The Top Strategies For Teachers To Reduce Their Workload

Written by Dan

Are you overwhelmed with the increasing teaching workload in these unprecedented times? You’re certainly not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced teachers everywhere to adjust their lessons and instruction style while handling new responsibilities.

As a result, many educators need to be more energised and energised. If that’s the case for you, don’t despair! Several strategies can help reduce your workload as a teacher and mentor so that you can take back control of your time in the classroom.

This blog post will discuss some of the top techniques for teachers to organise their workweek more efficiently and effectively without sacrificing excellence or running themselves ragged.

Time Management

 Prioritising your workload is imperative for teachers. With the order, you can use time efficiently and increase the risk of burnout. Allocating tasks according to their importance and potential impact will ease daily life significantly, allowing you to take a break when the situation gets too hectic.

Try enumerating objectives in rank order before managing available hours – it can make a difference!

Personalise Your Systems

 Experienced teachers understand the importance of creating a personalised system that organises their daily activities, such as grading, providing feedback, and tidying. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re always prepared:

Uncover the elements of school time that you can manage. In certain schools, educators can rearrange classes and fit in extracurricular activities for students who wish to avoid being in a classroom setting. Plan carefully so that transitioning between lessons is effortless – always have materials necessary for each exercise close by.

Remember, homework should expand on what was already learned during class – this will help improve student attendance as well! Make sure pupils and parents understand how critical it is to attend regularly.

Teaching Assistants

Savvy educators understand the importance of delegation and how it can help them become more efficient. By enlisting support workers, teaching assistants, or even students in specific tasks within the classroom, teachers can save countless amounts of time for themselves.

Harness these valuable resources today and discover just what a difference they make!

Teaching Assistants are incredibly valuable in classrooms and should be recognised for their unique skills. From small group work to personalised care, TAs can provide various assistance that is invaluable to the teaching experience.

They can organise instructional games and resources, keep bulletin boards updated, monitor seating charts, read stories aloud with the class and help you administer tests effectively!

Cultivate the talents of your teaching assistants and help them grow in responsibility, visibility, and engagement within the classroom. They are instrumental with clerical tasks and can be invaluable during school trips, special activities, class parties and more!

Be Organised

What could be more gratifying as a teacher than walking into a classroom customised with beautiful art pieces created by you and your students? A creative approach to designing the space around you can help to invigorate everyone’s productivity. Not only that, it is an excellent way for all of us to reflect on our accomplishments! 

There are innumerable ways to organise a classroom, from labelling materials to colour-coding desks and drawers. Not only will this help you keep track of what is in the room, but it’s also an effective way to encourage better learning habits within your students.

Take Breaks

As important as staying organised and focused, it is also crucial to ensure that you take breaks throughout the day. This can be done during or between classes – it doesn’t matter! Taking a few minutes for yourself to step away from your desk will help restore energy levels and keep stress at bay.

Put Yourself First

Taking care of your well-being is essential, not only for yourself but also to inspire the best in your students. To bring energy and enthusiasm into the classroom, you must ensure that you get sufficient rest at night, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take time out for relaxation. All these things can help you feel energised and productive during the day.

Remember taking time out for yourself is just as important as everything else! Set aside a few daily moments to step away from your work and engage in enjoyable activities.

Whether reading your favourite book or simply spending time with family and friends, these moments of pleasure will be invaluable in helping you stay motivated throughout your teaching journey.

Reduce Marking

Are you looking to ease your marking load while still engaging and challenging your students? Why not try out verbal classroom assessments to test their recall and hone quicker thinking skills?

Or, if you’re after something more fun yet formative, mini-quizzes can offer an array of creative options! Kahoot! And Studio Pango is an excellent resource for generating these types of quizzes allowing pupils to mark them individually or with guidance from yourself.

Behaviour management

Poor student behaviour can siphon teaching time if adequately addressed, particularly in schools with specialised staff devoted to the issue. Classrooms should be places where all students are entitled to learn safely and securely—so teachers must keep abreast of modern ideas on how best to handle misbehaviour.

To assist educators with this tricky task, we’ve created a helpful article detailing practical advice for classroom leaders and teaching assistants. Don’t miss out: Check it out today!

Ask for help When You Need It.

Everyone sometimes needs a bit of help, and nothing is wrong with that. However, the fear of being seen as inadequate can make it hard to ask for aid. If this sounds familiar, here are some effective techniques to overcome your reluctance and get the assistance you need!

You can use numerous strategies to make your job easier, but the core concept is to be more efficient – not work harder.

It might sound paradoxical, yet it helps ensure teachers refrain from exhausting themselves trying to meet an impossible expectation of work ethic. When educators can better utilise their time, everybody wins!

Teaching Personnel exists for one purpose: helping instructors flourish in their roles. Contact us now if you need advice or assistance with your career trajectory!

Becoming an effective teacher requires dedication and passion. It is essential to stay organised, take breaks, put yourself first, reduce marking, manage behaviour and ask for help when needed. Utilising these strategies ensures that your teaching journey is successful and fulfilling.

Any teacher can become an outstanding educator with the right mindset and resources. Take the first step today and start your journey to becoming a better teacher with Teaching Personnel! 


How can teachers look after their student’s well-being?

One of the best ways to look after students’ well-being is to ensure that you are looking after your own. Taking care of yourself by getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking time out for relaxation will help bring energy and enthusiasm into the classroom.

It is also essential to be mindful of the mental health of your students and to provide an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to express their thoughts and feelings.

Finally, it is essential that you listen carefully to your students, provide them with guidance and support, and create opportunities for dialogue in the classroom.

What strategies can teachers use to make their job easier?

There are numerous strategies teachers can use to make their job easier. It is essential to stay organised, take breaks, put yourself first, reduce marking, manage behaviour and ask for help when needed.

Additionally, modern tools such as online quizzes help streamline your teaching process and make it more efficient. Finally, finding a great support group or mentor can be incredibly helpful in navigating the teaching profession.

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