35 Poems About Kartik Purnima

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Kartik Purnima holds a special place in the vast tapestry of human celebration. This festival, celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Kartik, is a kaleidoscope of faith, culture, and spirituality that captivates millions across the globe.

But how well do we truly understand the depth and significance of this occasion? Have you ever wished to delve deeper into the essence of Kartik Purnima through the lens of poetry?

Whether you are an avid poetry lover or a curious reader seeking to learn more about Kartik Purnima, this collection offers something for everyone. The poems are diverse, touching upon themes of devotion, celebration, mythology, and introspection.

With this compilation, we aim to provide a literary treat and a platform for understanding and appreciating the richness of this festival.

So, are you ready to embark on this poetic exploration of Kartik Purnima? Let’s dive into the verses and allow them to illuminate our understanding of this profound celebration.

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Five Free Verse Poems About Kartik Purnima

The Illuminated Night

Beneath the cloak of the celestial expanse,

A silver orb ascends, radiant and resplendent.

Kartik Purnima – the pinnacle of lunar elegance,

An ethereal display in the cosmic dance.

The night adorned with the glow of earthen lamps,

Mirroring the heavens, a terrestrial counterpart.

A symphony of light against the canvas of dark,

A testimony to faith, undying and stark.

The Sacred Bath

In the chill of Kartik dawn, the faithful converge,

At the river’s edge, where earthly and divine merge.

A dip in the holy waters, a spiritual purge,

An act of devotion, where man and God verge.

The Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati in confluence,

Bearing witness to human resilience and penance.

Kartik Purnima – a day of sacred significance,

A ritual bath, a journey towards deliverance.

The Legend of Tripuri Purnima

In ancient lore, a tale unfolds,

Of a demon king, mighty and bold.

Three cities of gold, silver, and iron he holds,

But his heart, in darkness enfold.

Shiva, the destroyer, takes aim,

His arrow aflame, in Kartik Purnima’s name.

The demon’s demise, the gods’ game,

Tripuri Purnima, thus earns its fame.

The Voyage of Devotion

On the full moon night of Kartik,

A spectacle unfolds, unique and mystic.

Boita Bandana, a tradition historic,

A tribute to seafarers, brave and heroic.

Miniature boats set sail in water bodies,

Carrying hopes, dreams, and countless stories.

Kartik Purnima, a day of maritime glories,

A voyage of devotion, in life’s endless territories.

The Dance of Light

As Kartik Purnima night descends,

A dance of light ascends.

Diya, the humble earthen lamp, transcends,

Into a beacon that joy and warmth sends.

In every corner, in every space,

The glow of Diya illuminates with grace.

Kartik Purnima, a festival of solace,

A dance of light, in life’s relentless race.

Haiku Poem

Five Haiku Poems About Kartik Purnima

Radiant Moonlight

Full moon ascends high,

Kartik Purnima’s night sky,

In its glow, we lie.

Ritual of Dawn

Dawn bath, faith renewed,

Sacred rivers, souls imbued,

Purity pursued.

Shiva’s Victory

Shiva’s arrow flies,

Demon’s end in moonlight lies,

Victory in skies.

Sailing Miniatures

Boats sail, dreams afloat,

On Purnima’s high note,

Devotion in each boat.

Lamps of Solace

Lights dance, darkness flee,

In Diya’s warm decree,

Solace, we agree.

Five Limerick Poems About Kartik Purnima

The Moon’s Grand Display

On a night when the moon’s on full display,

In Kartik month, it lights the way.

With its silver glow, it holds sway,

Guiding devotees as they pray,

On this sacred Kartik Purnima day.

A Dip in Faith

As dawn breaks, to the rivers they go,

In the holy waters, faith they sow.

A dip in Kartik, blessings flow,

Purifying souls, making them glow,

In Purnima’s divine, radiant throw.

Shiva’s Mighty Blow

In ancient lore, a tale’s retold,

Of Shiva’s arrow, brave and bold.

Striking the demon, as foretold,

On Kartik Purnima, victory unfolds,

In the moonlight, a sight to behold.

Sail of Devotion

Miniature boats, set adrift in delight,

On Kartik Purnima’s luminous night.

Carrying prayers with all their might,

Under the watchful moon’s soft light,

Sailing in faith, a beautiful sight.

Dance of the Diyas

Diya lights dance, in Purnima’s honor,

Filling every home with their warm ardor.

Pushing away darkness, they conquer,

On Kartik’s night, they’re the sponsor,

Of joy, warmth, and love’s candor.


Five Tanka Poems About Kartik Purnima

Moon’s Majestic Rise

The full moon ascends,

In Kartik month it presides,

Illuminating night tides.

Under its glow we confide,

In its magic, our faith resides.

The Ritual of Renewal

At dawn, to the rivers we go,

Bathing in faith’s warm glow.

In Kartik, blessings flow,

With each dip, purity grows,

In Purnima’s light, we bow low.

Shiva’s Triumph

Shiva’s arrow takes flight,

In the cool Kartik night.

Demon’s end, a divine sight,

Victory bathed in moonlight,

Purnima’s tale of might.

Journey of Devotion

Boats sail in devotion,

On Purnima’s high ocean.

Carrying dreams and emotion,

Under the moon’s watchful notion,

Kartik’s night, a poetic motion.

Dance of Illumination

Diyas dance, shadows flee,

In Kartik’s festive spree.

Light over darkness, the decree,

Purnima’s night, a jubilee,

Of love, warmth and unity.

Five Sonnet Poems About Kartik Purnima

The Moon’s Grandeur

The moon ascends in Kartik’s night,

Its radiant glow a comforting sight.

A full moon’s dance in pure delight,

Guiding the faithful with its soft light,

Under its watch, hearts take flight.

Devotion flows in the moon’s bright beam,

Each ray a thread in a celestial seam,

Weaving dreams into a divine theme.

On this sacred night, it would seem,

Faith finds its voice in a lunar gleam.

A Ritual of Renewal

As dawn breaks on this holy day,

To the river’s edge, we make our way.

In its cool embrace, our worries allay,

Purified in its flow, in gratitude we pray,

Bathing in blessings that never fray.

Kartik Purnima, a ritual of renewal,

A spiritual journey, an inner carnival.

In the river’s flow, find your personal,

Connection to the divine, eternal,

Bathed in moonlight, feel the ethereal.

Shiva’s Victory

In ancient tales, a story’s told,

Of Shiva’s arrow, brave and bold.

Striking the demon, as foretold,

On Kartik night, victory unfolds,

Bathed in moonlight, a sight to behold.

Purnima’s night, a celebration of might,

A triumph of good in the moon’s soft light.

In each heart, a spark ignites,

Embracing the divine, holding tight,

In the dance of faith, find your light.

Voyage of Faith

Boats sail under the moon’s watchful gaze,

Carrying prayers through the night’s haze.

On Kartik Purnima, emotions blaze,

As dreams set sail in a luminous daze,

In each tiny vessel, a prayer phrase.

A voyage of faith on the moon’s high tide,

In each boat, hopes and dreams abide.

Under the moon’s glow, let them glide,

Carrying our prayers far and wide,

On this holy night, let faith be our guide.

Illumination’s Dance

On Kartik night, diyas dance,

Their warm glow a mesmerizing trance.

Pushing away darkness, they enhance,

The beauty of Purnima’s romance,

In their light, find life’s expanse.

Each diya a beacon in the night,

A symbol of love’s eternal light.

In their dance, find the sight,

Of unity, harmony, and delight,

On this sacred night, let your spirit ignite.


Five Ode Poems About Kartik Purnima

Ode to the Moon’s Majesty

Oh, the moon on Kartik Purnima night,

How you rise with such radiant light.

A celestial orb in full sight,

Guiding us through the darkness, so bright.

Could there be a more enchanting delight?

Your silver beams, a divine invitation,

To join in this sacred celebration.

Under your watchful illumination,

We find solace, we find salvation.

Oh, moon of Kartik, you are our inspiration!

Ode to the Ritual of Renewal

Hearken to the river’s call at dawn,

Where devotees gather, fears foregone.

In Kartik’s embrace, a new day is drawn,

Purnima’s promise, a hope to hang upon.

Oh, river of renewal, carry our prayers on.

With each dip, a soul’s rebirth,

A communion with the sacred earth.

In your waters, we find our worth,

Oh, river of Kartik, you are our hearth!

Ode to Shiva’s Triumph

Sing of Shiva’s victory, bold and grand,

In Kartik’s night, He made His stand.

His arrow flew true, as planned,

The demon fell, by His hand.

Oh, Shiva’s triumph, forever in our command.

In Purnima’s glow, His tale we retell,

Of good’s victory and evil’s quell.

Oh, Shiva of Kartik, in our hearts you dwell,

Your victory, our protective shell.

Ode to the Voyage of Faith

Behold the boats on Purnima’s tide,

Carrying dreams and hopes far and wide.

Under the moon’s gentle guide,

In Kartik’s night, they glide.

Oh, voyage of faith, in you we confide.

Each tiny vessel, a prayer set sail,

In the moon’s glow, they never fail.

Oh, boats of Kartik, tell your tale,

Of faith’s voyage, hearty and hale.

Ode to the Dance of Illumination

Marvel at the diyas’ dance,

Their flickering flames in a trance.

In Kartik’s night, they enhance,

The joy of Purnima’s romance.

Oh, diyas of light, in you we glance.

Each flame a symbol of life’s delight,

A beacon of hope in the moonlit night.

Oh, diyas of Kartik, burning bright,

In your glow, we find our light.

Five Villanelle Poems About Kartik Purnima

The Rise of Kartik’s Moon

Under the sky, the moon takes its flight,

In Kartik’s night, it gleams so bright,

A full orb in the celestial sight.

The stars bow down to its radiant light,

In the dark canvas, a beacon white,

Under the sky, the moon takes its flight.

Devotees bathe in its silver might,

Their faith ignited, hearts alight,

A full orb in the celestial sight.

In its glow, dreams take flight,

Prayers whispered into the quiet night,

Under the sky, the moon takes its flight.

Purnima’s promise, a delight,

In every soul, a sacred rite,

A full orb in the celestial sight.

In Kartik’s embrace, we unite,

Beneath the moon’s alluring sight,

Under the sky, the moon takes its flight,

A full orb in the celestial sight.

A Dance of Diyas

On Kartik Purnima, diyas dance,

Their light casting a mesmerizing trance,

In their glow, dreams get a chance.

In the night’s silence, they prance,

Each flame, a story’s glance,

On Kartik Purnima, diyas dance.

They push away the darkness in advance,

In their flicker, hopes enhance,

In their glow, dreams get a chance.

With each sway, they entrance,

A symphony of light in the expanse,

On Kartik Purnima, diyas dance.

Their warmth, a divine romance,

In their dance, life’s significance,

In their glow, dreams get a chance.

In the moon’s watchful stance,

Their light weaves a beautiful lance,

On Kartik Purnima, diyas dance,

In their glow, dreams get a chance.

Voyage on Purnima’s Tide

Boats sail on Purnima’s high tide,

Under the moon’s watchful guide,

In Kartik’s night, hopes confide.

Each vessel, a dream’s ride,

Carrying prayers far and wide,

Boats sail on Purnima’s high tide.

On the river’s flow, they glide,

In the moonlight, faith resides,

In Kartik’s night, hopes confide.

With every wave, a new stride,

In each boat, a prayer’s pride,

Boats sail on Purnima’s high tide.

Purnima’s promise, by their side,

In the moon’s glow, fears subside,

In Kartik’s night, hopes confide.

In the sacred month, they abide,

Under the moon’s gentle chide,

Boats sail on Purnima’s high tide,

In Kartik’s night, hopes confide.

Shiva’s Triumph in Kartik

Shiva’s arrow, a tale retold,

In Kartik’s night, brave and bold,

His triumph, a sight to behold.

The demon fell as the story’s foretold,

In Purnima’s light, victory unfolds,

Shiva’s arrow, a tale retold.

His might, a protective mold,

In His strength, we find a stronghold,

His triumph, a sight to behold.

In His glory, our faith is enrolled,

His victory, in our hearts we hold,

Shiva’s arrow, a tale retold.

On this holy night, our prayers are scrolled,

In His name, our devotion is sold,

Shiva’s arrow, a tale retold,

His triumph, a sight to behold.

Ritual of Renewal

At dawn, to the river we go,

In Kartik’s month, blessings flow,

Bathing in faith, hearts aglow.

With every dip, purity grows,

In the river’s embrace, a warm glow,

At dawn, to the river we go.

Purnima’s light, a divine show,

In its shine, our devotion we sow,

Bathing in faith, hearts aglow.

The river’s song, a comforting echo,

In its rhythm, life’s tempo,

At dawn, to the river we go.

In its flow, a spiritual tableau,

In its depth, a sacred bow,

Bathing in faith, hearts aglow.

On this holy day, our faith we bestow,

In the river’s grace, we row,

At dawn, to the river we go,

Bathing in faith, hearts aglow.

These poems about Kartik Purnima serve as a unique and enlightening exploration of this deeply significant festival.

Through the medium of verse, we’ve journeyed through the myriad facets of Kartik Purnima, gaining a deeper appreciation for its rituals, legends, and the emotions it stirs in the hearts of millions.

Each poem has offered a fresh perspective, a new insight into this sacred celebration, further enriching our understanding and connection to it.

This collection, we hope, has not only catered to the poetry enthusiasts among us but also to those who wished to learn more about this fascinating festival.

These poems have painted a vivid picture of Kartik Purnima’s depth and diversity with themes ranging from devotion and celebration to mythology and introspection.

As we wrap up this poetic voyage, we must reflect on the insights gained and the emotions evoked. Poetry, in its essence, is a powerful tool for communication and understanding.

And when it comes to unravelling the layers of a rich cultural event like Kartik Purnima, there could be no better guide than a well-crafted verse.

Whether you’re a seasoned devotee or a curious observer, we trust that this anthology has brought you closer to the heart of Kartik Purnima. As we part ways, remember: each poem is but a single thread in the grand tapestry of this festival. The invitation to explore further is always open.

So, keep diving into the verses, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep celebrating the richness of Kartik Purnima.

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