30 Poems About Christmas

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As Christmas approaches us, we can’t help but start to feel a bit of magical joy spreading throughout the air!

While getting gifts for your friends and family is part of the festivities, other ways to get in the spirit are less well-known. Poems about Christmas are one such traditional way to spread cheer during this particular time of year!

For teachers looking for creative ways to engage their students around the holiday season while having fun, look no further than these poems about Christmas!

This blog post has everything from funny limericks full of festive puns to thoughtful rhymes reflecting the holiday spirit. So grab some mugs with hot chocolate ready and get cozy – we’re going on a journey through winter wonderland using poetry!

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Five Free Verse Poems About Christmas

“Winter Wonderland”

The snow is falling gently down,

A winter wonderland all around.

The lights twinkle, the trees do glisten,

Our hearts are filled with love, we listen.

“Peace on Earth”

The sound of carolers fills the air,

Their voices lifted in a song so fair,

As we gather with friends and family,

We pray for peace all around us to be.

“The Gift of Love”

Christmas comes but once a year,

A time of love and sharing near.

We exchange our gifts with those we hold dear,

And cherish the moments we hold so near.

“Bethlehem Star”

The Bethlehem star shines bright above,

Guiding us towards a message of love.

The baby in the manger brings us hope,

With each beat of our hearts, we learn to cope.

“Season of Joy”

Christmas lights, tinsel and tree,

Decorations to fill you with glee.

A time to spread love and show we care,

For family and friends who are always there.

Five Haiku Poems About Christmas

“Winter’s Delight”

Soft flakes, falling snow,

Christmas joy, winter’s delight,

Nature’s pure canvas.

“Twinkling Lights”

Twinkling Christmas lights,

Brighten up the darkest night,

Hope and cheer take flight.

“Yuletide Love”

Family and friends,

Huddled close to share their love,

Yuletide warmth, aglow.

“Merry and Bright”

Merry and bright days,

Filled with love, laughter and joy,

Christmas memories.

“Sacred Night”

Silent holy night,

The babe in the manger sleeps,

Love’s purest delight.

Five Limerick Poems About Christmas

“Santa’s Workshop”

In Santa’s workshop there’s great cheer

The elves smile from ear to ear

As they paint every toy

For each good girl and boy

So on Christmas, their hearts fill with cheer

“Christmas Treats”

Aromas of fresh-baked Christmas treats

Fill the air and make our tongues tweet

From sugar cookies to fruitcake

We don’t stop, our tummies always ache

But it’s the most delicious and delightful feat

“Rudolph’s New Job”

Rudolph, once teased by his fellow deer,

Is now a Christmas hero year after year.

With his shiny red nose,

Through the darkness he glows,

Leading Santa’s sleigh with so much cheer.

“Christmas Wish”

If I had one wish for Christmas night,

I’d wish for the world to be free from fright.

All people become one,

In peace, love, and fun,

And no one ever has to leave their candle light.

“A Perfect Christmas”

The Christmas bells are ringing loud,

As everyone looks at the snow-covered cloud.

The tree adorned with care,

And friends and family all there,

It’s the perfect Christmas, hearts light and unbound.

Five Tanka Poems About Christmas


Homes decked out in lights,

Carollers singing in the night,

Children filled with glee,

The warmth of a fire burning,

This is Christmastime, so bright.

“Gifts of Love”

Underneath the tree,

Presents wrapped with strings and bows,

But greater than these,

The gifts of love that we share,

Warming hearts in winter’s cold.

“Christmas Joy”

In the morning light,

Children rush down the stairway,

To see if he came,

Santa’s gifts so full of joy,

Eager grins on each small face.

“Peaceful Christmas”

The world may seem wild,

But let that not distract us,

From the peace we have,

A time for love and laughter,

A peaceful Christmas, living on.

“Snowy Christmas”

Snowflakes fall like stars,

Coating streets and hillsides white,

A wintry delight,

A magical scene unfolding,

So perfect for Christmas night.

Five Sonnet Poems About Christmas

“A Savior’s Birth”

The night is silent, cold and calm so bright,

A manger holds a babe, so calm, so still,

The angels sing of God’s perfect good-will,

This gift, a Savior’s birth, lights up the night.

The shepherds come to see this joyous sight,

The wise-men, lift their gifts for all to see,

The star above shines down on you and me,

A moment divine, filled with love and light.

This baby boy, a king of endless grace,

Born in a stable right in Bethlehem,

To save us from our sins, to take their place,

And make us all God’s children, born again.

His love for us, an endless source of light,

Bringing hope, love, and peace, no more darkness or fright.

“The Miracle of Christmas”

A time of hope, of magic in the air,

Of memories, and love that fills the heart,

Of gifts, the wellspring of all God’s art,

Of music, lights, and trees that life affords.

The never ending love, of Christ our Lord,

A miracle, seen through a child’s pure eyes

In all the tinsel, laughter, and surprise,

A wonder to behold, a heavenly chord.

Our hearts are filled with peace, by that great star,

Illuminating all the best within,

We try to always remember, near and far,

To care for others, for now, and again.

Through this time of light, we will find our way,

Brightening up, each and every day.

“A Gift of Love”

On Christmas, all the earth rejoices with glee,

When Love, abundant love, completely,

Came down from Heaven, and brought forth

A wonderful Savior, who gives us hope.

This Babe was born in humble Bethlehem,

His mother Mary and Joseph, pure and kind.

He lived a life that was truly divine,

Bringing light to the world through our strife.

He died on the cross, suffered silently,

Our sins forgiven, through His blood and death,

Through the salvation that He did bequeath,

We can live forever in His love, free.

This special, endless love from up above,

Is the perfect gift of love on Christmas Day.

“The Light of Christmas”

In winter’s bleakness, amidst the snow and ice,

There comes a spirit, warming up the night.

The stars above us twinkle with delight,

As in our hearts, God’s love does entice.

Amid the hustle-bustle, bright and loud,

There shines a light, so warm and heavenly,

A symbol of hope, a sign of peace now,

An endless longing, of our destiny.

A season of bright Christmas joys and peace,

Where all God’s creatures play a joyful tune,

With our hearts aglow, we hum a sweet refrain

From love and hope forever to increase,

Our spirits lifted up towards the moon,

In a state of perfect peace, we again.

“Christmas Comfort”

The flames of candles, flickering with life,

The warmth of love, nights of evergreen,

The halls of households, filled with sweet cuisine,

A time for family, away from all strife.

The crackling fires, so comforting and true,

The window-frost, painting all in white,

The music of carols, heard from the night,

This Christmas-time brings all into view.

Away in a manger there lay a small child,

The shepherds’ journey leading them to thee,

Mary, the mother, the angels on high,

A time for joy, for hope now reconciled,

Bringing us all close to where we should be,

In loving families, where Christmas never dies.

Five Ode Poems About Christmas

“Ode to Christmas Lights”

Oh Christmas lights, so bright and gay,

You make the world a brighter place each day,

From strings on trees to icicle strands,

You cast your glow across the land.

In golden yellow or magical blue,

Or rainbow colours, all bright and new,

You bring to life the spirit bright,

That fills us with joy on every night.

“Ode to Christmas Carols”

Oh Christmas carols, sweet and true,

You lift our hearts in every hue,

From “Joy to the World,” to “Silent Night,”

Your melodies bring warmth and light.

From choir to quartet, you fill our souls,

Telling us of the stories long told,

Of the Babe in the manger, with love so great,

With a message of peace that will never abate.

“Ode to Gingerbread Houses”

Oh gingerbread houses, so sweet and divine,

You bring to life a wondrous design,

From candy canes to gumdrops bright,

You make our Christmas complete and right.

With your icing and your sugary walls,

Your magic holds us in thrall,

Telling us of the beauty and the joy,

That fill our hearts, like a child’s new toy.

“Ode to Christmas Gifts”

Oh Christmas gifts, so wrapped and bright,

You bring to us such pure delight,

From the boxes under the tree,

To the smiles and hugs of family.

Your carefully chosen presents show,

That love and kindness always flow,

From the hearts of those so dear,

Who hold us close, all throughout the year.

“Ode to Christmas Memories”

Oh Christmas memories, so bright and true,

You bring to mind the Holidays we knew,

From caroling in the snow-filled night,

To baking cookies, with such sheer delight.

You recall the joy, that Christmas brings,

With every carol that we sing,

From the stories told round the fire,

To the wonder of the angel’s choir.

In each memory we hold so dear,

We feel the love of those so near,

And as we gather, loving and bright,

Christmas fills our hearts with endless light.

Five Villanelle Poems About Christmas

“Christmas Bells”

The sound of Christmas bells fills the air,

Their melodies ring out so clear and bright,

A joyous celebration we will share.

The carolers sing, each note a prayer,

Their voices lifted in harmonious delight,

The sound of Christmas bells fills the air.

The chimes of laughter, heard everywhere,

Fills our hearts with pure delight,

A joyous celebration we will share.

The season of peace is finally here,

Guiding us all towards a bright light,

The sound of Christmas bells fills the air.

With every ringing of the bells, we’ll hear,

The hope and love that fills the night,

A joyous celebration we will share.

As the season ends, with one last cheer,

The bells will fade but not from sight,

The sound of Christmas bells fills the air,

A joyous celebration we will share.

“Winter’s Glow”

The winter’s snow is softly falling down,

Reflecting peacefulness one can behold,

The holiday season wears its glowing crown.

In fireplaces, warmth and cheers abound,

The fires flicker with stories that are told,

The winter’s snow is softly falling down.

The tree’s enchanted music does resound,

The scent of pine, a memory we hold,

The holiday season wears its glowing crown.

Families gather around the town,

In each other’s loving embrace, they enfold,

The winter’s snow is softly falling down.

Tinsel, garland, and lights, all aglow,

As silver, gold and white glitter bold,

The holiday season wears its glowing crown.

The season of love is finally home,

As we open our hearts to others to behold,

The winter’s snow is softly falling down,

The holiday season wears its glowing crown.

“Wish for Peace”

A wish for peace, I send to you this day,

A hope for love, and harmony unrolled,

A joyous Christmas too, in every way.

Where children dance and sing, in every play,

And stories shared with friends, so bright and bold,

A wish for peace, I send to you this day.

The sounds of laughter, drifting every which way,

The melodies of carols, a gentle hold,

A joyous Christmas too, in every way.

The lights of Christmas, their colours on display,

The comfort of a blanket, so snug and old,

A wish for peace, I send to you this day.

Peace is what we need when Christmas is away,

And love and memories with stories never told,

A joyous Christmas too, in every way.

Together in peace, we’ll find a better way,

A prayer that I will always uphold,

A wish for peace, I send to you this day,

A joyous Christmas too, in every way.

“Bethlehem Star”

The Bethlehem star shines down with endless grace,

Guiding shepherds towards a manger so bold,

The night so still, for fear that peace erase.

The story tells of love, the star we trace,

How love can conquer strife, and hearts enfold,

The Bethlehem star shines down with endless grace.

The baby sleeps within, such love his face,

The angels singing in the story retold,

The night so still, for fear that peace erase.

The wise men come to worship, every place,

With gifts so pure, the story to unfold,

The Bethlehem star shines down with endless grace.

The light of Christmas lingers with its pace,

The star up high, reminding us so cold,

The night so still, for fear that peace erase.

For every Christmas, let our hearts embrace,

The joy of the season, the love foretold,

The Bethlehem star shines down with endless grace,

The night so still, for fear that peace erase.

“Home for Christmas”

The journey home, for Christmas so near,

A time for love, for joy, for everything old,

Removing ourselves from the fighting, and fear.

The family awaits, welcoming us with cheer,

Warm hugs and smiles, so precious to hold,

The journey home, for Christmas so near.

Sitting by the fire, with all of our gear,

The stories shared, the memories told,

Removing ourselves from the fighting and fear.

The aroma of Christmas food fills the air,

Tasting, feeling the warmth in our fold,

The journey home, for Christmas so near.

We open our hearts, to welcome the year,

To share the happiness, so pure and bold,

Removing ourselves from the fighting and fear.

As the night falls, we feel so sincere,

The love that surrounds us, we enfold,

The journey home, for Christmas so near,

Removing ourselves from the fighting and fear.

Christmas is a time filled with joy, wonder, and reflection—poems about Christmas uniquely capture these feelings. Whether looking for lighthearted humor or heartfelt words, poems about Christmas can fill your heart with warmth and love.

Whether it’s an old classic that has been around for generations or a newly scribed masterpiece, timeless holiday poems will bring the magic of this particular time alive.

As you get ready to celebrate the holidays, let poetry be part of your traditions – use it to express yourself and continue the conversation with loved ones near and far!

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