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Do you remember walking up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to look out over Washington DC and reflect on all that President Abraham Lincoln fought for? For many teachers, introducing their students to Lincoln’s legacy is one of the most meaningful aspects of their job. We can capture his story and our response to a national treasure through poetry.

In this blog post, we will explore an array of poems related to the iconic structure which embodies truth and equality for all Americans. Let’s dive deep into stories about Abraham Lincoln’s impact in history while commemorating his timeless words inscribed in stone at the memorial!

Five Free Verse Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

A Temple of Hope

In the heart of the capital,

A temple of hope stands tall,

The Lincoln Memorial, a beacon

Of unity and freedom for all.

Gaze upon the stoic face,

Carved in white marble,

A symbol of strength and grace,

Whispers of history’s garble.

The steps that lead to the shrine,

Each one a testament of time,

Echoes of footsteps that align,

With a nation’s rhythm and rhyme.

Oh, what stories these walls could tell,

Of dreams and struggles that befell,

The spirit of a nation that swelled,

Through trials, tribulations, and travail.

In the temple of hope, we stand,

Beneath the gaze of a great man,

A reminder that united we can,

Build a future where freedom spans.

The Watchful Guardian

He sits, watchful and wise,

In his marble throne,

A guardian of justice,

Whose legacy has grown.

Lincoln, the emancipator,

A force against division,

His memorial, a reminder,

Of the power of a vision.

Through wars and strife,

He led with courage and might,

A nation divided,

He sought to reunite.

In the quiet of the night,

His eyes seem to flicker,

As if he still watches over,

A land once so bitter.

Feel the weight of history,

In every crevice and crack,

The Lincoln Memorial stands,

A symbol of unity we can’t turn back.

The Reflection of a Nation

Upon the still waters,

A reflection looms,

The visage of a leader,

Whose presence still consumes.

The Lincoln Memorial,

A testament to our past,

A mirror of our struggles,

And the victories that we’ve amassed.

A hallowed ground,

Where speeches echo still,

The call for justice and freedom,

An enduring human will.

In its reflection, we see,

A nation’s hope and sorrow,

The dreams of a brighter future,

And the promise of tomorrow.

So, let us gaze upon,

This monument to our creed,

And remember the sacrifices,

That have sown the seeds of unity.

The Pillars of Democracy

Six and three pillars stand,

Supporting Lincoln’s shrine,

A blend of Doric and Ionic,

Symbolizing strength and time.

The marble columns rise,

Like the aspirations of a nation,

Each one a reminder,

Of the power of determination.

The Lincoln Memorial,

A symbol of democracy,

A testament to the resilience,

Of a people’s tenacity.

In the shadow of these pillars,

We find solace and peace,

For they represent the values,

Upon which our freedom is leased.

Let us honor their strength,

And the man who sits enthroned,

For in their presence we are reminded,

Of the unity that we have sown.

The Whispering Walls

Hushed whispers fill the air,

As visitors come and go,

The Lincoln Memorial stands,

A witness to stories untold.

The walls have heard it all,

The laughter, the tears, the joy,

The dreams of a nation,

And the fears we employ.

In the silence of the chamber,

A voice seems to speak,

The wisdom of Lincoln,

An enduring mystique.

His words etched in stone,

A message for generations,

To strive for a world,

Where all are free from oppression.

So listen closely, my friend,

And you may hear it too,

The whispering walls that tell,

A tale of hope renewed.

Five Haiku Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

Seated in Silence

Marble guardian,

Whispers of a nation’s past,

Lincoln rests in peace.

Moonlit Reflection

Moon caresses stone,

Reflecting on calm waters,

History stands tall.

Enduring Wisdom

Words etched in marble,

Timeless wisdom from the past,

Guiding us forward.

A Leader’s Solace

Gazing at the stars,

He ponders, burdened by fate,

Leadership’s quiet solitude.

Legacy of Hope

In the shadows long,

A beacon of unity,

Lincoln’s dream lives on.

Five Limerick Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

The Monument’s Tale

There once was a monument grand,

To honor a leader so planned,

With steps to ascend,

And a message to send,

Of freedom and hope in this land.

Lincoln’s Lofty Seat

In a chair that was carved out of stone,

Lincoln sits with a gaze of his own,

At the heart of DC,

For all folks to see,

His legacy forever has grown.

A Nighttime Spectacle

At night, when the tourists would flee,

The Lincoln Memorial, you’d see,

In lights shining bright,

A spectacular sight,

A symbol of strength and unity.

Wisdom Carved in Stone

On the walls of the monument’s face,

Words of wisdom are etched in their place,

From the speeches he gave,

That inspired the brave,

To fight for a future with grace.

A Gathering Place

By the steps of the Lincoln so grand,

People gather from all ‘cross the land,

To remember our past,

And the seeds that were cast,

For a nation united to stand.

Five Tanka Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

A Monument’s Grace

Majestic tribute,

An enduring testament,

Lincoln’s legacy,

Whispers of hope and freedom,

Echo through the ages’ span.

Reflecting Pool’s Mirror

Calm waters shimmer,

Reflecting the grand visage,

Of a leader past,

A symbol of unity,

In a world torn by discord.

Nightfall at the Memorial

As twilight descends,

Monument bathed in soft light,

Glowing like a star,

Guiding us through history,

To a future filled with peace.

United in Remembrance

People gather ’round,

Sharing stories, laughter, tears,

United as one,

Beneath the gaze of Lincoln,

A symbol of hope and strength.

The Weight of Leadership

Carved in marble, still,

He carries a nation’s weight,

Through war and turmoil,

Lincoln’s wisdom resonates,

Inspiring generations.

Five Sonnet Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

A Monument of Marble

In marble white, a symbol strong and grand,

A testament to freedom’s solemn grace,

The Lincoln Memorial steadfastly stands,

A hallowed ground where time cannot erase.

Within its walls, the sixteenth president,

Engraved in stone, his visage wise and kind,

A beacon of hope, a light resplendent,

A man who fought for justice undefined.

Through wars and strife, his spirit lingers still,

His words immortal, echoing through time,

A call for unity, an iron will,

To heal a nation’s wounds, a hill to climb.

Oh, Lincoln Memorial, you inspire,

A monument to greatness, we admire.

The Seat of Wisdom

Upon the steps where wisdom takes its seat,

Illuminated by the sun’s soft rays,

The Lincoln Memorial, proud and sweet,

A tribute to a man who changed our ways.

His gaze serene, a watchful eye he keeps,

Surveying all who gather ’round his throne,

And as the sun sets low and darkness creeps,

His presence felt, a comfort all our own.

Emancipation’s champion, he rose,

To challenge hate and free the shackled hands,

A leader brave who faced unyielding foes,

And left behind a legacy that stands.

In reverence, we bow before his might,

The Lincoln Memorial, a guiding light.

A Whisper Through the Ages

A whisper through the ages, etched in stone,

The Lincoln Memorial, a shrine to peace,

Where once a man, his heart and soul bemoaned,

The nation’s cries for unity’s release.

His voice, though silent now, forever heard,

Inscribed upon the walls, his words of truth,

A call to action, every line a spur,

To mend the broken bonds of age and youth.

The grand facade, a symbol of our past,

Yet pointing to a future bright and clear,

A testament to dreams that everlast,

And hope that overcomes our deepest fear.

The Lincoln Memorial, a monument,

To freedom’s champion and his lament.

Reflections of a Leader

In waters still, reflections of a man,

Whose life and legacy forever shine,

The Lincoln Memorial, where it began,

A symbol of our nation’s strength divine.

His furrowed brow, a testament to thought,

Of battles fought and victories hard-won,

A leader who, through strife and anguish, sought,

To mend a nation torn asunder, undone.

In quiet contemplation, visitors stand,

To honor him who set the captive free,

A beacon of hope in a troubled land,

The guardian of our sacred liberty.

Oh, Lincoln Memorial, your presence grand,

A pillar of our nation’s history, we understand.

The Echoes of Freedom

In hallowed halls where echoes of freedom ring,

The Lincoln Memorial stands proud and tall,

A tribute to a man whose heart did sing,

The songs of unity, a clarion call.

A nation fractured, torn apart by war,

He led with strength, resilience, and grace,

His spirit now immortal, evermore,

As we recall his trials in this sacred place.

His words of wisdom carved into the walls,

Remind us of the struggles he endured,

A testament to courage, standing tall,

A beacon of hope, forever reassured.

The Lincoln Memorial, a symbol grand,

Of freedom’s triumph in a weary land.

Five Ode Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

Ode to the Marble Giant

Oh, grand edifice of marble white,

A beacon shining in day and night,

Guardian of freedom, justice, and truth,

Standing tall in eternal youth.

A testament to a leader great,

Whose wisdom and strength did seal the fate,

Of a nation divided, torn apart,

He brought unity, healing every heart.

Lincoln, your visage carved in stone,

In this hallowed place, forever known,

Your words of wisdom, etched on walls,

Inspire us to heed their calls.

We gather here, in reverence and awe,

To celebrate the man who saw,

The potential for a nation free,

A dream that still lives, for you and me.

An Ode to the Emancipator

In solemn silence, you cast your gaze,

Upon the land that your hand did raise,

Lincoln, our leader, our liberator,

Your spirit dwells, our eternal creator.

With steadfast courage, you led the way,

Through darkest hours, to a brighter day,

Emancipating those bound by chains,

Breaking the shackles, ending the pains.

A temple grand, built in your name,

Holds the essence of your eternal flame,

A symbol of hope, a testament to grace,

A reminder of your role in history’s embrace.

Oh, Lincoln, your memory we hold dear,

In this monument, your presence we feel near,

A guiding force, a beacon of light,

For generations to come, you’ll shine so bright.

Ode to the Seat of Reflection

Majestic steps, leading to the throne,

Where Lincoln resides, forever shown,

A seat of reflection, where minds converge,

And the spirit of freedom begins to emerge.

This monument, a tribute to the past,

Honoring a man whose impact will last,

An enduring symbol of unity and might,

A testament to hope, shining so bright.

Citizens gather, tourists explore,

The history of a man who did so much more,

Than simply leading a nation through strife,

He shaped the course of our collective life.

Oh, Lincoln Memorial, a place of thought,

Where the essence of democracy is caught,

In the stone and marble, the very air,

A tribute to a leader beyond compare.

The Ode to the Pillars of Unity

Six-and-thirty pillars stand,

A symbol of strength, throughout this land,

Each representing a state that stood,

By Lincoln’s side, as he knew they would.

United they stand, around the great,

Who sought to end division and hate,

A circle of unity, a bond unbroken,

A reminder of the words he’d spoken.

Through trials and tribulations, they faced,

But Lincoln’s resolve could not be erased,

His vision of unity, his unwavering goal,

To bring together a fractured soul.

So, let us honor these pillars tall,

And remember the man who gave his all,

To reunite a nation, to mend the rift,

And ensure that freedom would forever persist.

Ode to the Words of Wisdom

Etched in stone, immortalized,

The words of Lincoln, forever prized,

They speak of freedom, of sacrifice,

Of a nation’s journey, of a heavy price.

From the Gettysburg Address, we glean,

The essence of what true freedom means,

A nation conceived in liberty’s name,

Must strive to keep that sacred flame.

In his Second Inaugural, we find,

The call for healing, to leave behind,

The scars of war, the wounds of strife,

And build a future, a new shared life.

These words of wisdom, carved in stone,

Remind us of the path we’ve known,

And guide us forward, in unity,

Towards a brighter future, where all are free.

Five Villanelle Poems About The Lincoln Memorial

A Temple to Freedom

In this grand temple, freedom’s voice is heard

Upon the steps where history was made

The Lincoln Memorial stands, undeterred

A symbol of unity, it’s assured

From marble columns, memories won’t fade

In this grand temple, freedom’s voice is heard

A beacon of hope, a place undisturbed

Where dreamers gather and heroes are paid

The Lincoln Memorial stands, undeterred

A monument to a leader who served

A nation divided, his courage displayed

In this grand temple, freedom’s voice is heard

From Gettysburg to now, his words have stirred

The hearts of millions, a legacy laid

The Lincoln Memorial stands, undeterred

In times of strife, let us not be deterred

For in this place, a foundation was made

In this grand temple, freedom’s voice is heard

The Lincoln Memorial stands, undeterred

Echoes of Lincoln

The echoes of Lincoln resound through the air

A monument to freedom, a symbol of grace

In Washington, D.C., a tribute stands there

His gaze upon us, a fatherly care

To remind us of unity, no matter the race

The echoes of Lincoln resound through the air

The Reflecting Pool mirrors our shared despair

And yet, in this place, we find solace and space

In Washington, D.C., a tribute stands there

His immortal words, a call to prepare

To fight for justice, equality to embrace

The echoes of Lincoln resound through the air

The sacrifices made, a burden we bear

For peace and liberty, a future we chase

In Washington, D.C., a tribute stands there

So let us remember, and let us declare

Our commitment to each other, as we face

The echoes of Lincoln resound through the air

In Washington, D.C., a tribute stands there

The Marble Giant

The marble giant looms with wisdom’s gaze

A symbol of our nation’s strength and pride

In silent tribute, his stone eyes appraise

He whispers tales of old and bygone days

Of civil wars and brothers side by side

The marble giant looms with wisdom’s gaze

Beneath his watchful eye, we stand amazed

The weight of history we can’t divide

In silent tribute, his stone eyes appraise

His words etched in stone, forever to praise

The courage of those who fought and died

The marble giant looms with wisdom’s gaze

Emancipator, leader, who would raise

A fractured country, and the wounds to bide

In silent tribute, his stone eyes appraise

So let us honor, in our own ways

This man of honor, for whom we’re allied

The marble giant looms with wisdom’s gaze

In silent tribute, his stone eyes appraise

Of Stone and Dreams

Of stone and dreams, a monument arose

To honor one who dared to set us free

The Lincoln Memorial, where hope still grows

In shadows cast, the light of justice shows

The path to walk, a better world to see

Of stone and dreams, a monument arose

Here, voices echo, and the wind bestows

The whispers of a past that holds the key

The Lincoln Memorial, where hope still grows

Upon these steps, a million stories close

In unity, we find our destiny

Of stone and dreams, a monument arose

With every sunset, a new dawn’s composed

A symphony of colors, an ode to liberty

The Lincoln Memorial, where hope still grows

Let us remember, as the story goes

Our common bond, a pledge to harmony

Of stone and dreams, a monument arose

The Lincoln Memorial, where hope still grows

The Watchful Guardian

The watchful guardian of our nation’s heart

In stone and marble, eternally wise

The Lincoln Memorial, a work of art

His message clear, from which we’ll never part

To strive for unity, our common prize

The watchful guardian of our nation’s heart

A place to gather, where dreams can start

In the shadow of his gaze, our spirits rise

The Lincoln Memorial, a work of art

Inscribed in walls, the words that won’t depart

A testament to freedom, our truest ties

The watchful guardian of our nation’s heart

From this sacred ground, we mustn’t dart

But hold our heads high, as we realize

The Lincoln Memorial, a work of art

So let us stand, together, not apart

And honor him who led us to the skies

The watchful guardian of our nation’s heart

The Lincoln Memorial, a work of art

The Lincoln Memorial is a beautiful landmark in our nation’s capitol and it is undoubtedly worth teaching about in the classroom. Poetry is a great tool to introduce this subject in an exciting way, and by using some of these poems, your students may be inspired to learn more about the Lincoln Memorial’s history and significance.

Teaching can be enriching when it presents challenging topics like American history, but now with the help of these poems teachers can make their classes both educational and engaging. By exploring other topics such as the works of black authors or other prominent figures from history, you can open up your students’ minds to new ideas and perspectives that will expand their knowledge.

So why not try a new poem or two? Read our other articles and let us know what you think!


1. What is metre in poetry?

Metre, also known as meter, is the rhythmic structure of a line in a poem. It is determined by the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in each line, creating a specific sound and flow. These patterns are organized into units called feet.

2. What is a foot in poetry?

A foot is the basic unit of metre in poetry, consisting of a combination of stressed and unstressed syllables. There are several types of feet, such as iamb (unstressed-stressed), trochee (stressed-unstressed), anapest (unstressed-unstressed-stressed), and dactyl (stressed-unstressed-unstressed).

3. How do I identify the metre of a poem?

To identify the metre of a poem, start by scanning the lines to determine the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. Next, identify the type of foot being used and count the number of feet per line. The combination of the foot type and the number of feet will give you the metre of the poem (e.g., iambic pentameter or trochaic tetrameter).

4. What is iambic pentameter?

Iambic pentameter is a popular metre in English poetry, consisting of five iambs (unstressed-stressed syllables) per line. This rhythm creates a natural flow, making it a common choice for poets. Famous examples include Shakespeare’s sonnets and many lines in his plays.

5. Can a poem have more than one metre?

Yes, a poem can have more than one metre. Some poets use different metres within a single poem to create variety, emphasize certain words or ideas, or to reflect the natural rhythms of speech. This technique can add depth and complexity to a poem.

6. Why is metre important in poetry?

Metre is important in poetry because it provides structure, rhythm, and musicality to the language. It helps to create a specific mood or atmosphere, and can enhance the meaning of the words by emphasizing certain syllables or phrases. Understanding metre can also help readers appreciate the skill and artistry of the poet.

7. Do all poems have a metre?

No, not all poems have a metre. Some poems are written in free verse, which does not follow a consistent pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. However, even free verse poems may have some elements of rhythm and structure, depending on the poet’s intentions and style.

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