20 Descriptive Paragraphs About Hamlet

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Teachers know it can be challenging to get students engaged and excited about Shakespeare’s works, but teaching Hamlet provides a unique opportunity for creativity. The characters’ relationships, the moralistic themes, and the tragedy of events make this play an excellent topic for fascinating discussions in (and out of) the classroom.

To help your lessons come to life, here is an example lesson plan with 20 descriptive paragraphs about different scenes from Hamlet. Learn more about how you can bring Shakespeare’s masterpiece into your classroom!

Descriptive Paragraphs About Hamlet

  1. Hamlet is a complex character, plunged deeply into both melancholy and madness. His inner turmoil manifests itself in soliloquies filled with wit, irony and sadness – each acting as a window into his innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing us to understand him emotionally like no other character before or since.
  2. His brooding exterior conceals a razor-sharp wit that seems at odds with his dire plight; he sees through the lies and deception of those around him with breathtaking clarity yet remains unaware of the sword hanging above his head – like some invisible guillotine waiting to drop at any moment.
  3. Constantly yearning for something more than what currently exists before him, Hamlet appears almost dreamlike in his inability to commit to anything – forever in search of answers that may never come, wandering from place to place like a nomad without a home.
  4. He defiantly stares down danger when it presents itself. Yet, time after time retreats into himself – as if life were merely an illusion he could escape in an instant by closing his eyes against the harsh truths the world has placed upon him; like a butterfly caught between two raging storms, he rises above them all while remaining firmly grounded beneath them – never turning away from the challenges before him, no matter how difficult they may be.
  5. His courage and bravery know no bounds, daring even death itself as he pushes onward despite facing insurmountable odds – burning brighter than any star in the night sky, inspiring others with his unwavering faith in himself and refusing to surrender even when hope fades – such is the power of Hamlet’s indomitable spirit.
  6. Claudius, King of Denmark and brother to the slain Old King Hamlet – a man of twisted morals, spinning webs of lies and deception to hold on to the power he desperately desires. He stands atop a rotting kingdom, his tiny hands clawing at the walls of what once was and trying futilely to maintain order in a world slowly crumbling beneath him.
  7. His hollow smile masks a complex mind filled with secrets and schemes, plotting his next move in reverence for a crown he holds as if it were his own life – never willing to let go, no matter the cost. Every word that leaves his mouth serves only one purpose; to further his ambitions and twist the truth until it becomes unrecognizable – almost like an artist painting over reality with strokes of lies until it resembles something new.
  8. He moves cunningly through the court, manipulating those around him while they’re none the wiser – coming off as charming yet dangerous, intelligent yet deceitful, confident yet insecure – always two steps ahead in whatever game he’s playing, outsmarting friend and foe alike with ease.
  9. His thirst for power knows no bounds, relentlessly pursuing absolute control over all who cross his path as if it were some kind of divine right – unable to comprehend any other way than ruling through fear and intimidation – more beast than a man in this pursuit for the glory that ends up being nothing more than an empty quest for meaningless awards which can never satiate nor bring true joy into his life.
  10. Yet even so, there is something strangely admirable about him; having risen from obscurity by sheer will alone despite dealing with forces unknown to most people – personifying true courage and ambition in its purest form – like an unstoppable force of nature against which everyone else seems insignificant by comparison – an enigma wrapped within a mystery that only Hamlet can unlock; if only he can confront Claudius without succumbing himself to ruin first.
  11. Gertrude, Queen of Denmark and mother to Hamlet – a woman of complexity and contradictions, lost between two worlds, unable to choose one path. She stands atop her crossroads, forced to navigate between duty and love with no clear direction as to what will lead her towards the right decision.
  12. Her delicate features conceal an inner strength that is all too often overshadowed by those around her, her opinions never considered or taken seriously – a mere puppet caught in a power struggle between two old kings yet capable of influencing events beyond anyone’s expectation if only someone were to listen.
  13. She moves gracefully through court, observing events with an almost ethereal aura of wisdom that only comes from years of experience – silently judging those she encounters and leaving them feeling unequal in comparison, their secrets bared before not only the queen but their consciousness as well.
  14. Her passion runs deep throughout all aspects of life- love or war – like a steel gauntlet hidden beneath a velvet glove, outstretched in kindness yet firm enough to carry out any task necessary to protect her beloved son. A true leader who speaks softly but carries a big stick when needed – one moment warm and gentle and the next stern and unforgiving like the tide’s dance upon the shoreline – standing resolute against forces far more significant than herself just so that she could ensure Hamlet would be safe from harm’s way.
  15. Yet even so, there is something human about her; despite being born into royalty, she still craves affection and understanding from those around her – a common thread which binds us all together – rendering her just as susceptible to failure in moments of weakness no different than anyone else – proof that even queens can learn how to love again if given enough time; if only Hamlet could find it within himself to forgive his mother first.
  16. Polonius, adviser to the King of Denmark and father to Laertes and Ophelia – a man of many words, using them as if a shield for his cowardly heart. He stands in the shadows watching with beady eyes, speaking only when spoken first and granting counsel carefully chosen, rarely straying away from mediocrity’s safety.
  17. His outwardly wise demeanour masks a mind filled with confusion and naivety, an eternal optimist forever clinging onto hope, despite being surrounded by those who can see far more clearly – almost like an infant trying to interpret complex emotions he knows nothing about, turning even the simplest tasks into puzzles which he fails to solve over and over again.
  18. He moves uneasily through court, trying desperately to find favour amongst those who hold all the power yet never being able to stay in their good graces for too long – coming off as smug yet pitiful, courteous yet clumsy – always one step behind in whatever game he plays, unable to come up with a strategy that will finally get him noticed.
  19. His ambition equally matches his dream – but in opposite directions – striving for more incredible things while simultaneously playing it safe just so that he may feel secure within this ruthless world of politics, blinded by his desire for recognition that nobody else is willing to give him no matter how hard he tries – becoming something less than human in this pursuit for greatness that ends up being nothing more than an empty dream which will never become a reality.
  20. Yet even so, there is something oddly endearing about him; having lived almost his whole life on the edges of greatness without ever breaking free – personifying true resilience against all odds and selflessness when needed most – like a beacon amidst the darkness guiding others home – an enigma wrapped within a mystery that only Hamlet can unlock; if only Polonius can overcome his fear of what might be before it’s too late.

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