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Summer is the time of year when anything feels possible. The season was filled with the sun’s warmth, the salty scent of the ocean, and the sound of laughter in the air. It inspires us to cast aside our worries, seek adventure, and embrace life fully.

Like the summer, poetry is an art form that can transport us to different worlds and emotions. In this collection of summer-themed poems, we celebrate the season’s joys, beauty, and allure.

Each poem is written in a unique poetic style, making them a handy toolkit for educators to teach children the many forms of poetry. From sonnets to free verse, haikus to acrostics, we showcase various forms with distinctive structures and rhythmic patterns to inspire and educate children.

Join us through the endless summer, and let the poems guide and inspire you.

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free verse poems

Free Verse Poems About Summer

“Summer’s Heat”

The summer sun beats down,

A heat that penetrates the skin,

The swelter that takes hold,

And the sweat that trickles within.

In summer’s heat, we find,

A beauty that’s warm and bright,

The magic of a lazy day,

And the fragrance of a summer night.

As we soak up the sun’s rays,

And bask in the ocean’s spray,

We’re reminded of the strength,

Of the season, and its play.

For summer’s heat may be forceful,

But it’s also a thing of grace,

That can make us feel alive,

And put a smile on our face.

“A Summer’s Day”

In the heart of summer,

As the sun beats down,

The day’s a perfect wonder,

A world with magic crowned.

The sky, so blue and open,

Against the green it plays,

And the breeze, like a perfect token,

Blows softly, through the maze.

As I stand here in the sunshine,

Watching the world around,

I feel my heart take flight,

On this summer’s day, so perfect found.

For in the midst of this bliss,

I’m reminded of life’s summery fare,

Of the power of nature’s play,

And the magic it can share.

“Summer’s Serenade”

The summer breeze sings,

A song of warmth and light,

A symphony of play,

That fills me with delight.

In summer’s serenade,

I’m lost within its tune,

A harmony so sweet,

It makes my soul immune.

The sound of the waves,

Whispers through the air,

A melody so perfect,

It takes away my care.

And in the beauty of the season,

I’m reminded of life’s pace,

Of the power of nature’s symphony,

And the magic in its face.

“A Summer’s Journey”

A summer’s journey,

Is a symphony of joy,

A tapestry of endless wonder,

That life cannot destroy.

The sun, with all its brilliance,

And the sea with all its might,

A landscape so enchanting,

It takes my breath with pure of sight.

And in this summer’s journey,

I’m lost within the play,

A world that’s pure and perfect,

It speaks of life’s endless play.

For a summer’s journey,

Is a gift to the heart and soul,

A moment to appreciate,

And be grateful at its whole.

“The Summer Woods”

The summer woods alive,

A world with vibrant sound,

A canvas full of colors,

With beauty all around.

The sun, painting the trees,

And the forest blooms its delight,

A place where magic rules,

And the world is bursting bright.

In the summer woods, I find,

A world of pure and joy,

A place that welcomes with open arms,

And the world exudes and envelops all coy.

For in this summer’s joyfulness,

I’m reminded of life’s many hues,

Of a world that’s bountiful,

And wondrous sights to amuse.

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Tanka Poems About Summer

“Dusk’s Warm Embrace”

Sun’s final farewell,

Colors paint the evening sky,

Cool breeze through the trees,

Dusk’s warm embrace calms the soul,

Endless summer possibilities.

“Beachside Serenade”

Sandy beachside breeze,

Waves dancing at my feet’s reach,

Sun setting the stage,

Nature’s serenade awaits,

Summer dreams now in my grasp.

“Beneath the Summer Moon”

Beneath the summer moon,

Stars twinkle ever so bright,

Fireflies light the way,

Nature’s orchestra plays on,

A summer’s night to cherish.

“A Day in the Park”

A day in the park,

Picnics, laughter, and good cheer,

Children at playtime,

As the sun brightens the sky,

Moments like these are priceless.

“Fields of Gold”

Fields of gold in sight,

Warm summer winds brushing by,

Nature’s masterpiece,

Season of growth, fruitfulness,

Summer’s gifts are ours to treasure.

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Limerick Poems About Summer

“Beaches and Cream”

In summertime, one thing’s supreme,

That’s beaches and ice-cold ice cream,

With sand in your toes,

And sunscreen on your nose,

Oh, summer is like a sweet dream.

“The Season of Fun”

In summer, the kids are on break,

Playing games and eating cake,

No math, no school,

They get to be cool,

And swim in the pond or the lake.

“Sunshine and Laughter”

Sunshine and laughter fill the air,

Summer’s a time to let down our hair,

We bask in the heat,

And dance to the beat,

Of the music that we love to share.

“A Picnic in the Park”

In the summer, the park is the place,

For a picnic with family and space,

With sandwiches and fruit,

We relax and compute,

And lose track of all time and all pace.

“Campfire Nights”

Campfire nights are summer’s delight,

With marshmallows toasting just right,

We sing and we dance,

And take in the chance,

To enjoy the warm summer’s light.

Haiku Poem

Haiku Poems about Summer


Sunflowers sway high

Beneath the summer sky’s warmth

Seas of yellow gold

“Lazy Days”

Long days stretch ahead

Lazy afternoons reading

Summer’s sweet escape


Butterfly takes flight

Flitting from bloom to bloom bright

Summer’s dance in sight

“Ocean Waves”

Gentle ocean waves

Whispering secrets to shore

Summer’s siren call

“Forest Green”

Woods a haven green

Nature offers her freedom

Summer’s stately scene


Sonnets About Summer

Sonnet 1: “Summer’s Glow”

Oh, summer’s golden glow that warms my heart,

The sun that shines with all its might and power,

The endless days that never seem to start,

The blissful moments that last an hour.

The scent of flowers permeates the air,

The gentle breeze that cools and brings relief,

The world is free of worry and of care,

The perfect season for both joy and grief.

In summer’s glow, we truly come alive,

A time of love and passion, peace and grace,

A chance to thrive and let our spirits thrive,

In this warm and gracious, wondrous space.

So, let’s embrace and celebrate the season,

And cherish every moment, every reason.

Sonnet 2: “Summer Night”

When day gives way to night, and darkness falls,

And crickets sing their songs for all to hear,

When every star that twinkles and enthralls,

Shines brilliantly, and erases every fear.

The summer night, with all its majesty,

Invites us to enjoy its peaceful calm,

With hearts that race and minds that wander free,

And thoughts as light and breezy as the palm.

The warmth of summer wraps around us tight,

As we embrace the night, and hold it dear,

And in this perfect moment of delight,

We feel the summer’s kiss and lose all fear.

So let us bask in summer’s gentle light,

Embrace the night and cherish every sight.

Sonnet 3: “Summer’s Embrace”

In summer’s warm embrace, we find our rest,

The season’s sun that shines so bright and true,

The nature’s love that fills our hearts’ request,

And gives us hope that we can start anew.

The beach that calls to us with longing arms,

The waves that crash and sing their sweet refrain,

The endless skies that dazzle with their charms,

The heat that fills us up, and lets us gain.

With summer’s embrace, we find our joy and peace,

As we forget about our troubles, briefly,

And in this moment, every fear does cease,

Our hearts are filled with light and love, completely.

So let us take this time to heal and grow,

And let the summer’s warmth, our spirits show.

Sonnet 4: “A Summer Day”

A summer day, so filled with light and life,

The perfect day that sets the heart on fire,

The day that sets the world on edge and strife,

And makes the soul feel pure and true desire.

With every breath we take, the world comes alive,

A symphony of colors, sounds and hues,

A world of wonders that we can’t contrive,

And all we have to do is live the views.

The sun that shines so bright and up above,

The clouds that glide so gently in the sky,

The world that’s full of beauty and of love,

And every moment fills the soul’s high.

So let us cherish every summer day,

And let it pave our paths in every way.

Sonnet 5: “Endless Summer”

As summer’s blissful winds start to blow,

And days grow longer, nights grow shorter still,

We find ourselves in endless summer’s glow,

And feel our hearts with every moment fill.

The world is full of hope and light and love,

And every moment seems like sheer perfection,

A gift from heavens that came from above,

And fills our hearts with peace and sweet affection.

Oh, summer’s golden hour that never ends,

A world where beauty soothes our every wound,

A time where love and joy, and peace commence,

And everything feels so completely attuned.

So let’s hold on to every summer day,

For in its warmth and light, we find our way.


Ode Poems about Summer

“O, Summer”

O, Summer, how you shine so bright,

Your warmth embraces us with light,

Your golden rays on skin do land,

And make us feel so free and grand.

You bring us joy with endless days,

And beauty with your vibrant ways,

Your sun-kissed glow on land and sea,

Is a sight that fills our hearts with glee.

O, Summer, you bring out the best,

And put our spirits to the test,

With beach and sand and mountain range,

You offer us so much to arrange.

So here’s to you, O, Summersweet,

May your warmth and glow never deplete,

For in your embrace, we find delight,

And moments that make life just right.

“Summer’s Song”

Summer’s song is one of cheer,

A melody that we hold dear,

The rustling of the leafy trees,

And the buzzing of the busy bees.

The whistling of the sultry breeze,

And the sweet scent of blooming trees,

The splash of water in the pool,

And the children playing in the school.

Summer’s song is one of life,

A rhythm that dissolves strife,

A time to laugh, to love, to roam,

And make memories in our hearts a home.

So let us sing this summer’s song,

And dance with joy, all day long,

For summer’s gift is nothing small,

But a season that fills us all in all.


Sun-kissed days and lazy hours,

Where the mind is free and flowers tower,

The summer air a kiss so sweet,

A joy that fills us from our head to feet.

The warm embrace of sun and sand,

Makes us feel alive and very grand,

The taste of ice cream and cool drinks,

Is a moment of joy that within us sinks.

Sun-kissed skin and happy hearts,

A time to heal and make new starts,

For summer’s gift is one of love,

A grace that descends from up above.

So let us bask in sun-kissed days,

And let our hearts be filled with rays,

For summer’s gift is nothing small,

But a time to live and make a call.

“A Summer’s Beauty”

Oh, summer, how we love your beauty,

The sea that stretches forth so blue and mighty,

The sand that warms beneath our feet,

The moment that our hearts do greet.

The fragrance that so fills the air,

The beauty of the woods so rare,

The way the wind does gently sway,

And make us feel alive and okay.

The colors that surround us so,

The countless moments that come and go,

The sunsets that make our hearts sing,

And bring new hope to everything.

Oh, summer’s beauty, where do we start,

With the gift of joy that fills our heart,

For you remind us of life’s sweet call,

And the beauty that surrounds us all.

“Summer’s Gift”

Oh, summer’s gift, how sweet you are,

A promise that brings us very far,

With sun-kissed days and starry nights,

And moments that make our hearts take flight.

You gift us with so many things,

A time to rest, to fly, to sing,

To travel through this wondrous land,

And find new joys on every hand.

With you, we feel renewed and fresh,

With you, we find life’s sweet caress,

For summer’s gift is nothing small,

But a season that fills us, all in all.

what is an acrostic poem

Five Acrostic Poems About Summer

1. Sun-kissed Days

Sailing on sunlit seas
Underneath the azure skies
Magical moments of mirth
Merrily we make memories
Enjoying every echo of ecstasy
Radiating warmth, summer is rebirth

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Unending Joy

Underneath the golden sun
Never-ending days of fun
Enjoying every summer spell
Never wanting to bid farewell
Delighting in the season’s joy
In every moment we employ
Nights filled with stars above
Grateful for the summer love

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Melodies of Summer

Melodies of birds fill the air
Eclipsing our every care
Lush green fields stretch far and wide
Over the landscape, we joyfully stride
Delighting in the summer’s song
In every note, we belong
Embracing the warmth of the sun
Summer’s symphony has begun

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Memories Made

Marveling at the summer’s glow
Every moment a picture to stow
Memories made in the sun and sand
Oceanside walks, hand in hand
Reveling in the summer’s charm
In its embrace, we find calm
Every sunset a masterpiece
Summer, oh how your wonders never cease

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Radiant Rapture

Radiating warmth from above
A season of sunshine and love
Delighting in the summer’s touch
In its radiant rapture so much
Anticipating the summer’s thrill
Never wanting to have our fill
Thriving under the summer’s capture

By Dan Higgins 2024

Villanelle Poem

Five Villanelle Poems About Summer

1. The Summer’s Song

In the heart of summer, the sun so bright,
The days are long and filled with light,
We dance in the rhythm of the summer’s song.

Barefoot on the beach, the sand so white,
Underneath the stars that twinkle at night,
In the heart of summer, the sun so bright.

The waves are whispering with all their might,
Sharing secrets with the moonlight,
We dance in the rhythm of the summer’s song.

With every sunrise, a delightful sight,
And every sunset, an enchanting flight,
In the heart of summer, the sun so bright.

From dawn till dusk, everything feels right,
In this season of warmth and delight,
We dance in the rhythm of the summer’s song.

As we bask in summer’s glorious light,
In moments of joy, our hearts ignite,
In the heart of summer, the sun so bright,
We dance in the rhythm of the summer’s song.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. A Symphony of Summer

The summer is a symphony, a tune,
A melody that ends all too soon,
Its notes are etched in sun and sand.

In the language of laughter, it’s a boon,
Underneath the sun, or beneath the moon,
The summer is a symphony, a tune.

It whispers through the winds of June,
Its rhythm keeps us all in tune,
Its notes are etched in sun and sand.

From morning’s light to afternoon,
To the arrival of the nightly croon,
The summer is a symphony, a tune.

As the tides ebb and swoon,
Summer sings a familiar rune,
The summer is a symphony, a tune,
Its notes are etched in sun and sand.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Summer’s Sweet Serenade

Summer’s sweet serenade fills the air,
A melody that banishes all despair,
Its song is a balm to soothe the soul.

With every note, it shows it cares,
In its embrace, it shares and bears,
Summer’s sweet serenade fills the air.

It’s a love song, beyond compare,
A hymn of joy and a fervent prayer,
Its song is a balm to soothe the soul.

From sunrise to sunset, it’s always there,
A lullaby to dispel every nightmare,
Summer’s sweet serenade fills the air.

As we bask in its warmth, as we stare,
At the beauty it creates, so rare,
Summer’s sweet serenade fills the air,
Its song is a balm to soothe the soul.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. The Dance of Summer

The dance of summer is a sight to behold,
Its rhythm bold, its story told,
In the sway of trees and the ocean’s roll.

In its arms, we find our mold,
Our hearts unfold, our happiness sold,
The dance of summer is a sight to behold.

With every beat, our joys unfold,
Our spirits emboldened, our dreams unrolled,
In the sway of trees and the ocean’s roll.

From dawn till dusk, from young to old,
In its rhythm, our stories are told,
The dance of summer is a sight to behold.

As the summer days slowly unfold,
We dance with joy, untamed, uncontrolled,
The dance of summer is a sight to behold,
In the sway of trees and the ocean’s roll.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. The Summer’s Embrace

The summer’s embrace, a tender touch,
A season we all love so much,
Its warmth is a comfort, a soothing balm.

With every sunrise, every hush,
In its light, our worries crush,
The summer’s embrace, a tender touch.

It loves us little, it loves us much,
In its arms, we find a clutch,
Its warmth is a comfort, a soothing balm.

From dawn till dusk, it’s such a rush,
A joyous journey, a thrilling gush,
The summer’s embrace, a tender touch.

As we bask in its glow, in its lush,
In moments of silence, in the evening’s hush,
The summer’s embrace, a tender touch,
Its warmth is a comfort, a soothing balm.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What Types Of Poetry Have Rhyming In?

Five Rhyming Poems About Summer

1. Dance of the Sun

Underneath the summer sun so bright,
Everything feels just right.
We dance and play from dawn till night,
In the warm and golden light.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Summer’s Song

Summer’s song is oh so sweet,
With every beat, it’s a treat.
Barefoot walks on the hot concrete,
And ice cream cones that can’t be beat.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. The Joy of June

The joy of June is here at last,
We’ve left the cold of winter past.
From sunrise to sunset so vast,
Each and every moment, a blast.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Summer’s Sway

The sway of the trees in the summer breeze,
The hum of the bees around the knees.
In the shade, we take our ease,
Summer days are such a tease.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Sundrenched Days

Sundrenched days and starlit nights,
Summer’s joys and pure delights.
From lofty heights to seaside sights,
Everything feels out of sight.

By Dan Higgins 2024

What is an elegy

Five Elegy Poems About Summer

1. Elegy to the Fading Sun

A farewell to the sun, bright and high,
Kissing goodbye the summer sky.
Golden rays that warmed the day,
Now slowly start to fade away.

By Dan Higgins 2024

2. Elegy for a Summer’s End

The sweet scent of summer, now a memory,
As days grow shorter, nights claim victory.
Once vibrant blooms bow their heads in sorrow,
Longing for the warmth of tomorrow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

3. Ode to the Last Summer Day

A single tear from the sky does fall,
Echoing summer’s final call.
The sun sets, casting a crimson hue,
A beautiful end, though we feel blue.

By Dan Higgins 2024

4. Farewell to the Summer Breeze

The summer breeze, once warm and light,
Now whispers tales of endless night.
We bid goodbye to carefree days,
As autumn’s chill begins its phase.

By Dan Higgins 2024

5. Lament for the Vanishing Summer

The summer songbirds cease their tune,
Underneath the waning moon.
Their melodies, a fading echo,
As we brace for winter’s snow.

By Dan Higgins 2024

These poems about summer capture the spirit and beauty of the season, showcasing the diversity and versatility of poetry as an art form. Each verse provides a unique perspective on summer’s sights, smells, and emotions.

These works of art serve as an educational tool for teachers to engage students with poetry, showing them different styles and structures and encouraging them to create unique pieces.

These pieces of literature remind us of the power and beauty of the written word and how poetry can encapsulate the experiences and emotions of our lives.

By incorporating these poems into the classroom, teachers can ignite a love of poetry in their students and inspire the next generation of poets to share their stories with the world.

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