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Poetry is a powerful and creative tool for teaching children how to express themselves through writing. Poetry allows students to explore their imaginations and emotions while learning the art of language, whether via haikus, sonnets, odes, or limericks.

In particular, poems about cats can be an excellent way to get kids interested and inspired to create their poetry. 

With their quirky and playful personalities, cats can captivate a young audience’s attention and motivate them to write. In this article, we will explore ways teachers can use poetry about cats to teach kids how to write poems.

We will examine various types of poems, including sonnets, limericks, haiku, and free verse, giving specific examples to provide teachers with concrete measures to use in their lessons.

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free verse poems

Five Free Verse Poems About Cats

Midnight’s Playtime

Underneath the moon’s glow,

In the darkness, your eyes aglow,

Midnight, oh midnight,

Let us play in the night.

You leap, you twirl,

You run, you swirl,

In the shadows, you dance,

Giving our hearts a chance.

Oh, Midnight in your playful glee,

You fill our hearts with such glee,

As we watch you hop and play,

In the darkness till the break of day.

Purrfect Company

Your cozy paws, your calming purr,

Your fluffy tail, like a wave’s stir,

You snuggle next to me, so warm,

Providing me with such perfect calm.

Your gentle eyes, like shining stars,

Your soft fur, with subtle scars,

Your reassuring presence, like a balm,

You with me, there’s no need for qualm.

Oh, feline friend, forever true,

Your company, always in lieu,

Of the world’s noise and all its fuss,

With you by my side, I have all I trust.

The Hunter

Crouched low in the garden’s green,

With eyes that gleam, oh so keen,

He waits, with patience pure,

The hunter, the watchdog, forever sure.

His muscles flex, his heart so strong,

This feline hunter, so lithe and long,

In moments of quiet, he sees all,

From birds to insects, none too small.

The hunter, with stealth, and power to match,

A nature so pure, his instincts to dispatch,

With every pounce, every gait,

Nature shines bright, in his steadfast fate.

Precious Feline

With eyes so wide, and soft fur so fine,

My precious feline, with grace so divine,

You snuggle next to me, with a gentle purr,

My precious feline, my joy, my Sir.

Your gentle paw, tapping my hand,

Your soft eyes, like a love brand,

In moments like these, I feel so warm,

Feline company, forever to charm.

Oh, my precious feline, with soft, gentle air,

In your company, life becomes so fair,

With your purring heart, and warm embrace,

My precious feline, forever you grace.

Moonlight Stroll

Underneath the lunar light,

With paws so soft, oh so right,

My feline friend, with you by my side,

Life becomes an enchanting ride.

Your gentle purrs, like a lullaby,

Your calming presence, in the night sky,

Our moonlight stroll, forever pure,

As we walk and explore, so demure.

Oh, the wonder that comes with cats,

Their beauty and grace, forever intact,

With each moment, a journey to behold,

In our moonlight stroll, forever bold.

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Five Haiku Poems About Cats


Soft, silky whiskers,

Curled up, purring on my lap,

A soothing delight.


Eyes lock, hidden claws,

Sudden pounce, acrobat skills,

Fur ball in motion.

Night Eyes

Golden eyes aglow,

Patiently waiting, silent,

Night’s sentinel guard.


Sleeping beside me,

Fur soft, warm breaths, gentle purr,

Feline friend so dear.


Basking in sun’s warmth,

Feline form, stretched out content,

Peaceful afternoon.

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Five Limerick Poems About Cats

The Cat Who Loved to Nap

There once was a cat who loved to nap,

On a rug or a cozy lap,

With a flick of his tail,

And a soft gentle exhale,

He’d sleep through any noise or mishap.

The Curious Cat

There once was a curious cat,

Who spent all his days chasing rats,

With his tail held up high,

And a mischievous eye,

He’d dash through the yard like a bat.

The Cat with Nine Lives

There was an old tomcat they say,

Who had nine lives that came into play,

From falls off high trees,

To the sting of bees,

He’d always come back in his nonchalant way.

The Lazy Fat Cat

There was a big fat cat named Nick,

Whose only pastime was to lick,

He’d laze in the sun,

Till the day was done,

With his belly full, he won’t be quick.

The Cat Who Loved Fish

There was a black cat who loved fish,

He’d sit by the pond and make a wish,

With a twitch of his nose,

And a wiggle of his toes,

He’d dive into the water with a swish.

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Five Tanka Poems About Cats

Nighttime Visitor

Silent visitor

Dark silhouette, graceful form

Moonlit eyes, aglow

A furtive kiss from feline

The night’s connection, complete

The Purring Comfort

With soft purring sound

Feline friend at my side lies

Calm and restful state

A soothing comfort, serene

A heart’s contentment, complete

Winter’s Cat

The air is frosty

Winter’s chill, such a stark sight

Yet, feline spirit

Fluffy warmth, like a soft cloud

In winter’s gloom, a delight

Stalking Prey

A feline hunter

Eyes locked in pure focus, still

Silent as a breeze

Paws clasped tight, ready to pounce

The prey is doomed, caught in freeze


Feline friend at peace

Soft sleeping breaths, slow and deep

A gentle repose

Furry comfort, by my side

A blissful contentment, seeps

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Five Sonnet Poems About Cats

Feline Grace

Amidst the shadows, by the moon’s bright glow,

The feline form does softly rise and flow.

With gentle grace and beauty in her gait,

She walks the night with poise both kind and great.

Her fur in song, with colours that inspire,

A living, breathing work of art entire.

The world around kneels at her loveliness

And in each feline curve sees holiness.

A creature born from wisdom and from grace,

A perfect form, created face to face

With love and purity in every part.

To watch her move is truly a fine art,

And all would bask forever in the glow

Of feline grace, in pleasures that doth flow.

In the Garden

There is a feline prowling in the night,

Amidst the flowers, in the garden-bright,

Her eyes as white as stars above the sky,

The colors of her coat so bright and high.

The petals in the garden stir and sigh

As the cat passes by, with beauty nigh,

Birds sing and greet her, from bent-wood perch

A fierce protector, none dare to besmirch.

A spirit wild, with grace that does ignite,

In feline form, our hearts she does excite

And with a power that’s nigh divine,

We watch her movement, a perfect outline.

In the garden, where the feline rules,

We see a world that is forever cool.

The Cat’s Charms

With velvety soft skin, and purring hum,

Eyes that shine like the stars up high above

And a heart that is pure as they come,

This feline’s charms are sure to make you grove.

She walks on light feet, with quiet grace,

Elegant form, a sight to behold with grace.

Every step she takes is a work of art,

As she whispers secrets held in her heart.

Her fur waves with a gentle, soothing breeze,

Her eyes filled with a warm, disarming ease.

And as her purring fills the silent air,

Her worldly troubles disappear from care.

A humble servant, in exchange for love,

The cat’s sweet charms from earth belief remit above.

The Feline Majesty

He walks amidst his regal majesty

His fur still, shimmering to the night sky

As cats approach with curious courtesy

He moves without a sound, with gentle sigh.

And as he moves, the world stops and admire

A king amongst animals, with pride afire

His eyes hold the wisdom of a bygone age

And all who look on him feel their heart’s beige.

His paws touch the earth with a gentle care,

His presence holds us mesmerized in pure transfair

The feline form with such perfect grace,

A masterpiece of nature’s true embrace.

And as we kneel to look upon his sight

We see in him a beauty forever bright.

Cat’s Dream

In the serenity of slumber’s great hold,

The feline in dreams so gracefully behold

And in that state of blissful calm and peace

We see a beauty that we so often miss.

His mind is filled with wishes of pure joy

And his heart beats with the music that does employ

A moment of perfect peace and calm

His soft purring, fair and serene as balm.

His paws dance in a gentle, soothing way,

And his tail wave in the rhythm of his play.

In his dream state, he is free to be

A perfect feline, forever to see.

And as we watch this perfect form at rest,

We see in him a beauty that is truly best.


Five Ode Poems About Cats

Ode to My Feline Friend

Oh, feline friend, with paws so soft and neat,

Your gentle purring, like a soothing beat,

Your gaze so deep, like a world of mystery,

Your existence alone fills life with such history.

Your playful heart, forever young and bright,

In every movement, a work of art so right,

From your gentle naps, to your playful leaps,

Our hearts forever yours, till the day we sleep.

Your loving affection, a source of calm,

Your gentle rubs, forever a soothing charm,

With you by our side, our troubles erase

Our hearts ever full, in feline warm embrace.

Oh, feline friend, forever true,

Our hearts beat with love for you,

And in this ode, our love we impart,

Our feline friend, forever in our heart.

Ode to a Stray Cat

Oh, loyal feline, with rumpled fur and uncut claws,

Your gentle eyes, forever a reflection of nature’s cause,

In the world that’s cold, and often times unkind,

You linger on, forever gracious, forever sublime.

Your gentle meows, a call to the world’s needs

with each step you walk, every movement, nature seeds,

A friend to all, forever gentle with your paw,

A true feline, in essence forever at awe.

For your feline heart, forever true and enduring,

A beauty so bright, forever our hearts’ alluring,

In the light of a new morning, with each passing night,

You linger on, forever our hearts’ true delight.

Oh, loyal feline, ever gracious in all our lives’ strife,

A true beauty, forever a feline, in essence, wonderful and rife.

Ode to the Feline Hunter

Oh, feline hunter, with eyes like the stars,

Your prowess in hunting, forever a mark of your truest of bars

In the wilds of nature, forever you roam,

Fiercely guarding secrets, like a king on his throne.

Your lithe form, a work of art so fine,

Silent in stealth, forever pure and sublime,

With every movement, the prey forever entranced,

In the hunter’s presence, forever in a trance.

Oh, feline hunter, your spirit forever free,

A true feline spirit, in the nature’s tapestry,

In essence, a work of nature’s perfect art,

A feline soul, forever ingrained in our heart.

Ode to the Regal Feline

Oh, regal feline, with fur so soft and pure,

Your essence so pristine, forever a lasting allure,

In every step you take, that elegance so true,

A grace forever perfect, like a work of art anew.

Your presence alone, commands such majesty,

In every movement, you awe with your mystery,

Your peaceful purring, a music like no other,

Forever a delight, forever a source of wonder.

Oh, regal feline, your beauty forever bright,

In essence, forever perfect, forever a sight,

Our hearts forever yours, in your feline grace

A true beauty, forever ingrained in our hearts’ solace.

Ode to the Calico Cat

Oh, calico cat, with coats of orange, black and white,

Your beauty so bewitching, forever a winning sight,

In moments of calm, your purring soft and so sweet

A beauty so true, a feline grace so complete.

Your eyes, they sparkle, reflecting the stars above

In every movement, a beauty like no other for us to behold,

With every gentle paw, a true beauty we perceive,

An essence so fine, in every step we achieve.

Oh calico cat, forever such a beauty serene,

A feline spirit forever perfectly on the scene,

In essence, a true beauty that forever stays

A sight forever pure, forever in our minds’ array.

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Cats

1. Whiskers in the Wind

In the still of the night, she walked with grace,

A gentle spirit with a hunter’s face.

Her green eyes shimmered under the moon’s glow,

Now they’re closed forever, and we mourn so.

Soft purrs that lulled us into peaceful dreams,

Are now but whispers in the midnight streams.

Her love was a melody, pure and sweet,

A song now ended, as death and she meet.

Oh, feline friend, your absence fills our home,

In every corner where you used to roam.

Rest now, dear one, in the fields evergreen,

Your memory lives on, forever seen.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

2. The Empty Window Sill

Once you sat, basking in the sun’s embrace,

Now an empty spot, no one can replace.

We miss your shadow in the morning light,

Our days without you are never as bright.

Gone are the echoes of your soft meow,

The house stands silent, missing you somehow.

We yearn for the comfort of your soft fur,

The warmth of your presence, a soothing purr.

The window sill is barren, cold, and bare,

A painful reminder you’re not there.

Yet in our hearts, your memory stays still,

Forever sunbathing on that window sill.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

3. Goodbye, My Furry Friend

A final goodbye, oh, it stings so deep,

In the corners of our hearts, we silently weep.

Your playful pounce, your comforting purr,

Memories of you, in our minds they stir.

Your tender gaze, your soft touch,

How we miss you, oh so much.

In our lives, you left a mark,

Now everything seems a bit too dark.

Though you’re gone, your spirit lingers,

In every sunrise, in twilight’s fingers.

Goodbye, dear friend, until we meet again,

In a world where love forever reigns.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

4. In the Silence of the Night

In the silence of the night, we feel your absence,

In every room, in every sentence.

Your gentle pawprints, now faded and old,

Still tell a story, beautifully told.

The warmth of your fur, the depth of your eyes,

The comfort you gave, under starry skies.

Now you rest, beneath a moonlit quilt,

Leaving behind a legacy, wonderfully built.

In the silence of the night, we remember you,

Your love, your life, forever true.

Rest in peace, dear feline, sleep tight,

In the silence of the night.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

5. The Echo of Your Purr

You purred your way into our hearts,

With each stroke, a symphony starts.

Now your voice is but an echo,

A memory, a soft shadow.

Your playful antics, your gentle mew,

Every moment with you was a view.

Now all we have are memories,

Yet they bring us such ease.

Your purr may be an echo, faint,

Your presence, a beautiful taint.

Though you’re gone, you’ll always be,

A part of our family, endlessly.

By Dan Higgins, 2024

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Cats

1. The Feline Muse

Cats, with their eyes of deepest emerald green,

In silence, they watch the world unfold,

Their mystery deeper than ever seen.

On velvet paws, they move unseen,

Into the night, brave and bold,

Cats, with their eyes of deepest emerald green.

With softest purr, they claim their scene,

In their presence, stories are told,

Their mystery deeper than ever seen.

Bathing in sunbeams, a regal queen,

In their nature, beauty behold,

Cats, with their eyes of deepest emerald green.

Their nine lives, an endless dream,

In cat years, tales of old,

Their mystery deeper than ever seen.

In their gaze, a love serene,

A life with them is pure gold,

Cats, with their eyes of deepest emerald green,

Their mystery deeper than ever seen.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Whiskers in the Moonlight

Cats on rooftops in the silvery light,

Under the stars, they begin their night,

Whiskers twitching at every sight.

Elegant creatures, full of might,

In the darkness, they take flight,

Cats on rooftops in the silvery light.

They leap and bound with all their might,

In the shadows, out of sight,

Whiskers twitching at every sight.

Through the quiet, they ignite,

A symphony of sounds in the quiet night,

Cats on rooftops in the silvery light.

Their glowing eyes, a beacon bright,

In the moon’s glow, a beautiful sight,

Whiskers twitching at every sight.

Their silent song fills the night,

A melody of pure delight,

Cats on rooftops in the silvery light,

Whiskers twitching at every sight.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Cat’s Meow

In the heart of the night, a cat’s meow,

A soft whisper, a solemn vow,

Echoing in the silence, here and now.

Underneath the moon’s soft glow,

They dance their dance, slow and low,

In the heart of the night, a cat’s meow.

With every stretch, every bow,

Their gracefulness on show,

Echoing in the silence, here and now.

Their secret language, only they know,

A feline ballet, toe to toe,

In the heart of the night, a cat’s meow.

Their whispers echo, to and fro,

In the quiet night, a gentle blow,

Echoing in the silence, here and now.

Their song, a comforting row,

A soothing rhythm, steady and slow,

In the heart of the night, a cat’s meow,

Echoing in the silence, here and now.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Cat’s Purr

The soft hum of a cat’s purr,

A sound so sweet, it makes hearts stir,

A melody, a peaceful blur.

In their presence, time is a blur,

Their contentment, a soft whir,

The soft hum of a cat’s purr.

Their gentle vibration, a healer,

A comforting presence, a feeler,

A melody, a peaceful blur.

Their purring, a love confer,

A silent song, a soft inter,

The soft hum of a cat’s purr.

In their company, worries defer,

In their purr, a love transfer,

A melody, a peaceful blur.

Their sound, an emotional spur,

A soothing balm, a love incur,

The soft hum of a cat’s purr,

A melody, a peaceful blur.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Feline Grace

Cats with their feline grace,

In every movement, a trace,

Of elegance, a gentle pace.

With every stretch, they embrace,

The world around, their space,

Cats with their feline grace.

Their soft fur, a warm place,

Their purring, a base,

Of elegance, a gentle pace.

Their eyes hold a gaze,

A depth, a vast space,

Cats with their feline grace.

In their company, a solace,

A comfort, a loving case,

Of elegance, a gentle pace.

Their presence, a saving grace,

In their love, an endless chase,

Cats with their feline grace,

Of elegance, a gentle pace.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Purr-fect Rhyming Poems About Cats

1. Whiskers in the Wind

A cat with a coat, sleek and fine, Under the moon, it loves to dine. Purring softly, eyes so bright, In the quiet, dark night.

Chasing shadows, quick and light, Oh, what a delightful sight! With whiskers dancing in the wind, A friend in felines, you’ll find.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. The Feline’s Dream

In the heart of the night, under the beam, Lies a feline lost in dream. Chasing yarn balls, in fields green, A happier cat, there has never been.

Curling up by the warm fireside, In its dreams, it takes a ride. Through fish-filled streams and tall catnip tide, In a world where only cats reside.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Cat’s Meow

A meow echoes through the silent hall, It’s the cat’s way to call. For a rub or a small treat, Or perhaps a comfy seat.

With every purr and every leap, Stories of adventure, it does keep. In the language of the cat’s meow, If only we could understand somehow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Velvet Paws

Velvet paws on the wooden floor, Silent as a whisper, opening the door. With emerald eyes, shining bright, The cat steps out into the night.

Leaping roofs, exploring lanes, Free from all the human chains. In the silence of the night, it roves, In the world that only it knows.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Cat’s Domain

A kingdom vast, a reign supreme, In the world of felines, a dream. Every corner, every mat, Is a throne for the humble cat.

They rule with grace, they rule with poise, In soft purrs, not loud noise. In the heart of a home, you’ll find, The cat’s domain, kind and kind.

By Dan Higgins 2024

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Cats

1. Feline Grace

Furry friend with eyes that shine,

Every move so sleek, so divine.

Loving touch, a soft purr,

In your company, we prefer.

No harm intended, just playful tease,

Ever graceful, puts hearts at ease.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Whiskered Wonders

Whiskers twitching in the light,

Hunting instincts taking flight.

In the night, they like to roam,

Silently creeping in their home.

Kindred spirits, wild and free,

Eyes that hold a mystery.

Revel in their feline grace,

Dancing in their secret space.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Silent Paws

Softly padding on the floor,

In the silence, they explore.

Lovingly they nudge your hand,

Eager for the touch of a friend.

Nights are their favorite time,

Tails held high, they climb.

Purring softly, they express,

A love that’s more and never less.

Whiskers twitch, eyes shine bright,

Silent paws in the night.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Catnap Dreams

Curling up in a sunlit spot,

A perfect place for a nap, why not?

Tucked in tails and closed eyes,

Napping under the clear skies.

A dream world where yarn balls roll,

Dreams that soothe the cat’s soul.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Kitty Kindness

Kind eyes that speak a thousand words,

In their silence, much is heard.

They comfort us when we’re alone,

Their gentle purr a soothing tone.

Yes, in their kindness, we find solace,

In the heart of a cat, a warm embrace.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Five Love Poems About Cats

1. Whiskers of Love

In the quietest hours of the night,

Your purrs are my lullaby, so right.

Whiskers tracing secrets in the air,

Your presence, a comforting pair.

Eyes that hold the moon’s soft glow,

In your company, love I know.

Through alleyways and dreams we dart,

A feline love, captured in my heart.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Furry Ball of Affection

A tiny ball of fur and purrs,

Each moment with you, time blurs.

In your eyes, a universe unfurls,

In your paws, love twirls.

Your gentle headbutts are pure delight,

In the canvas of my heart, you write.

You’re my haven, my perfect distraction,

My furry ball of endless affection.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Cat’s Meow

The softest meow, a symphony to my ears,

In your company, I have no fears.

A gentle nudge, a loving glance,

In your world, I wish to dance.

Your purrs resonate, deep and low,

In your love, I continue to grow.

A cat’s meow, a lover’s vow,

In this moment, it’s just us now.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Paws of Love

Paws kneading rhythmically on my lap,

In your presence, time takes a nap.

Your tail, a brush painting love so deep,

In your cuddles, all worries seep.

Your feline grace, a dance so divine,

In your gaze, love forever will shine.

Paws of love, tender and sweet,

With you, my life is complete.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Feline Muse

You’re my muse, my feline delight,

In your company, I take flight.

Your purrs, a melody so rare,

In your love, nothing can compare.

Your soft fur, a comforting touch,

In your presence, I feel so much.

The feline muse, a love so true,

My heart beats, only for you.

By Dan Higgins 2024

Poetry is powerful. It can transport us to another place and time, to make us feel emotions we never knew existed and to inspire us to create something truly beautiful. For teachers looking to introduce their students to the magic of poetry, look no further than our collection of poems about cats.

This curated collection showcases a range of poetic styles, from haikus to sonnets and everything in between. Not only will students be able to explore different types of poetry, but they will also get to explore their love for feline friends.

Our collection will inspire even the most reluctant student poet, helping them develop their own voice and style. Through the magic of poetry and the beauty of cats, your students are sure to be inspired and engaged.

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