65 Poems About Rain

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Ahhh, rain! The most magical of elements that can evoke such powerful emotions.

Whether it brings joy and contentment at the thought of a cool summer shower or pain and melancholy at the memory of a stormy day, poems about rain have been used through the ages to express feelings and capture moments.

So why not engage your students with an exploration into the fascinating world of poetic expressions on rainfall?

From visualizing emotion to exploring deeper themes like nature’s cycle, you can do many enriching activities together as part of an engaging lesson plan. Read on for ideas on bringing this creative literary journey into your classroom!

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free verse poems

Table of Contents

Five Free Verse Poems About Rain

1. The Symphony of Rain

In the hushed silence of the night,
Do you hear it?
The soft pitter-patter, a gentle lullaby,
Each droplet a note in nature’s symphony,
A cascading melody, winding down the window pane.
Oh, how it sings, the rain,
A song of life, of growth, of change.
By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. Rain’s Embrace

Have you ever stood, arms outstretched,
In the pouring rain?
Each drop a cool kiss on your skin,
An intimate embrace from the sky.
It washes away, not just the dust of the day,
But the burdens, the worries, the pains,
Leaving only the pure, raw essence of being.
By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. The Storyteller

Rain, the timeless storyteller,
Weaves tales on the canvas of the earth.
Stories of love and loss, joy and sorrow,
Each droplet a word, each puddle a paragraph.
Can you read it, this ephemeral language?
For in its transient existence, it holds eternal truths.
By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. The Dance of Rain

Watch as the rain dances,
A ballet of nature, graceful and wild.
It leaps from rooftops, pirouettes in puddles,
Each movement an echo of life’s rhythm.
Do you feel it, this pulse, this beat?
Join the dance, for the rain invites all.
By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. Rain’s Promise

Rain, the harbinger of hope,
Brings promise with each drop.
A promise of life, of renewal, of rebirth,
A testament to the resilience of the earth.
Can you see it, this glimmer of possibility?
For in the heart of the storm, lies the promise of a rainbow.
By Dan Higgins, 2024

Poems About Rain

Five Acrostic Poems About Rain

1. Rhythm of the Sky

Revel in the rhythm, can you hear it fall?
All around us, nature’s music calls.
In every drop, a melody is born,
Never ceasing under stormy morns.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. A Time for Growth

Remember how the earth smells, fresh and new?
After the rain, life begins to brew.
In every puddle, a reflection shines,
Nurturing growth, in our hearts and minds.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. In the Midst of Showers

Raindrops on the window, a soothing lullaby.
Are you feeling the calm as they trickle by?
In the midst of showers, we find peace,
Now and then, we all need this release.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Nurturing Nature

Rain, the nurturer of nature’s grand design.
As it falls, each droplet intertwines.
It’s a dance of elements, air and water meet,
Nourishing the soil beneath our feet.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. New Beginnings

Rejoice in the rain, it brings new beginnings.
As it washes away, it cleanses our misgivings.
In its aftermath, a world reborn,
New possibilities with every dawn.

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Five Haiku Poems About Rain

“Rhythmic Drops”

Raindrops, like a song

Falling softly on the roof

Nature’s symphony

“Cleansing Shower”

Rain, a cleansing gift

Washing away dirt and grime

Reviving the earth

“Misty Mournful Rain”

Misty, mournful rain

Soothing balm for the spirit

Nature’s grief relief

“Nature’s Artistry”

Raindrops on the leaves

Nature’s artistry on show

Glistening beauty

“Rainbow After Rain”

Rain wets the dry earth

Nourishing all in its path

Rainbow after rain

Five Rhyming Poems About Rain

1. Symphony of the Sky

Raindrops fall, can you hear the beat?
A symphony born on a quiet street.
Each droplet plays its own sweet part,
In this melody that dances upon the heart.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. A Dance of Life

Rain brings more than just a chill,
As it dances over window sill.
It nurtures life in many forms,
In its aftermath, a new world is born.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Calm After the Storm

Rain may come with thunder’s roar,
An orchestra of nature’s lore.
But in its wake, a calm does reign,
A peaceful silence after the rain.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. A Cleansing Rain

Rain washes clean the soul of the earth,
A cleansing bath, a chance for rebirth.
It sweeps away the dust of yesterday,
In its path, a fresh bouquet.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Gift of Rain

Rain is more than just a shower,
It’s a gift, it holds a power.
To bring life where once was none,
Underneath the warming sun.

By Dan Higgins 2024

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Poems About Rain

Ten Limerick Poems About Rain

“Rain, Rain Go Away”

Rain, rain go away, they say

And hide as we go out to play

But when the heat soars

And the earth echoes roars

We’ll sing, dear rain, come again some day

“A Rainy Day”

A rainy day in the month of May

Stuck inside with nothing to play

But then we looked up high

Saw the clear blue sky

And knew that soon we’d be on our way

“The Noisy Rain”

The rain was falling loudly and heavy

And the streets would soon turn into a levy

The parrot looked outside and said

“I’m glad I’m safe and not wet”

As he watched the droplets land ever so steady

“The Dance of the Rain”

The raindrops danced on the windowpane

And the wind howled fiercely, this much was plain

But the trees knew the moves

As they swayed to the grooves

Of the dance of the wild, gentle rain

“The Sweet Sound of Rain”

The sweet sound of rainfall in the night

Calms and soothes, everything’s right

Its melodic sound

Puts my worries down

The beauty of rain is quite a sight

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“The Rainy Season is Here”

The rainy season is here, oh joy

The downpour will not be coy

As the raindrops fall

We’ll gather one and all

To play and dance like a buoy

“The Rain’s Melody”

The rain’s melody has a strange power

It creates a blissful trance, hour by hour

As the drops fall and chime

In a soothing, rhythmic rhyme

Its vibrant sound is never sour

“The Rain’s Aroma”

The earth drinks in the rain’s sweet aroma

As it falls to nourish each sweet flora

The petrichor is so pleasant

It smells like nature’s present

A true delight, from here to Tacoma

“Rain’s Bliss”

Rain washing down the streets

Cleansing everything that it meets

It’s as if the rain knows

That it can take our woes

And leave a refreshing treat

“Raindrops on the Leaves”

The raindrops cling to the leaves and trees

The water droplets float in the breeze

As the droplets glisten

The plants seem to listen

To the rain’s gentle lullaby, if you please.

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Five Tanka Poems About Rain

“Washing the World”

Rain tapped on my roof,

Bringing life to the withered,

Washing the world clean,

Promising new growth and calm,

Rain, a true blessing indeed.

“Rainy Rhapsody”

Rain falls from the sky,

Bouncing off leaves and buildings.

A mysterious song,

A symphonic orchestra,

Rain’s rhapsody never ends.

“Nature’s Nectar”

Rain, nature’s nectar,

Quenching the earth’s parched dry thirst,

Nourishing plant’s roots,

Soothing tears from heaven’s realms,

Water of life, rain, pure bliss.

“Rain’s Calming Grace”

Rain, gentle and calm,

Falling to the earth below,

Bringing peace and grace,

A moment of calm from life,

Rain, a gift we can’t buy.

“Autumn Rain”

Autumn rain showers,

Leaves fall as the wind howls by,

Crisp air, earthy smells,

Nature dances to rain’s beat,

A season of change, new hope.

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Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Rain

“Raindrops on My Window”

Raindrops on my window, softly falling,

A gentle melody played by nature’s band,

The world outside, to me, is quite enthralling.

I let the rain’s sweet lullaby keep calling,

As I sit here, listening to the sound so grand,

Raindrops on my window, softly falling.

A calming tune, that fills the air sprawling,

And draws me into a peaceful land,

The world outside, to me, is quite enthralling.

A symphony, in which the raindrops are stalling,

Undisturbed, the music’s rhythm takes command,

Raindrops on my window, softly falling.

The sound of the rain, conjures up a feeling,

One of hope, peace and riches, beyond the hand,

The world outside, to me, is quite enthralling.

As the rain pours down, it keeps revealing

The beauty of life, like colors on a canvas expand,

Raindrops on my window, softly falling,

The world outside, to me, is quite enthralling.

“Perfect Storm”

The world outside, awash with rain and thunder,

A perfect storm, in which the tempest roars,

Its power, a fearsome beast we all wonder.

The rain comes down, such an amazing wonder,

A storm in full force, with a force that soars,

The world outside, awash with rain and thunder.

The howling wind, almost like a rumble of thunder,

And the water, that crashes ashore,

Its power, a fearsome beast we all wonder.

Nature, at its best, when the storm is under

Its wild touch, a sight to behold and explore,

The world outside, awash with rain and thunder.

Nature’s work, in truest form and splendor,

A force to be reckoned with, and so much more,

Its power, a fearsome beast we all wonder.

A perfect storm, with lightning and thunder,

Its power, to be admired, and feared at its core,

The world outside, awash with rain and thunder,

Its power, a fearsome beast we all wonder.

“Rainbow After the Rain”

After the rain, a rainbow appears,

Colors bright, and so full of pride,

The air, far from all fears.

The rain, removed life’s flaws and its tears,

Bringing new beginnings, with a new tide,

After the rain, a rainbow appears.

The beauty that it brings, ever so clear,

A smile on every face, nothing to hide,

The air, far from all fears.

With harmony chirping, a true seer,

As life finds a rhythm to confide,

After the rain, a rainbow appears.

All in nature, seems to revere

The moment the bow starts to glide,

The air, far from all fears.

A moment of bliss, so sincere,

A moment for which we’d all abide,

After the rain, a rainbow appears,

The air, far from all fears.

“The Melody of Rain”

Rain, a symphony that touches the soul,

As the droplets fall, and the rhythm unfolds,

It brings with it a peace that’s whole.

The stormy clouds, so dark and full,

And the sound of rain that seems to scold,

Rain, a symphony that touches the soul.

It’s as if, the rain has found its role,

Bringing calm to a world, that’s often cold,

It brings with it a peace that’s whole.

The rain’s music, reaches out to console,

A medley of notes, that our hearts will hold,

Rain, a symphony that touches the soul.

It’s impossible to escape the toll,

When rain’s music, begins to enfold,

It brings with it a peace that’s whole.

The melody of the rain, it’s quite a goal,

For all of us, to be as bold,

Rain, a symphony that touches the soul,

It brings with it a peace that’s whole.

“Petrichor’s Whisper”

Petrichor whispers amidst the rain,

As drops splash against the ground,

Memories of earth, it does regain.

It whispers of life’s simple terrain,

And of nature’s soothing sounds,

Petrichor whispers amidst the rain.

It’s a voice, without any disdain,

Resonating with a calming profound,

Memories of earth, it does regain.

A smell, so pure, the heart can’t refrain,

From leaving it all behind, as it comes around,

Petrichor whispers amidst the rain.

Nature’s essence, it’s far from arcane,

A message for us, to which we are bound,

Memories of earth, it does regain.

As the raindrops keep falling, their refrain,

A connection, to which we are all bound,

Petrichor whispers amidst the rain,

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Five Sonnet Poems About Rain

“The Beauty of Rain”

The raindrops fall, a symphony of sound,

Each note a gentle pitter-pat on ground;

The trees sway in the gusty winds and breeze,

Dancing to rhythms brought by rain’s sweet tease.

The gardens slowly come back to life;

Fresh blooms emerging from the moisture rife,

The earth is soaking up the drops with joy,

Each moment brings new life, a sweet deploy.

The beauty of the rain is in its grace,

It washes all the dirt away with haste;

And though it may bring floods through the land,

It also brings new hope and peace so grand.

So let the rain cleanse all that it may find,

A gift of life’s refreshment, so refined.

“A New Beginning”

The rain begins to fall upon the earth,

A welcome sound to those who’ve known the dearth;

It brings new life to lands that have gone dry,

A promise of renewal, from the sky.

Soft, gentle drops that pitter-pat with grace,

A gift of nature’s beauty in its place;

The thirsty earth now opens up so wide,

To welcome all the water it has cried.

And as the rain keeps falling through the night,

The world around us slowly comes to view;

The morning light awakens with new sight,

A world renewed, with hope and beauty true.

For in the rain there lies a power great,

A new beginning, for all to create.

“The Rain’s Lament”

The rain descends upon the quiet earth,

Its tears a mournful song of nature’s dearth;

For in its fall, it washes all away,

But in its wake, it leaves a world most gray.

The barren land, now soaked, can bear no fruit,

The rain, though once so dear, is now moot;

For all its beauty, now we see the loss,

The land left barren, left without a boss.

And yet the rain does not give up its fight,

Its tears still falling, through the darkest night;

For in its power lies a gentle hope,

A gift of life, the land’s eternal scope.

So let the rain release its mournful sound,

And in its wake, be ‘neath our feet still bound.

“The Storm’s Fury”

The storm moves in, with winds and rains that chide,

The world around that once in beauty sighed;

The thunderbolts that shake upon the ground,

Are signs of nature’s fury all around.

The lightning streaks across the darkened sky,

Its power fierce, enough to make one shy;

But in its fury lies the cleansing power,

To wash away the dirt and grime that cower.

The winds that howl upon the lands so bare,

Are singing songs of life beyond compare;

For in their touch, they bring a new life’s birth,

A world renewed, a sense of joy and mirth.

So if the storm should come, do not despair,

For in its wake, life’s beauty is most fair.

“Poetry of Rain”

As rain falls down, a poetry of sound,

It touches hearts, and makes the senses bound;

The gentle pitter-pat of drops so pure,

A calming rhythm that will always lure.

And in the rain’s soft melody we hear,

A sound that soothes us, free from all our fear;

For in its gentle rhythm, we find peace,

Our worries and our cares all quickly cease.

And as the rain comes falling through the night,

A world new born, in beauty takes true flight;

Each drop a promise of a life renewed,

A world of hope, that all mankind pursued.

So let the rain’s sweet melody entwine,

A poetry of life, that’s always fine.


Five Ode Poems About Rain

“Ode to the Nourisher”

Oh, rain, how you nourish the earth,

From barren lands to lands of dearth,

Your drops rejuvenate, your touch divine,

Your life-giving essence a true sign.

On arid plains, you come like a savior,

Your drops bring forth new life’s behavior,

The world feels new, the air is fresh,

As you wash away the dirt and flesh.

In gardens, you nurture the flowers,

A sweet perfume, a world of powers,

Without your essence, the world would be dead,

But with you, it blooms and grows instead.

Oh, rain, how we admire your work divine,

Your nourishing touch, so pure and fine.

“Ode to the Symphony”

Oh rain, your symphony fills the air,

Your pitter-patters make my soul flair,

As you fall down from the skies,

Nature’s music rings through my eyes.

Each drop a note, so pure and clear,

An orchestra for nature’s ear,

A song of hope, a song of life,

A symphony, free from strife.

Through storm and thunder, you still prevail,

Your song a comfort, in the darkest tale,

Oh, rain, your symphony fills the heart,

A song of life, that will never part.

“Ode to the Heavenly Cleanser”

Oh rain, how you cleanse the earth,

From the dreary dirt to the beautiful hearth,

You wash away the grime and sand,

Leaving behind a world so grand.

Through thunder and lightning, you still cleanse,

Your touch, leaving no trace of offense,

A force of nature, so pure and true,

Your cleansing touch, a gift anew.

Oh, rain, how you purify the soul,

Your cleansing touch, making us whole,

A heavenly cleanser, you are indeed,

A gift from above, a beautiful creed.

“Ode to the Romantic”

Oh, rain, how you inspire the heart,

A romantic touch, from the very start,

Your drops a catalyst for love,

A dance between earth and sky, above.

In your subtle art, you bring new life,

A beauty that cuts through all strife,

Rain, you inspire the heart to be,

In every way, loving and ever so free.

The romantic touch, that you unfold,

A feeling of love, that never grows old,

Oh rain, you inspire, in every way,

A world of love, with every new day.

“Ode to the Promise”

Oh rain, how you promise the world,

A new beginning, a future unfurled,

Your drops a sign of life anew,

A promise of hope, of beauty, through and through.

In gardens, you promise new blooms,

A promise of colors, a new perfume,

A sight to behold, to make the heart soar,

A promise of life, forevermore.

In every drop, you bring a new breed,

A world that will soon feel, oh so freed,

A promise of life, that we can all claim,

A beautiful world, ever so sane.

Oh rain, how you promise us so much,

A world of beauty, with a magical touch.

Five Elegys About Rain

1. Mourning the Sky’s Tears

The sky weeps a thousand tears, Each droplet an echo of the world’s sorrows. They fall, unheeded, on the heart of the earth, Quenching the thirst of parched souls. Oh, the melancholy of the rain, A symphony of grief in every drop.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Elegy for the Fallen Rain

Rain, you who fall so freely, An elegy from the heavens, mourning our lost innocence. Your rhythmic patter on the rooftops, A lament for dreams washed away.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Rain’s Requiem

Oh, rain, your mournful song fills the air, A requiem for forgotten joys. Each droplet a tear, each gust a sigh, You bear the world’s sorrow in your stormy heart.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Dirge of the Drizzle

A gentle drizzle, a soft dirge, Whispering tales of love lost and hopes dashed. You fall lightly, yet your weight is heavy, Oh rain, bearer of the world’s sadness.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Rain’s Sorrow Song

Rain, in your sorrow song there is beauty, A testament to the resilience of the heart. Though you mourn, you nourish, In your grief, there is life.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Ten Heartfelt Love Poems About Rain

1. Raindrops of Love

In the hush of the rain, under the gray sky,

We found a love that will never die.

Each drop tells a story, whispers your name,

Our love and the rain, forever the same.

The rain it falls, on our shared solitude,

Each droplet a symbol, of my love for you.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Showered in Affection

Rain taps on our window, a gentle refrain,

A lullaby of love, easing the pain.

Your touch is the warmth, in this cool rain’s song,

With you by my side, where I belong.

In the steady rhythm of the falling rain,

I find my solace, and love again.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Love’s Downpour

The rain may pour, the thunder loud,

Yet, in your arms, there’s no storm cloud.

Your love, a shelter, keeping me dry,

Underneath the stormy sky.

In the downpour, we find our peace,

In our love, the storms cease.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Rainy Day Romance

Rainy days bring us closer, in love’s sweet dance,

A symphony of droplets, enhancing our romance.

Our hearts beat in rhythm with the rain’s soft patter,

Proof that in love, only we matter.

Let the rain fall, let the winds blow,

Our love only continues to grow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Love in Every Drop

Every raindrop that falls, carries my love to you,

A cascade of emotion, pure and true.

Love’s own language, spoken by the rain,

Echoing our passion, again and again.

As the rain falls, so does my heart fall for you,

In every raindrop, my love rings true.

By Dan Higgins 2024

6. Pitter-Patter Love

The pitter-patter on the roof, a steady, soothing sound,

Mirrors our heartbeats, when love is found.

Rainy days are special, filled with love’s delight,

A perfect time for romance, from morning till night.

The rhythm of the rain, so sweet and clear,

Is a melody of love, for only us to hear.

By Dan Higgins 2024

7. Dancing in the Rain

We danced in the rain, lost in love’s sweet song,

With each soaking step, our bond grows strong.

Raindrops on our skin, love in our heart,

Even in a downpour, we’ll never part.

In the rain, we dance, lost in our love,

Underneath the stormy sky above.

By Dan Higgins 2024

8. Love’s Rainy Serenade

Raindrops serenade us, as we lay side by side,

In this tender moment, where love can’t hide.

The rhythm of the rain, the rhythm of our hearts,

A beautiful symphony, where our love story starts.

In the rain’s serenade, we find our peace,

In its melody, our love will never cease.

By Dan Higgins 2024

9. Umbrella of Love

Under our umbrella, as the rain gently falls,

We share whispered secrets, love’s sweet calls.

Each droplet a memory, of love so profound,

In the rain, our love is truly found.

Underneath our shared umbrella, love unfolds,

As the rain falls, our story it holds.

By Dan Higgins 2024

10. Love’s Torrent

In the torrent of the rain, our love remains unshaken,

Through every storm, we are never forsaken.

Our love is like the rain, wild, free and pure,

A love like ours, forever to endure.a

In the torrent, we find our strength,

In our love, we go to any length.

By Dan Higgins 2024

It is no wonder that writers find rain so inspiring; something about it can spark even the greyest days. Whether taken away on a romantic stroll or used as a metaphor for sadness, rain can bring the page to life.

As readers and writers of this article, we’ve enjoyed exploring how poets have woven the gift of rain into their stories, but this is only one drop in the ocean!

There are so many other areas to explore when looking at poetic devices – come and check out our other articles where you can pour from this same well of inspiration. Who knows? You may create the following significant poem about rain!

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