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For Passover, it is essential to connect with our heritage and roots. Poetry can be an excellent way to celebrate Passover year after year. Teaching your children or students about the history of this holiday in poetry helps us pass down important traditions and values.

In this article, we have a wonderful collection of poems that are explicitly dedicated to Passover! Learn more about how these wonderfully crafted poems discuss freedom and liberty for all in heartfelt ways – perfect for teaching your class or child this coming season!

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Five Free Verse Poems About Passover

1. Seder Plate

Bitter herbs, roasted shank bone, charoset,

Karpas, egg and matzah, all set in a line.

Each symbol tells a story, each one a memory,

Of our ancestors’ journey, towards freedom divine.

2. Matzah

Crunchy and flat, plain to taste,

Matzah is the bread of the haste.

No time to rise, no time to bake,

Only enough time to flee and escape.

3. Exodus

Pharaoh’s heart hardened, freedom he denied,

Ten plagues struck, Egypt cried.

With unleavened bread, our people fled,

Miraculous journey, through parted sea led.

4. Four Questions

Why is this night different?

We ask in four ways.

Each answer reminds us,

Of our ancestors’ pain.

5. Afikomen

Wrapped in linen, hidden with care,

The afikomen, the children prepare.

The search is on, fun and games,

A reward for finding, matzah to claim.

Five Haiku Poems About Passover

1. Spring Cleaning

Dust rises with hope,

Spring cleanses the home and heart,

Passover anew.

2. Unleavened Bread

Flour and water mix,

No time for bread to rise high,

Unleavened, we eat.

3. The Exodus

A sea parts in two,

Israelites journey through,

Freedom they pursue.

4. Seder Plate

Bitter herb and egg,

A symbol for all to see,

Our history preserved.

5. Renewal

Feast with family,

Retelling our story old,

Renewing our hearts.


Five Tanka Poems About Passover

1. Rebirth

Spring brings new life forth,

Nature awakens once more,

Renewal abound,

Passover’s message rings true,

Hope is found in fresh new days.

2. Plagues

Frogs, gnats, lice and hail,

Plagues to decimate Egypt,

Pharaoh’s heart stayed cold,

Passover salvation nears,

Israelites’ freedom cheers.

3. Matzah Ball Soup

Chicken soup steaming,

Matzah balls light, fluffy, float,

Herbed and spiced just right,

A comfort food shared with love,

A Passover delight.

4. Exodus

Journey to freedom,

Egyptian slavery ends,

Cross the Red Sea’s path,

Miracles bestowed and faith,

God’s promise keeps Israel.

5. Seder Traditions

From Seder plate’s spread,

Four questions, each tradition,

Our memories spun,

Passover’s spirit alive,

Generations carry on.


Five Sonnet Poems About Passover

1. The Passover Lamb

The Passover lamb, pure and unblemished,

A symbol of sacrifice, a feast for God,

Blood on the doorposts, Israel distinguished,

Death passed over, spared from the wrathful rod.

Freedom at last, a journey ahead,

Bread of affliction, on this night we share,

Retelling the story, generations bred,

Of our deliverance, out of Pharaoh’s snare.

We sit at the table, young and old together,

Memories woven, traditions strong and true,

Our spirits lifted, hearts lighter than a feather,

The promise of redemption, forever new.

Passover’s spirit, alive in us each year,

As we celebrate and hold our loved ones dear.

2. Miracles of Exodus

The Nile ran crimson red, frogs hopped in town,

Lice, gnats, and hail, boils and locusts swarm,

The darkness descended, the firstborn down,

Each plague a warning, God’s power to inform.

A lamb for each household, blood on the door,

Passover’s miracle, the Israelites saved,

Pharaoh in regret, lets his slaves outpour,

The Red Sea parts, a path to freedom paved.

We walk forward, with our ancestors in mind,

Humbled by the journey that has made us strong,

Our traditions preserved, for generations to bind,

The miracles of exodus, forever long.

Passover’s lessons, planted deep in our soul,

Forever cherished, as we all play our role.

3. Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses stood in awe, as the bush burned bright,

Removed his shoes, and walked with timid feet,

Humbled by God’s power, he quaked with fright,

Pharaoh’s heart to relent, would become his plea.

The staff in his hand, Moses held it tight,

With power and miracles, God’s message was clear,

Pharaoh would crumble, Israel’s path, alight,

Lead them from bondage, to freedom beyond fear.

A tale of strength, resilience, fortitude,

Moses, our leader, who journeyed to the top,

Against all odds, his will to be pursued,

His love for Israel, never to stop.

Passover’s story, a guiding light we ascend,

God’s protection and triumph, forever amend.

4. The Four Questions

Why is this night different from the rest?

We ask with wonder, and a hungry heart,

Our Seder plate, with symbols we’re blessed,

To retell the story, of the Jews set apart.

With matzah bread, the haste we recall,

Bitter herbs remind of our bitter past,

We dip in salt water, tears to our brow,

Charoset with apples, our sweetness amassed.

Four questions asked, and the answers unfold,

Of slavery and freedom, oppression released,

A tale of courage, and our forefathers bold,

Their spirit alive, our traditions increased.

Passover’s story, a tale to be shared,

From generation to generation, forever cared.

5. The Passover Meal

The table set, with reverence we pray,

Through the Seder, our ancestors revealed,

We break the matzah, with tradition to stay,

God’s protection, forever a shield.

The meal begins, with soup and greens,

Hard-boiled eggs, our lives hard-boiled to recall,

A roasted lamb, a feast unseen,

Charoset and horseradish, our taste buds enthral.

We sip the wine, four cups to partake,

Each symbolizing our redemption and hope,

From bondage to freedom, from fear to awake,

On this Passover night, our spirits elope.

We gather together, with family and friends,

Passover’s spirit alive, its message transcends.


Five Ode Poems About Passover

1. Ode to Matzah

Oh matzah, so simple and plain,

Unleavened bread, to commemorate the pain.

Crunchy and light, your taste so distinct,

Our Passover meal, you are the main brink.

We break you apart, with a loud crack,

As we remember our ancestors’ hasty pack.

Your texture and flavor, always the same,

In every Seder, you are a constant name.

Oh matzah, so important to our past,

A symbol of liberation that forever will last.

You may be basic, but your message is deep,

A reminder of the struggles, we’ve overcome and keep.

2. Ode to Miracles

Oh miracles of Passover, how divine,

Ten plagues to foil Pharaoh’s wicked design.

The Red Sea parted, a path to salvation,

God’s power and might, without hesitation.

We pause to remember the wonders we’ve seen,

The faith that carried our ancestors serene.

We celebrate what we believe is real,

The power of miracles to help us heal.

Oh Passover’s miracles, etched in history,

A testament to our enduring legacy.

We thank our past for the hope they brought,

And pray for miracles in battles we’ve fought.

3. Ode to The Seder Plate

Oh Seder plate, a table’s centerpiece,

With every element, a story’s increase.

Charoset and bitter herbs, karpas and shank bone,

Egg and matzah, symbols we have known.

With savor and smell, each item tells,

Of trials and triumphs, of heaven and hells.

The story of Passover, on this plate we find,

A reminder of history, with every bite combined.

Oh Seder plate, a collection so dear,

A bond that links generations so clear.

Your message of love, peace, and freedom,

A story that inspires us to reach our kingdom.

4. Ode to Family

Oh family, how much you mean to me,

Together we gather for the Seder’s decree.

The laughter we share, the stories we tell,

Our love for each other, so genuine and well.

The room overflows with emotions so pure,

As we admire traditions that make us endure.

We share our thoughts and deepest beliefs,

The bond we share, forever a relief.

Oh family, with every passing year,

Our Seder grows richer, our memories dear.

Through joy and sadness, we stand so bold,

As one family, with Passover’s message our uphold.

5. Ode to Freedom

Oh Passover, a symbol of freedom’s delight,

A journey to liberation, from struggle to light.

From slavery to freedom, we remember the path,

Of courage and faith that forever shall last.

We tell the story of the Exodus with pride,

Of Moses and Aaron who stood so beside.

We celebrate the promise of redemption,

A future so bright, with every mention.

Oh Passover, a beacon of hope so high,

Our legacy that binds us, as time goes by.

We look to the future with optimism and zeal,

As Passover’s message inspires us to feel.

These poems offer unique and creative ways to teach students about Passover. The variety of forms, including free verse, haiku, tanka, sonnets, and odes, demonstrate the versatility of poetry and allow teachers to choose the style that best suits their teaching needs.

By using these poems as examples, teachers can inspire their students to use their creativity and imagination to write their own Passover poems. With the Passover holiday around the corner, these poems are a great resource to add excitement and depth to classroom discussions and help students connect with the rich history and traditions of Passover.

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