an exciting opportunity for students to develop their writing skills while capturing the magic of First Grade.

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