30 Poems About Hanukkah

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Hanukkah is a time of joy and celebration, but it’s also a time to reflect on the values and traditions that make up the holiday. Poems about Hanukkah can be inspiring and moving reminders of our history and culture. These poems are here for teachers to use in their classrooms to help show their pupils how poems should be written.

Five Free Verse Poems About Hanukkah

“The Light of Hanukkah”

Hanukkah, a time of great celebration,

As we light up the world with illumination,

Eight nights, eight candles, and rejoice,

As we remember the miracle with our voice.

The light of Hanukkah a symbol so grand,

As we remember our ancestors with an open hand,

May Hashem’s love and mercy be with us too,

As we light up the world and our soul with something new.

“The Miracle of Hanukkah”

The miracle of Hanukkah, a story so true,

Of faith, courage, and hope we’ll pursue,

A light that’s never meant to be dim,

As we celebrate a victory that came when it was dim.

May we remember the miracle with every light,

And in our hearts, hold it close and tight,

May we be blessed with light and love,

As we remember the miracle from above.

“The Latkes of Hanukkah”

Oh, the latkes of Hanukkah, so delicious to eat,

As we revel in the joyous festival of light and sweet,

Crispy, golden, and fluffy to the touch,

A Hanukkah delight that’s enjoyed so much.

May we savor the latkes with every bite,

And let the warmth of the oil fill us with delight,

May our taste buds revel in every Hanukkah delight,

And bring us joy and happiness, so bright.

“The Dreidel Game of Hanukkah”

The dreidel game of Hanukkah, so much fun,

As we spin the Dreidel and let the miracles run,

With letters, we create a story so grand,

As we play the game with a heart so grand.

May we spin the Dreidel with pure delight,

And let the light of Hanukkah be our guiding light,

May the dreidel game bring us joy and happiness too,

As we bring Hashem’s love and blessings anew.

“The Family of Hanukkah”

Hanukkah brings us closer to family and friends,

As we gather around the Menorah as the festival descends,

Eight nights of light, laughter, and song,

As we come together and celebrate all night long.

May we cherish our loved ones with every light,

And let the warmth of Hanukkah fill us with delight,

May we bring Hashem’s love and blessings through family,

As we celebrate the festival with joy and harmony.

Five Haiku Poems About Hanukkah

“The Festival of Light”

Candlelights flicker,

Eight nights of illumination,

Hanukkah’s delight.

“Latkes and Sufganiyot”

Latkes and sufganiyot,

Delicious Hanukkah treats,

Taste buds come alive.

“Menorah Shining Bright”

Menorah shining bright,

Symbols of faith and courage,

Hope lights up the night.

“The Miracle of Oil”

A miracle so true,

A story of faith and hope,

Oil that burned so long.

“The Dreidel’s Spin”

Dreidel spinning round,

Letters tell a story grand,

Hanukkah joy found.

Five Limerick Poems About Hanukkah

“The Festival of Lights”

The Festival of Lights is here,

Eight nights of celebration, joy, and cheer,

We light the Menorah,

With smiles and Torah,

A festival of miracles, so dear.

“The Miracle of Hanukkah”

The miracle of Hanukkah we recall,

As we light up the Menorah in the hall,

Oil that burned so bright,

A victory in sight,

A story of faith, hope, and awe.

“The Dreidel Game of Hanukkah”

The dreidel game of Hanukkah is fun,

As we spin the top and watch it run,

Nun, gimel, hay, and shin,

A game steeped in tradition,

A delight enjoyed by everyone.

“The Latkes of Hanukkah”

Latkes and sufganiyot, so sweet,

A Hanukkah treat that can’t be beat,

Crispy and golden brown,

A delight that won’t let us down,

A festival of culinary feats.

“Family Time during Hanukkah”

Hanukkah brings us closer to family and friends,

As we gather around the Menorah in the end,

Sharing latkes and joy,

Playing Dreidel like a toy,

Celebrating Hanukkah, a festival we’ll always attend.

Five Tanka Poems About Hanukkah

“The Festival of Lights”

A festival of lights,

Celebrating a miracle,

Hanukkah is here,

Bringing hope and joy to all,

As we bask in its warm glow.

“The Miracle of Oil”

The miracle of oil,

A small amount that lasted long,

A story of faith,

Of hope and divine providence,

An eternal tale of awe.

“Latkes and Sufganiyot”

Frying up latkes,

Sufganiyot oh so sweet,

Celebrating light,

With culinary delights,

Hanukkah in our hearts and soul.

“The Dreidel Game”

Spin the dreidel top,

Nun, gimel, hay, and shin land,

A game steeped in joy,

Tradition we love to keep,

A Hanukkah game so grand.

“Family and Tradition”

Families gathered ’round,

Lighting candles, sharing joy,

Happy Hanukkah,

Tradition our hearts’ pursuit,

A festival of warm light.

Five Sonnet Poems About Hanukkah

“The Festival of Lights”

The Festival of Lights is here once more,

As we light up the candles of the Menorah,

For eight days we kindle, we give warmth,

And celebrate a miracle of great import.

The lighting of the first candle is a sign,

Of hope restored, and faith renewed to shine,

A beacon in a world that oftentimes does scorn,

A festival of light and gladness, freshly born.

May Hanukkah’s message of hope and grace,

Bring warmth and light to every heart and place,

As we gather with friends and family in delight,

And bless our lives with a special, holy sight.

The Festival of Lights, a sign of hope and peace,

As Hanukkah warms our hearts with divine ease.

“The Miracle of Hanukkah”

The Miracle of Hanukkah we recall,

When the Maccabees fought, and freedom they wrought,

The Temple was cleansed, a light no longer stalled,

A future of hope with darkness overcome.

The miracle of oil, that burned so bright,

The flame that lasted for eight days and nights,

A journey into faith and boundless delight,

And a reason to celebrate with pure might.

The victory of the Maccabees we revere,

And the miracle of Hanukkah we hold near,

A message of hope that never fades away,

And the light that shines with an eternal sway.

The Miracle of Hanukkah celebrated each year,

A reminder of hope, faith, and love so dear.

“The Latkes of Hanukkah”

Latkes and sufganiyot, so sweet and divine,

A symbol of Hanukkah’s culinary chime,

A treat to savor, a dish to always dine,

As we celebrate the festival over time.

Potatoes grated, and onions too,

Seasoned just right, they’ll be crispy through and through,

Golden brown and delicious, serving up a delight,

Hanukkah’s feast of culinary might.

Sufganiyot too, with jelly within,

Or sprinkles, or chocolate, oh what a grin,

Latkes and sufganiyot, a Hanukkah tradition,

A culinary delight for our every ambition.

Latkes and sufganiyot, oh so sweet,

A festival of culinary treats we always eat.

“The Dreidel Game”

Spin, spin the Dreidel, with letters all around,

Nun, gimel, hay, and shin, can you hear the sound?

A game of chance, a game of delight,

Dreidel spinning with all our might.

Tiny top, with symbols and letters,

A story of faith and miracles that totters,

A game of gelt and fun to be had,

With Hanukkah’s message at the helm so glad.

Dreidel spinning, with laughter all around,

A game of chance and faith that’s renowned,

A festival of light and joy, Dreidel by our side,

The story of Hanukkah with love, forever a guide.

Spin, spin the Dreidel, celebrate with glee,

A Hanukkah tradition that brings love and unity.

“Celebrating With Family”

Hanukkah, a time to gather with family and friends,

Sharing joy and light, together till the very end,

Eight nights of celebration, of faith and fun,

A Hanukkah tradition that’s never undone.

Lighting candles, playing Dreidel, and eating latkes too,

Celebrating miracles, a story that’s forever new,

A time to cherish family with each passing night,

And bless our lives with Hanukkah’s warm light.

As we gather with loved ones, let’s hold them dear,

And cherish every moment, year after year,

Hanukkah, a festival of love and grace,

A time to celebrate, in each other’s embrace.

Hanukkah, a time for family and fun,

Celebrating with love, until the eight nights are done.

Five Ode Poems About Hanukkah

“Ode to the Menorah”

O, Menorah, how you grace our lives,

With the light from each candle that thrives,

Symbol of faith, of hope, of love,

A reminder of God’s grace from above.

Through the days of Hanukkah, we light you bright,

Honoring the miracle with each symbol and light,

Your glow, your warmth, your message so clear,

A symbol of victory that we hold dear.

O, Menorah, we cherish your sight,

As you fill us with Hanukkah’s holy might,

With each candle that we ignite,

We celebrate the Festival of Light.

“Ode to the Maccabees”

O, Maccabees, how we honor your name,

For the victory that God kindly ordained,

Against the darkness that sought to reign,

You held fast to faith, with hope in your heart’s domain.

With great courage, you fought for freedom,

Defying the odds with God’s assistance,

Your tale of valor continues to remain,

An inspiring story of divine providence.

O, Maccabees, your strength we revere,

For the victory you bravely held so clear,

With faith and courage as your guiding light,

You continue to inspire endless might.

“Ode to Latkes and Sufganiyot”

O, Latkes and Sufganiyot, how we adore thee,

For the Hanukkah treats so tasty and sweet,

Potatoes or dough, fried until just right,

To savor the flavors brings such pure delight.

Latkes crispy and golden brown,

Sufganiyot, with jelly or sprinkles abound,

Each bite a Hanukkah tradition so pure,

A culinary aroma that we can’t ignore.

O, Latkes and Sufganiyot, how we cherish each bite,

With Hanukkah’s spirit so warm, so bright,

A feast of flavors that is celebrated in glee,

Our Hanukkah treats, forever to be.

“Ode to Dreidel”

O, Dreidel, little top with symbols galore,

A game that’s played since days of yore,

Nun, gimel, hay, and shin, spin away,

A little miracle that children love to play.

A reminder of Hanukkah’s history so true,

Through playing and spinning, the story we pursue,

A game of chance, a game of delight,

To share fun and laughter, day or night.

O, Dreidel, a Hanukkah treasure so grand,

With Hanukkah’s message in each spinning stand,

A tradition so fun that it brings us great cheer,

A Hanukkah game that’s cherished year after year.

“Ode to Hanukkah”

O, Hanukkah, how we hold you close,

A festival of light that overtakes all woes,

A time of joy, of family, of cheer,

Of miracles, of faith that’s always near.

With each candle that’s lit, with each night we seek,

Hanukkah’s message, we will forever keep,

A time to celebrate, a time to reflect,

A story of hope, of love, of life’s prospect.

O, Hanukkah, a festival of light so bright,

A message of hope, of perseverance, of light,

A time of delight, of hope, of family and love,

An eternal message from our Father above.

Hanukkah is a special time to celebrate the power of faith, family, and miracles. Through gathering with loved ones, lighting the Menorah, playing Dreidel, eating latkes and sufganiyot, and cherishing each moment, Hanukkah is a joyful celebration that unites us all in its warm embrace. May the light of Hanukkah bring you peace, hope and love throughout the year!” We hope that these poems help you in the classroom !

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