35 Poems About Pigs



Welcome to our collection of poems- a charming anthology celebrating the humble, yet enchanting pig. These poems capture the whimsical charm, intelligence, and unique characteristics of pigs, in a manner that is both delightful and thought-provoking.

From the playful piglets frolicking in the mud, to the wise old sow contemplating life beneath the apple tree, our verses will take you on a journey through the world as seen through the eyes of these wonderful creatures.

Whether you’re an admirer of pigs or a lover of poetry, this collection promises to captivate, amuse, and perhaps even inspire a newfound respect for these often misunderstood animals. So sit back, relax, and let your imagination roam free in the delightful world of pigs!

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free verse poetry

Five Free Verse Poems About Pigs

1. The Piglet’s Dance

In the heart of the farm, under the golden sun,

A piglet prances, full of joy and fun.

His tiny hooves, they tap and twirl,

In his own little world, a precious pearl.

His snout in the mud, he finds delight,

In the simplest of things, from morning till night.

2. The Sow’s Wisdom

Beneath the apple tree, the old sow rests,

Her wisdom is vast, in quiet she invests.

In the rustling leaves, she hears life’s song,

In the cool shade, she knows where she belongs.

Her eyes hold stories, of summers and springs,

She is a queen, among pigs, without the need for wings.

3. The Boar’s Strength

Powerful and strong, the boar stands tall,

In the face of danger, he answers the call.

His tusks gleam in the moonlight’s glow,

A guardian in the night, a formidable foe.

Yet beneath his strength, there lies a heart,

Full of love for his family, he plays his part.

4. The Swineherd’s Song

The swineherd sings, his voice rings clear,

A melody for his pigs, a tune so dear.

Through fields and barns, his song takes flight,

Guiding his charges, from daylight to twilight.

In their grunts and oinks, he finds a symphony,

A language of love, a pig’s harmony.

5. The Pig’s Dream

In the heart of the pig, a dream takes root,

Of open fields, and the taste of fruit.

He dreams of mud baths under open skies,

Of peaceful nights, under the moon’s watchful eyes.

In his dreams, he finds a world so fair,

A pig’s paradise, free of worry and care.

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Haiku Poem

Five Haiku Poems About Pigs

1. Mud Bath Bliss

Mud bath under sun,

Piglets play, day has begun,

Joy that can’t be undone.

2. Sow’s Serenity

Beneath apple tree,

Sow rests in tranquility,

Wisdom’s decree.

3. Boar’s Bravery

Boar stands tall and strong,

Facing danger all along,

Where he truly belong.

4. Swineherd’s Symphony

Swineherd’s song rings clear,

Pigs listen, drawing near,

Music to their ear.

5. Pig’s Paradise

Dreams of open field,

Fruit’s sweet yield,

A paradise revealed.

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Five Limerick Poems About Pigs

1. The Playful Piglet

A piglet so jolly and spry,

In the mud, he loved to lie.

With a skip and a hop,

He’d roll and flop,

Underneath the clear blue sky.

2. The Wise Old Sow

An old sow beneath the tree,

As wise as a pig could be.

With a grunt and a sigh,

She’d watch days go by,

In her quiet, humble decree.

3. The Brave Boar

A boar with a coat so sleek,

Was known for being unique.

With strength in his stance,

And a fearless glance,

He was anything but meek.

4. The Singing Swineherd

The swineherd with a song so sweet,

Made every piggy’s heart beat.

With a tune so fine,

In the bright sunshine,

His music was quite a feat.

5. The Dreaming Pig

A pig with dreams so grand,

Of a lush, green land.

With apples so ripe,

And corn of every type,

It was a paradise so well planned.


Five Tanka Poems About Pigs

1. Joyful Piglet

A piglet so full of glee,

In mud baths, he finds his spree.

Under the sun’s warm glow,

His happiness does grow,

A sight of pure joy to see.

2. Wise Sow

Beneath the apple tree’s shade,

The wise sow has her bed made.

Her eyes hold the lore,

Of times that came before,

Her wisdom will never fade.

3. Bold Boar

The boar stands tall and proud,

His strength speaks loud.

In moonlight’s silver shine,

His tusks brilliantly align,

His courage does astound.

4. Swineherd’s Melody

The swineherd’s song takes flight,

Guiding pigs from day to night.

In each note, a tale,

Of love that doesn’t fail,

His music, their delight.

5. Pig’s Dream

In a pig’s dream, a vision,

Of a world without division.

Open fields, ripe fruit,

A paradise absolute,

A dream of precision.


Five Sonnet Poems About Pigs

1. “The Gracious Grunters”

In fields of green, where daisies dare to bloom,

The pigs reside, in mud and muck they play.

Their grunts and squeals break the morning gloom,

A symphony that marks the start of day.

Not just a beast, but a creature of charm,

With curious eyes and a snout like a spade.

In their company, you’ll find no harm,

Only joy in the friendships made.

They wallow, bask, and root around,

In earthy bliss, they are truly free.

In their grunts, there’s a profound sound,

A song of life, as it ought to be.

So let us celebrate the humble swine,

In our hearts, their charm will forever shine.

2. “The Earth’s Humble Tillers”

Have you watched the pig, with its snout so keen,

Tilling the earth with a joy unseen?

Each little grunt a note in a song,

A melody where all hearts belong.

They turn the soil, revealing its wealth,

A task performed with quiet stealth.

In their pursuit of a tasty treat,

They sow the seeds for crops we eat.

Unassuming, yet vital in their role,

These humble beasts enrich the soil.

Their work unseen, yet essential indeed,

For without them, how would we feed?

Celebrate the pig, the tiller of earth,

For in their labors, we find our worth.

3. “The Joyous Jesters”

In the barnyard’s bustle and commotion,

Pigs bring laughter, joy, and emotion.

With antics that make the heart grow fonder,

In our lives, they bring such wonder.

They roll and frolic, tails curled tight,

Their joyous jests a sheer delight.

In mud or straw, they find their pleasure,

Each moment spent, a memory to treasure.

Their playful natures, so endearing,

Bring smiles and laughter, all hearts cheering.

So let’s applaud these joyous jesters,

In life’s grand play, they are the best stars.

4. “The Gentle Giants”

Larger than life, yet gentle as a dove,

Pigs inspire both respect and love.

Their size belies a heart so tender,

A testament to nature’s splendor.

They nurture their young with utmost care,

A sight that makes all stop and stare.

In their presence, we find a peace,

A tranquil calm that never cease.

So let us honor these gentle giants,

In their quiet strength, we find reliance.

In every grunt, in every sigh,

A love for life, you can’t deny.

5. “The Unsung Heroes”

In the grand scheme of life, so vast and wide,

Pigs play a role that can’t be denied.

Unsung heroes of the farmyard scene,

In their presence, we’re evergreen.

They till the earth and spread the seed,

Performing tasks vital indeed.

In each grunt, in each snort,

A life’s tale they report.

So here’s to pigs, in all their glory,

Each one a character in nature’s story.

Let’s sing their praises, loud and clear,

For in our hearts, they’re truly dear.

Five Ode Poems About Pigs

1. Ode to the Mud-Lover

Oh, pig, in your coat of pink and brown,

A creature of mirth, not of frown.

In mud and muck, you wallow with glee,

A sight that fills my heart with glee.

Your snout, so round, roots with delight,

In the cool earth, morning till night.

No truffle hidden can escape your nose,

In forests wide or garden rows.

In your eyes, a spark of innocent fun,

Underneath the warm, golden sun.

Oh, pig, your joyous romp and play,

Brings a smile to my face, every day.

2. Ode to the Provider

Pig, oh pig, with your ample girth,

You provide sustenance to the Earth.

From your flesh, nourishment we derive,

Your sacrifice, helps us survive.

From farm to table, you journey long,

In our hearts, you sing a song.

Of life’s cycle, of give and take,

Of the sustenance that we partake.

We thank you, pig, for your gift so grand,

You feed the mouths across the land.

With respect, we acknowledge your role,

In sustaining body, heart, and soul.

3. Ode to the Intelligent One

Pig, oh pig, with mind so bright,

Your intelligence shines in the light.

Cunning and smart, you solve each puzzle,

In mud or straw, you love to nuzzle.

Your brain, as sharp as the eagle’s eye,

Underneath the clear blue sky.

You teach us lessons of wit and will,

Your smarts, our hearts, they thrill.

We salute you, pig, creature of intellect,

Your intelligence, we do respect.

In your eyes, a wisdom deep,

A secret, the world, you keep.

4. Ode to the Playful Spirit

Pig, oh pig, you playful soul,

Your antics, they make us whole.

With a trot and a jump, you prance around,

In your laughter, joy is found.

You chase the wind, you roll in hay,

In every moment, you find a way.

To celebrate life, to dance and play,

Oh pig, you brighten up our day.

We honor you, pig, spirit of fun,

Underneath the shining sun.

In your mirth, we find delight,

In your play, life feels light.

5. Ode to the Loving Heart

Pig, oh pig, with heart so wide,

Your love, it cannot hide.

With each oink and each nudge,

You hold no grudge, you do not judge.

You show us love, pure and true,

In everything that you do.

Villanelle Poem

Your heart, it beats with love so deep,

In your company, we wish to keep.

We cherish you, pig, symbol of love,

Underneath the skies above.

In your affection, we find peace,

Oh pig, your love shall never cease.

Five Villanelle Poems About Pigs

1. “Pigs in the Morning Light”

The pigs in the morning light, so bright,

Dancing in the mud, in pure delight,

Their grunts and squeals echoing in the night.

They roll and play, out of sight,

In the farmyard, under the kite,

The pigs in the morning light, so bright.

Their pink hides gleam, oh what a sight,

As they bask in the sun’s soft light,

Their grunts and squeals echoing in the night.

The sows and piglets, a family’s might,

Together they stay, holding tight,

The pigs in the morning light, so bright.

Through the day and into the night,

They live their lives with all their might,

Their grunts and squeals echoing in the night.

As the moon rises, they say goodnight,

Dreaming of tomorrow’s light,

The pigs in the morning light, so bright,

Their grunts and squeals echoing in the night.

2. “The Song of the Sow”

In the sty, the sow sings her song,

Soft and low, all the day long,

To her piglets, where they belong.

Her lullaby, strong and strong,

Echoes around the farm, a throng,

In the sty, the sow sings her song.

The piglets listen, their bond is strong,

They know their mother will never be wrong,

To her piglets, where they belong.

She sings of mud baths, and days long,

Of corn fields, and the rooster’s song,

In the sty, the sow sings her song.

Her voice is soothing, it makes them strong,

And to her side, they will always throng,

To her piglets, where they belong.

As the day ends, and shadows are long,

She sings them to sleep with her song,

In the sty, the sow sings her song,

To her piglets, where they belong.

3. “The Dance of the Piglets”

Under the moonlight, the piglets dance,

Round and round, in a trance,

Their tiny hooves, a rhythmic prance.

They squeal and grunt, in advance,

In the cool night air, they take their chance,

Under the moonlight, the piglets dance.

They play and frolic, in a glance,

This is their time, their romance,

Their tiny hooves, a rhythmic prance.

They spin and twirl, like leaves in France,

Under the star’s bright expanse,

Under the moonlight, the piglets dance.

As the night deepens, they enhance,

Their joy and laughter, their circumstance,

Their tiny hooves, a rhythmic prance.

As dawn breaks, they end their dance,

Back to the sty, they advance,

Under the moonlight, the piglets dance,

Their tiny hooves, a rhythmic prance.

4. “Ode to the Boar”

The boar, in his might, stands tall,

His tusks gleaming, he answers the call,

In the forest, he rules them all.

He roams the woods, from spring to fall,

His grunts echoing, through the hall,

The boar, in his might, stands tall.

His presence, it does enthrall,

The creatures watch, as if in thrall,

In the forest, he rules them all.

He leads his herd, big and small,

His strength and courage, does not stall,

The boar, in his might, stands tall.

As the sun sets, shadows fall,

He returns to his den, his own personal hall,

In the forest, he rules them all.

His reign is mighty, like a wall,

His power, it does not pall,

The boar, in his might, stands tall,

In the forest, he rules them all.

5. “The Pig Farmer’s Tale”

I rise with the sun, to the pigs I hail,

In the sty and the barn, along the trail,

This is my life, the pig farmer’s tale.

I feed and clean, without fail,

Their grunts and squeals, my daily mail,

I rise with the sun, to the pigs I hail.

They roll in the mud, their joy unveiled,

Their happiness, it does prevail,

This is my life, the pig farmer’s tale.

Through the seasons, we set sail,

In sunshine, rain, or gale,

I rise with the sun, to the pigs I hail.

The pigs, they thrive, they do not ail,

Their health and well-being, the holy grail,

This is my life, the pig farmer’s tale.

As the day ends, under the veil,

I say goodnight, to the sow and the male,

I rise with the sun, to the pigs I hail,

This is my life, the pig farmer’s tale.

As we conclude our poetic journey, we hope that these verses have brought a smile to your face and perhaps even a warmth to your heart. The humble pig, with its whimsy and charm, has been the star of our collection, taking you into its world of playful mud baths, wise musings under the apple tree, and familial bonds within the sty.

Each poem has aimed to reflect not just the physical characteristics of these animals, but also their distinct personalities and emotions, showcasing their intelligence and endearing traits.

From the frolicking piglets in the moonlight to the majestic boar ruling the forest, every verse has painted a picture of their lives, as varied as they are fascinating.

For those of you who admire pigs, we hope these poems have deepened your appreciation for these wonderful creatures. And for the poetry lovers among you, may this collection have enriched your love for verse with its unique subject matter.

Misunderstood no more, the pig steps out from these pages, a creature of charm, intelligence, and delightful quirks. As we bid adieu, we invite you to carry these images and verses with you, as a reminder of the captivating and amusing world of pigs. Here’s to finding beauty in unexpected places and celebrating it through the power of words!






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