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As teachers, we strive to educate our students about various holidays’ cultural and religious significance, and Easter is no exception.

It’s a Christian holiday that honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Along with traditional practices such as Easter eggs, bunnies, and chocolates, poetry has been used to celebrate and reflect on the meaning of the holiday.

In this blog post, we have compiled a fantastic collection of Easter poems that educators can use to teach their students about the significance and symbolism of the holiday.

These poems explore themes of faith, hope, renewal, and spirituality. They are perfect for classroom readings, displays, or inspiring students to write Easter poems.

Let us celebrate Easter with poetry in our classrooms and encourage our students to express themselves through the power of words.

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Five Free Verse Poems About Easter


From the darkness emerged the light,

Shattering death with all its might,

For Easter marks a time so bright,

Hope renewed and mercy in sight.

Jesus rose from the grave that day,

Removing darkness in every way,

His message still alive today,

His love for us never away.

The cross now stands, no more a sign,

Of death and darkness, nor decline,

But a symbol of hope that refines,

Our lives, now joined to the divine.

A New Beginning

Easter comes, and with it, spring,

A time of hope and everything,

The season of renewal on its wing,

A time to look at everything.

The resurrection tells us all,

In life, we can rise above the fall,

And stand against death and its thrall,

In beauty, we can stand tall.

For Easter marks a new beginning,

A time to start, the world’s spinning,

Where hope and mercy are winning,

And love is constantly singing.

Easter Lilies

Amidst the colors of Easter lies,

A flower, pure and sweet, it tries,

With lilies’ grace and gentle sighs,

We lift our hearts to the skies.

The symbol of purity so white,

A fragrance that’s a delight,

A perfect flower to sight,

The lilies bring beauty in light.

It speaks of Christ’s purity so pure,

And our ability to seek a cure,

From our sins that we must endure,

For in his love, we can be sure.

The Cross

It’s not just a symbol, this I know,

The cross is much more, love we sow,

For Christ upon it’s where grace does flow,

A redemption of sin and sorrow.

The weight of the cross we must bear,

In the darkness, we find him there,

He takes our pain, and he does share,

With love and compassion that’s always rare.

The cross reminds us every year,

In death and life, he’s always here,

For love so strong can never disappear,

Jesus Christ, always so near.

Hope in the Resurrection

In the resurrection, we find hope,

A promise fulfilled in its scope,

That life can be lived without mope,

Forgiveness and grace, we can cope.

For hope awakens a sacred heart,

That love and mercy can impart,

A new beginning with a fresh start,

A new life that can never fall apart.

And so we celebrate Easter day,

A reminder that love comes to stay,

That hope and faith are here to play,

And stay with us night and day.

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Five Haiku Poems About Easter

Easter Morning

Golden sunbeams rise

Resurrection in the air

Easter joy abounds

Spring Rebirth

Nature’s resurrection

Flowers bloom, trees bud, and sing

Life’s awakening

The Easter Lily

Lily’s pure white bloom

Symbolic of resurrection

Christ’s love for us shines

Empty Tomb

The empty tomb shines bright

Easter’s miracle of life

Death defeated, hope

Easter Traditions

Baskets filled with treats

Bunnies, eggs, and chickadees

Easter’s colorful joy

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Five Limerick Poems About Easter

Easter Eggs

There once was a basket of eggs

All colorful, bright, and with legs

Hidden by the Easter bunny

Making children oh so funny

As they hunt for chocolate with zeal.

The Easter Bunny

There once was a bunny so kind

A friend to children of all kind

Bearing Easter eggs in a basket

For every little chick and rabbit

Easter joy in every bundle that we find.

The Easter Parade

As Easter comes to town

People gather, swirly and round

In colorful suits and dress

And hats that overcompensate, no less

A sight to see, it’s a style bound.

Easter Treats

A chocolate bunny so sweet

A marshmallow chick so neat

Easter treats that fill us with joy

From every girl and boy

A sweet and delicious Easter treat.

Easter Feast

Ham on the table, colored eggs in the basket

Pies and sweets that are hard to resist

A feast on Easter, it’s hard to miss

A meal of love that no one can outlast it

It’s sure to be a memory forever lit.

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Five Tanka Poems About Easter

Easter Joy

Colors fill the air,

Resurrection on this day,

Joyous bells ringing,

A celebration filled with hope,

Easter brings new life to all.

Easter Memories

Memories unfold,

Of eggs and baskets galore,

Family gathered,

Traditions with love and joy,

Easter’s memories endure.

Spring Awakening

Spring’s renewal blooms,

Symbolic of life restored,

Nature’s resurrection,

Easter’s message of new life,

Beauty awakens, love reigns.

Easter Peace

Sitting here in peace,

Easter brings such humble grace,

Out of dark, light shines,

A promise given to us,

Easter’s peace within our hearts.

Easter Rejoicing

Easter brings such joy,

An end to Lenten journey,

Christ has risen high,

People come together now,

United in love and praise.

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Five Sonnet Poems About Easter

The Empty Tomb

The tomb lay bare, with stone cast to the side,

The spot where Christ was laid, now empty, bare,

The women who had come to mourn had cried,

Not ever thinking, he would not be there.

A man, all dressed in white, had said to them,

“Go tell his followers, he has arisen,”

At first, they didn’t understand, and then

His words, like truth and light, did start to glisten.

He rose again, our savior, King of kings,

Forever to defeat the death and grave,

Within our hearts, His love forever sings,

The lost he came to save.

So let us now rejoice, and sing his praise,

For Christ has risen, and death no longer stays.

The Promise Fulfilled

A promise made so long ago in time,

The light amidst the darkness of the night,

A savior for all men in love sublime,

God given, all on faith we must take flight.

The prophecy fulfilled upon this day,

For Jesus died and rose again to life,

With all our sins and pain now washed away,

His victory ending such unending strife.

So let us use this Easter to renew,

Our faith in him whose sacrifice we know,

And give ourselves to keeping his love true,

With his divine and everlasting glow.

Thus, Easter offers hope of life to all,

Through Jesus Christ, whose love we can recall.

A Time of Renewal

Easter comes, with grace and love divine,

As springtime awakens once again,

A symbol of renewal that we find,

In nature’s resurrection without strain.

The promise of Easter brings us hope,

A new beginning offered to us all,

A way to shed the worries that we cope,

And to embrace with joy the freedom call.

So let us come and celebrate this day,

With colored eggs and baskets all around,

Full of love, we walk the hopeful way,

With Easter’s promise in our hearts so sound.

For Christ, our savior, died upon the cross,

And rose again to dampen death’s great loss.

Our Savior, Our King

He left behind his throne on high to die,

For us all, our Savior and our King,

His blood, as sacrifice, for us to buy,

The joys that resurrection’s mercy brings.

All forlorn upon the cross he hung,

With thorns upon his head, he bled and died,

The nails so cruelly hammered, and so young,

The promises, as we now coincided.

But Oh! He rose again, to give us grace,

The stone cast from the tomb on glorious day,

Our savior gave the world a worthy place,

Eternal life, a debt we cannot pay.

In silence on his throne, he waits so near,

With love offering, and grace so clear.

The Rose of Sharon

A rose by any other name might bloom,

But none so clear as that of Sharon’s rose,

So pure, so sweet, and free of any gloom,

As Christ, whose resurrection’s power knows.

The scars that he received so cruel and raw,

A symbol of his love so pure and deep,

The nails and crown depict a holy awe,

The love that does our broken trust now keep.

For Christ, the risen savior, overcame,

And broke the chains that held us in their sway,

And so we celebrate his holy name,

Upon this Easter’s resurrected day.

So let us pray and sing like Sharon’s rose,

A message of love, for all he interposed.


Five Ode Poems About Easter

Ode to the Resurrection

Oh, glorious resurrection morn,

When Christ rose up and death was torn,

From out its grasp we all were born,

And new life in Christ’s hope now adorn.

With love he showed us all the way,

Through darkness and sin’s deep decay,

A new start, with Christ’s love to obey,

In every moment, every day.

So let us rise up like he did,

Our hearts in love with his love amid,

New life, new hope, in Christ pre-bid,

With Easter in our hearts as forbid.

Ode to Easter Joy

Let’s honor Easter with joy and cheer,

As springtime tell us that Easter draws near,

With hope and love, it’s message so clear,

To celebrate with friends both far and near.

For Easter seals God’s love for all,

A message that each heart does call,

For joy to come and fears to fall,

And beauty in life that does enthrall.

With colored eggs and candy too,

We celebrate love’s message anew,

Easter’s joy in all we do,

A celebration of love so true.

Ode to the Cross

Oh, the cross, how it stands so high,

On a hill where all can see,

A symbol of Jesus’ love and why,

He died for you and me.

The weight of the cross we must bear,

As Jesus did, so we become aware,

Of Love so powerful and rare,

A message of hope for all to share.

We come to the cross on Easter day,

As we follow the lamb along the way,

And grace so precious we can say,

Love transformed and death overturned that day.

Ode to Easter Morning

Easter morning dawns so clear,

With beauty that’s beyond compare,

As hope and joy fill the air,

A promise that the Lord did bear.

The sun appears above the hill,

A symbol of the resurrection’s thrill,

Of life that death could not kill,

And hope unending that does instill.

So let us rise up, and let us sing,

Of love and hope, of everything,

With Easter’s message forever ring,

Joy unending to our hearts it does bring.

Ode to the Easter Lily

Bringer of hope and beauty so rare,

The Easter Lily stands tall and fair,

A symbol of purity that’s beyond compare,

Of Christ’s love for us so rare.

With beauty that fills every corner and hall,

A fragrance that lifts the heart of all,

The Easter Lilly’s message, we hear the call,

Of love that endures, in life and death, through it all.

A symbol of His purity white,

A fragrance so sweet and light,

The Easter Lilly fills us with delight,

A perfect flower, a symbol of delight.

Five Villanelle Poems About Easter

Hope Resurrected

Easter comes with hope so true,

Resurrection, life anew,

Death defeated, light breaks through.

On the cross, love’s gift to view,

His sacrifice for me and you,

Easter comes with hope so true.

In the tomb, three long days overdue,

Death could not hold him, this we knew,

Death defeated, light breaks through.

His victory forever to ensue,

Through Christ’s love, we are not blue,

Easter comes with hope so true.

Salvation’s promise we pursue,

With hope and grace that doth imbue,

Death defeated, light breaks through.

So let us now, our hearts to renew,

With Easter joy, our faith made new,

Easter comes with hope so true,

Death defeated, light breaks through.

Resurrection’s Promise

On Easter Sunday, in the early morn,

Christ rose again, for us, his love reborn,

On Easter Sunday, death was truly torn.

The world, in darkness, oft forlorn,

With Christ, the light of hope, God’s mercy sworn,

On Easter Sunday, in the early morn.

His message of grace, for us to adorn,

A promise of new life that Christ adorns,

On Easter Sunday, death was truly torn.

In him, a faith reborn,

A joy unending, his love’s crimson thorn,

On Easter Sunday, in the early morn,

Death was defeated, and our hearts upborne.

Easter Promises

Christ’s resurrection, a promise so true,

For all the world, his love shines through,

With Easter come, we see grace anew.

The empty tomb, a message to ensue,

The lamb of God, his love ever so true,

Christ’s resurrection, a promise so true.

In every bad, he offers up a clue,

In every good, his grace imbues,

With Easter come, we see grace anew.

Peace and love, through his mercy, in view,

His power over death, our faith pursue,

Christ’s resurrection, a promise so true,

In every heart, Easter should ensue.

Easter Morn

The sun rises, on Easter morn,

Death has been defeated, hope reborn,

The risen Christ, his love to adorn.

With every heart, love does reform,

A promise of redemption he does inform,

The sun rises, on Easter morn.

On this day, all sadness is outworn,

Forgiveness and grace, all hearts to adorn,

The risen Christ, his love to adorn.

In the world, his message does transform,

Life to every soul, he does perform,

The sun rises, on Easter morn,

Love is the message, his glory we adorn.

New Life

Easter brings a promise of new life,

A hope that is reborn with Christ’s light,

His love for us, through suffering and strife.

A message of love, without any strife,

On the cross, he gave his own life,

Easter brings a promise of new life.

Christ’s victory, over death so rife,

A gift of mercy, for all who are contrite,

His love for us, through suffering and strife.

With Easter come, every soul can take flight,

In every heart, the promise of God’s sight,

Easter brings a promise of new life,

His love for us, his mercy, his might.

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Five Acrostic Poems About Easter

1. Easter Morning

Early in the morning, a new day is dawning
All around, life is springing
Sunrise paints the sky in hues of pastel
Time for renewal, time to cast off winter’s shell
Everywhere, the world is singing
Rejoice, for Easter morning is bringing
By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Resurrection

Rising from the grave in glorious light
Eternal love conquers the darkest night
Salvation offered, a second chance
Uplifting hearts in a divine dance
Remembering the sacrifice so right
Reaching out, embracing the bright
Easter, a symbol of resurrection’s might
By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Springtime Blessings

Springtime arrives with a gentle sigh
Promising warmth, bidding winter goodbye
Revel in the beauty that Easter brings
In every blooming flower, joy sings
New beginnings under the azure sky
Grateful for the blessings that lie
True miracles in the tiniest things
In every heart, hope springs
May your Easter be filled with pleasant surprises
Enjoy, as the sun in your soul rises
By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Hope Renewed

Heaven and earth rejoice, it’s Easter day
Open your heart, let the light in to stay
Promise of a future, bright and new
Everything is possible, every dream can come true
Revel in the miracle, let your worries fray
Easter brings hope, in a beautiful array
Never forget, love will find its way
Enjoy the blessings that come to you
With each sunrise, life starts anew
Embrace the joy, let it color your day
Delight in the magic of Easter, come what may
By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Celebration of Life

Celebrate this day, for life is reborn
Every creature, every blade of grass adorn
Let your spirit soar, let your heart be light
Easter’s here, banishing the night
Blessings abound, no need to mourn
Radiate love, let it be your sworn
Aim to spread kindness, to do what’s right
Take a moment to appreciate the sight
In every corner, new life is sworn
On this Easter day, a pledge is torn
Nurture the world, with all your might
By Dan Higgins 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Easter

1. Dawn of Easter

In the quiet of the morning, when the world is still asleep

Easter dawns, in silence, its promises to keep

The stone rolled away, the tomb empty and bare

A miracle unfolded, a love beyond compare

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Sacrifice

He walked the path of suffering, His destiny foretold

On the cross, He gave His life, a story of love retold

Easter morn, He rose again, from death, He broke free

A sacrifice so profound, for you and for me

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Hope’s Resurrection

In the heart of spring, when life begins anew

Easter arrives, bearing hope that’s true

From the ashes of despair, hope gets its resurrection

An ode to love eternal, a divine connection

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Empty Tomb

The tomb is empty, the Savior has risen

Fulfilled is the prophecy, broken is the prison

Easter tells us of a love, so pure and divine

A testament to a power, truly benign

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Love’s Victory

Upon the cross, He bore our sins, His love never faltered

Through pain and death, His faith never altered

Easter brings the news of victory, love over hate

A symbol of endurance, a fate so great

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Five Rhyming Poems About Easter

1. The Dawn of Easter

On this day of Easter morn,

A new hope for us is born.

Rising sun, a golden yawn,

Signifies the dawn is drawn.

Baskets filled with candy sweet,

Children’s laughter, such a treat.

Eggs of colors, bright and bold,

Easter’s story, once again told.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. The Bunny’s Trail

A bunny hops along the trail,

Leaving behind treats without fail.

Jelly beans of every hue,

Chocolates wrapped in shiny blue.

Easter morning, children wake,

Excited for the joy it’ll make.

The bunny’s trail they will seek,

In every corner, every creek.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. Easter Blooms

Easter blooms, a sight to see,

Daffodils sway in the gentle breeze.

Lilies white, roses red,

Springtime beauty, widely spread.

Celebrating life anew,

Under skies of brightest blue.

Easter blooms, in gardens wide,

Symbolize the Eastertide.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. The Easter Parade

The Easter parade is here at last,

A spectacle linked to the past.

Bonnets adorned with ribbons and lace,

Bring smiles to every watching face.

Children march, their spirits high,

Underneath the springtime sky.

The Easter parade, a joyful sight,

Fills our hearts with pure delight.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. The Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt, a thrilling game,

Every year it feels the same.

Children rush with baskets in hand,

To find the eggs that are so grand.

Pastel colors, patterns neat,

Every found egg, a joyful feat.

The Easter egg hunt, a tradition dear,

Brings happiness to all, far and near.

By Dan Higgins, 2024


Easter is a significant time for Christians all around the world. This time of year celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and has become a symbol of hope, new life and renewal.

We can express our gratitude towards His sacrifice and wonders of this season through poems such as sonnets, tankas, odes, villanelles, and limericks.

The different types of poems, with their distinct rules and structures, allow us to convey the message of Easter in diverse ways and reflect its beauty through creativity and imagination.

Easter is not just about symbolism and the spring season, it is about hope, faith, and love. May this Easter be full of love, joy, and all the blessings of renewal and hope.

Easter and Poetry – FAQ

Q: What is Easter in Christianity?

A: Easter is an important holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is considered to be the most significant holiday for Christians around the world.

Q: Why do people write poetry about Easter?

A: Easter is a time of renewal, hope, and new beginnings, which inspires creativity and imagination. Poetry is a way to express gratitude towards Christ’s sacrifice and its relationship to Easter.

Q: What types of poetry are suitable for Easter?

A: There are many types of poetry suitable for Easter, including sonnets, tankas, odes, villanelles, and limericks. Each form has its unique rules and structures that can convey the message of Easter in different ways.

Q: Can Easter poetry be secular?

A: Yes, Easter poetry can be secular as well as religious. Many poets write about the spring season, rebirth, and renewal, themes often associated with Easter.

Q: Is Easter poetry only for Christians?

A: Easter poetry is often associated with Christianity, but it can be appreciated by anyone who wants to celebrate this time of hope, renewal, and love. Poetry is a universal medium that connects people from various backgrounds and beliefs.

Q: Why is poetry important during Easter?

A: Poetry is a powerful tool for expressing one’s thoughts and emotions, and during Easter, it allows poets to reflect on Christ’s love and sacrifice. Poetry also offers a way to connect with others and share the message of the holiday.

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