10 Maternity Present Ideas For Teachers

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Going on maternity leave is an exciting time for any woman, including teachers. Students and parents may want to show their appreciation for their teacher’s work by giving her a gift.

If you’re not sure how much to spend on your teachers, or struggling for ideas, here are ten present maternity ideas for teachers if you are looking for ideas.

From the conventional, like flowers or a box of chocolates, to the more unique, like a pass to a spa day or a gift card to a nice restaurant, any of these gifts will surely let your teacher know how much she is appreciated.

And who knows, maybe she’ll even share some of that chocolates with you!

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Maternity Present Ideas For Teachers

A Gift Card

Giving your teacher a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop could be an excellent way to show them your appreciation for everything they do. It’s the perfect way to give them something unique that allows them to relax and enjoy some time off while they transition into parenthood.

It also allows them to check out their favourite spot in town or explore somewhere new with loved ones.

No matter where it is used, a gift card from you will create lasting memories for your teacher long after maternity leave has come and gone.

A Basket Filled With Snacks And Treats

Spoil your teacher on this maternity leave with a basket filled with snacks and treats! Show your teacher your appreciation for all the hard work and effort made in the classroom and in their own lives with something special. A basket of snacks and treats is both thoughtful and practical.

They can take it home to enjoy during late-night cravings after a busy day of prepping for the baby, or they can keep it in their room at school to snack on when they need an energy boost at break times.

From crisps and chocolates to cupcakes and cookies, your teacher will be delighted by this delicious gift.

A Mug or Cup

Teachers and their students have a special bond, and making a gift for the teacher on maternity leave is an excellent way to show appreciation for her dedication. A unique and thoughtful gift idea could be a mug or cup with a kind message printed on it.

This gift is great because it allows the student to express gratitude and is something the teacher can take with them and remember their time in the classroom. This mug or cup can be used and cherished for many years!

A Book About Parenting or Pregnancy

One great gift for a teacher on maternity leave could be a book. A book focused on parenting or pregnancy gives the teacher access to a wealth of knowledge right at their fingertips.

Reading up on challenges with anxiety, changing sleep patterns and nutritional requirements during this momentous period can help teachers stay informed, prepare themselves better, and anticipate scenarios that may arise while they are away.

A book dedicated to parenting would be both educational and enjoyable, giving inspiring teachers something to look forward to as they embark on motherhood!

A Voucher

When we think of teacher gifts, many instantly think of flowers, cards, or chocolates. But why not take it further and give something your teacher can use to spoil herself? A spa day or massage voucher could be the perfect present for any teacher about to have a baby.

Not only will she have the opportunity to relax and recharge her batteries, but the experience will last long after she returns from maternity leave. It’s an unforgettable way to thank her for putting in such hard work and dedication throughout the year.


A piece of jewellery can be a significant gift for a teacher on maternity leave. Whether it’s a necklace with her child’s birthstone, a bracelet with her favourite inspirational phrase or charm, or personalized dog-tag style earrings, this makes a special memento that she will treasure.

Jewellery is a lovely way to commemorate her pregnancy and the joy of becoming a new mother.

Or, if space permits, you could share many pieces of jewellery as part of a thoughtfully created package—tiny tokens that show your appreciation as she embarks on this life-changing journey.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are a classic gift for any expecting parent, but it is significant when the gift comes from their students. Baby clothes will be kept for years to come and can be worn by your teacher’s little one as they grow.

It is an incredibly thoughtful gesture that will bring joy to your teacher every time she looks at her baby wearing the clothes you gave her.

Whether it’s a onesie, a bib, or an outfit for special occasions, your teacher will be touched to know that their students thought of them in such a personal way.

A Special Note from Student/s

What could be more meaningful than writing a special note or card for your teacher on maternity leave? It doesn’t have to be long and complicated; a simple farewell message that conveys your appreciation can mean so much.

As the teacher reads through these heartfelt notes from her students, she will feel incredibly touched by their words and appreciate the thought behind this special gesture.

Letting your teacher know you understand all the time and effort she has dedicated to her students will make your gift stand out.

A Picture Of The Class

A great way to show your teacher that you are thinking of her is by gifting her a professional picture of the class. It doesn’t have to be an expensive portrait – it could be a simple group shot taken with everyone’s phones or cameras!

Your teacher will appreciate having this moment, and she can look back on this photo and remember fondly the days when she was teaching her beloved students.

She will be able to treasure it as a reminder of all her great memories during her time at school.

A Poem

If writing is your forte, why not write a poem or short story for your teacher as a maternity leave gift? It could be written from her students’ perspective, expressing how much she will be missed and wishing her all the best with her bundle of joy.

This will show your teacher how much you care about her and appreciate all the hard work she has put into teaching you. Your poem will be something unique and special that she can treasure for years.

Whatever gift you choose to give your teacher who is going on maternity leave, make sure it comes from the heart. A heartfelt and personal contribution will be cherished far more than anything else.

If you are struggling with ideas, consider something that celebrates motherhood or the new baby, like a mug or cup with a special message. Whatever you decide, your teacher will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness during this exciting time.


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Q1: What makes a great maternity present for teachers?

Great maternity presents for teachers strike a balance between practicality and sentimentality, wouldn’t you agree? You might consider gifts that cater to the teacher’s needs during her maternity leave, such as baby essentials or self-care items. Alternatively, personalised keepsakes can serve as a lovely reminder of this special time in her life.

Q2: Can I give educational-themed presents?

Absolutely! Educational-themed presents can be a delightful nod to the teacher’s profession. How about beautifully illustrated children’s books or learning toys? They not only celebrate the joy of learning but also nurture the bond between the teacher and her child, and isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Q3: What are some personalised gift options?

Personalised gifts add a touch of uniqueness and thoughtfulness, don’t they? You could consider custom-made jewellery with the baby’s initials, a handcrafted baby blanket, or even a personalised storybook featuring the teacher’s name. These gifts carry an extra layer of sentiment, making them memorable keepsakes.

Q4: Are self-care items appropriate maternity presents for teachers?

Certainly! Self-care items are an excellent way to show your consideration for the teacher’s wellbeing during this transformative phase. Think along the lines of luxurious bath products, comfortable maternity wear, or gourmet food hampers. After all, everyone deserves a bit of pampering, especially expectant mothers, right?

Q5: Is it acceptable to give a group gift?

Group gifts are a fantastic idea, particularly if you’re eyeing a higher-end item. It allows everyone to chip in, making it more affordable, while still giving a substantial present. Consider items like a high-quality diaper bag, a stylish nursing chair, or a premium baby carrier. These are practical, lasting gifts that any new mother would appreciate, wouldn’t you say?

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