30 Poems About Rosh Hashanah

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Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish New Year festival celebrated by millions of people worldwide.

It is a time for reflection, self-improvement, and new beginnings. Writing poems is a great way to express these feelings, so I have written a collection of poems about Rosh Hashanah.

These poems are tailored for teachers to use in their classrooms as a model to inspire children to write their own poems.

The collection of poems includes different types of poems from acrostics to villanelles, showcasing the flexibility and creativity that can go into writing a poem.

So, whether you are a teacher looking for inspiration for your students, or you are simply interested in learning more about Rosh Hashanah, these poems are sure to be a valuable resource.

Five Free Verse Poems About Rosh Hashanah

“A Time for Reflection”

Rosh Hashanah, the time for introspection,

To look back at the year with reflection,

To think about how far we’ve come,

And what we have accomplished in unison.

A new year, a chance to renew our souls,

To set new goals and fill new roles,

To be kinder, more compassionate, and just,

To be a part of making the world trust.

A time to ask for forgiveness and forgive,

To let go of grudges and learn to live,

To embrace new beginnings with open hearts,

And never forget our loved ones’ parts.

“The Shofar’s Call”

The sound of the shofar wakes the soul,

Echoing through the synagogue with a mighty roll,

A call to prayer, a call to renew,

A call to come together in peace and truth.

The shofar’s blast, a symbolic reminder,

Of all the hopes and prayers that bind us together,

A time to stand tall, in unity and love,

And seek a higher power that we’re worthy of.

“Harvest Time”

Rosh Hashanah, a time for harvest,

To reap the fruits of the year’s best,

To gather at the table, with family and friends,

And celebrate our blessings that never ends.

The apples and honey, the pomegranates too,

Symbolic of the sweetness that we pursue,

A time to eat, drink, and be merry,

As we cherish every moment without any worry.

“The Book of Life”

On Rosh Hashanah, the Book of Life is open,

And with each prayer, a new page is written,

A chance to create a life that is new,

And be written in the book that is true.

We pray for another year of health,

To experience love, compassion, and wealth,

To be a blessing to others and strive to be better,

And to never forget that we’re all in this together.

“The Power of Forgiveness”

On Rosh Hashanah, we ask for forgiveness,

A time to acknowledge our weakness,

To seek redemption, and start anew,

And be a beacon of light that is true.

We ask for forgiveness, to those we’ve hurt,

To offer our apologies with love that’s curt,

To let go of grudges and be kind,

And to open up our hearts and mind.

Three Acrostic Poems About Rosh Hashanah


Sweetness filled the air with apples dowry

Exemplifying love, forgiveness, and endowry

Leaning into shofar, awakening our soul

Finding peace within our heart’s control


Happiness and cheer comes every year anew,

On this day, there is one message that Hue

Permeates in our hearts, with Spirit so clear,

Expectantly, we hope for a New Year with sincere.

“A New Year”

New beginnings are ahead with hope to spread,

Enjoying a feast with our loved ones so dear

With intent of a brighter New Year, without any fear.

Five Haiku Poems About Rosh Hashanah

“New Beginnings”

Fresh breeze brings new life

Blowing away past mistakes

Rosh Hashanah, hope.

“Sweetness of Life”

Apples dipped in honey

Symbolizing the sweet life

Rosh Hashanah joy.

“Reflecting on Life”

The shofar echoes

Reflection on past and new

Rosh Hashanah, growth.

“Call to Unite”

Shofar blasts call us

Gather in synagogues, new

Year, we’re not alone.

“Hopeful Prayers”

Prayers for new year’s growth

Rosh Hashanah, promise of hope

Forgiveness prevails.

Five Limerick Poems About Rosh Hashanah

“The Shofar’s Call”

The shofar’s call echoes around,

A new year has suddenly been found,

Reflect on the past,

Forgive and hold fast,

To a future that’s holy and sound.

“Sweet Tastes of Rosh Hashanah”

On Rosh Hashanah, we feast on delights,

Apples in honey, round and so bright,

A sweet taste, we share,

With loved ones, with care,

As we welcome the new year with sight.

“The Book of Life”

The Book of Life opens this day,

Our fate decided, as we make our way,

Prayers of hope and love,

And guidance from above,

As we enter a new year to play.

“Celebrating Traditions”

As we celebrate Rosh Hashanah’s traditions,

Passing down customs in familial transitions,

Apples and honey abound,

Jewish blessings resound,

As we gather ’round with eternally strong convictions.

“Redemption and Rebirth”

Rosh Hashanah, a time of rebirth,

Of renewed faith and endless worth,

With a heart full of care,

And heads lifted to air,

We find redemption for all that’s on earth.

Five Sonnet Poems About Rosh Hashanah


The shofar’s sound, a call to awake,

To rise from slumber, our souls to renew,

And take the time, all our wrongs to forsake,

As we reflect on the old, in search of the new.

A time for seeking forgiveness, and to forgive,

To amend relationships and make mends,

To connect with our roots, and better live,

To cherish loved ones, and find peace, my friends.

May we look forward to the year that’s ahead,

With hope, faith, and a sense of purpose, so bright,

And may we pray for health, love, and bread,

For peace and kindness, to bring insight.

Let Rosh Hashanah, this day, be an awakening,

For our hearts to beat, with Hashem’s love pulsing.

“The Book Of Life”

The Book of Life, that’s opened on this day,

The fate of each of us, is written anew,

And with each prayer, we hope and pray,

That the coming year, will be blessed to pursue.

May we be inscribed as righteous, and just,

And may we have the strength, to make amends,

To be kind, compassionate, and trust,

To live a life, with good deeds to send.

May our prayers, reach the heavens above,

And Hashem showers us with love and grace,

May forgiveness, and repentance guide us to love,

And we’re surrounded, by Hashem’s holy embrace.

Let Rosh Hashanah, this day, be a new genesis,

With the Book of Life, as we write a new nemesis.


Rosh Hashanah, a time of renewal,

A time to shed, the old, and embrace the new,

A time for prayer, for introspection dual,

And to examine, our deeds anew.

May our thoughts, words, and deeds,

Be pure, and noble, and so right,

As we plant the seeds, of life and succeed,

In living a life, that’s pure, and so bright.

May our vision, be filled with truth,

As we welcome in, a new chapter and verse,

May our actions, be worthy of proof,

As we’re guided by, the Holy Spirit universe.

Let Rosh Hashanah, this day, be a time of renewal,

As we renew our faith, with love, and so truthful.

“Gift of Faith”

Rosh Hashanah, a gift of faith,

A new beginning, and a sense of grace,

A time to seek, a new path,

And find redemption, in this sacred space.

May we have the courage, to let go,

And embrace the future, with a new faith,

For it’s in the letting go, we grow,

And find new meaning, in our Writings so great.

May we find forgiveness, in those we hurt,

And be forgiven, for our transgressions,

May we find peace, and a renewed movement,

As we live, in the embodiment of Jewish lessons.

Let Rosh Hashanah, this day, be a gift of faith,

As we find solace, in Hashem, with humility to bathe.

“A New Horizon”

Rosh Hashanah, a time for open doors,

A chance to start anew, as each year soars,

A time to break free, from life’s encore,

And look to a new horizon, without any chore.

May we find the courage, to embrace the new,

And let go of the past, with a sense of awe,

May we find a sunset, that’s fresh, and so true,

As we walk in faith, with no flaw.

May we find the strength, to ask for forgiveness,

And to forgive, with a heart full of love,

May our souls, find renewal in Jewish strictness,

As we elevate higher, with Hashem’s love.

Let Rosh Hashanah, this day, be a new horizon,

As we embrace each day, with love, and we’re on the rise on.

Five Ode Poems About Rosh Hashanah

“A Time of Reflection”

Rosh Hashanah, a time to reflect,

On our actions and the year that’s left,

To repent and ask for forgiveness,

And to seek a renewed sense of purposefulness.

A time to ponder our relationships,

And to repair those that have endured rifts,

To cherish loved ones and embrace them,

With a heart full of love and no mayhem.

May we find clarity, in this sacred time,

As we introspect, for our past to refine,

May we find renewal, as we seek Hashem’s light,

And may our hearts be filled with love, shining bright.

“The Sweetness of Apples and Honey”

Rosh Hashanah, a time of sweet delight,

With apples and honey that’s oh, so right,

A symbol of a sweet, new year,

Where hope, health, and love are all so clear.

Apples, a sign of life and renewal,

As we embark on a new chapter so beautiful,

Honey, a symbol of the sweetest blessings,

As we seek joy, in life’s different dressings.

May the sweetness of Rosh Hashanah stay with us,

As we go through life’s many changes without fuss,

May the apples and honey always remind us,

Of the blessings, that Hashem always bestows upon us.

“The Sound of the Shofar”

Rosh Hashanah, a time for new beginnings,

And the sound of the shofar, that’s so fulfilling,

An ancient call, that’s filled with meaning,

A spiritual wake-up call, that’s everlasting.

The shofar’s sound, a symbol of Hashem’s voice,

A call for redemption, that’s pure and so wise,

A reminder of the power of repentance,

And the hope, that comes with this sacred observance.

May the sound of the shofar, inspire us all,

To live our lives with virtue and stand tall,

May it lead us to a life that’s meaningful,

And may we be guided by faith, that’s so powerful.

“The Joy of Familial Bonds”

Rosh Hashanah, a time for familial bonds,

As we come together, our love responds,

A time to share a meal, oh, so grand,

A chance to spend time, holding each other’s hand.

A time to cherish loved ones, old and new,

To connect with family, who are close and who few,

To share stories, and to laugh so much,

And to revel in the love, which is such.

May the joy of familial bonds, stay with us always,

And may our lives be filled with joy, in different ways,

May we find comfort, in the love of family and friends,

And may our relationships, continue to grow, without any ends.

“The Promise of a New Year”

Rosh Hashanah, a time for a new year,

A promise of hope, that’s so sincere,

A time to shed, the old, and embrace the new,

To pursue life’s different aspects and breakthrough.

May this new year, be filled with blessings,

May it be filled with good tidings and lessons,

May it be a time of growth and prosperity,

And may our lives, be filled with joy and diversity.

May we move forward with faith and love,

With a sense of purpose, that’s hand in glove,

And may we always remember the promise of a new year,

And the hope, that it brings, with everything dear.

Rosh Hashanah is a time for reflection, renewal, and hope. As teachers, inspiring children to reflect on their actions, seek forgiveness, and find a greater sense of purpose, is critical.

Writing poems about Rosh Hashanah enables children to express their emotions, and share their hopes and dreams, with their peers.

As seen from the different types of poems above, there is no one way to write a poem about Rosh Hashanah.

Each type of poem, whether it’s an acrostic, haiku, sonnet, limerick, or ode, has a unique structure, and enables us to express our emotions in different ways.

These poems can serve as excellent models for children to create their own Rosh Hashanah poems.

Encourage them to reflect on their experiences, and share their hopes and dreams for the new year ahead. Writing poems can be a fun and creative way for children to connect with the holiday and with one another.

So, let us embrace the spirit of Rosh Hashanah, and encourage our children to embrace this sacred time, through their creative expression.

Let us inspire them, to write and share their poems, and in doing so, bring hope and joy to all.


1. What is the significance of poetry for Rosh Hashanah?

Isn’t it true that poetry has a way of capturing the essence of our experiences and emotions? During Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, poetry can beautifully express the themes of renewal, reflection, repentance, and hope that define this sacred time.

2. How can these poems enhance our understanding and celebration of Rosh Hashanah?

Poetry, with its vivid imagery and profound metaphors, can deepen our understanding of the spiritual and cultural aspects of Rosh Hashanah, don’t you think?

It provides a fresh perspective on traditional customs, prayers, and rituals, thereby enriching our celebration of the festival.

3. What themes are commonly explored in Rosh Hashanah poetry?

Themes in Rosh Hashanah poetry are as diverse as our experiences during this time, aren’t they?

They may include introspection, forgiveness, new beginnings, divine judgment, and the symbolism of Rosh Hashanah traditions such as the blowing of the shofar or the dipping of apples in honey.

4. Can these poems be used as part of Rosh Hashanah celebrations or services?

Absolutely! Poems can add a personal and emotional dimension to Rosh Hashanah celebrations and synagogue services, can’t they?

They can be read aloud, shared with family and friends, or used as a reflective tool during this period of self-examination and spiritual renewal.

5. Where can one find a collection of poems suitable for Rosh Hashanah?

There are various resources available both online and offline, aren’t there? These include religious texts, poetry anthologies, and digital platforms dedicated to Jewish literature and culture.

Many of these resources feature works by diverse poets who offer their unique voices and perspectives on Rosh Hashanah.

In essence, poetry for Rosh Hashanah provides a creative medium to explore and express the profound themes of this holy festival. As readers, celebrants, and seekers, let’s embrace these poetic reflections and allow them to enhance our understanding and celebration of Rosh Hashanah.

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