Best Maths Revision Books for KS1: Top Picks for Every Learner

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Mathematics is essential for children to learn, and building a strong foundation in maths at Key Stage 1 (KS1) is crucial for their future education.

One of the best ways to support a child’s maths learning journey is through high-quality revision books.

These books complement classroom learning by providing structured exercises, engaging explanations, and practical examples to help children aged 5-7 easily grasp various mathematical concepts.

A wide variety of maths revision books are available for KS1 students , each offering a unique approach to learning. Choosing the right book for your child depends on their learning style, preferences, and areas they need help with the most.

Some books are designed to follow the national curriculum, ensuring that the content will be directly relevant to what your child is studying in school.

Others focus on a specific aspect of maths, such as problem-solving or developing mental arithmetic skills. These resources can be excellent supplements alongside regular classroom lessons.

Key Takeaways

  • Establishing a strong foundation in maths at KS1 is crucial for children’s future education.
  • High-quality revision books can support and enhance classroom learning for students aged 5-7.
  • It’s important to choose the appropriate maths revision book based on a child’s needs and learning style.

Overview of KS1 Maths

Key Components of the KS1 Maths Curriculum

KS1 Maths is designed for children aged 6-7 and covers a wide range of topics for both Reception and Year 2 Maths. The curriculum is organised into several core components, which include:

  • Number and place value: understanding numbers, counting, and reading numbers to 100 or more.
  • Addition and subtraction: solving problems using addition, subtraction, and mental arithmetic strategies.
  • Multiplication and division: learning times tables, practising multiplication and division skills, and solving problems using these operations.
  • Fractions: recognising and understanding simple fractions, such as halves and quarters.
  • Measurement: comparing, reading and using standard units of measure, including length, weight, and time.
  • Geometry: understanding basic shapes, symmetry, and properties, as well as using position and direction concepts.
  • Statistics: collecting, sorting, and interpreting data, as well as reading and creating charts and diagrams.

Importance of Setting a Strong Foundation

Building a strong foundation in KS1 Maths is crucial for a child’s academic success, as it provides fundamental knowledge and skills for later years in education.

A good understanding of maths concepts can also improve problem-solving abilities and the capacity to think critically or logically, which is valuable in various life aspects.

Several resources can be utilised to support children’s learning, such as KS1 Maths Study Books and daily practice workbooks. These materials cater to young learners’ diverse needs and learning styles, making maths more engaging and enjoyable.

By actively strengthening their foundational maths knowledge, children can better develop their confidence, contributing positively to their overall educational experience.

Top Maths Revision Books for KS1

CGP Books for Structured Learning

CGP Books offers a range of KS1 Maths revision books, ideal for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Their KS1 Maths Study Book is a popular choice thanks to its colourful, pupil-friendly explanations and examples that make learning enjoyable for young students.

Daily practice workbooks are also available, designed to boost children’s skills and confidence in Maths, making them an excellent option for structured learning.

Collins Learning Series

HarperCollins Publishers Ltd is well-known for their Collins Learning Series which focuses on providing revision material for Key Stage 1 students aged 5-7.

The Collins KS1 Maths Revision book achieves excellent results by using repeated practice throughout, ensuring that the content sticks with the children.

They offer separate books for different topics, such as the KS1 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Practice Book and KS1 SATS Spelling Audio KS1 English which focus on subject-specific learning.

National Geographic Partners’ Engaging Resources

National Geographic Partners, LLC offers a variety of educational resources for children that are both engaging and informative. While their product range mainly focuses on providing resources in geography, science and history, they also offer reliable math resources.

Although not as extensive a collection as CGP and Collins Learning options, National Geographic Partners provide a fresh approach to Maths learning with their creative and captivating content, which is bound to enrich children’s knowledge while promoting a natural curiosity for learning.

These well-established publishers offer a wide range of children’s books specifically catered towards Maths education for KS1, ensuring that parents and teachers are well-equipped with the best resources to help guide their children through their early years of learning.

Innovative Learning Aids

Interactive Games and Activities

One of the most effective ways to help children learn and retain maths concepts is through interactive games and activities. These engaging learning aids provide a fun and dynamic environment for KS1 students to practice and explore essential maths skills.

Marvellous Maths by Jonathan Litton is an excellent example of a book that uses clear text, colourful illustrations, and fascinating facts to cover various mathematical topics, including the invention of zero and the geometry of a donut.

The hands-on investigations and activities reinforce the learning experience.

Colourful Workbooks and Practice Materials

A good supply of colourful workbooks and practice materials can significantly enhance kids’ learning experience while preparing them for their KS1 Maths workout.

Collins KS1 Practice Books cover essential maths topics and contain practice questions that are crafted to help improve students’ performance in SATs. These workbooks are designed to meet the demands of the curriculum while maintaining a visually appealing and engaging experience for the learners.

Another fantastic resource is the KS1 Maths workout book series by CGP Books, which caters to the needs of Reception, Year 1, and Year 2 students. These books provide daily practice exercises and utilise functional skills books and revision cards to help children further solidify their maths knowledge and skills.

To make the most of KS1 maths revision, it is essential to utilise innovative learning aids incorporating interactive games, colourful workbooks, and practice materials.

These resources provide a stimulating learning environment, encouraging students to become confident in their mathematical abilities while having fun simultaneously!

Maths Learning Aids

Maths learning aids can benefit students looking to improve their understanding of mathematical concepts. They provide additional support and reinforcement of learning, especially for those in Key Stage 1 (KS1).

Concrete Resources

Concrete resources are physical objects that students can manipulate to help them understand mathematical concepts. These resources, also known as manipulatives, include number rods, counting bears, and base ten blocks.

They accommodate younger students who are still developing their abstract thinking skills. Using these resources can boost children’s confidence in maths, as they are able to see and feel the concepts they are learning.

Some popular concrete resources include:

  • Cuisenaire rods: These colourful rods help students visualise and explore relationships between numbers.
  • Numicon: A set of shaped pieces designed to represent numbers, allowing children to see the structure of numbers and calculations.
  • Place value counters: Small counters with different values, used to teach place value and develop number sense.

Websites For Maths

Websites that focus on maths can also be an excellent tool for KS1 students. Interactive sites offer enjoyable activities and games that make learning more engaging. Some websites even provide access to free KS1 & KS2 study books for maths.

A few reputable websites for maths learning:

  1. Collins: Offers a range of revision and practice materials including workbooks and practice papers.
  2. CGP Books: An extensive selection of KS1 Maths resources including study books and question books.
  3. Amazon: Features Achieve KS1 Maths Revision & Practice Questions, a valuable tool for preparing students for their SATs.

Incorporating both concrete resources and websites into a child’s maths revision routine can greatly enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts, helping them to excel in their studies.

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