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It’s that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know what that means – festive fun in the classroom! Look no further if you’re looking for great ideas to get your students into the holiday spirit. Here are 15 of the best Christmas activities for the classroom.

From decorating gingerbread houses to making paper snowflakes, there’s something here for everyone. So get ready to spread some holiday cheer and have a Merry Christmas!

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Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s workshop is a great way to get students into the Christmas spirit while providing an educational component. Not only will they get creative with their projects, but they’ll also be fulfilling the true meaning of the holiday season – giving! As a bonus, why take the opportunity to make it a collaborative project?

Put students in small groups or allow them to work independently and have them each create something special as a present for sharing with family or friends. Nothing says thoughtful like taking the time to make something unique and one-of-a-kind that puts a smile on someone’s face!

Christmas Caroling

Christmas carolling is a delightfully enchanting activity that can be enjoyed in the classroom or the neighbourhood. There’s something cosy and special about singing holiday classics as a group! Not only is it festive, but it also brings people of all ages together to enjoy an old-fashioned classic.

While it might be intimidating for some younger students to go carolling around the neighbourhood, an excellent alternative could be for them to practice their vocal cords by carolling throughout the school hallways.

With its slightly more contained environment, this can provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for everyone!

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are a fun and engaging Christmas activity in the classroom. It’s easy to join in the festivities this holiday season if you buy a kit, as all you need is pre-made graham cracker walls and royal icing to put it all together.

Making your own from scratch can also be rewarding; all you have to do is mix up some dough and cut it into gingerbread shapes with cookie cutters! Your students will love decorating these sweet little homes with gumdrops, candy canes, and colourful sprinkles for an extra festive vibe.

Paper Chain Countdown

Get your students in the festive spirit with this classic Christmas activity – make a paper chain! Constructing the chain, one link at a time, will allow all students to join in and monitor their progress, creating anticipation for the break ahead.

Have your class group together to discuss ideas for decorations — colour schemes, glitter and other festive accents—and let them express their creativity as they construct the chain from scratch. Taking an hour or two out of the classroom routine to create a unique holiday decoration can effectively boost school spirit and classroom morale.

So get crafting, then count down to Christmas break with a handmade paper chain!

Have a Class Party

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a festive class party? Students of all ages can have a good time if you incorporate a few positive activities. Brainstorm some fun Christmas-themed games that would encourage students to bond, or have them make decorations like reindeer antlers out of construction paper for an artsy undertaking.

Festivities are only complete with snacks, so end your Christmas party with a sweet treat! Such an occasion will help your classroom celebrate the holidays in style and create lasting memories.

Read Holiday Stories

Reading holiday stories aloud in the classroom is a great way to bring educational and seasonal fun. Not only can the narrative and discussions provide exercises for the students to think critically about, but it also brings a sense of connection with the joy and merriness of the season.

As an alternative or supplement to reading aloud, watching Christmas classic movies like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is also bound to get your class in a better holiday spirit.

Not only will they be fascinated by the animation and humorous plotlines, but they might also develop meaningful connections with characters or plots related to this beloved classic!

Christmas Crafts

For an even more hands-on approach to the holidays, Christmas crafts are a great way to occupy your students and get them involved in the festivities. From homemade ornaments and cards to paper snowflakes, you can teach your class plenty of fun ideas to make.

Not only will it be a great creative outlet for them, but they’ll also take pride in the decorations they’ve made. These crafts can make perfect gifts to bring home to their parents or family members!

School Trips

School trips can also be a great way to get your students into the holiday spirit. Taking them on a trip to visit Christmas markets, or even having them go ice-skating in the park, will provide an exciting and festive atmosphere they wouldn’t find in the classroom.

Plus, it’s an excellent chance for kids to participate in unique holiday activities and creatively explore the town. Just make sure to plan and be prepared for whatever unpredictable weather may come your way!

Christmas Field Day

If you want something more active, why not have a holiday field day? Kick off the day with classic Christmas tunes and fun games like a gingerbread man relay or an eggnog chugging contest.

Have the students divide into teams and award prizes to the winners of each competition. This activity will bring out plenty of competitive energy in your classroom and will undoubtedly be a hit with all your students!

Christmas Panto

Consider throwing a Christmas panto for your class. A panto is an interactive skit or play that incorporates singing and dancing with traditional holiday stories. You can assign roles to different students and give them costumes and props — such as candy canes or Santa hats — to create the perfect atmosphere for a lively performance.

Not only will it be an opportunity for them to show off their acting skills, but it’ll also get everyone in the spirit of the season!

Christmas Bazaar

Why not think about hosting a Christmas bazaar? Have each student create unique products — such as wreaths, centrepieces or gingerbread houses — to sell. Setting up booths and having the students barter for goods will be an entertaining way to get them involved in the season’s spirit.

Plus, it’s also an opportunity for them to learn a bit about running their own business.

Visit To A Local Church

You can always plan a visit to a local church. This will provide your students with an eye-opening experience showing them the importance of the holiday season in different religious traditions.

Plus, it’s also an opportunity for them to learn more about spiritual practices and beliefs they may need to become more familiar with. No matter what faith they follow, it will be an enlightening experience that will give them a better understanding of the season.

Charitable Activities

Finally, get your students involved with some charitable activities. They could go around collecting necessities for those less fortunate, such as clothes and toys. Or you can have them help out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter in their local community.

This will not only be an opportunity to support those in need, but it’ll also serve as a great reminder of the true spirit of Christmas: giving and selflessness.

Giving To The Needy

You can also bring some cheer to those in need by undertaking a donation drive. Have your students collect items such as canned food, clothes or toys and then donate them to local charities. By doing this, they’ll be able to take pride in helping out their community and make someone’s holiday season a little brighter.

These are just a few ways to get your students in the holiday spirit and bring Christmas cheer to your classroom. With some creativity and planning, you can easily make this season one they’ll never forget!

Reflect On The Past Year

Take some time to pause and reflect on the year gone by. Have your students write Christmas cards for those who have helped them throughout the year. They can also use this to show appreciation for someone in their lives with a heartfelt poem or message. Through this activity, they’ll be able to express gratitude and reflect on their blessings over the past year.

These are just a few great ideas for Christmas activities you can do in your classroom. No matter what you choose, make sure your students are having fun and getting into the holiday spirit. After all, that’s what this time of year is all about!

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