About Us

Hello fellow teachers!

I say teachers because if you’re here that is precisely what you are, be it a day to day classroom of students you teach or simply you have taken it upon yourself to go above and beyond as parents. You are all teachers and that is a wonderful calling to be a part of.

Who are are we you ask? My name is Justin and I have been a teacher teaching abroad in China with my lovely wife Kate for the last few years. Before coming here we had good lives but always felt liked it lacked in a way we couldn’t define. With a little work we pursued our passions of teaching children. What a ride it has been, we found a new world and a new place to call home and with it came a deepened sense of love and appreciation for ourselves and the world as a whole. Teaching is what brought us this new found joy and contentment in our lives. Forever were we changed by this experience and we have no intention of ever looking back.

So I suppose you might wonder what it is that we hope to achieve with this website? To put it plainly is we just love this career and lifestyle so much that we want to shout it from the rooftops that is the internet and engage with other like minded teachers and educators on this life we all love. We built this website to talk of our experience both good and bad when it comes to teaching practices, games and activities. To talk about day to day life teaching in such a foreign and different land from the world we grew up in. To educate others on what an enriching experience this was for us and could be for them.

What I hope to get back from you the reader is your thought, ideas and experiences. Have you or has someone you loved taken the leap to teach abroad? Did you have an activity or game that your class simply dies for? I would love to hear from you and share your own stories so that we can further enrich the lives of our teaching community.

Well that is us for now. I hope that you enjoy our website, our ideas and thoughts. That you all leave here with some new ideas of your own for your own classrooms.

All the love in the world from us to you and god bless.

-The Teaching Couple


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